Happy New Year!


Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2014. Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy New year All. WE…MADE…IT! Its freaking 2014!!! The Year of the Archuleta!!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2014 yes the year of the Archuleta!!!!

  3. Happy New Year-I agree-The year of the return of David. It will be interesing to see what the new year holds for David’s music career.

  4. The Year of the Archuleta! I like the sound of that. 😀 Happy New Year everyone!

    GA_Archie, thanks for the information on the Golden Archies. I’m trying to connect with a former concert buddy; I’ll check their facebook site.

  5. I hope it is the year of the Archuleta. At the very least he will be back in the U.S. and will be able to use social media again. I hope he does vlogs again like he did before he left. FOD has his New Years vlog from 2011 that I watched today. His New Years resolution then was to do at least one vlog per month. I think he achieved that resolution in 2011. Little did we know then that we would have two years without a vlog from except ones he recorded before he left.

  6. Happy New Year!! 2014!!! Best Wishes to all for a great year!!!


    Thank you for enduring and keeping a forum open for us these past 2 years with diverse topics and David watching. Some fan sites did not make it, so I am thankful for all you do. I fell off the radar myself for a good chunk of last year due to personal issues but through it all I would at least lurk daily. I would not have been able to do that if this site became extinct – so a heart full of thanks from me.

    My hope for David has been revitalized with what I saw from the Chile vids but I have learned careful optimism when it comes to anything career-related until everything is revealed in time.

    Thanks to all the SD regulars who keep the comments rolling while we wait. I am happy RAY/ROOSTER is crowing loudly once again and I wish for HG and everyone here – health and best wishes for this new year. It is after all per Kari and Team Archie – The Year of the Archuleta! 😉

  8. !Feliz Año Nuevo! to all. May this year bring you all good health and good times. and with David back in the good old USA and there is a concert somewhere or a televised performance or, what the heck, an underwater cellcast I am so ready. I likey The Year of the Archuleta.

    Bring it David. We can see you are chomping at the bit. 🙂

  9. Happy New Year!

    Glad to know Ray’s feeling better.

  10. Hey maybe David will surprise all us fans and come back in time to sing at Winter Olympics 2014,hahahaha!! but seriously, hope that someday that wish will come true for David.

    • He should be in demand to sing the National Anthem at all kinds of events because he never messes up.

      Random: Saw this National Anthem this morning sung by the Zac Brown Band in Toronto at the Winter Classic Hockey Game with the Tornoto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings. A little off key but they didn’t mess up. That’s kind of rare lol. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/?id=526400

  11. Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you all for sticking it out till 2014! Without your presence here, I may have already closed up shop.

    I’m really excited for this “Year of Archuleta.” 🙂

    • Thank you HG for not closing up shop. I continue to visit SD daily or more because I love your thought provoking writing and the comments you stimulate.

      Happy New Year to you and all who comment or lurk like me.

  12. I give you much credit- hg- for keeping this site going while David has been gone for the past 2 years. Not an easy task and many David fan sites are no more. Great Job. Watching “House of Cards” on Netflix-which I just got. Really like the show.

  13. Hg so happy you kept shop opened, love your site!

  14. Happy New Year Hg! Thanks for your thoughtful wriing!

  15. Happy New Year Soul Davidians and a Very Happy New Year to you HG!Thanks so much for keeping it interesting during these past few years. Love how you write!

  16. Happy New Year!

    This continues to be one of my absolute favorites:

    • Thanks peter, one of my favorites too.
      I remember thinking after all his performance that David was going to be a huge star. Of course, we all know that hasn’t happen yet, but I still have guarded optimism that it still might happen.

      I know that I’m in a minority as far as fans go because I do want him to achieve super stardom still. After two years of waiting for him to return to his career it’s almost like the beginning of his career once again and that excitement of what is to come is renewed, but expectation are not as strong as they were back then.

      • I don’t know that it’s a matter so much of not wanting him to achieve superstardom as much as it’s not needing it. Speaking for myself, I don’t wish for him NOT to be a huge star. That would be great. Yes, I would love it if more people appreciated the talent and personality that we all know and love here. But I don’t need for that to happen for me to be a fan and to be a happy fan. My real wishes for David (from a fan perspective, not a personal one) are for good music, tours that I can attend and for him to keep us updated on his life now and then. I do love me a good vlog lol. All the other trappings of fame, for me, are fine but like optional toppings on a sundae.

        And, yes, I know that the huge fame will make #1 and #2 on my list way easier to achieve but it’s not a requirement. There are lots of artists who put out good music and tour without being superstars. But if superstardom happens to David, I will say that it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

      • Ali, I do appreciate your point of view and yes, there is so many artists out that don’t have superstardom that are making a good living, I know that David will be amongst that group for sure.

        Unlike you however, no I wouldn’t be satisfied with a mediocre music career for David, but I would be happy for him that he is able to make a career out of doing what he loves no matter how big or small.

  17. Ali, ITA with your post. David has a subset of fans who cannot get out of their own way when it comes to David’s level of success. They are so personally invested in David’s stardom, for their own needs, that they put the sheer enjoyment of his music on a back burner. They spend the time they could be using to enjoy whatever David provides worrying about things that they have no control over and are absolutely none of their business. Being a performer is not the same as being a professional athlete. It is not a competition, no matter what Simon Cowell thinks. Fortunately, David understands this, and will continue to prioritize quality over stardom.

    David may very well become the superstar that these folks need him to be. That would be very nice for David because his talent level cries out for it. However, all the worrying , hand wringing, and blaming in the world will not make that happen. It can only happen if the music that David chooses to produce resonates with a larger audience. If it does not happen, it will be because the music buying public chose to support other artists. If anything is to “blame”, it’s the lousy taste in music that the American music buying public currently has.

    • Hi Bliss, Happy New Year! So I’m guessing you think I’m personally invested in David’s stardom that I put the enjoyment of his music in the back burner, hmm. I will still enjoy and be happy with almost any kind of music that David puts out no matter what level of success he has. The thing is no matter how you look at it, the production and quality (never his voice, of course) of the music he will but out will be of a lower quality on a tight budget whereas with big success he could afford quality people to produce quality product to match his phenomenal talent.
      One question if David knows that being a performer/singer is not a competition why on earth did he even go on two competition show?

      Just because I want greatness for David doesn’t mean I still won’t enjoy his music no matter what level of success. In the long run I want a big successful career for David because he deserves the best, but I’m not gaining anything for myself other than maybe more music, projects and in general more of the Voice.

    • Lol. I think Bliss wants to make being a fan of David’s into a competition.

  18. CQ, Happy New Year to you too. Good point by you about David and his participation on those 2 shows. Unfortunately, the only TV shows that showcase talent are these types of competitive shows. Gone are the days of American Bandstand, Hullabaloo, Shindig, Ed Sullivam etc, etc where young artists were shown doing their thing and were not in competition with each other. David has expressed his discomfort with the competitive nature of these shows, but realized that he had to audition for them to have any chance of becoming a professional singer. Despite his discomfort, the sheer force of his talent and personality propelled him to great success on both of these shows. Now that he does not have to compete on these shows, he is more concerned with the quality of his music than fitting into the framework of a competition.

    BTW, although I am not “worried” about David’s success, I truly believe that the coming years will prove very successful for David, and his fans will be treated to no end of CDs , concerts, personal appearances, and maybe even a few acting gigs.

  19. Can we all just die now GAH >>>> This was tweeted today by Enrique and RT by Kari!!!

    Enrique IglesiasVerified account ‏@enrique305

    @DavidArchie @kariontour Let’s duet!!! Big fan of your work, David!

  20. Wow. That is really good news,Candy. Love Enrique.

  21. Was that tweet for real ?lol. Just wondering.

  22. I find the timing of the tweet very telling. I can’t imagine that Enrique Iglesias would tweet David AND Kari if something of a professional nature was not in the works soon. Looks like David might get that super stardom thing sooner than we think.

  23. Love the rumor!!!! I think it’s true because now Enrique and David fans are arguing on Twitter, lol.

    I love Smokey Mountain Memories more than this rumor. David has the fangirls/boys in the audience mesmerized at 1:26.

  24. More rumors please!!!! This is too exciting!!!! I agree with you cq- what a boost it could be.

  25. Bring on the excitement, lol. Wouldn’t it be great to get a lot of teasers from Kari and the team from now on to get us pumped for his return, lol, as if we aren’t pumped enough.

  26. Enrique recently started following @davidarchie and @kariontour

  27. Gina Orr just started following Enrique… the plot thickens.. lol!

  28. Whether or not these tweets mean anything, they open up the possibility that between an updated Christmas EP and a new all David regular genre which would require time for writing and recording, if David could quickly collaborate with some current artists like most artists are doing today, and be asked to various tv shows to perform these duets, it sure could jumpstart his career in a hurry – IF he wanted to consider something like that.

  29. I guess there is some bad reaction from Enrique fans. Don’t know if that will be a factor. I’m thinking that they probably think that David is not good enough, but they are sadly mistaken. Actually I think it would be a good move on Enrique’s part to mentor David. Talent like David’s cannot be denied.
    I guess all the tweets have been deleted. Oh well, still a burst of excitement regarding his career was awesome.

  30. I don’t think Enrique’s is deleted. If you go to his account and click “all” you can still see it. Kari deleted her retweet, maybe when the response got overwhelming. Gina Orr is also following enrique now, and she is listed on her Twitter account as David’s manager. So.

  31. Let us not forget that the wonderful Kari who was a terrific assistant/helper for David has built a strong reputation as a tour manager/admin asst/totally trustworthy/confidential asst. to multiple clients including David and now the very popular-in-the-industry-currently Justin T. and I am really happy for her and word is perhaps getting around – all good for David.

  32. Enrique’s tweet is still there:

    I think Kari probably deleted her reply because it sounded too much like a confirmation? She said “sounds like a plan” so yeah. Hmmm.

    There will always be fan wank as long as there are fans so I’m not worried about a few Enrique fans being mouthy. We’ve got our own that think anyone mentioned as a David duet partner is not good enough so it’s not like it’s unique 😉 Ngl, this is definitely a way to build up some excitement. I can’t imagine it was just a random tweet. How would Enrique know to tweet Kari? Something must be in the works. (That’s what I’ll keep saying…haha)

  33. This is a fun conversation. Love the speculation.

    • Me too. This reminds me of how it use to be befor David left. This is actual speculation of something that just might happen in David’s music career. He’s coming home soon and some good opportunities in the entertainment field might be waiting for him.

  34. Ok now what kind of song…hmmm…maybe in the same lines as Hero. I guess it really doesn’t matter, exciting stuff.

  35. I can’t stop looking at the 3, count them, 3 exclamation points in that tweet! lol! Somebody’s not only really excited but recognizes quality as well. E’s no idiot. Jus’ saying.

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