Old Year Flashback

Hope David grows his hair out like this when he returns! Happy New Year, Soul Davidians! 😛


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  1. Awww, I miss the “one step front of the other” dance, lol.

    Glad to hear Ray is out of the hospital — here’s to a speedy recovery!

    • desertrat – I left an answer to your question on the previous thread about the Golden Archies. I’m bringing it over to this thread so you won’t miss it.

      I can tell you that the Golden Archies no longer have an active fan site. They do have a group on facebook where members can comment. I am a member of the GAs, but haven’t been active for almost 2 years. The tone of the group changed when it moved to facebook and no longer was a good fit for me. The group is private but you can contact Elena Schmidt on facebook if you would like to become a member.

  2. I hope David grows his hair out like this again too. I’m also hoping he gets opportunities like this to be on T.V. again. It would be great if he could be on the New Year’s Eve program on ABC. I might as well dream big for David. I’ve actually been tickled pink to get the videos from his Christmas concerts in Chile. Three more months…..

    • Wasn’t this arranged by MelWEG?

      • WEG/Melinda was his management then. Not sure if this opportunity came about because of WEG or his label. Shortly after this he left Jive and then WEG. I remember having such high hopes for David in 2011. I thought he would be touring the world. He did get to go to Asia but didn’t do the extensive touring I thought he would do. Oh, well it’s all water under the bridge. We will see what happens to his career in 2014. My expectations are far lower than what I expected in 2011. Hopefully he will beat my expectations and at least he will be in the U.S. this spring.

  3. From what I’ve seen from the Chile videos, he has matured in a big confident way. Yes, all he needs is a good hairstyle, good fitting stylish clothes, a great song, great team….and look out world, lol.

  4. Just in case anyone missed this video last night. It shows David doing an upbeat song on his mission.

    • I bet he really wanted to cut loose lol, Maybe a little salsa dancing.

    • This video just compounds David’s playful frustration with the quality of the musicianship and emotional fervor in most ot these Chile appearances. I know the musicians are earnest and well-meaning amateurs but David is a professional who has led bands and orchestras. He cannot wait to get started. If he could grab the guitar out of the player’s hands he would, to set his own tempo and styling and dancing lol! Perhaps he should! Haha!

      • Hello Joymus. We posted at the same time. You so well stated what I was thinking but didn’t know how to express in a positive manner, lol. David is a professional and he’s ready to take charge.

      • ITA – He is always nice but it’s like “please pick up the tempo” ((**motions with hands**))

    • Wonderful! His parents must be so proud of him, esp. his mom.

  5. David will probably develop into a well-honed all-in-one: piano-playing,guitar-strumming,drum-pounding, salsa-dancing, song-writing, back-up-singing, acting, beast of a performer. Oh yeah, he sings too! lol!

    • There has also been a picture of him directing a choir on his mission. He can do it all musically! He also is great at harmonizing which isn’t something that all soloists can do. Yep, musical genius as described by Neil Diamond.

  6. Thanks! Its’s really funny! (chuckles)

  7. Sorry for the typos and spamming….smiling too much. (It’s)

  8. Here’s another video from that same program just recently posted showing David’s brilliance in harmonizing.

  9. watch out world that MAN is about ready to jump out of his skin and let loose, I CAN>T WAIT>HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL

    • Happy New Year to your rooster, so happy to see your comment!!!! Yep he’s ready, lol!!!!

    • Happy New Year Everyone and good to see that you are back commenting, rooster. I thought David looked great in that video hg posted from NYE’s 2011. Someone had him styled right that night. Yes- I hope he grows some of the hair back. lol.

  10. Oops meant ‘you’ not your.

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