Happy Birthday, David!


David turns 23 today! Happy Birthday! May your 23rd year bring many blessings! This is the same age that Michael Jackson just started hitting his stride with Off the Wall, just two years before striking gold (or rather multiplatinum with Thriller). So excited for what David might have in store. Almost at his peak!

Update: here’s the Get Well card for Ray: http://www.groupcard.com/c/U6APb2PCdGc

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  1. I wasn’t attacking InnerCircleQueen. I was just pointing out that in this Internet age it is very easy to pretend to be someone you are not. As any ODD fan of David, I would love to get insider information. However, I’m not gullible either. I certainly don’t believe everything I read posted in comments on a David fan site. If a fan has insider information by all means spill it, but also tell us who told you the information so we can know if it has any validity. We all know how gossip goes – very often it is not true or it gets distorted in the telling.

    • It’s like a journalist going to jail to protect their sources–if someone has to reveal how they got some insider info, they probably wouldn’t say anything.

      I think we should consider the venue–this is just idle fan talk on a fan site. As long as it’s not malicious or defamatory, I’d say just roll with it. It’s entertaining and it might even be true, lol.

  2. Oh sorry Grammyj, I know you werent, it just brought back some unpleasant memories I have of sharing. I can understand how it can be perceived as gossip, or not having validity. And to some extent as cc halo pointed out jealousy.

    • hi candy! – speaking of your very intriguing inside info about david’s secret girlfriend, i think i rmember you saying it was a dooghter of a friend, but did you mean your friend or a friend of david’s??????! happy new year! 🙂

  3. Why it has to be secret girlfriend, I don’t get, he really is/wasn’t into the teen idol image and even if he was, all these guys have girlfriends, so why would he care that he needed to keep that a secret, or maybe he likes to drive his fans crazy, lol. It really would be great to know that he had/has a girlfriend, for a young adult that is perfectly normal. It sure would get rid all the speculation that’s for sure, lol.

  4. cotton candy- lets just say it wasnt a friend of my family 😉

  5. David related but off topic —

    Does anyone know if the Golden Archies still have an active fan site?

    • Hi desertrat. I can tell you that the Golden Archies no longer have an active fan site. They do have a group on facebook where members can comment. I am a member of the GAs, but haven’t been active for almost 2 years. The tone of the group changed when it moved to facebook and no longer was a good fit for me. The group is private but you can contact Elena Schmidt on facebook if you would like to become a member.

  6. Take a look at this! He just can’t help but to command the stage and he really wants to dance here.

  7. OHMYGOSH, loved it!! The boy cant help himself, its all he can do to keep from dancing and belting the song out!! And yes, I know he is a man, its just a term of expression.

  8. Grammyj thank you for the great video. Love seeing David having fun. Yep the boy can dance and looking mighty fine. Can’t wait until he steps on stage for the first time, going to be epic!

  9. We heard from Ray!!!!! Waiting to hear if he got his card!

    ROOSTER said
    Monday, December 30, 2013 at 11:26 PM e

    HI GUYS<ROOSTER HERE< it was nip and tuck forthe last six, days,but came back to that big smile,song and grreeating,from david and made the hell oi went throw today to get here well worth it,thanks for the payers all,just got out of the hos11.00 love you all ray

  10. So glad that Ray is doing better.

  11. Good for Ray that he is feeling better.

  12. WOOT! Rooster’s back…Glad to know your on the mend Ray! 😉

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