Changes in Music in 2013: Will They Affect David in 2014?


While David served his mission (still looking “Hello, Gorgeous” to me and sounding simply divine), the pop music scene has gone through some changes (and I’m hoping for the better).  I’m just hoping these changes are paving a clearer path for David’s return (and yes, I’m assuming he’s still coming back to his music career – I heard the passion in his Voice and his natural performance at his Christmas concert last week. This is a man who’s got to sing!).

So, what’s significant about pop music this year?

1. R&B/Soul made a return!

From Justin Timberlake’s heavily influenced R&B album 20/20 Experience to Robin Thicke’s summer hit “Blurred Lines” and now Beyonce taking us back to old-school sexy soul and funk with her BEYONCE: The Visual Album, we’re finally getting back to the basics! All that’s needed now is a real Crooner to jump into the mix! (Please, David – or David’s team – please consider this direction! Pretty please?)

2. Justin Bieber descended into bad-boy territory

As the Biebs continues to wreck his “tween pop star” image and, now, promising to “retire,” a void will be left… we know who can easily fill these shoes (and with the talent and the grace of maturity to boot! Of course, Miley Cyrus was the other big story, doing the female version of the Biebs. Hopefully, both have made room for folks to be receptive to David’s more mature approach to growing up! 😛

3. Beyonce changed the rules of music distribution

It still remains to be seen how her surprise album drop on iTunes and through social media (replete with music videos) will affect music sales in future, but she insisted that an artist’s full concept album be respected and purchased, essentially teaching a generation growing up on illegal downloads to learn to buy music again. I can’t overstate the significance of Beyonce’s stealth move. I really think she repositioned music artists for the better!

Speaking of Bey, did you know that, like David, she debuted on Star Search and, also like David, she didn’t win either? Keep the faith, my fellow Archies! 😀


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  1. I like Bey’s message — “enjoy life” and understand that what you initially may desire (eg, albums and awards/trophies) can diminish in importance when weighed against the love and respect you can receive from family and fans. When she smashed those trophies, I saw that as her putting to rest all that her [stage] parents told her she needed to do to succeed. It worked and now she’s ready to move on.

    Re. David, he also said that all he really wanted was a record deal. I always felt that his relationship with the Jive label helped him to realize what was most important to him. Like Bey said, it had to happen that way. Being away for 2 yrs, I can only see him coming back stronger and more purposeful. By the time he releases more music, the music scene probably will have evolved even more.

  2. Well, One Direction has already filled the Bieb’s shoes in teen girl hearts, though. From the JoBros to Bieber to 1D, they’ve moved with lightning speed.

    I like he idea of him doing R&B. Not sure what he’ll do, but it’ll be great fun to watch.

  3. Even though David still has the smoldering good looks to be a teen idol, he has, imo, moved on and really never embraced that whole teen idol image. But then again if his follow up singles had as much popularity or even more than his first, Crush, maybe he would of gone that teen idol direction while he was a teenager. When you really think about it, he in no way could have the kind of privacy that he is experiencing on his mission if he had the fame of say the JB or OD. Actually I would think that his church might discourage him going on a mission because I’m sure the rag magazines would tear the church to pieces. Imo, everything worked out the best for David because of how important it was for him to go on this mission for his church.

    Now moving forward, of man, R&B/soul would be a great direction, but I’m just excited to have him back and working on his music career again. Whatever direction he takes I just hope he has a good team behind him to make things happen.

    Btw, that picture…talk about smoldering good looks, YOWZA!!!!

  4. I don’t think the changes in music will effect David when he returns. David is a leader, not a follower. That has made him somewhat of an outsider in the music industry, but I believe that David will have the last laugh when the industry tries to emulate him and not the other way around. David is in it for the long haul, and will only produce music that resonates within him. In the short term, that may cost him some “success”, as well as some impatient fans who need him to be very popular immediately in order to justify their ODD to their confused families. No loss, I say. David is coming back very much a man, and all attempts to infantilize him will meet with much deserved resistance by David, both personally and musically.

  5. Hey bliss what do you mean in order to justify their ODD and do you mean that loosing all ODD fans is no big loss?

  6. I would think any fan that has hung around during a two year total communication blackout in “hopes” he would return to a music career wears the badge of being an ODD fan. Whether they want to wear the badge or not! I say hopes as we really have no idea what the future holds careerwise. Of course he will sing, he cant contain whats in him…just needs to make smart choices.

  7. Can someone explain the origin of the latest O Ven Emmanuel video? How did it come to light?

  8. This is an ultimate message song by Bey that I think David would appreciate very much. I was impressed at the amount of thought and introspection behind the song. But then she also has the hindsight of so many years of experience to draw from. David is surely developing and evolving as a man and person from his experience and I wish him all the positive energy he will need to reintroduce himself to the world.

  9. Interesting post.hg. I did read that Bey was on Star Seach just like David was. I do wonder if starting so young in the music industry sometimes does not always have a positive effect on a music artist. Best example of that is of course-MJ. I would rather see 1D have the popularity with the young girls-at least they can sing. I just hope the Biebs and Miley go away. Just like the Duck Dynasty folks or at least Phil Robertson. I know they have their DD fans (which makes me wonder about their popularity) but never “got” the interest in that show. JMHO. David is not going to have it easy when he returns to his music career but can only hope for the best.

  10. CQ, David needs to expand his fan base to include “new” people who are enamored, primarily, of his music. The ODD folks, while valuable, will not sustain his career moving forward. From what I read here and elsewhere, many of David’s “original ” fans have grown impatient with him, see his Mission as an annoyance, and want David to get home, unpack, and get back to the business of being “David” Archuleta and not “Elder” Archuleta. David, while appreciative of all of his fans, does not take his cues from them, and may lose some of these folks if he comes back and takes his time finding his footing in his personal and professional life. David’s Mission was, and still is, very important to him, and should be respected. There a is no question , based on what has been posted online repeatedly, that David has a segment of his original fans who have seen David’s Mission as nothing more than an extended lunch break that needs to conclude so he can get his rear end back to pleasing them.

    • Yes Bliss, I do agree that he needs to expand his fan base for sure, but saying he doesn’t need any of the fans that have stuck around and want him to get back to his music career seems a bit harsh.

      I do respect David for doing what he feels he needs to do, but again, respecting him and respecting what he is doing is really two different things to me, but that’s just me.

      I would be one of those fans that want him to get back to his music career. I do know that he will need some time with his family and friends, that’s a given, but I’m a fan of his voice/music, so yes, I do want him to get going on his music career soon after he returns.

  11. CQ,

    I was just referring to what I have read online, on fan sites and twitter. I think we can agree that you have taken a dim view of David’s Mission, and would like it to be over and down with already. You have been forthcoming with what you want from David, and although I have found it a tad self serving, at least you have not tried to make it sound like something other than what it is.

    You say ” I do respect David for doing what he feels he needs to do, but again, respecting him and respecting what he is doing is really two different things to me, but that’s just me”.

    To me, respecting David and respecting what he does cannot be separated into 2 separate concepts. May I ask, what about David going on this Mission don’t you respect?

    As for those fans who “stuck around”, that’s the choice they made. IMO, David, “owes” these people nada, and those who think he does are unreasonable, and are setting themselves up to be disappointed.

    • Yes, I do agree that David doesn’t owe anyone, including me, you are anyone a thing, but he does need us, his fans to have a music career. We will buy his product and for that reason and that reason alone, he does need us.

      As far as what I don’t respect about a proselytizing mission, I could go into it, but I have stated my feelings in regard to this and so lets just say I have my reasons.

      • I do not agree with the proselytizing at all so I do not think it is just cq that thinks that way. Not at all. I really do not think about his mission at all. I just do not care. I am a fan of his music and his music career. Don’t care about his religious beliefs one way or the other.

      • Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think most of David’s fans are wayyyyy more respectful than the general public as seen in the opening to the Tony Awards:

      • Good Point cc halo. I do find that musical entertaining as do many others. Can’t even get tickets to it.

    • I think it was interesting that in interviews in Asia before his mission, David downplayed that he would be proselytizing–to the point that many fans were confused and thought it would solely be a service mission. He knew that proselytizing isn’t considered respectable by most non-Mormons, or non-Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is probably why he requested respect in his last vlog.

    • Actually David helped me to have my strong convictions in regards to religion, but, lol, I’m thinking not in the way he would like me to. I had a couple JW approach me at my grocery store parking lot a couple of days ago at which I was very firm with my reply. Before I researched ALL religions, I would of just taken her pamphlet so that I wouldn’t seem to her like a bad person, but now I do have strength to stand by my convictions because I have a much better understanding.

  12. I think most of us that have stuck around do not think that David owes us anything. I believe most of us that are still here love his voice and want to see what he will do next. Of course we want him to do music which I think he is itching to do based on his recent Christmas concerts.

  13. Grammyj-thats exactly why I am still here, I’m a fan first and foremost of Davids voice, its beyond compare, especially in this day and age. All of the other factors that make up David the person are what I personally admire about him. For me they are two separate things. If he gave up singing tomorrow, I would be disappointed but would still admire the person he is. Hope that makes sense.

  14. Candy, that makes total sense to me., and ITA. The irony of all this is, I cannot imagine any scenario where David comes back and doesn’t resume a career in music. David has enough fans in place to resume his career, and once he starts recording and performing to a public that is starving to death for good music, they will “get it” and they will “get him”, and his career will skyrocket. Make no mistake about it, David Archuleta is the greatest singer of songs of this generation. Once he gets out of the way of the misconceptions and downright lies that have dogged him since America idol, the folks that have avoided him and his music will get on board and there will be standing room only on the Archuleta Express.

    • I hope you are right, Bliss. We’d all love to see David have a great music career. No one can deny his talent. The hard part is getting the great songs and then having it marketed so people know about it and buy it. I do think he might try the Latin market. I have no idea if how hard it would be to be heard in that market.

    • Bliss-I do have a question for you-How can David’s career skyrocket if he has no plan in place, no top notch music managment team that is well connected in place and no record label in place? Or do you believe that he does because I do not. I think he is just going to wing it based on his past career and there does not appear to be anything in place and he returns in what -3 or 4 months. Nothing wrong with that at all but it does not lead to a career that will sky rocket. Just keeping it real but still a bit hopeful. My suggestion when he returns: Try to book an appearance on AI or DWTS-but I don’t think it will happen-not enough connections for that, be an opening act for another big music act -but he needs a label and record deal for that IMO. So what does he do? Get a really solid well connected music management team in place-(no family/friends) and sign with a label ( major or indie) and go to college if he wants to. Also he could go over to the typhoon- stricken Philippines and maybe he can help raise money for them and help them while he is there. He could release a Christmas EP later this year too with his jazzy and soulful version of some classics like- This Christmas. What he should not do is release new music just to release new music to please the hard core fans. He needs to take time to develop his music sound and get it right-JMHO. I am done with my suggestions. LOL.

      • Lol, Marie, take his time, hum, what are thinking a few more years of development. I do see your point about having a good team, that is critical. Now as far as putting out new music to please fans, I don’t get it, aren’t we supposed to want to be pleased as fans. Again I do understand you point on this too, putting out crappie music just to please fans would be wrong, but, imo, he has everything in place as far as his voice, charisma and work etiquettes, having the right song is really all he needs to jump start his career, of course, with the right team behind him. I really don’t believe he needs years of development for that to happen.

  15. Grammyj, David’s 2 years in Chile has honed his Spanish, both linguistically and culturally. He would not be seen merely as an American singer trying to tap into the Latin American market, but like one of their own. His voice is tailor made for Spanish language songs, and with David’s new found “moves”, it would be the second coming of Ricky Martin, lol. How about a 2014 cover of “Living La Vida Loca”, complete with video? They would be lovin’ them some David Archuleta, south of the border, and he would be an instant sensation. This is not to mention all the beautiful ballads in Spanish. How about Selena’s “I Could Fall in Love”? David can do it all. We know it. Now , it’s time for the rest of the world to know it. Next stop, Central and South America.

  16. Re. the Duck Dynasty mention, I was appalled by Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson’s comments re. blacks and gays but on the other hand, I’m concerned re. how quickly some of the media went up against him. It seems to me that all the 24/7 news stations tend to hire “pundits” who make comments very similar to PRobertson but in more scholarly and sophisticated ways. Some of these pundits are even given their own tv shows on those news stations.

    In relation to David, he will be restarting his career where changes in social media/public relations are affecting celebrities in different ways. I’d like to see what Gaga’s former manager, Troy Carter, paired with David. He seems to be good at promoting artists who already have a vision of who they are and how they want to present themselves.

    • Yes- desertrat a pairing like that would be a great idea. That is what I meant. I want to hear new music from David but I would rather he found one or two great music producers and took his time releasing new music that is really good but that is just me. I agree with you about the “pundits.” I just do not get the popularity of Duck Dynasty and I really tend to like many reality TV shows. lol.

      • i’ve never watched duck dynasty either and if the show continues, i have no intention what so ever of watching it, lol. however, i just thought the media used one standard for the duck guy, paula deen, etc. and another for sarah palin, charles barkley, etc.

  17. Marie, allow me to respond to some of your questions:

    1) Bliss-I do have a question for you-How can David’s career skyrocket if he has no plan in place, no top notch music management team that is well connected in place and no record label in place”?

    How do you or any fan “know” that this is the case? I have marveled at how fans draw conclusions on what they think or presume, with no actual facts or access to facts.

    2) You say, ” I think he is just going to wing it based on his past career and there does not appear to be anything in place and he returns in what -3 or 4 months.

    Do you really believe that David has been “winging” it all these years, and just making it up as he goes along? Is that the reason you think David hasn’t had the success you need him to have? You think it’s his fault, because instead of having a plan, he’s been just “winging it”. Pleeeeease.

    3)You say, ” Also he could go over to the typhoon- stricken Philippines and maybe he can help raise money for them and help them while he is there.”

    Your thinly veiled sarcasm tells me that you are peeved that the typhoon that killed and displaced thousands of people may have compromised David’s potential for success in the Philippines? Should they apologize to David for the timing of their national catastrophe?

    4)You say, ” What he should not do is release new music just to release new music to please the hard core fans”.

    David does not release new music just to release new music. He never has and he never will. That’s what separates him from the vultures in the music business. David puts his heart and soul into everything he does, whether it’s music or Missionary work. To not know that is to not know David.

    • I’m not sure that #3 is “thinly veiled sarcasm”. Maybe because I was thinking the same thing. I know I would contribute to his fundraising effort.

      • I’m with you desertrat I’m not sure that #3 is ‘thinly veiled sarcasm” at all. Yes, he could help like so many other stars have done and continue to do. In fact, really if he had super duper fame (money) just think of all the good he would do with all that money. Like the guy (can’t think of his name) that created facebook is donating one billion to charity.

      • desertrat and cq: Exactly. I admit that I can be sarcastic (can’t most of us. lol) but not about typhoon victims in the Philippines that need help. Give me a break. cq-My thoughts exactly – David could do so much good if he had celebrity and money to so. What is wrong with that???

    • No one of us knows David.

  18. Bliss-That is just ridiculous to think that I meant that about David helping others over in the Philippines. That was not meant as a slam. I could care less about David’s success in the Philippines.That is just an OTT comment. You need to lighten up. JMHO. I really think that he should help as many other celebrities are doing that and why wouldn’t David? At least he would be sincere in his wanting to help. Paul Walker who very sadly died in a car crash was trying to help the very day he died-Why wouldn’t David? No- I don’t think that David has a plan and how do you know that he does????? You failed to answer my question- How can David’s career skyrocket if he has no plan in place, no top notch music management team that is well connected in place and no record label in place”? Sorry. lol.

  19. Vicki, for some reason you posted this today on a thread from Nov. 17th, but I’ll respond in the present.

    You say, “You may not be aware, but this style comes off as arrogant & shaming. I appreciate that you’re willing to ‘reign in’ what seems a very mean-spirited way of addressing fellow fans of David.”

    I realize that the tone of some of my comments to other fans can be somewhat harsh, but I do so only because the tone of some of the comments about David from other fans is harsh. If you notice, the tone I use when I talk about David is never harsh. That’s because I love and respect him, and have been outraged at some of the nasty things that people say about him, his music, his family, and yes, his Mission.

    Trust me, what i say here is tame. I’m up against a brick wall of denial and silence when it comes to the disrespect and objectifying of David that I see every day online by “mature” people who think that David exists for their person pleasure, prurient and otherwise.

  20. Bliss-You can comment all you want. I don’t care but I will clarify if I feel that you are not getting what I stated. It is not an attack. It is an opinion. Go read the comments on other sites like- CNN ect if you want to read personal attacks.

  21. Marie, I thought I did answer your question. I do not “know” anything about the inner workings of David’s career. I’m a fan, and as a fan, I am not privy to or entitled to any knowledge of these matters. I appreciate anything David provides, musically, dramatically, etc, and anxiously await what he has for us when he returns. I do not presume, as apparently you do, to know that David has “no plan, no top notch management, no label”………, so I could not possibly speak with any credibility on the subject. When you can document the knowledge that you claim to have, I will gladly defer to your inside information, and see it as credible. Until then, it’s just fan site blather.

  22. Desertrat, I picked up a certain sarcasm in that comment, as if to say, “Well David won’t have much going on when he gets back due to his lousy management and poor planning, so he might as well go over the Philippines, where they love him, and do some charity work to fill the time.”

  23. I have found that a lot of what happens in the music industry has to do with timing and luck. Justin Bieber’s manager was brand new to the industry when he started to represent Justin. The Imagine Dragons’ manager is a brother to a band member. I’d like David to have good management but it’s not as easy as hiring someone that is well connected. I think it’s more someone that will work hard for him and then he needs to get opportunities to sing. The music industry is changing so he needs to use social media effectively which I think he can do.

    • I am hoping that David can get together as good a team as he is talented.
      besides Kari I don’t think that has been the case. . also not having a label must be tough too.
      just know I am here for whatever and think it would be a shame if no one helped him make his musical dreams come true.
      whatever they are.

  24. Bliss-Whatever. lol. Of course I hope David has huge success with his music career as do the others that comment here. I just do not know what is going to happen. Time will tell.

  25. On a different note, I went out to the store, and , lo and behold, I met 2 young man walking on the street who I identified as Missionaries by their name tags. Because these Missionaries are always super nice and receptive, I did not hesitate to stop them and initiate a conversation with them. I mentioned that I was a fan of David’s and they were happy to talk about him, and stated that they loved his music. They knew about last weekend’s devotional, and all in all, it was a very pleasant meeting.

    This is the 3rd time I have bumped into Missionaries on the streets and the subways of New York. All 3 experiences have been very positive, and these guys and gals (1 meeting was with 2 young women) are the nicest folks you could want to meet. I initiated all 3 encounters, and, at no time did I feel that i was going to be “sold” their religion.

    • Bliss, just so you know, no matter how I feel, I too have experience nothing but nice people, lets face it, if you are trying to sell something you will be nice. That’s kind of cool that they didn’t even give you reading material and just wanted to plan talk not related to their missionary work.

    • Interesting story about your experiences with LDS missionaries on the streets of NY. You were soooo impressed that you invited them to your home right? Or was the only reason you gave them the time of day was because of the love & respect you have for David? I’m sure they were thankful for the time you gave them even if they would have rather talked to you about their beliefs. After all THAT is the only reason they are on the streets of NY.

      I see young missionaries often in the different cities I travel to as well. I have never, not once, have seen any with a look of contentment. More often they look tired & discouraged even at the start of day. I think of David every time I see a pair walking or riding their bikes and just feel sad. Not that he is doing what he wants & is compelled to do, but because he will be starting all over again when he returns.

      Thinking that David will take the world by storm & skyrocket to the top when he returns is wishful thinking. Even he knew he would be starting from over again from “scratch”. We will soon find out what if any plans are on tap for David when he returns especially if he does have a credible management team in place. If we do not get any significant hints in a couple of months about what plans are in place for David’s homecoming, that will mean he lacks any significant management or PR. It means squat that David is an immense talent. The truth of the matter is that without a team who believes in him and his talent David may never reach his full potential. Look at JB. Would he have had the success he has had with his “talent” alone? It’s not fair but it is what it is. In a perfect world, David would be approached by the best agency in the business who would work tirelessly for David not only because they believe in him but because he has the potential to make them millions. That’s what the best management agencies do. Someday David may be able to write his own ticket like Beyonce but at this time he will need all the help he can get. I think even David knows this.

  26. Bliss- I will give you credit for being such a devoted fan to David. David needs those fans-well he needs all kinds of fans acutally. It is just at times you agree to disagree and that is OK. lol.

  27. CQ, I’m sure Missionaries are not used to being approached on the streets or subways of NYC. I immediately told them that I knew they were Missionaries and that I was a fan of David’s, so it was all very cozy and upbeat. I might also add that, all evidence to the contrary here, I am a very friendly person, so they were at ease with me,lol

    • Lol, actually with so much love you have for David, I wouldn’t think of you any other way. We all have our hot buttons, doesn’t mean we aren’t nice people.

  28. Marie, thank you. I’m really a very mellow, live and let live type of guy. If we ever meet at a show, you’ll see that I’m not the Archu-psycho I can seem to be online, lol.

  29. Senseless, I was wondering when you would pop in. Anyway, allow me to respond to some of your comments:

    1) You say ” Interesting story about your experiences with LDS missionaries on the streets of NY. You were soooo impressed that you invited them to your home right?”

    The story was not intended to be” interesting”. It was a vignette about a chance meeting with a couple of Missionaries on the street. I was impressed, however, with their pleasant manner and friendliness, but was not moved to “take them home”. Why on earth would I do that?

    2) You say “Or was the only reason you gave them the time of day was because of the love & respect you have for David?”

    I wasn’t “giving them the time of day”, as you so cynically put it. I recognized their name tags, and having had positive experiences with other LDS Missionaries, I felt comfortable in approaching them. What is your problem?

    3 You say” I’m sure they were thankful for the time you gave them even if they would have rather talked to you about their beliefs. After all THAT is the only reason they are on the streets of NY.”

    The only thing I’m sure of is that you don’t know squat about any aspect of this encounter, including anyone’s feelings or “reasons”.

    4) You say “I see young missionaries often in the different cities I travel to as well. I have never, not once, have seen any with a look of contentment. More often they look tired & discouraged even at the start of day. I think of David every time I see a pair walking or riding their bikes and just feel sad. ”

    Well, sorry to disappoint you, but these guys didn’t look tired, unhappy or discouraged. Missionaries are doing what they have volunteered to do. As for feeling sorry for David, may I remind you that “all pity is self pity”. David is a person to be admired, not pitied.

    • Hey bliss why can’t you both be right. You saw them happy, rested and joyous, so why can’t you see that Senseless saw the missionaries she came across, a different way.

    • I knew you would have some snappy comebacks for at me. 😦

      You said to Marie…”I’m really a very mellow, live and let live type of guy. If we ever meet at a show, you’ll see that I’m not the Archu-psycho I can seem to be online, lol.”

      You forget. I did meet you in Westbury. 🙂 You do have a mean streak a mile wide and it shows when you come at me with guns blazing. But you’re entitled to your opinions just as I am.

      BTW, I do not pity David, I feel sad that he has to start over again because he will and he deserves so much more.

      With that I will say adios.

  30. It’s laughable to see so many people who like to cause arguments. Everyone has an opinion an everyone thinks theirs is right. If we are going to lecture people about acting like adults then shouldn’t we act like adults ourselves? Tsk tsk. David’s friends and family DO look at websites you know…

  31. Epppp, he has HAIR!! And is flipping gorgeous!!

  32. HG started this thread with a very upbeat tone as she described changes in the music industry. She asked how will these changes affect David when he comes back. What started on a hopeful and thoughtful note seems to end with bickering and cynism. Laughable? Maybe, or just sad.

  33. I try not to get too anxious about David’s career. I remember an interview where he said he would never stop singing. He also once said that singing was his job and he needed to be able to make an income. He said he wasn’t expecting things to happen so quickly . He obviously had intended to go on a mission, but AI changed his timing. Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that David doesn’t seem to be interested in superstardom, but he does want to touch people with his singing. And that is why I believe he will continue to work hard to have the opportunity to sing for us fans and for whoever else gets the privilege of hearing his gorgeous voice. I believe God has a plan for David, and I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  34. Senseless, you said previously that we didn’t actually meet at Westbury, but you saw me talking to someone else. As for any “mean streak”, if you read your post directed specifically to me and my encounter today, you will see that it is riddled with cynicism and disrespect for me and the 2 Missionaries, so the pot is calling the kettle black. Also, exactly how did I manifest this alleged “mean streak” in Westbury in 2009 that you are inventing to try to sell your point. When I am at a David concert, I am in a euphoric state, along with all the other fans lucky enough to be there. Nobody’s mean to anyone, lol.

    Wonder, I didn’t realize how deep the hated is for Mormonism and Missionaries by some fans of David, that a harmless little encounter with a couple of Missionaries on the street can provoke such contempt. I truly hope none of David’s family read Senseless’ post, which clearly shows her utter disrespect for David’s Mission, and his fellow Missionaries.

    • Worry not. I’m sure David’s family — who frequent this site, of course — will find great solace in your eloquent compassion and appreciation for their son.

    • So true. I’m sure David just loves it when people come on his fan sites to bash his fans.

      I’m thinking that it’s suspicious that blisskasden and Anon are almost never posting at the same time. It might be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing, where they’re really one and the same. He/she basically has contempt for David’s fans, but in one persona David can do no wrong, and in the other, David can hardly do anything right. Bwahaha….

  35. Candy, praise the lord and pass the Brylcreem. What I would like to know is what happened to his hand, which looked pretty banged up in pics at the devotional.

  36. Carol, I posted a pleasant encounter I had earlier today with a couple of Missionaries. Senseless came on here and took a hatchet to my little story, so I “took the bait” and defended myself. That’s what happened.

  37. Just noticed one positive sign-Gina Orr is actually starting to use her twitter account frequently. She was never using it before so maybe there are some things in the works. Gina just has Crystal B. and David listed on her management website. SNL was great tonight with Jimmy Fallon and JT and I never watch the whole show.

  38. I saw this on SNL last week. It is very funny. I just read an article in the Huffington Post about the life of a very struggling musician. Beyonce is very fortunate to be so successful as many others are not. I think it is a cautionary tale on the struggles of a working musician. David is lucky to have the fans he has regardless of their opinions. That is what hg’s post was about: the music industry and that is why I made the comments that I did regarding David’s career. It is not going to be easy for him.

    • That is why I want success for David, Marie, I just don’t want him struggling financially with a music career. I know that a lot of fans don’t seem to think that money is important, that magically he will be able to have financially success with a handful of fans to support him. I just don’t see it though.

  39. cq: Exactly my point.

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