Daily Archives: December 20, 2013

Changes in Music in 2013: Will They Affect David in 2014?


While David served his mission (still looking “Hello, Gorgeous” to me and sounding simply divine), the pop music scene has gone through some changes (and I’m hoping for the better).  I’m just hoping these changes are paving a clearer path for David’s return (and yes, I’m assuming he’s still coming back to his music career – I heard the passion in his Voice and his natural performance at his Christmas concert last week. This is a man who’s got to sing!).

So, what’s significant about pop music this year?

1. R&B/Soul made a return!

From Justin Timberlake’s heavily influenced R&B album 20/20 Experience to Robin Thicke’s summer hit “Blurred Lines” and now Beyonce taking us back to old-school sexy soul and funk with her BEYONCE: The Visual Album, we’re finally getting back to the basics! All that’s needed now is a real Crooner to jump into the mix! (Please, David – or David’s team – please consider this direction! Pretty please?)

2. Justin Bieber descended into bad-boy territory

As the Biebs continues to wreck his “tween pop star” image and, now, promising to “retire,” a void will be left… we know who can easily fill these shoes (and with the talent and the grace of maturity to boot! Of course, Miley Cyrus was the other big story, doing the female version of the Biebs. Hopefully, both have made room for folks to be receptive to David’s more mature approach to growing up! 😛

3. Beyonce changed the rules of music distribution

It still remains to be seen how her surprise album drop on iTunes and through social media (replete with music videos) will affect music sales in future, but she insisted that an artist’s full concept album be respected and purchased, essentially teaching a generation growing up on illegal downloads to learn to buy music again. I can’t overstate the significance of Beyonce’s stealth move. I really think she repositioned music artists for the better!

Speaking of Bey, did you know that, like David, she debuted on Star Search and, also like David, she didn’t win either? Keep the faith, my fellow Archies! 😀