Maria Sabias Que

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Two years in and David has definitely shown growth! The Voice, the look. Lawd have mercy! What exactly are in we in for when he returns next year? 😛



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  1. OH my goodness….he has grown so much in the past two years! That voice… some ways he could be a mainstream Latino heart throb…I can see that coming if he continues singing in Spanish, which IMO is very romantic and sexy! To me, though he can sing almost any music, no male singer today sings with such soul and depth as he does.

  2. I’m with Carol — he can sing almost anything. I’ve said before that, while this seems like a good thing, it might be one of the biggest challenges that has faced and continues to face David career-wise. What direction to go since he really can excel in multiple types of music. Soul? Ballads? Spanish? Pop? Or any other and/or combination? What would be the best career fit for him?

    I don’t know what the future will bring but I can say I’m pretty blown away by what we saw this past week. Or more specific, what we heard. His voice has matured even more and has a depth that I can’t wait to hear more of.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I think you may be right Ali regarding his versatility being a challenge. I found myself thinking the other day while watching the livestream, this is what David was born to sing. And it wasn’t for the first time either. I’m not saying I necessarily want him to become a balladeer exclusively (although I wouldn’t complain either) but he really does shine the most when he sings ballads/carol type songs. And yet I think in his past, he indicated that that wasn’t a path he wanted to take musically, he wanted to be about the pop. I have often wondered WHY he has had that pop focus and if that pop focus has been a bit of a stumbling block to his career. It’s been his ability to sing anything combined with his love of all music genres, that seems to have made it hard to find and define his sound. The predicaments of being a genius I guess. 😉 But…lol…i truly think when he does define his sound…..his song writing will grow in leaps and bounds and we better brace ourselves for what will result!

      • Shanny in Australia

        Actually if I could make a prediction, I would predict that David will naturally evolve into a ‘big song’ singer. Not necessarily all ballads and not necessarily without some R n B soul flavours thrown in….but people obviously respond to his ‘big song’ moments and it appears to me that he enjoys singing those big songs, not to mention that those types of songs are well suited for sharing messages which he likes to do.

      • Shanny,
        ITA with your assessment of what David “really” should sing. Sure he can sing anything but his voice excels at certain types more than others. I know his personal taste is varied but maybe his perception of what his voice is best at has matured as well. Added to that of course is anything in Spanish.

        David is already halfway through building the soundtrack of his next Christmas album. I have as follows:

        1) O Ven Emanuel with Chorus
        2) Maria Sabias Que
        3) The Prayer
        4) This Christmas
        5) Little Drummer Boy
        6) Climb Everything Mountain

        Anything else?

  3. David’s Mission has allowed him to focus on his emotional and spiritual growth, and from all appearances, it has served him very well in both areas. How it will manifest back in the “real”, secular world remains to be seen, but I am very much looking forward to finding out. The performances we have seen at these devotionals should ease anyone’s mind concerning the quality of David’s voice, which has not lost an iota of its power and beauty. David did not “let er rip” at these shows out of respect to the occasion and the other performers, so we all need to “buckle up” because David will have no reason to hold back when he gets back.

  4. same performance without the sound issues

    agree with all the comments above.. kind of think David now has the ‘edge’ folks are looking for in the US not to mention worldwide.

  5. His voice is just amazing, but TBH, he’s starting to creep me out. JMO. I’ll be happy when he’s back to see him loose and funny and informal again.

    • ha what? you mean how he suits his mission to a T?
      suit, hair and demeanor?
      the perfect missionary?

      ha well last time I checked not many perform on stage.. and growl

      that being said understand.. burn the suits.. let the hair and beard grow
      and dance the salsa
      would be very nice indeed.

  6. Yes, without a doubt he has shown such growth both in voice and confidence. I’m seeing fun times ahead for us.

    cc halo, not that he creeps me out, but I do see your point, can’t wait until we see him more informal and loose and funny…and if I don’t see him in a suit for a while I wouldn’t be mad, lol.

  7. I agree cc halo. I want to see David more informal and loose and funny and- act his age. He is only 22 yrs old.

  8. Just watched the X Factor finale. After watching the I really do like Alex and Sierra and Jeff but they did not even mention last year’s winner -Tate Stevens or the runner up-Carly Rose. Kind of odd and cold of the show to not even have Tate on to perform. It is like he did not even exist. The music industry really is not easy-that is for sure. I do not think X Factor will last much longer anyway as the ratings are not good for that show.

  9. Correction to song on next Christmas album

    **Climb Every Mountain**

  10. you see David entering the stage, can hear them scream for him, fabulous and energetic performance and adorable old self at the end.
    looks like the David I remember.

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