Sunday Carol Series: The Little Drummer Boy

I will always cherish this special “testimony” of David, especially through perhaps one of the most secularized Christmas carol songs out there. How David brought the sacred back to the song is still a wonder to behold.


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    • My favorite from his concert last night was “Mary Did You Know”. Love the stripped down version with the guitar. As usual David’s version was so heartfelt. That’s what puts him in a different league from the rest of the soloists. Can’t wait to see where his music goes when he comes back. He certainly sang last night with confidence and emotion just like he did before he left.

  1. Shanny in Australia

    Oh you are so right HG. Secular to sacred. It’s funny how you can hear something for years and then all of a sudden your eyes are opened and you see something in a totally different light. It was like that for me with LDB. As you said – it was always just a fun, secular type Christmas song – until a handful of Christmases ago and suddenly I understood it in a beautiful, poignant new way and it became one of my very favourites.

    So I was excited to see that David ‘got it’ in the same way that I did – and boy what a moment it was to witness his ‘testimony’ of it for the first time. And despite all the ‘showiness’ with the raised drum sticks and jumping about banging on the drum and all the accompanying screaming from the audience (and rightly so! lol), David did still manage to do as you said HG – take a secularized song and make it sacred all over again. Love the song. Love David’s performance of it and love his testimony and passion for it!

  2. Thanks for posting this video,hg. I really loved David’s version of this song and the way he performed it in concert.

  3. LDB was always the highlight of our church’s Christmas play. A young boy with the sweetest voice would bring us to tears with his rendition–something I looked forward to every year. David brings the power to it.

  4. Thanks for posting the version he did before he left, hg. I’ve never thought of the song as secular though. It’s always been sacred to me. Thanks cj for the links.

    • Your welcome. I’ve never thought of LDB as secular, either. The words to the song, the story of the song, seems nonsecular to me. JMO.

      • You know, I think in general,the song is not secularized. but last night, it was portrayed as being secular, The drummer “man” popped out as a gift with many other drummer toys coming onto the scene. David was able to, with his vocal interpretation and demeaner, bring the song back around to the true meaning (what the words actually say); a boy coming before a manger, offering up his talent as a gift to the baby King, Jesus. It has nothing to do with a bunch of toy drummers. David gets this.

      • Lol, my thoughts exactly. He probably didn’t have input into how it was staged.

    • Thank you cj, for the link…was not able to be here for all the fun yesterday, so coming home to this was OH MY GOODNESS, such a treat!

  5. I was in Westbury when David sprung LDB on us, I was awestruck! I remember walking in the lobby after thinking…”What just happened” I To be honest, I was too dumbfounded to even think about the song taking on a different meaning then the out of body experience I just had. He sure has a way of sweeping us off our feet with surprises!

  6. Candy, I was also in that Westbury audience when David “sprung” LDB on us, and was also dumbstruck by the power and command of his performance. David is a treasure trove of surprises, and, unlike other artists with limited scope, is capable of doing the totally unexpected. I look forward to being shocked, amazed, and flat out blown away, time and time again, by David’s ability and willingness to raise his own bar to new heights when he gets back.

    • Totally in agreement with you bliss, David’s ability and willingness to raise his own bar to new heights is what I see in him too.

      I know this concert in Chile was not meant for his fans, but boy it sure felt like it, lol.
      His voice has even gotten better and I didn’t even think that was possible.

      Exciting to see what he has in store for us in 2014.

  7. cq-I wouldnt be so sure about the “Not being meant for fans” While it wasn’t produced solely for our enjoyment, I do feel they (Lds Church) was very aware many of Davids fans would tune in. Smart move on their part, and a great gift for all of us!

    • lol, you may be right Candy, all I can say is WOW, so revived my excitement for his return and am so optimistic in regards to his music career. Want him home like right NOW, lol.

  8. Btw, have to say it…HE SURE IS LOOKING MIGHTY FINE…..

    • Cq- I just wanted to say sorry. I’m the person who said rude things to you on the other fan site a while ago and I didn’t mean what I said. I bet you’re a lovely person. Guess I was just having a bad day. I hope you can forgive me!

    • Sorry, absolutely, it takes a big person to apologize and I so appreciated it. We’re all such big fans of David and sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Aren’t we just the luckiest fans to be blessed with this wonderful present from Chile, lol. I’m so optimist and so happy about the future of David’s music career, happy dance, lol.

  9. I always found LDB to be a little boring actually. It also sounded like a children’s Christmas song to me. But when David sang it on his Christmas tour…………WOW !!! It. became a powerful act of worship and praise. Serving God with all our heart, mind and strength. That’s the message I now get when I hear this song.

  10. Just noticed this on David’s Twitter in the right hand column of the site. I have stopped closely following tweets from Team Archie but its David at his best. Wondering now in hindsight if the mission was why “This Christmas” was so special for David at the time?

    Reading tea leaves that ALC started with LDB on the last post lol!

    • I just saw this video today. Glad that you posted it joymus. Very well put together video. Really captures David at his best. Love It. Some great comments on you tube too.

    • Haha! I do have a tendancy to “read the tea leaves” with him. Do you think he meant THAT song to be for his fans? lol! I have to admit, it was my favorite of the night.
      Maybe you’re right. Maybe he met for that Christmas 2 yrs ago to be a very special Christmas for all of us. And now, this Christmas is special because he’s COMING HOME!!!
      He’s speaking to us through music! He’s just as excited as we are, me thinks!

  11. Hmm, Joymus and Alc, you guys are getting me kind of gitty thinking that maybe there is a master plan in place after all, lol.

    • awww…..I can go to bed now. I have been waiting for The Prayer. Beautiful.

    • Thank you barbsms, way beyond gorgeous. Their voices blended so well so much better than last years and man David… strong, confident and just plan phenomenal. Maybe he had more rehearsal with the song and of course, one more year of speaking Spanish couldn’t hurt, lol. Regardless of what made it better, it really doesn’t matter, just so happy that they actually did a duet, not David accompanying her like last year, jmo of course.

      • It’s Italian not spanish.

      • Oh, hahahaha, then, his Italian has gotten better, sorry, whatever, it’s better than last years, lol.

      • Sorry Alc, didn’t thank you for the correction, so thank you.

      • No need to say sorry. My correction may have sounded condescending and I don’t mean for to. Sorry if it did.
        This song means a lot to me so, i just wanted to clarify. My brother in law who has the second most beautiful voice in the world, imo, you all know who’s first, sings this song with his daughter. His daughter, my neice, was chosen to represent her college and state in a group of upcoming classical singers who were able to study in Italy with some prominant Italian classical singers. So, thus the clarification.

        This girl, who sang with David, has a very pretty contemporary sounding voice. I would love to hear him sing this with a trained classical singer though. His voice is stellar on the chorus. He sang the verses with a more mature sound this year, I thought.

      • Yes, Alc, that is what I got from David’s voice more mature and confident in the delivery.

      • Congrats to your niece, btw.

      • Thank you cq. She’s a stay at home mom now.
        Yes, he sounds more confident. That’s a good word.

  12. I was just reading the thread before this one (trying to catch up) and someone talked about the choir of missionaries behind him seeming to be a little jealous at times and how wrong that was because they were fellow missionaries. They were not missionaries, since they didn’t have their name tags on. Missionaries are not allowed to go anywhere without their name tags. It must have been a local choir of some kind. Also, I didn’t pick up on the jealousy, either. Maybe I missed something.

    • Mango, I notice that too. Must be local choir, not LDS. David as will as other missionaries must of been invited to sing at this event, very cool, that’s why I even like it better because it doesn’t seem to be about only one religion. Lol, as far as being jealous, I’m sure some might be a little. All that the choir/orchestra on these wonderful videos seem to me is kind of board including the ones that are missionaries, lol.

      I think that maybe what Gladys was experiencing was by a first hand observation and maybe by talking to some people, that is the way I took it anyway.

      • They were probably somewhat bored….and hot. Sometimes when a person is part of a production, it can seem to go on and on and on and all you want to do is get it over with and go home.

      • I would agree with bored and possibly hot. That is not the typical music that young folks listen to these days -would guess that would include youth in a local choir and yes- even young missionaries. lol.

  13. David’s Mission President has a weekly blog that I read. Of course, this week the Christmas concerts were the focus of the blog. Here’s part of what was written:

    “The church has a Christmas concert on the Temple Square in Santiago each year. This year they decided to have three nights instead of one plus an additional performance with an evangelical choir on the plaza in front of the presidential palace.

    Those who performed included a youth choir, a small orchestra, dancers and soloists. What a great missionary opportunity for the church. The seats were filled to capacity and people were standing each of the three nights.

    We were fortunate to be able to attend all three performances and thoroughly enjoyed each one.”

    I’m sure the number of concerts were expanded because of David. It’s good to know that he could draw a crowd to all of the concerts. I believe this bodes well for his future in the music.

    • I hate to be one of those annoying fans who can’t keep up but can someone recap the last few days for me?

      1st concert
      Location: Presidential Palace?
      Songs – OHN, Los Pastores, O Ven Emmanuel

      2nd concert
      Location: Temple Sq., Santiago
      Songs – Drummer Boy, Maria Sabias Que, OHN, Los Pastores


      Muchas Gracias!

      • 1st concert
        Date: Dec 10, 2013
        Location: Presidential Palace, Santiago
        Songs – Los Pastores, O Ven Emmanuel, OHN

        2nd concert
        Date: Dec 13, 2013
        Location: Temple Sq., Santiago
        Songs – Drummer Boy, Maria Sabias Que, OHN, Los Pastores (?? This is assumed — I’ve not seen any videos from the first night at Temple Square?)

        3rd concert
        Date: Dec 14, 2013
        Location: Temple Sq., Santiago (livestream)
        Songs – Drummer Boy, Maria Sabias Que, OHN, Los Pastores

        4th concert
        Date: Dec 15, 2013
        Location: Temple Sq., Santiago
        Songs – Drummer Boy, Maria Sabias Que, OHN, Los Pastores, The Prayer duet

  14. CQ, I must say that I am loving your “new” optimistic attitude about David and his upcoming return. No amount of chatter from me or anyone else can do what one song by David himself can do. David has shown that his fans have absolutely nothing to be concerned about when it comes to his desire and ability to sing and perform at the highest levels. Due to the nature of these shows, David was respectfully subdued, and he still knocked the Chilean socks off the audience with one mind boggling and moving performance after another. Wait till he takes the stage at one of his solo concerts and showcases a more unleashed David. 2014 is definitely the Year of the Archuleta.

  15. Very Interesting -Anon- an actual date for David’s return-3/28/14. It will be very interesting to see in what direction David’s music career goes in. I hope he makes an appearance on AI this year as being a selfish fan I would like to see David on TV again and I still watch the show. I know some fans do not like AI but I think it would be excellent promo for David althought it probably will not happen. Just being realistic.

    • I think that date is likely based solely on the fact that he left on March 28, 2012. That’s also the date many fans are using for their countdown calendars to when he comes back. I would give a thumbs up to that date though because I’d rather him come back in March than in April lol.

      • So that qualifies as a rumor…okay then.

        I know it’s going to sound weird but I’m in no hurry for the months to rush by. I’d rather he stay in Chile and do his missionary work and deliver performances like he has in the past week than come back to….comment discontinued.

        Thanks for the recap (above).

      • I think I might understand where you’re coming from in your comment, Anon. He had a fantastic opportunity in Chile to sing for, I read, around 6,000 people when combining the attendance of the concerts. He sounded fantastic. We don’t know what opportunities he will have when he is back in the U.S. Also when he is gone we ODD fans don’t worry about his radio play, album sales, appearances, etc. I have decided to just enjoy whatever David does do musically when he gets back whether it is on a small scale or a big one.

  16. Marie, I think an appearance on AI would be a good thing. Although the show is only about 1/3 as popular as it was in 2008, when David became the most popular contestant before or since, it would still be a good way to remind the country that David is back and “open for business”. People would see
    how much David has matured,and is no longer the shy “boy” he was on the show. Of course, he would sing a song on the show, and that would remind people that David was, and still is, the best singer to ever grace the AI stage. It would also finally answer the musical question “What ever happened to David Archuleta?”

  17. ITA-Bliss. Some good points.

  18. Tessanne Chin did Whitney justice on The Voice tonight! Hope she wins! 🙂

    • I think she might although Will’s song where he ended up singing to his wife and baby was very touching.

  19. Tessanne Chin – made a Whitney song her own.

    Jacque Lee – straight up imitation J-Hud!

    That song was way too big for her, but somehow I think she will still win! Too bad for Tessanne! 😦

  20. I really hope Tessanne wins. She deserves it.

  21. I do hope that Will comes in last. Not a fan of his at all for some reason. The Sing Off is good tonight. Love Ben Folds.

  22. I usually can predict who will win singing competitions, but I really can’t predict with confidence this time. I think Tessanne will win but it could be Jacque. I don’t think Will can win, but never say never.

    There was an article about the concert in Chile with David as the focus here:
    My translation of the page was funny as it said David won a contest as as dancer!

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