The Voice Commands: Listen!

It happened this week at David’s public performance in Santiago, Chile, and again, as background music to my various Christmas-decoration activities at home.

The Voice Commands Attention!

Did you notice how David has a tendency to just rise and transcend everything – orchestra, band, choir, chatty audience, etc.? Heck, three years ago, a young 20-year-old OUTSANG and STOLE THE SHOW from a world-renown mass choir!

And if The Voice can do that, no wonder he causes me to stop and pause – as I found myself doing yesterday, when I was changing to holiday linen for my dining table – when I hear him.   I have a Christmas playlist that mixes everything from Handel’s Messiah to Charlie Brown Christmas to Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” to Nat King Cole’s “Christmas Song.” And no matter how much other carols fill my home, the second The Voice starts singing, it makes me pause from whatever it is that I’m doing to contemplate and soak in every glory note.

That’s some serious power right there!  It’s the reason why, when there were 24 contestants on American Idol, David Archuleta’s name was the only one we knew.  Too bad, as the contestants wound down that season, the competition became less about vocal command and more about gimmicks and performativity.

Still, I imagine it’s the reason many of us are still here, after a two-year wait, and why we still engage in much heated debate about what David’s plans are and if he will ever blow up.  We know why, as fans, we’re so invested.  We recognize vocal power when we hear it and the transformation it can cause.  We’ve spent the last few years witnessing a music industry emphasize everything but musical talent when it comes to marketing and pushing their musical products.

But what about marketing a Voice that, as soon as the first note is sung, you involuntarily stop to listen? How do you do that? Did you all note how, in some of the Chile videos, there were noisy audience members who eventually stopped their chattering because, well, they had to once the Voice laid down those glory notes!

That’s why song selection and melodious music-production are so important.  The reason, I think, why David dominates on Christmas carols is because the songs themselves are superior – they’re timeless gems with room for embellishments and enhancements.

More than anything, I want David to access good quality music.  It makes a huge difference. For a Voice so big, he needs equally big songs to accommodate him.

And when that happens, world, watch out! 🙂

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  1. Speaking of commanding attention, I do have to give serious props to Beyonce for STEALTH-DROPPING her new album overnight without a stick of promotion and still emerging #1.

    Will The Voice ever command attention like that someday?

  2. I love this article, HG. Thank you. Relate to every word.

    On Beyonce, very cool. I hope The Voice does find his way to that kind of recognition.

  3. Great post HG, as usual, lol.
    I totally agree with every single word especially these:
    More than anything, I want David to access good quality music. It makes a huge difference. For a Voice so big, he needs equally big songs to accommodate him.

    And when that happens, world, watch out!

  4. I absolutely love this article! Thank you! Especially related to…..”as soon as the first note is sung, you involuntarily stop to listen.” How many times has that happened to me?! Too many to count. Hope someday more folks will have a chance to “involuntarily stop to listen” to that voice!

    (And, this is neither here nor there, but only 24% of BYU students are married. Of course, that leaves 76% that are not! Just wanted to clarify that from comments on the last post.)

    • That was me Bychance, thank you for clarifying, I stand corrected, still kind of high though, I guess I was just assuming because of all the talk that was related to David marry and going to college. Really didn’t say that was a fact, I did say I assumed. Again just assuming because of high importance about finding a mate to get married after coming off a mission and that is followed by going to BYU.

      Actually Bychance that nice to know sense I’m a firm believer that college is still such a place for growth and to have that huge marriage commitment is, imo, hard. Now I’m not saying that it can’t work, or course, there is exceptions to everything.

    • However I did looked it up on Wikipedia:
      Compared to most universities, the marriage rate at BYU is much higher. In 2005, 22% of the student population was married.[14] In 2005, 51% of BYU’s graduating class were married.[17] In the same year, only 3% of Yale’s graduating class were married.[17] And as a national average, 11% of the college class of 2005 were married.[17] The graduating class of 2010 yielded 6147 graduates, 56% of which were married.[18] In addition, these studies failed to account for the many students who were engaged at graduation time.

      Furthermore, the average age at first marriage at BYU is statistically lower than the national average. In 2005, the average American man married at age 25 while the average American woman married at age 27.[17] However, at BYU, the average age at first marriage is about 22 years old.[17]

  5. Back to his voice – I really like this little vid of Oh Holy Night because you can see the size of the crowd and hear their appreciation at the end and the best part is that I can really hear his voice!

  6. i noticed several years ago that putting David’s Christmas songs on as background music was slowing me down while trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner or decorate for Christmas etc, because it’s just like you say HG, the voice makes me pause and grabs my full attention. Not that I’m complaining haha, I just enjoy getting things done slower now. 🙂 Actually there have been times when I ‘ve been driving in the car and that voice has almost made me run off the road. No kidding, he’s powerful!!

    I sure hope he finds some powerful songs, and powerful people to help him when he come home.

  7. That O Come, O Come Emmanuel video is sweet baby J!

    As to the last thread, all I can say is Bliss was on fire! On fiyah I tell you!

    Still grinning over the “Ladies who do lunch.”

    Still grinning.


    Okay, stopped,


  8. I need an mp3 of O Come, O Come Emmanuel! Anybody have a link, please?

  9. Very nice post,hg. ITA.

  10. Okay, I have to stop listening to that Oh Ven, Oh Ven Emmanuel – I think I have watched that 20 times

  11. new video.. Los Pastores a Belen but you see him getting on and off the stage. adorable and clear!

    • Love it! There may be a live stream tomorrow of the concert that David is suppose to be singing. It will be just like old times again. Yep, the reason we are still here is because of that voice. Great post, HG.

    • thanks for posting this! just knowing that someone in Chile felt it was important enough to record (and upload) him entering and exiting the stage gives me a warm feeling.

  12. Ok after listening to O come O come Emmanuel for the zillionth time, lol (along with the other videos), this post is so appropriate, especially this sentence: More than anything, I want David to access good quality music. It makes a huge difference. For a Voice so big, he needs equally big songs to accommodate him.

    These videos were such a welcome for all of us diehards, what a wonderful Christmas present!!!!

  13. David is important in Chile, in the event he is treated like a star, he is always surrounded by elders. The only thing I can say, I feel privileged to be here and listen to david live, it is a glory. It is true that everyone is talking, especially boys, (they are somewhat jealous of david), but after a few minutes, they listen. It’s awesome to see people and especially girls, screaming, clapping and asking for david, actually looks like a concert, but a devotional.
    If you look at the faces of the choir is singing when david, those faces are not happy, there is a lot of jealousy there. But David does not see those faces, he just looks to the public and he is happy singing and moving. He is really happy.

    • So wonderful that you have the opportunity to see D in Chile! Thanks for the update. Ever since Amer Idol, I’ve felt that something about D seems to bring out the envy in some others. Glad to know D seems to be thriving off of the live audience.

  14. (I correct the sentence, sorry for my poor English, I’m still learning.)

    If you look at the faces of the choir, when David is singing, …..

    • Thanks, Gladys, for the firsthand report about the concert, and the other times you’ve seen David. I really appreciate it. It’s nice to know that he is doing well, and his singing is great.

  15. O Ven O Ven Emmanuel especially I can hear shades of the vocals I have come to expect from David. Glorious!

    It’s disappointing & sad, but I guess not that surprising to hear that the choir, his fellow LDS peers, are jealous of David and show it when he is performing. That really bothers me because they have no idea how fortunate they are to be on the same stage with David. He sang as a featured performer with one of the most famous and renowned choirs in the world for gosh sakes! The instrumentals/orchestra don’t do him justice either. I guess that’s the difference between amateurs and a professional artist. Hoping he will have some Christmas shows next year!

    One way I think David would get a kick-start for his career is for him to “open” for some big names. And no, I do not mean another Demi who we now know had some serious issues during that tour. Anyway, I think opening for an established artist would allow David to have the exposure needed to reach & remind those fans who have moved on and others who have never seen him perform live to see just how fantastic he is. Personally, I can’t imagine David as an “opener” for anyone, but it is what it is. He will need EXPOSURE and that is the best way I can think of. I truly hope his team, who ever they may be, have some kind of plan to get him out there to be heard by the masses some way some how here in the USA. There are too many people who do not even know who he is or have forgotten all about the “kid from AI with the great voice” and they need to be introduced or reintroduced to him & his beautiful voice.

    • I think Demi realized that “edgy” is selling again.

      • That may be true but more likely she has realized hard drugs are detrimental to her & her career. Not a rumor, straight from the horses mouth. She may have been the “star” of that tour, but she was way out of David’s league. IMO of course. 🙂

      • I find Demi to be very annoying on the X Factor. I guess I am not a fan of many of these Disney stars as they get older-Miley, ect. But then many are annoying on X Factor. lol. I have to admit that I really do Iike Alex and Sierra and Jeff Gutt from X Factor this year-they are very talented. That show is another story. lol.

  16. Loved this post hg! You put into words my own thoughts and feelings much better than I could have.

  17. This link of David’s live concert tonight is from The Voice. First he sang “Drummer Boy”

  18. I really hope everyone had a chance to listen to the Devotional, David was sublime. He spoke quite a bit in Spanish! To hear him speak after two long years of silence was the best gift of all. I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy!

  19. If you double click on the link cc halo posted, the concert will replay.

  20. It was so much fun to watch the concert in Chlie while I sat in my house in Iowa. The wonder of technology. David was fabulous. I especially loved “Mary Did You Know” in Spanish with guitar accompaniment. As always, he puts so much feeling in his singing. He got the audience clapping for “Los Pastores” and sang it with mainly just percussion. As always “Oh Holy Night” was very special. I loved hearing him speak in Spanish too. Just watching that shows to me that he will be back to singing when he returns.

  21. I just watched The LIttle Drummer Boy performance again and, call me crazy, but I have a theory. He left us singing LIttle Drummer Boy. We were just reminded of the Christmas Concert he did 2 years ago today, when he posted a video about it on youtube. Now he’s coming home soon and he’s again singing Little Drummer Boy. He planned it that way.

    Just to take it a little further, the kids in this show go to a gift and open it up to find a drummer boy emerging. Was that possibly an analogy of him coming home to his fans and to music? maybe?

  22. Growing up Jewish, I never really paid too much attention to Christmas music. My idea of a Christmas song was “jingle Bell Rock” or “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause”, lol. Boy, was I deprived. Since I “met” David, his love of real Christmas music and his unbelievable performances of these songs have opened my eyes to the beauty and diversity of so many “new” songs. Tonight’s show had me entertained and involved start to finish, and they even threw in a song in Hebrew so I wouldn’t feel left out.

    David is so magnetic that his very presence on stage galvanizes the audience. His performances were vintage David, and every performance of every song always feels so authentic. Everyone else who performed was also wonderful, and I hated to see it end.

    And yes, David is also insufferably handsome. I’m not spazzing, it’s just part of my review of tonight’s show, lol.

  23. ALC-Didnt think of it that way, but it sure would put an interesting twist on things.

  24. What a treat for us tonight!! Bliss, loved what you said. Goodnite ya’ll

  25. InnerCircleQueen

    Hello again! I seriously doubt that David is interested in actually attending a real college, maybe a class online or something like that. Yay! 🙂

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