Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

The Voice Commands: Listen!

It happened this week at David’s public performance in Santiago, Chile, and again, as background music to my various Christmas-decoration activities at home.

The Voice Commands Attention!

Did you notice how David has a tendency to just rise and transcend everything – orchestra, band, choir, chatty audience, etc.? Heck, three years ago, a young 20-year-old OUTSANG and STOLE THE SHOW from a world-renown mass choir!

And if The Voice can do that, no wonder he causes me to stop and pause – as I found myself doing yesterday, when I was changing to holiday linen for my dining table – when I hear him.   I have a Christmas playlist that mixes everything from Handel’s Messiah to Charlie Brown Christmas to Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” to Nat King Cole’s “Christmas Song.” And no matter how much other carols fill my home, the second The Voice starts singing, it makes me pause from whatever it is that I’m doing to contemplate and soak in every glory note.

That’s some serious power right there!  It’s the reason why, when there were 24 contestants on American Idol, David Archuleta’s name was the only one we knew.  Too bad, as the contestants wound down that season, the competition became less about vocal command and more about gimmicks and performativity.

Still, I imagine it’s the reason many of us are still here, after a two-year wait, and why we still engage in much heated debate about what David’s plans are and if he will ever blow up.  We know why, as fans, we’re so invested.  We recognize vocal power when we hear it and the transformation it can cause.  We’ve spent the last few years witnessing a music industry emphasize everything but musical talent when it comes to marketing and pushing their musical products.

But what about marketing a Voice that, as soon as the first note is sung, you involuntarily stop to listen? How do you do that? Did you all note how, in some of the Chile videos, there were noisy audience members who eventually stopped their chattering because, well, they had to once the Voice laid down those glory notes!

That’s why song selection and melodious music-production are so important.  The reason, I think, why David dominates on Christmas carols is because the songs themselves are superior – they’re timeless gems with room for embellishments and enhancements.

More than anything, I want David to access good quality music.  It makes a huge difference. For a Voice so big, he needs equally big songs to accommodate him.

And when that happens, world, watch out! 🙂