O Holy Night! In Spanish!

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  1. Lol. We’re all on the same side here, but the “bad fan” battles continue. This is just a conversation, no one needs to correct other people’s feelings and opinions, or talk as if every word is going directly to David’s ear.

  2. Peter, I must say that I am yet to figure out why you are a fan of David’s or why you post on a fan site.

    You say “I think he will have a local, semi-religious career in Utah, but let’s hope he will return “to thunderous popularity” and make “all the Senoritas swoon” (even though they don’t have any idea who he is).”

    Are you really rooting for David to succeed, or is your pessimism just Peter being “realistic”?

    • Just being realistic. His latest album sold 2,000 copies.

    • I agree with Peter-there is a possibility that David will have a local career in Utah. How do you know that it will not happen? That is just keeping it real and there is nothing wrong with that. Really hope it does not happen but you just do not know.

  3. Peter, His latest 2 albums were a “gift” to his loyal fans and did not receive any promotion. As for your sales figure, could you send a link to verify that total? Some fans reported buying multiple copies. I find that figure very hard to believe. I believe that those CDs were not available in Asian countries, where the bulk of his fans reside.

  4. Candy, I don’t know you, but I totally believe you when you say “Do I appreciate his assets, you bet I do, I might be getting older but I’m not gone yet. And that includes his pants and hair (Sorry Bliss)”

    Actually, I respect your “I’ll love David any damn way I want” attitude. The “elephant in the room” with David’s “older” fan base has yet to be discussed on any fan site, and may never get discussed. I would do it, but I might not get out of my next VIP in one piece, so I’ll pass. (for now), LOL

    • I’m not an older fan. At least I don’t consider myself in that category although I’m 13 years older than David. However YOU, Bliss, ARE an older fan. Not an older female but older nevertheless. It’s obvious, to me anyway, that you also admire David’s “movie star looks” (your description), as well as some of his other physical attributes. I have to say though that at least you are honest in how you feel about David and not afraid to be vocal about it either which you are allowed. So why not let his other fans be vocal about how we feel or don’t feel about David? It’s not as if David knows you or I or anyone who comments here or that he will ever take the time to read the sites. The truth of the matter is that if not for his older fan base who are still here whether visible or not, he may not have any fan base left to “police” or to be set straight about how to be a fan. “lol”

  5. this is my fav video so far from Chile.. agree he seems itching to get back to music.

    as for college I guess if he has nothing going on musically my question is why not go?

  6. lol one more thing.. sure hope his hair grows back as ‘lustrous’ as it was before and not all gnarly!

  7. We all “love David any damn way” we want, even if some have a more worried/pessimistic/doubting perspective about his career prospects.

    Almost no one I know has any idea there was a “hit” song called “Crush”. So it is realistic to say that he’s got a long ways to go when he returns. Everyone here hopes that his career takes off then, but we’d also be content just to be able to hear him sometimes, (but for me, not so much if he were to go to a strictly religious route). We’re happy to support him, but he has to make it happen.

  8. Senseless, yes, I admire David’s “movie star looks”, but there is a difference between admiration and shameless, disrespectful gushing over him in blatantly sexual ways that I have seen time and time again by women old enough to be his grandmother. David has explicitly stated that that kind of talk makes him uncomfortable, especially from “grandma’s”. Do I have to post the link of the video in which he tells the interviewer exactly that?

    You say “The truth of the matter is that if not for his older fan base who are still here whether visible or not, he may not have any fan base left to “police” or to be set straight about how to be a fan.” That is the big lie perpetuated by these very people as a way to justify behavior that they know would be seen as downright creepy by David. David does not need his older fans, including me, to have a fan base when he returns. Believe me, I could document and identify some of the most nauseating comments made about David, and his body parts, on fan sites run by “ladies who do lunch” that would make a sailor blush. I have chosen not to publicly embarrass these women, but I’m losing patience. David is not a flavor of the month and his body is not an online petting zoo.

    Everybody seems to have no problem voicing their various points of view about David. This is mine.

  9. Excuse me, but I also find it pretty creepy that a grown man old enough to be David’s grandfather goes on & on about David’s looks and has this “need” to be viewed as David’s number one fan and as the only one who sees the “real” David.

    BTW, you have in the past have alluded to David’s sex appeal & sensuality as well as his handsome and movie star looks. I would wager that even if some of David’s older female fans make him uncomfortable, an older male fan who fawns over him all over the internet makes him even more uncomfortable.

    That is all. Wish I could stay up but I have an early day tomorrow. Night all.

  10. We now interrupt this regularly scheduled fandom meltdown for a new video from Chile; one we’ve not heard before — Oh Ven, Oh Ven Emmanuel (Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel):

  11. thanks for posting. he sounds very confident with his Spanish in each of these videos.

  12. OMG! Really?!?! For last time I am not idolfan. I am not coming here anymore because of this crap. I wish david best of luck with college and his music .Goodbye site

  13. Senseless, stop making stuff up. I have no need to be anyone’s #1 fan, nor do I have any feelings towards David that could be described as “creepy”. You have created what is called a “false equivalent” in an attempt to offset what I have posted. The “real” David is someone who deserves to be treated respectfully, both in person and online. The people I’m referring to treat him with respect in person but objectify him online. I know. I’ve seen it for myself at VIPs, signings, etc. and have read what these people post regularly online.

    Once again, admiration is not “fawning” and is not the same as objectifying and drooling over body parts, which is fawning. When men do it to young women, it’s disgusting. When women do it to young men, it’s not any less disgusting. When I say that David “has movie star good looks” it is an observation. When they say, “I’d like to dab the sweat off his face” on a fan site to a chorus of “me too, me too” it’s posting a group sexual fantasy, and the definition of creepy. All I’m saying is that David deserves better treatment from people way old enough to know better.

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