Music is His Mission!

Because we know Christmas is synonymous with David Archuleta, how cool to see him performing at a public event in Chile. Thanks to all who mentioned the concert and shared it here (Visit Instagram Video).

Remember “Pastores a Belen” when he performed it with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (a wondrous highlight, right up there with “Silent Night”):


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  1. Love it! There are some nice pictures posted to the FB page of the Concierto de Navidad. I think this is my favorite:

    If you would like to check out the full album: (You may have to be signed into FB to see those but they’re set as public so maybe not?)

    According to their FB, there are 3 other performances of the concert — Dec 13, 14 & 15. No indication if David will perform at those as well. This one wasn’t even listed as a regular performance so maybe it was a special thing?

  2. Thanks Ali. Very nice picture. Feeling his absence pretty much right about now. Missing Christmas time highlights with David. Hoping for some shows next year.

  3. #DavidArchuleta #Christmas #Santiago #LaMoneda #Navidad

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  4. Yes, yes,I so agree…Music is his Mission…and he can take us all to church (musically) when he gets home!

  5. So much for David’s career being “in ashes”. It’s more like “on fire”.

  6. Now this kinda pic brings back memories… 😉

  7. mission warning – oh holy night(Spanish)

  8. CQ, tears of joy, I presume. David has a way of doing that.

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