Sunday Carol Series: Ave Maria

We’ll always have Verona (and we’ll always have The Voice crooning “Ave Maria”):


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  1. Aw, what a beautiful rendition of this iconic song/hymn. The passion, the commitment to the moment is what is so mesmerizing. I’m moved to tears every time I hear him sing Ava Maria.

  2. When I heard D sing this live, I closed my eyes and felt so at peace with the world. Hopefully next year around this time I will get to hear him sing it again.

    From the previous thread:
    Re. Carrie Underwood, I thought “The Sound of Music” was too huge of a role for her to undertake. Her acting leaves something to be desired. Then again, regardless of who was cast in the role, I saw no reason to do a remake because the original is so great.

    Re. Charice, I hope the rumors re. her depression and financial situation are just that — rumors.

  3. ITA-desertrat on both Charice and The Sound of Music. No reason to remake it. I would just love to see musicals televised live “if” they have they right cast and the right musical. Really looking forward to watching the Sing Off this week.

  4. From Previous thread

    It could be that since David “knows” that, because of his religious beliefs, he “cannot” have any sexual contact before marriage, he has willed himself to avoid the temptation altogether. It’s not unlike an alcoholic avoiding all situations where alcohol will be served or a gambler not walking into a casino, etc. That does not make David asexual, however. Anyone who has ever seen him perform live can plainly see that David is feeling everything that a healthy 20 something man feels. I’m not a woman or a man attracted to David “in that way”, but I can still feel his sensuality, and it’s a very positive energy. David lives life with a great deal of passion, and people are attracted to him like a magnet. Some of that attraction is sexual in nature, partly due to David’s physical appearance, which as we all know, is of the movie star variety.

    But David is attractive on more levels than we can get into here. IMO,David’s life has been divided into the pre and post Mission periods. David will be a changed person when he gets home. This Mission will have a profound impact on his view of himself and the world. I can’t wait to see “the person he becomes” when he gets back, but I suspect it will be an even more wonderful, talented and compassionate version of the one who left us nearly 2 years ago.

    • He’s adorable in so many ways, and whether we’re old, young, gay or straight, we see what we want to see–nothing wrong with that–though I agree that people should act their age around him. I love the tumblr “confession” that says, “He loves us so much. But I think we creep him out.” Lol.

      His performances are indeed very sensual, but you can’t assume anything about his personal life because of it. What HE SAYS is stuff like “….kissing, ugh (shudder) I’m not into….” It’s ironic that not only is he a sex symbol in the secular world, but is a devoted member of a church that teaches that only opposite-sex married couples enter the highest level of heaven. He’s got a lot of expectations to live up to.

      • cc halo you make such a good point, we see what we want to see and yes totally agree that there is nothing wrong with that…lol, maybe with a little more maturity he won’t be as creeped out.

        All he needs to do is step on stage, fully clothed, and he oozes sensuality. It is so ironic and must be kind of hard for him. I’m assuming he is tbm, so he must be in kind of turmoil inside regarding his personal beliefs and his music career, polar opposites. I’m actually only talking about a mainstream music career, not a religious one.

  5. still senseless


  6. I sure hope you are right Bliss, but I do have my doubts (never about his phenomenal talent) and I won’t go into my reasons because it’s pointless.

  7. We all have our opinion on how David will have changed after being gone for two years on his mission. My guess is he will be mainly the guy he was before he left but with very short hair. I hope he grows his hair. Can’t wait to see the man he is in 2014!

  8. I have to agree with you Grammyj about the hair. I do hope that David grows his hair out too. At least on top. lol.

    • Yep that hair needs to be messier at least,lol..In the last video of David, even though he does look older, the hair and clothes just remind of the picture/videos of him in his pre AI days. When he said he was stepping away from his career, he wasn’t kidding, lol. Living two years as a totally different person must be a big adjustment.

      • I wouldn’t say a totally different person. Just a different life experience and not even as different as it might be for many other missionaries or most of us who have not done the extreme travelling that David did the previous couple years (including Honduras) including many charity events and talking to young people at various churches (from what I understand). Both my kids learned a lot living in other countries with families (Colombia and Nicaragua) (mostly w/out all the things they are used to,etc.)

  9. Yes-Good point collegemom.

  10. Even though I’m so grateful that the fan sites (especially love this one, hehe) are so clever at keeping us diehards entertained, lol, I AM SO READY for the next chapter in David’s music career!!!

  11. I do not expect or want David to come back the same person he left. The purpose of life experiences is to help us grow and mature, and David is someone who embraces change and growth. This is what makes him such a dynamic and interesting person and musical artist. David may lose some fans who are invested in him being the adorable, cuddly young guy with the great hair, but his career will be made by people who value his talent over his more superficially satisfying attributes.

  12. Actually bliss, he grew/changed before our eyes ever sense he was in AI, I don’t expect anything less from him in these last 2 years. What I hope that he doesn’t lose is his charismatic personality and his dry sense of humor. As far as look go, yay, he is a good looking man and of course, people can’t help but comments on his hotness, lol, but I too believe that all the fans that keep commenting whether it be his looks, his private life, etc, are fans that value his talent over his more superficially satisfying attributes, those are just a bonus, lol.

  13. Tessanne Chin needs to win The Voice. That is all. 🙂

  14. CQ, you are not one of the people who I have felt value the superficial over the talent of David. You seem to be primarily a fan of his music and talent. IMO, David will not lose any of his innate charisma nor his engaging sense of humor. I sense that some fans fear that David may mature into a less exciting, more “religious” version of himself when he returns. Of course, no one really knows how this experience has changed David, but from what I’ve read and seen in videos of returning Missionaries, it’s not then same as returning soldiers. The experience does not morph them into”another” person, and they seem none the worse for wear. We’re heading down the home stretch now, so we’ll all find out who “the person he became” actually is soon enough.

  15. still senseless

    I completely agree! She’s fabulous!

  16. I agree that Tessanne was amazing. She is currrently #14 on iTunes and climbing. But James has been my favorite from the start so I am hoping he gets in the top 3 but do not know if he will. My guess for top 3 is:Tessanne, Jacquie, and Cole (should be James. lol) but who knows. I have missed The Sing Off. I just love Ben Folds as a judge. I have not been a fan of X-Factor this year at all but I did love Alex and Sierra’s version of ” Say Something” which surprised me. I think that covers all the singing talent shows. lol.

  17. Loving the Sing Off tonight. The judges are fantastic, and other shows’ judges should take notes.

  18. Just in case David thinks he is going to slip into SLC unnoticed when he returns!! I think not!!

    • And why he would want to slip in unnoticed is what I don’t understand. Especially when it does seem that it’s a big celebration for any returning missionaries, why would it be any different for him. So he would have a few fans there to welcome him home, big deal. All he has to do is smile and wave and then slip away with his family and friends.

  19. Candy:very interesting. lol.

  20. We’ve still not actually heard anything from David the whole airport thing — all we’re making assumptions on is Kari’s comment that IF David decides to make the day he’s returning known to fans, then she will pass it along.

    Really I think if he chooses not to, it’s probably more out of deference to the other returning missionaries and their families. As you can see from that picture, multiple missionaries return the same day and if some poor sap gets unlucky enough to return the same day as David’s is publicized…well, we all know how that would go. While David may not be a huge nationwide news story any longer, there would definitely be local news crews there and suddenly it’s all about “how do you feel about being here when David Archuleta returns??” instead of about their own family member they’ve been missing for two years. I don’t see what the big deal with the airport welcome is anyway for fans. Obviously there will be some pictures trickle out since the airport is a public place. I’d rather scream my head off at the first concert lol.

  21. B/c I miss David and am surprised I was ever envious of the Bieb’s career, just thought to share this bit of gossip to remind us again why being a huge “pop star” ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be:

    If this is based in any truth, all I can say is: What an ugly, ugly attitude! What’s with this toxic behavior? How miserable do you have to be to be giving off such a vile, awful, negative vibe!

    • Wow, yes miserable attitude indeed, fame can give some a feeling of no boundaries, so sad.
      As far as David having the level of fame that the Bieb has, if he did, I just really think that he would handle it with dignity and grace and would not let that fame go to his head.

    • Lately all the celeb gossip about Bieber has been downright terrible. Yes, this is an UGLY attitude. I wonder if this will affect his popularity, which is already going down. I think yes because there are plenty of size 14’s in his fan demographic.

      • I’d actually heard gossip in a similar vein about Bieber quite a while ago — that he was rude to a larger fan and wouldn’t hug her because of her size. And there’s been SO much gossip about his attitude, some verified by videotapes, to dismiss as completely untrue. The pressures are tremendous but I’d think he/his handlers would realize that he could lose his fame and power.

    • The Biebs is a spoiled entitled brat that is getting older (he will be 20 shortly) and will not be tolerated by others as much as he was in the past. I have heard many stories of his acting like this when he was just 14. Of course his “team” will put up with him as that is their pay check. He turned into a “punk” IMO. When I went to that link that hg posted I noticed they had a story about Harry Styles from 1D going to a gay bar in NYC with a Kardashian-Kendall Jenner. Can’t stand that over exposed and no talent family. Sounds familiar to me but the difference was no one made a big deal about it and I am quite sure that Harry would never apologize for it. lol. Who cares. Harry knows or is being told by his team how to play the media game not that everyone should do that. Just saying.

  22. Ali-I wasnt suggesting anyone go to the airport, I just saw that on twitter and thought it funny that there was such a huge crowd and it mentioned SLC. I personally dont care how he gets home; plane, boat, train, camel, hang glider…just so he gets here. Been a danged long two years!

    • Sorry, I didn’t think you were. I really was talking more in general with the discussion after Kari’s comments and some getting upset about there not being a big to-do at the airport. If there is or isn’t, I don’t really care. I was just offering my perspective on why David may not want that. Like you, I’m just so ready for him to be back that I don’t care too much about arrivals — just ready for what will come next. 🙂

  23. I actually don’t think that Kari, David or anyone of the fans that feel it would be bad to greet him at the airport, have to worry.

  24. The worst part about David’s absence for this long is that it has provided so much time on our hands to speculate everything about every atom of his being. We have taken him and spent time with every thought he might have and every move he just might make when he returns. We spoil the fascade of what he wants to give us and that is his voice and his songs. Oh how I wish we would leave the rest including his religion to him alone. We say how great it is for so many reasons that he has lived in another country with different cultures. It happens to people all over the world from doctors without borders, to teachers to scientists, the red cross workers during tremendous times of global disasters. Yes his religion does the same cultural living but imagine if he had been a disaster relief person these last two years helping the most desperate people caught in horrific circumstances of life and death. There are so many humanitarian efforts that go without a religion but with a life giving purpose.

    I miss his voice, his presence and the delightful aura that is around him.

    If you take any young man away from his family and his homeland for two years and he spends his time helping people towards a better life, you will find a more complete, mature, and selfless individual. It happens all the time. Peacekeepers who go to war torn countries and give the gift of life. For that matter, you don’t have to go very far to become an accomplished individual and if you never go inside a church but give of yourself to others then you are as good a person as anyone could hope for.


    • Beautifully said Sandy !!

    • Amen (lol) on the many different ways besides a religious mission that one can have a life-changing journey.

      Being religious is no guarantee of goodness–after all, Justin Beiber has a large tattoo of Jesus on his leg, go figure.

  25. Two years is a long time for anyone being away without much communication for family and friend, but for fans it is different. David is not part of our family and he isn’t a personal friend, he is an artist that entertains us. Speculation is just part of the fandom.

    David has said in the past that he would love to be completely immersed in another cultural, he is doing that somewhat, but, imo, not completely.

    I would of loved to see David do a humanitarian mission and as far as him helping people have better lives by converting them to his religion, that is very subjective.

  26. Last night two of the covers that are on BEGIN were sung on The Voice – Tessanne sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and Jacquie sang “Angels. The vocals were both very good. I especially liked Tessanne. Her song went to #1 on iTunes, so I think she is a lock for the finals. I do hope David comes back and tours singing some of the songs from BEGIN. Can’t wait to hear what he does with them live as David singing live is better than his recordings.

  27. Sandy Beaches, you speak for me when you say “I miss his voice, his presence and the delightful aura that is around him.” Those are the qualities that are the essence of who he is, and what, I believe, he will still have with an enhanced maturity and depth. The video of David that we saw recently showed that he is already way more confident and “in control”.

    Being on a Mission is certainly not the same as going to faraway countries to assist in a humanitarian effort, although David has done that (India, for one) too. This Mission is a part of his religion, and something that tens of thousands of young men and women of his faith are doing as we speak. From all accounts, those who go on a Mission are not turned into some unrecognizable mutation of their former selves, and are, in fact return an older, wiser, and more confident version of the “kid” they were when they left.

    GrammyJ, ITA when you say “I do hope David comes back and tours singing some of the songs from BEGIN… Can’t wait to hear what he does with them live as David singing live is better than his recordings.”

  28. Bliss, wouldn’t any person of that exact impressionable age who leave their families, come back more mature due to the people and experiences around them also including the fulfillment that comes from being on ones own? Not only extreme humanitarian efforts bring maturity and self awareness and by no means in this earthly world is going on a two year mission make one son any better than another or be the only means of getting there. Do people think one is better than another?

    My son went to university for three years, studied history then went on to become a professional firefighter once he studied and answered their question of “what do you have to offer?” He left the interview, became a paramedic as well as a scuba diver for rescues. He was interviewed again and they said “what do you have to offer?” He told them and was offered a firefighter position in Toronto. But, he took a position as a paramedic and I have never been more proud of anyone as he assists people daily in so many ways. We travelled to England and France as a family and on three occasions he rushed out into the streets to care for an injured person. So where is his heart and how did he get there? A particular religion had nothing to do with it but his own relationship with God did. Often a person is born with such a caring nature as I believe David was.

    I will be glad when this is over because David and his music should become what we are interested in, what brought us to him.


  29. To add a bit to the beginning comment of my post I am meaning that young men and women mature and develop from being away from families for a few years when they are in a position that they give of their time and energies for other people in some capacity.

  30. I have no doubt what so ever that David has matured.

  31. Just found another reminder of AI – Season 7……


  32. Also found this on the posted Comcast link – a possible singing opportunity for David if he were so inclined to auditiion or look into doing.

  33. Sandy Beaches, I have reread my response to you (3:26 PM) and cannot, for the life of me, determine how you could draw the conclusions that you did.

    What I said was that although a Mormon Mission is NOT, by its nature, a humanitarian endeavor per se, it can serve to mature and grow the young people that go on one. I made no reference, explicit or implied, that one was “better than the other”. Your account of your son’s experience tells me that my response to you “hit a nerve”, and you took it personally.

    The intent of my post was to tell you that I agreed with your view of David. Somehow, it became something totally different to you. I hope this clarifies the issue.

  34. Videos of Davdi singing at the devotional have surfaced. He looks and sounds very much like a Rock Star Mish! Im trying to bring the links her ebut so far no luck. There are on FOD comments. Hopefully somone more tech suavvy will be able to.

  35. David perfomed at the President of Chiles Palace, nice digs for a Christmas Show. They even advertised him as a former American idol, was a VERY public event.

  36. Candy,
    I agree with both your comments so far. David cannot help his star power and his church knows this well. I don’t blame them one bit.

    Just saw Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbury getting major push by their respective companies on The Voice. Danielle is teaming up big time with the Olympics and currently touring with Brad Paisley. Will she be the new Carrie?

  37. Let’s see if it will let me post it…the video is on Instagram — which only works with certain browsers, if you’re accessing from a computer.

  38. Thanks Ali, I tried to grab the video but couldnt.

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