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Guess I have more reason to see this film:

Words of Wisdom from Nelson Mandela:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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  1. When I visited S. Africa, I was shocked to learn that during Mandela’s imprisonment, so many people there knew him by name but had no idea what he actually looked like because images of him were banned.

    Re. David, I can easily see him balancing careers as a musician/humanitarian. Who knows, 50 years from now the media could be discussing D’s achievements in making the world a better place –and that he once had the smash hit called, “Crush”. 😉

  2. I think David has already made the world a better place with his wonderful heart and fantastic music. IMO, David is primarily a humanitarian, and music is just one of the ways in which that manifests in his life. David is not interested in success for its own sake. He wants to reach people and uplift them. His gift is music and that’s how he will be able to reach the most people to achieve that lofty goal. People who just want/need David to be a sexy “superstar” to justify their fantasy of him are barking up the wrong tree. David is way beyond that pedestrian notion already, and will never yield to the pressure placed on him by some fans or the music industry to compromise his integrity, That’s why he’s such a unique and special person, and why I speak out on his behalf.

  3. Bliss, I do agree with you that David is very unique, but with all do respect don’t you think that by saying that he would never do some things is kind of pigeon holing him. I do agree that he won’t yield to what others want of him, but say that he would never want to be a superstar or even do more edgy songs, is imo, is saying that he has limitations. I totally view David as an artist first.

  4. still senseless

    RIP Nelson Mandela. My admiration for you and what you stand for has no bounds. You were, are the epitomy of a man who not only talked the talk, but bravely walked the walk which not many in this world we live in would have the courage to do. You are one in a million and the kind of man I would want my sons, if ever I have any, to emulate. Thank you.

  5. CQ, what I’m saying is that David will never allow himself to be molded into being an artist solely for the purpose of achieving success or popularity. David’s music is a vehicle he uses to reach people and uplift their lives. That’s what “floats his boat”, not stardom. Any success that results from that is completely besides the point and never the intended goal.

    Not to worry, David is a risk taker and will be full of surprises in the future. He is also a musical genius, so he has unlimited potential. One thing that I think we can all agree on is that David will never demean himself by putting out the insufferable trash that masquerades as music in today’s market. If that’s your definition of “edgy”, then I don’t think David will ever give you what you want. David has already demonstrated time and again that he can sing all kinds of music at the highest level, and that will continue, at an even higher level, when he returns.

    As for the superstardom that some fans seem to be preoccupied with, it may very well happen, but it will be achieved without any twirking, crotch grabbing, or body painting by David.

    • Bliss, not at all, I think that the song Imagine is edgy, Black/White by MJ is edgy and many more phenomenal songs are edgy. When I think of edgy I never, ever think of trashy music.

      As far as superstardom goes, I’m a fan that wants that for David because I believe in him as an artist, has really nothing to do with what he might want. I will never say that’s what David wants because I really don’t know him personally and even if I did know him personally, I still might not know what the heck he wants.

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  7. My computer is wonky. Disregard all links that appear on my posts.

  8. CQ,sorry, I misunderstood what you meant by “edgy”. David has already sung “edgy” songs like “Gotta Get Through This” (one of my favorites), “Waiting on the World To Change” (his AI audition song), “You’re the Voice” (on AI), “Not a Very Good Liar”(another favorite), etc. David is plenty edgy, and all these songs mean something to him, which is why his performance of them is so powerful. He will be singing these and countless other “edgy” songs when he gets back, but he will be doing it with all his clothes on, and look better doing it than all these so called “sexy”, half naked “performers”.

  9. Yes- I do agree cq that is it very difficult to know what David wants when he returns to his music career. It will be very interesting to see in what direction he takes his career. Off Topic-Watched some of the televised live Sound of Music but I quickly turned the channel over to Scandal-love that show. I know the show got good ratings but although Carrie has a really nice voice she just really can’t act that well. Kind of wooden performance. lol.JMHO. Sorry Carrie fans but she needed more experience acting in broadway musicals to really pull it off. I thought that Audra McDonald’s version of Climb Every Mountain was outstanding-best part of the show. I kept thinking that it was a great idea to televise musicals live but you need the right cast. David would really shine in a live musical production on TV.

  10. I think that it is wonderful to see all the tributes to Nelson Mandela. He truly deserves it.

  11. cq-I do understand where you are coming from, Bliss too but in a different way. Imagine was written and sung by one of the edgiest (and out there) artists of my time…and David not only immortilaized it (again) he did so in front of 44 million people on national TV. That is the edge I would like to see him take on when he returns. Stepping out and doing material that will set him apart from every other artist out there. And no Im not talking about songs like Wrecking Ball. He needs something, fresh, current, heck he has the chops to do anything…a good love song would do it…maybe in Spanish.

  12. Marie- I too think vocally Carrie is great, but not sure taking on this role was the best way to showcase her talent. Although I doubt it will hurt her career either. Acting in a live show can be a double edge swrod…if you dont have the acting talent to go with the vocals…it can deal a blow to a career. While I felt David did a great job in Nandito Ako, not sure he would be ready (actingwise) to take on a role on Broadway.

    • I agree with you Candy, although David did have some good moments that seem in Nandito Ako that showed they he could be an actor, he really needs more training to bring a credible performance. One thing that I’m pretty sure of, if he wants it, he will find a way of doing it…..I will say though, loved every moment of Nandito Ako and really am hoping that there is more acting in David’s future.

    • I agree with you Candy. David does need more acting experience. I hope he gets it because I think he does have real potential.

  13. Candy, You’ve got that right. “Imagine” has been covered umpteen times by all sorts of artists over the years, but David’s is the only one that inspired Yoko Ono to publicly acknowledge it. I’ve always wondered if David had waited for the finale to sing “Imagine” for the first time, would the results of AI7 have been different. David has said that he sang it during week 2 because he didn’t know how long he’d last on the show, and wanted to sing it while he had the opportunity. If only he had known that he was already well on his way to becoming the most popular contestant in the history of the show, and had no chance of being eliminated, he might have been able to hold back, and then blow America away at the finale with his now-epic performance.

    JMO, I still think that “Love Me Tender” was his best performance on AI, and I would love to see the “grown man” David sing the entire song at a live show.

    • Omg, so agree with you Bliss about Love Me Tender, lol. maybe I wouldn’t survive hearing a more manly David taking on this song, but I gladly take the chance, lol.

      • Yes – I was just listening to Love Me Tender and I was thinking that he should do it in concert – we all agree!!

  14. Im glad Mandela lived long enough to see the change he could make in the world…I often wonder what changes/differences JFK could have made. Sadly we’ll never know.

  15. OH LORDY Bliss-Are you trying to kill off every female on the planet…a grown and more manly David taking on “Love Me Tender” I always think of Rascal and his comments about Davids version of that song…but cant repeat them on here. They were classic and in my opinion he was spot on!

  16. Candy, Rascal?? Talk about bullying. He tried to bully me off of TDC when I dared take issue with his article comparing David’s father to s horse’s ass. I actually enjoyed duking it out with him, but he made me seem like St. Bliss in comparison. He was like the scary teacher we all had in Junior High School, LOL. When I wrote an article on TDC about David being the face of the”new masculinity” back in March ’09, he accused me of everything from homophobia to heresy, and everything in between. What ever happened to him? Without him, I’m the only male fan of David’s with a big mouth.

    Anyway, “Love Me Tender” should have been the clincher for David on AI. I’m surprised that Priscilla Presley didn’t do what Yoko did and congratulate David for bringing Elvis’ classic into the 21st century. I wonder why David has never, to my knowledge, performed it again. Maybe Priscilla won’t allow it, since David’s version can be more than favorable compared to “The King” himself.

  17. LOL-Ok am not going to touch this with a ten foot pole “What ever happened to him? Without him, I’m the only male fan of David’s with a big mouth.” <—your words Bliss not mine 🙂

    Oh Rascal could be intimidating alright, and he could go round with the best of them…and he usually won . Ok always won! Rascal was articulate, well versed in off the wall topics, and loved him some David ( take that anyway you want)

    • I enjoyed a lot of what Rascal wrote, especially in the beginning and when he left one website I wandered around and found him at another. However, when he was defied (you know what I mean) he basically talked you off the blog – sometimes sort of “my way (opinion) or the highway”. Even so, he generally wrote beautifully and had some wonderfully thoughtful essays. He just sometimes got a little too vested (which should sound familiar to all of us!)

  18. Candy, Rascal definitely “loved him some David” in all sorts of ways,and was quite the wordsmith. He also ran Noting David, and then TDC like his own private fiefdom. God help you if he found anyone’s post not up his standards, whether you agreed with him or not. He made Simon Cowell seem like Mary Poppins. To Rascal, it was “his way AND the highway”, lol

    Where has he been? I never ran into him at a show and, unless he’s posting under another name, he’s dropped off the face of the Archu-earth.

  19. Rascal departed the active “fandom” after the ill-handled Charisse in a gay club situation.

    Bliss, you mentioned above that links were appearing in your posts. Actually, they aren’t but they are probably appearing everywhere in web pages you view. You’ve got some kind of malware–check for that and also any browser extensions that may have installed themselves frequently.

    • “Installed themselves recently” not “frequently.” Though there’s a reason I know this might be the cause 😉

  20. From a missionary blog: “We had a devotional this week. Elder A sang. One of the recent converts, F (14) followed him like a little puppy and stressed him out. It sure would be tough to be a celebrity and a missionary.”

    He usually gets a little weepy when singing Jesus-y songs-but not so much in this recent video–maybe he was a little too stressed out this time, lol.

  21. Miss Bianca, Thanks for the tech support. For some reason, those links no longer appear, but I’ll be monitoring it closely.

    Regarding the ill fated Charice (I googled the spelling, lol) gay bar fiasco, I was taken aback by Rascal’s rush to judge David harshly while the incident was still unfolding on Twitter. If I remember correctly some of David’s fans were appalled that David would venture into such a club, and tweeted their disapproval in great numbers. David found himself between a rock and hard place. He tweeted that he had no idea of ‘what kind of place it was” and would never go to such a place again. Rascal took this as a put down of the gay community and implied that David had an anti-gay bias. When people took Rascal to task on TDC, he became very nasty and belligerent. I decided to voice my dismay at Rascal on another site and not TDC, something I have always regretted doing. I should have gone on TDC, but I was still reeling from the “horse’s ass” article treatment I got, so I opted out of posting there this time. I avoided being one of the numerous people Rascal called an idiot that night, but I should have been there to defend David’s integrity. Shame on me.

    I think Perez Hilton chimed in with his 2 cents and the internet was all aflutter about whether David was, in fact, gay. I believe that he gay community would love it if David were gay and “came out”. I believe David has a large, silent, gay following, who love him for all the ways David is lovable, but they’re waiting (and hoping) that he “comes out” before getting on board. From all indications, they will wait forever, since it appears David is both a nice guy and a straight guy.

    I do still feel that Rascal was an asset to the David conversation, and added an intelligence and sophistication to the discussion. The fact that he flunked out of charm school should not be held against him.

    • There’s another option besides straight or gay (or bi), and it seems to me that it fits David to a t. Just saying.

    • I really enjoyed reading Rascal’s writings. He was very good and entertaining. That whole Charice gay bar incident was not handled correctly or appropriately at all. Had David had a professional PR team in place to guide him it would not have happened as they would have known how to respond and not be defensive. Have to remember at the time the whole Prop 8 issue in LA had many gays angry at the LDS church of which David is of course a member. I know because I have a close relative (brother) that is gay and lives in LA and he was angry at the time. Not fair but it is what it is. Instead he had #mic in charge and IMO he had no skills in how to handle it. How would he. lol. Rascal was right about that. I do agree that fans can become much too intense and too defensive about David at times.

      • I miss Rascals voice. He had an amazing way with words and was so creative. Even if I did not agree, he got me thinking. Marie, as I so often do, I find myself agreeing with you about your thoughts and the need for a good PR team to have guided how that event was handled., which I don’t think would have been David tweeting something on a Sunday. While David was young at the time, he may have decided to (over) react and take matters into his own hands. For all we know mic may not have even bred involved in advising him.

    • My apologies to Charice for not looking up how she spells her name.

      While I very much miss Rascal’s insights and articles, I don’t see any benefit to rehashing and reanalyzing the club incident.

  22. Bliss- I felt so bad for David, it was an ill advised move that he wasnt aware of. Or if he was…he had no idea of the coming fallout. But for fans to take him to task and voice their disapproval was ridiculous. It got to the point where David broke his “no tweeting on Sunday” and came on twitter to clear things up. Unfortunaterly all that seemed to do was add fuel to the already blazing fire. No matter what he said or did, he wasnt go to win that battle.

  23. Candy, I felt bad for David, too. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. I was glad that the incident didn’t have “legs” and seemed to die out quickly. It did ignite the “Is David gay” drama for a day or two. (yawn). What is sad is that Charice seems to be having a rough time these days, both personally and professionally. My guess is that she and David are still friends, and hopefully, David is able communicate with her while he’s away.

  24. CC Halo, are you implying that David is Asexual (without any sexuality). Nothing could be further from the truth. David may not be sexually active, but he is extremely sensual, and yes, sexual. Watch David singing “This Christmas” or “Don’t Let Go” on stage. He may not be “doin’ it, but he sure is “feelin’ it, as is the audience. He’s s normal, healthy, red blooded guy, and everything that that implies. Bryce Harper, a young studly looking major league ballplayer is also a Mormon and has the same commitment as David. Frankly, as I remember my misspent youth, I don’t know how these guys do it, lol.

    • Being able to deliver a song with sensuality and passion might not really mean how that person really is, it just mean they have the ability to do sing. I tend to think that David has a healthy sexual feelings, but again, I wouldn’t venture to actually know.

      It’s kind of expected by the Mormon church that young people go on missions to convert the world, so it really doesn’t surprise me one little bit that these kids want to obey. One thing that I have been reading (have had an interest because of David, lol) in regards to missionaries, not all come away with great experiences and actually some leave the church after. Again, not saying that is what is going to happen to David, but just saying it’s not all that rosy for all.

    • As an observer, I agree that he seems exactly as you say, but there are some opposing things: never having a crush on anyone, wondering “what’s wrong” at an age when most males are at their peak, and the stereotypical idea that he just needs to meet the right girl (see MKOP). He’s rationalizing it as a timing issue here (see 1 minute):

      • Or he’s a shy / private person who doesn’t want to name a crush for the masses to dissect? I’m fairly certain I wouldve come across to you as asexual up until the age of 25, when I grew into more adult behavior. No, I didn’t name my crushes except to those in my life who I could trust to keep the secret. With David, we must also consider that his church supports waiting. For some reason, I find this kind of speculation offensive!

      • Because “Crush” is his big hit, he’s been asked about it a lot in interviews, and always insists that he hasn’t ever had one. It’s true that he could be lying, as you say.

      • I just don’t understand while some people always assume that saying you have a crush or maybe like the someone it always means that it is sexual. One thing that I do understand is the in his religion that is not to even be explored or felt until you are ready to marry, so really he is just following what his church wants him to be.

      • Here is the point. When you are a high profile music artist/celebrity you are going to have speculation and questions about your significant others and your sexuality. Goes with the territory. I realize that David is uncomfortable with that (as are others I am sure) but you have to learn how to deal with it and have a PR team around you that knows how to deal with it. David never had that in place IMO. That lack of privacy may be an issue for a celebrity but lets face it there are many perks to out weigh it- like loving your job dealing with music and yes- the money. Don’t forget-You can do much good with that money and it is power in allowing you to do as an artist what you want to do. Yes -cq it is true from what I have read that not every missionary comes back wanting to stay in their religion. I am sure they face much rejection and questions from others in what they do.

      • Yes, Marie I also feel that the good out weigh the bad. It does bug me when fans only see the negative part of being a big celebrity. I really believe in my heart (not that I know) that if David had mega stardom, he would use it for the good and not be part of the crazy. I also believe that the stars that are part of the crazy actually want it even when they object. Really there are a lot of famous people that seem to be able to keep their private life somewhat private. It is about having the right team that will be able understand their star and know what needs to be done to keep that balance.

      • cq-exactly.

  25. Merry Christmas to us and moreseo to the people of Chile!!

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  27. Of course David’s sexual orientation is none of our business. As an ODD fan I want him to eventually find his kind of oerfect, get married and have beautiful Archu-babies. Part of the reason David is so interesting to me is that he is different from the usual singer. There is always stuff to speculate about.

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