Two-Year Anniversary of “We’ll Always Have Verona”

It’s already two years since the David Christmas Concert to define all David Christmas Concerts.  Do you all remember “My Kind of Christmas” from Verona in 2011?  I’m re-posting my concert recap below, since it’s filled with so many great memories of seeing David Live. 🙂

It was a Saturday morning, the day of David’s My Kind of Christmas concert at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York.  A day I had planned months in advance.  I had woken up earlier than I thought I would – despite much needed rest from a rather hectic, drama-filled, attitude-getting, temper-losing event the day before.

Normally, such high-stressed situations would prompt me to spend my Saturday at a wellness spa.  Instead, I went to see David Archuleta. 🙂

Driving 100 Miles [not 1,000 miles] to See My Beloved

It wasn’t until I hit I-90 and started playing my “Anticipating David” playlist (hee) that a peace and calm washed over me.  On my mixtape, I started with his “Joy to the World,” followed by “What Child is This” and “O Holy Night,” and found myself weeping uncontrollably.  The cleansing was about to begin.

Hello, Gorgeous

After giving thanks to the blessing that is David Archuleta, great weather in the northeast for the month of December, a straightforward journey on the road, and a relatively easy search  (as it turns out) for folks I’ve never met offline, I had an early dinner with Burkey, Burkey’s daughter, Marlie, Freo, and luv4DJA.  Good times to be had, as we immediately chatted and dined as if we’d known each other all along (and, well, we DO, even if only as David Fans and Soul Davidians).  We then made our way (in circles at first since the rather gaudy, gliterry resort casino at Turning Stone didn’t make it easy to figure out how we were to find the VIP line or even where the show was to be held.

Eventually, we found a crowd, and there I was to meet up with some other old friends, like Silverfox, Sandy Beaches, Refnaf, and a bunch of other folks who all identified themselves as “lurkers” on Soul David.  It felt like an ArchuFan Reunion! We should have an official one, I think, with special guest being none other…

We eventually made our way to an upstairs room, where the VIP guy, Stix (I think that was his name) calmly let us know that David was on his way, really getting us psyched up for The Moment.  He was a pretty cool guy, very friendly, and I must give a mad shoutout to him and the VIP team who kept the line orderly and moving – of course, that could also have something to do with the types of fans David is able to attract, right? 😉

Before I knew it, after collecting my poster and memorabilia, I entered with the others into a room, saw the keyboard in front (started getting excited that we’d get a special mini-concert), and wondered how best I could see him in the crowd.  Eventually, I followed Silver Fox, Sandy Beaches, and luv4DJA, who were “experts” in Meet and Greet. The best strategy, they said, was to sit on the sidelines, watch David from afar, and then enter the meet-and-greet line toward the end since we would get more “quality time” with David. heh.

So, you could say I had some quality time with David. I gave you the verbatim of what I said to David and what he said to me back, but I don’t think I described what I saw or what I sensed.

First, his eyes didn’t catch the florescent lighting in the room, so they didn’t sparkle the way they did the first time I saw him live at northern lights. He was also squinting, so I didn’t get the full on sparkle so many of you described.  Not that this spoiled anything for me, because his eyes still meet you full on regardless, and he had that way of looking at you – not like he’s trying to sum you up or dress you down – but like someone who’s really interested in YOU, the person, the soul, not just accepting you at face value.

As such, David came off as an Innocent. And I don’t mean that “innocent” as in he knows nothing, has no knowledge of the world or the way of human nature and all that. I mean, he’s a deliberate Innocent.  He’s somebody who’s working hard at keeping his thoughts and actions and words and heart and soul pure and righteous.  It’s because I sensed that in him why I thought to keep the origin of my “Hello, Gorgeous” greeting to myself.  I had a feeling he would get all bashful and shy, and part of me didn’t want to put him on the spot – he started blushing just a tad, so I nicely put away my coy feline-like playful side and decided, instead, to be the gushing fangirl who just wanted a hug.  His “Sure!” response to my request was indication to me that he was right back in that comfort spot – where he was willing to generously give of himself.  Sometime in the posing of our picture-taking together, I managed to mumble something about how I’ve been blogging about him for two years and how amazing it was to stand next to him because he has become more real to me. I think he said something like “Really?” Hmmm, what did he say exactly? It’s amazing how some memories of that first-time meeting are so crystal clear while others are so murkey.

I think it was Rascal who said of his first one-on-one meeting with David that he reminded him of a “fawn in a forest” (or something of the sort), where he has this kind of willingness to be open while the openness is also tinged with some self-protected withholding of himself.  I totally got this impression too.  It was also fascinating to watch him from afar, which is what I did while waiting for the meet-and-greet line to thin out, and all I could think of is how recognizable he had become to me: every mannerism, every gesture, every dimple, even the different kinds of smiles and laughter he exhibits, the way he holds his hands, the way he stands, the way his hair was styled, I had come to know them quite intimately. So, how uncanny it was for me to meet an indvidual for the first time and still feel like you’ve known that person all your life.

But what can I say? It’s an experience to treasure, needless to say.  After the photo-op meet-and-greet, David then skipped over to the keyboards and first offered an a capella rendition of “Happy Birthday” to all the December folks in the house, and then made requests for 1) songs and 2) whether he should sing with the keyboard or in a capella.  I naturally yelled out for him to sing a capella (but no, I guess the keyboards were there for a reason, and after all the different song choices suggested, he went with his own – heh, he’s so subtle in getting his own way while making it seem like we all consented!).

So, he performed a medley of A Good Place and Let It Be, which of course his Vocals were on point, but man, why didn’t he take my suggestion to sing a capella? …

As someone said while I was live-blogging yesterday, these keyboard mistakes are becoming something of a signature (which of course so many fans find cute, and which I find rather annoying – I know he can do better and wish he would hold his keyboard skills on the same perfectionist level he holds for his vocals).

But no worries.  It was something extra, and he was willing to please us all, which he did, and I’m still in the Archuglow of having been embraced by none other than…

Isn’t it curious that no one ever describes the feel and the scent of him when you get that close? I’m trying to recall the senses, and I’m drawing a blank on those details, hmmm.

Now on to THE SHOW!!!!

My Kind of Perfect Christmas

David’s My Kind of Christmas Show is definitely THE SHOW to go to this season. And it was so much fun since we were seated at tables and so close to the stage. Venue is everything – no mosh pit here, just kicking it and chilling with my online friends-turned-offline friends. I sat right next to Marlie, and we kept leaning into each other every time David hit a money note (what are friends for, right?).  Burkey, Freo, Silver Fox, and Sandy Beaches were all seated nearby, me sipping my wine while others had their own choice of drink.

Oh, and if I hadn’t already said it in the past two years I’ve been blogging on Soul David, then I need to say it again (and on a loop).  David Archuleta is the finest, the greatest Voice of his generation.  He is miles, no, he’s light years ahead of the rest when it comes to his musical gifts and his vocal brilliance.  It was like witnessing his “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” finale performance to the nth degree. To say that David was on fire last night is to make a serious understatement.  It was like he was channeling all of the sun’s fiery surface and setting the world ablaze.  Yeah, I’m prone to hyperbole, but trust me when I tell y’all that videos are a poor substitute for the experience of David Live.  The Voice fills you up completely, lifts you up, and transports you to another plane.  Nobody else among his peers has that power, has that passion, has that intensity.  David is as Real Deal as we’re ever going to see, and when I say I cannot wait until he’s 25 (physical, sexual, musical peaks and all that), I mean, I cannot wait until he turns the music world (and the rest of the world for that matter) upside down.

Because the truth of the matter is: David has that gift and he has that ability.  We will set aside for the moment that the music industry is in a suckhole and his present management may not be in the best position to build David a bigger platform worthy of his talents, but something tells me that in the next 4 or 5 years or so, if he keeps doing what he’s doing, developing his craft (which is what every young’un his age SHOULD be doing anyway), honing his skills, and blowing us away every step of the way, he won’t be contained. Yeah, I’ve got what you call a fan’s biased FAITH in his eventual world takeover (I don’t have 31 David Dreams for nothing now), but I still believe.  Did you hear him perform “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” like he meant it (see my above video) and made sure we all felt it?

That performance was dedicated to the children of the Child Fund, which as we all know, combines David’s interests in children’s welfare and in giving back to the world.  Something tells me David is in a very “good place,” and he’d give up all kinds of red carpet events and platinum sales for this kind of work in a nanosecond.  He knows what his priorities are.

Speaking of which, did I tell you that this show was all kinds of “My Kind of Perfect”? 🙂 From mixing in the Christmas carols (“This Christmas” in particular had me giddy because Soul David was just showing out on that song! Sorry my video didn’t come out for that one) to performing some of his own originals, like “Wait,” “The Other Side of Down” (his choreographed moves are getting better most definitely), “Crush,” and “Zero Gravity.”  He also looked so much like the Man (and less like the Boy) in his vest and tie.

And then he actually came out after the intermission in a stylish black jacket, THE SCARF!!! and some reddish brown pants (outlining his slight form).  He just took over that stage and commanded his band AND his audience like a genuine superstar.  I was still marveling at how this rather timid, innocent-seeming guy who I met at the Meet-and-Greet transformed into this handsome Man on Stage, as small as Prince but just as grand in his musical delivery.

He was just so magical, from the hushed tones and crescendoes in his somber take on “Ave Maria” to his very Latinesque take on “Fa La La La La” (yeah, I saw some salsa moves up in there – go, David!) to the soothing balm of his velvety smooth-like-butter Voice on “Silent Night,” which was magically enhance with some falling snow that flurried over us. I still get goosebumps over the whole effect of it.

But man oh man, it’s like every time I feel like I’m just getting slayed by the Voice – “This Christmas,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Riu Riu Chiu,” “Silent Night,” he keeps going for the kill at each new level. He’s such a tease, like someone who has you going “Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!” and he keeps answering with “Just wait for it!” or “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Which is how I responded after melting all over the place after he finished “O Holy Night.”  He exited the stage, then came back with an encore of “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Somber Pause.

I’m very glad I disciplined myself into keeping to an ArchuBlackOut before my performance…

Why David is Already On a Mission, and Why We Need to Stop Thinking He’ll Eventually Do a Traditional One (update: FAMOUS LAST WORDS: HA!)

“The Little Drummer Boy.” Nuff said.  Can I get a witness?

If not, just listen to the lyrics:

Mary nodded pa rum pum pum pum / The ox and lamb kept time pa rum pum pum pum / I played my drum for him pa rum pum pum pum / I played my best for him pa rum pum pum pum rum pum pum pum rum pum pum pum / Then he smiled at me pa rum pum pum pum 

Notice how these lyrics come after that powerful money note that entered straight into my heart like a fire-torched arrow as he raised his drumsticks triumphantly in the air: ME AND MY DRUUUUUUUUM!!!!

And then he just let loose on the bass drum.  And all I could think of was:

Preach it, David! I feel you! And yes, He IS smiling at you, as we all are…

Matching Flesh and Bones with  Zeroes and Ones

Well this post is already lengthy, but I had so much to process and reflect on and meditate on, and  part of not only seeing David in the Flesh (“And the Voice became Flesh and was made Man performing live on stage”) is the joy and fun in matching real faces to the screen names in the fan base.  We really are a close-knit community, and we really do have David’s back.  Oh, and did I tell you I’ve learned I actually have fans of my own? Somebody asked me to take a picture with them as a “fan of my blog.”  Who knew?

Good times to be had! And I am most definitely WELL in my soul and in my mind and body, with a dose of DAVID LIVE!!!

I hope those of you who are still on the fence about going should definitely do the show if and when you can.  The VIP tickets are worth every penny and more!

Looking forward to tuning in to the other shows, but nothing will ever match the magic and the passion of David’s My Kind of Christmas in Verona.


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  1. Gahhhhh, I love reading concert recaps! Like I mentioned briefly yesterday, it just takes me remembering crowd reaction to David at any concert to reinforce what an awesome & unique talent he is. I can’t wait for the next time I get a chance to see him perform live!

    Thank you so much for sharing this again, HG. The MKOC tour was by far my favorite tour that David has done.

  2. Thought this was an interested tidbit after the missionary blog post on the last thread. This is from a sister missionary blog:

    “Yesterday we had our district Christmas Devotional (aka Archuleta Christmas concert) … that’s right, en persona y GRATIS …No codiciarás [in person and FREE…don’t covet!]. It wasn’t supposed to be an Elder Archuleta concert, but the people who put it on organized it in a way that every other musical number was him. It was super good though and everything sounded great”

    Lol well it seems the piano playing didn’t matter so much anyway 😉

    • All I can say is how lucky they are to have that gorgeous voice sing to them for free!!

    • “It wasn’t s’pozed to be an Elder Archuleta concert….It was super good though?”


      If you didn’t know any better, you’d think some of those missionaries went to Chile to start their musical career. LOL.

      Also, can anyone tell me what “don’t covet” means? I’m wondering if something is lost in the translation?

      • By “don’t covet”, the missionary is telling her family not to wish they were her because she gets to see him and see him for free. (to wish for something that someone else has or gets to have)

  3. Loved reading the recap once again. It brought tears to my eyes for some reason, maybe because of happiness that you got to experience David in all his glory or maybe a little because I hear that brilliance in his voice without ever seeing him live, how in the world doesn’t he have the accolades he so deserves.

    • It just goes to show that accolades don’t always go to the most deserving.

      CQ, I can’t wait to hear you after your first live David Archuleta experience. You’ve heard many say how different, how much better it is. But you can’t understand it until you’ve done it. It’s beyond human imagination.

  4. HG, thanks for your wonderful recap of your experience at David’s MKOC Verona concert. I was fortunate to have been at the precious 2 shows in Westbury and Irving Plaza. Westbury had that great “opening night” anticipation excitement, especially since there were no previous show videos to know what to expect. Irving Plaza was a mosh pit venue (although I had a balcony, on the rail, spot overlooking the multitudes below) and a more “urban” vibe. David actually addressed the crowd with a resounding “What’s up Man-ha-an”, which, being a NYer, I loved.

    I would also like to thank you for your unrestrained gushing over David’s performance. David is the only artist where hyperbole is still an understatement. He simply must be seen to be believed. He really is THAT great, and you’re right, he is the greatest voice of his generation.

    I do have to correct one small (pun intended) factual error in your article. Prince is listed as 5’2”. David “towers” over him at 5’7″. However, when David is performing live, the 5’7″ seems more like 8’10, and his stature and charisma make every stage he is on appear too small for him.

  5. Great post hg. Really like the recap of the concert.

  6. I’ve only read this recap once before, but I remembered lines from it (wellness spa, deliberate innocent, he is so subtle at getting his own way, music industry is in a suckhole, fire-torched arrow, etc.). One of your best posts IMO.

    What I like best about David’s Christmas performances is that they transcend the fact that he’s on a stage and getting paid to sing. They’re not showy but, instead, so privately powerful.

    If you watch him when he was on Star Search he’s very good but he’s performing, he’s aware of performing and he’s showy about it. Now he’s both outside and inside the music.

    • Agree with Anon here, HG, this is one of your very best posts. You captured the immediacy and the awe so well!

    • Totally agree about the post – definitely one of the best and one of my favs. Absolutely on point. Maybe because I was there and I get to relive it thru HG’s eyes everytime I read this post? IMO, his Stroudsburg concert, hard to believe, was better than Verona.

  7. David has a special gift of turning a concert hall into a living room. There is no attempt to artificially dazzle the audience. As David says in “Touch My Hand”, it’s just “me and you and the band”. Everything is happening in “real time” and whatever happens happens. If something goes “wrong”, David does’t get flustered, and laughs it off. That immediately puts the audience at ease.

    I did notice that David seems to be more relaxed on stage during the concert than he does at the VIP. There is a formality about the VIP that David has to adhere to, and a strict schedule to get everything that has been planned in before the concert. Either way, there is no more enjoyable experience than attending a David Archuleta concert.

    • I think he’s kind of introverted and the VIP’s are more of a challenge for him because he’s dealing with people and perhaps unexpected things, whereas concerts are more his “territory” and he’s more in control.

  8. IMO, David is more comfortable on stage because, while he’s on stage, it’s more about the music, while the VIPs are more about him as a celebrity. I think the notion that folks will shell out $195.00 just to take a picture with him, etc. is hard for him to wrap his mind around. Since he’s all about the music, he may find the fact that people will spend 4x the cost of a regular ticket to do that a bit strange. Of course, these VIP tickets sell out in minutes after they go on sale, and David probably makes a nice % of each ticket, so it’s all good.

    I went to one VIP myself (Westbury 2009). It was so packed that the picture taking seemed very rushed, and David, although very gracious and his usual wonderful self, kinda looked like he could live without the whole thing, lol. In his defense, he had done a show in Boston the night before and traveled down to NY in a blizzard. Exhausted or not, the concert was fantastic and those performances of “Zero Gravity” (with the band goofing around) and “HYAMLC” (the one where Ray “joins” him) are classics.

  9. HG, thank you for again posting this “remembrance” of Verona. My one and only David concert was at Ventura after this concert. You put into beautiful and powerful words, not only what I was feeling at the concert, but the feeling of the entire concert hall.

    I have read that Ventura was particularly “wild” in it’s appreciation of the concert, I know I have Never experienced a concert or anything else really, quite like it. The air was just charged with energy and happiness. Of course, I was just giddy, but I went with my adult daughter who thinks David is talented but not her “thing”. It was so fun to watch her transformed from calm and listening to laughing and clapping and jumping in stunned amazement. David has “it”. It only takes one concert for even non-believers to know it.

    To all of you commenting on your concert experiences, thanks. I loved every ity bity word. (Oh Anon,, I just loved “Not showy, just privately powerful”)

  10. Carrie Underwood has the lead role in the “Sound of Music” which is being televised live tomorrow night. I do not think that Carrie has ever even been in a Broadway musical. Will be interesting to watch as I do not believe Carrie is much of an actress but she might pull it off and has tons of fans. One thing Carrie does have is confidence-seems like she would try anything. Wish David would do a musical on Broadway when he returns. That would be a perfect way to showcase his vocal talents and gain some new fans. Maybe he will.

    • whoahh… how did i miss this? david singing at a devotional — in Spanish!

      • the video above was meant for the bottom, not in response to the carrie underwood pos. but since i’m here, i’ll say i’m not pleased that carrie is playing the lead. i think the original is so great that it should stand on it’s own.

    • I agree desertrat. I don’t know if Carrie was the right choice. We shall see.

  11. David has been rumored to be Paul Anka’s choice to play him as a young singer in a musical about his life. That would be a great opportunity for David to show his singing and acting chops on the big stage.

    • Why would they make a show about Paul Anka’s life? I know someone explained it here before, but I didn’t think he was that interesting.

      • Based on comments re. Anka’s autobiography, the man has a huge ego. Hence, he probably feels he’s worthy of such a show. See:

        When Anka first mention David, Jersey Boys (ie, the Four Seasons/Frankie Valli) was really popular on Broadway. Somewhere I read that Anka believed it was an opportune time for his story to reach the stage too. If David plays him, I’ll be there!!

    • Yes-Bliss I had heard that rumor too.

      • Shortly after David’s run on AI in the Sunday Parade newspaper insert there was a blurb about Paul Anka writing his liife story as a Broadway musical and he thought David should play him in the play. That was in 2008. Who knows if it will ever see the light of day. I would love to see David in a musical though.

  12. HG, Verona was one of the most memorable and magical David concerts that I have ever attended. Only one set of concerts goes a bit beyond Verona, namely the MOTABS Christmas concerts. All magical, all beyond my expectations. I will never forget the moments the snow fell on us as he sang. David had us already captivated but that was the finishing touch. The same evening, Silverfox kept saying she thought we weren’t going to be seeing him again for a very long time and of course I had to disagree but she always had a sixth sense when it came to David.

    I was just thinking about Verona the other day. I flew to New York on Monday and as I looked out the window at the sunset I could well remember the flights that took me to the east coast and west coast over the years and how much fun it was just flying with the anticipation of what was to be there when I landed.


  13. Paul Anka has been singer, songwriter and live performer since he hit the scene in 1957 with his #1 hit, Diana (written by him as a tribute to his baby sitter, lol). I have never heard or read anything about his personal life, but my guess is that it has been much more interesting than the public has known.

    I think David would be perfect in the role. He’s has a similar “look’, although David is much handsomer than Anka, and I think some of Anka’s early songs would be a good fit for David as a singer (“Lonely Boy,” Put Your Head on My Shoulder”, “You Are My Destiny”, etc.)

    Anka also wrote classics for other artists (My Way, etc) and the opening theme song for “the Tonight Show” for Johnny Carson that we’ve all heard a million times.

    Landing this role would be a coup for David, although who knows if it will ever happen.

    • Heh, according to the one star reviews of his book, I doubt David would agree to play such a scuzzy character, even if it is something that happens.

  14. I guess I don’t follow Paul Anka, because I had no idea that he wasn’t well-liked. I have positive impressions of him based on no research at all. But I imagine this speculation is for naught unless Paul Anka does something now to make him interesting in today’s world. And for David to agree to play him that’d have to be a positive interesting thing, I think.

    • You have to click on desertrat’s Amazon link to see descriptions of his mean-spirited book and hedonistic life–that’s all I know about him.

      • Yay but wouldn’t that be a great character for an actor to take on, just saying. There has been actors that play serial killers and I really don’t feel that they are doing anything wrong, just a great way to stretch there acting skill. I know that David isn’t in that category of actors, but if he wanted to pursue an acting career, that he go for meaty roles.

  15. I just hope that David wouldn’t limit himself as far as his music and his acting goes.

  16. CQ, alert the media, we totally agree!, lol The meatiest roles for an actor are the “bad guys and gals”, and I think David would see this as a challenge. Examples of what you mentioned are Mary Tyler Moore playing Sante Kimes, the seriel killer, Meredith Baxter playing Betty Broderick, who murdered her husband and new wife, and Martin Sheen playing a character based on Charles Starkweather, the spree killer from th 1950s.

    Paul Anka is hardly at that level of depravity, and his personal life has never even been worthy of the gossip columns in nearly 60 years in the Biz. As David said in a Vlog ‘Acting is an art”, and I don’t think he would shy away form playing a character, real or fictional, because that character was flawed in some way.

    David is constantly being underestimated and pigeon holed by people who want to restrict him to meet their needs. “Nandito Ako” was a good first step in overcoming that, but one juicy role will blow that false notion to smithereens. Playing Paul Anka, the “hedonist” (hey, it’s Show Biz), would be a career booster of the first order, imo. Personally, I hope it happens for him.

  17. David dancing:

  18. Actor Tom Hiddleston dancing:

  19. I’ve never understood the appeal of this Paul Anka thing. I had never in my life heard of this guy until people in the fanbase started mentioning him a while back in relation to David. As far as I can tell this isn’t even actually a planned project? To make a play of his life, that is. Or did something happen on that end?

    • Yay Ali, I really don’t think it’s a planned project, but at the time maybe there might of been some thought put into it, that happens all the time with different acting projects that really never materialize. What I did like about that statement was that he knew David was a great singer that could do his life work justice. I’m sure that a lot of now generation didn’t know the singing group protrayed in the broad way smash hit Jersey Boys, but it was a hit and I’m sure a lot of now generation get enjoyment from that play.
      Paul Anka was very popular in his time and he was a great song writer, so if the script was good and told a good story, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done and be a good project for David to tackle.

    • Yeah, that’s my point. I think he was just trying to glom on to David when he was in the AI news to get attention for himself. Kind of like when Star Search celebrities came out of the woodwork to say how awful Jeff was during the “stage dad” scandal.

  20. Leave it to TOfan over at SnowAngelz to add to our laughter at ourselves over our recent David journey:

  21. CC Halo, Paul Anka does not need to “glom on” to an AI contestant, even David, for attention and publicity. He has been a mega successful singer/ songwriter for over 50 years, and I’m sure he’s still doing just fine. He obviously wants his story “out there”, as do many celebrities of a certain age, and a Broadway show about their life and music is one of the ways they can do that.

    BTW, Carole King’s life and music will be on Broadway in a show called “Beautiful” in February. She is a contemporary of Paul Anka and one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

    CQ, you’re on a roll. Loved your post at 4:05. You’re starting to scare me, LOL.

  22. David playing the role of Paul Anka could be seen as glamorizing a certain lifestyle and some fans might see that as not living up to his squeaky clean role model status. Where do we separate David the person and David the artist expressing the art, be it his singing or acting choices?

    So intriguing to think about what the future decisions David will make. I think there is a danger in assuming anything with David.

    • ram, I totally agree about the danger in assuming anything with David.
      Being that I have made this a hobby of sorts, commenting, lurking and generally following anything that is pertaining to David’s music career, lol, I read a lot of comments about David not being able to do some things because of his squeaky clean status. To me those comments are cringe worthy. I do see David as an artist and I do separate his personal life from his public music career. I have faith in David the artist.

  23. Didn’t want to post on the two Mandela post because I feel it should only be about him. What I am curious about is what anyone’s take on the last video from David. I guess the song is My Hands. I loved seeing and listening him sing and knowing it’s now makes it special. What I like to know is for those that have more knowledge of musicality as to what they think about his voice. I, of course, love it because I love his voice, even though the song seemed so sad.

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