Sunday Carol Series: The Christmas Song (a.k.a. “Chestnut Song”)

Soul David…Soul David… the first time I attempted to video record David at my very first David concert. I was going wild (as you can see from the dizzying camera movement), but what a treasure it is to even capture something of David Live (especially on a Christmas carol)!


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  1. Hg, Hg,

    Sigh…….what a talent, what a treasure. The soul David in that ending. It literally pains me when I see lesser singers getting more than their just due and our David’s in probable ashes. He did what he needed to do,etc, and I’m being patient but it still. hurts. Like commenters said on the last post, he WILL have to record another EP with more songs and of course MORE soul.

  2. ITA-joymus. I do like David’s version of “The Christmas Song”. David will be back next year at this time. It will be interesting to see what direction his music career will be at that point. Hard to know.

  3. This is a great version of the Christmas song . I see that Miley Cyrus is up for person of the year , WHY?

    • Person of the year as per whose standards? (Where is this list? Time?) Although I do think she’s been smart to reinvent herself in a way that keeps her in the news, I’d never ever ever say she should be person of the year!

      • Never mind, I figured out where, and went over and voted for Malala. There’s a young girl making a positive impact on the world!

    • No way should Miley be person of the year- does not deserve it. She just seems seems like such a spoiled, rich, and entitled brat to me. Not unlike so many others in Hollywood. So sad to read that the actor Paul Walker was killed in a car crash. I was not a big fan of the Fast and Furious movies but so many who knew him have stated that he was a very selfless and genuine guy who was very charitable. Very unusual in Hollywood to hear such praises for an actor. What a shame.

  4. David has so much more Christmas material to record for us. SO much. And a live Christmas album? GAH!

  5. This is one of my least fav Christmas songs but I can listen to David’s version over and over. Go figure. 🙂

    Miley for person of the year? Please NOooooooooooooo!

  6. HG, your video may have been shakey ( understandable ) but the audio was superb! I remember on that tour he would sing one carol at the end of his set leaving us wanting more. Singing just one carol was genius! David always seemed to know how to make his audiences hunger for more. **sigh**

    I think, at least I HOPE this time next year we will all be either making plans to see David in his Christmas Tour at a venue close to us OR crying because his tour is not coming anywhere close to us. Either way there will be so much excitement throughtout David’s fandom! He just HAS to have a Christmas tour in 2014! 🙂

    What is the criteria for being in the running for Time’s “person of the year”? And can the honor be “purchased” like any other promo? Miley has more than enough money to “buy” anything including more outrageous media promotion. And it would be pretty outrageous for her to even be considered much less win such an honor. I always thought that honor was reserved for deserving & exceptional people, not necessarily celebrities. I guess I was wrong if it’s true about Miley being considered. 😦

  7. As far as Time Mag. goes I guess it can go to the best or worst person of the year. I do hope that Malala gets it also . such a brave, remarkable young woman and so the opposite of Miley. basing her popularity on sex

  8. That is a treat indeed thank you Hg for the fantastic (shaking adds to the fun excitement, lol) recording. Gah, I’m with Joymus, it too pains me when I see lesser singers getting more than their just due and our David’s in probable ashes. Hoping that all will change in 2014.

  9. CQ (12:44 PM), You write, “David’s in probable ashes.” I guess Thanksgiving is officially over, lol.

  10. CQ, oops,I missed that, but both you and Joymus are both wrong imo. David has taken a 2 year break and will return to a new, fuller, and expanded career next year. Talent like David comes along every 50 years, and it will not be denied. The American public will be reminded what “real” singing sounds like and, unless they have become totally musically brain dead , they will respond accordingly. No amount of cynicism can stop the runaway train that is David Archuleta.

    • bliss, I’m really hoping that what you feel will come true, I truly believe David has such phenomenal talent and it really is hard to see such huge success for way less talent to have and David doesn’t get the recognition he so deserves, hoping all that will change when he get’s back to his career.

  11. Miley might win Person of the Year because Time is basing it partly on on-line voting. Miley’s fans will be voting their fingers off. Hmmm, what does that remind you of?

  12. I just adore the richness of David’s voice when he sings this song. Honestly, as much as I love pop music, I think some of the most gorgeous qualities of his voice are missed when he sings pop. You just don’t find many pop songs that allow the tonality to develop. I’m not speaking ill of pop because it’s a genre I love and listen to often but I don’t generally listen to it for the quality of the singer’s voice.

    What’s so funny and contradictory here is the fact that TOSOD is my favorite album from David. Probably the most pop album he has put out. But when it comes to hearing him live, his voice really excels beyond any album version.

  13. HG, I was there! I regret that if I met you (in line perhaps?) I do not remember.

    I had the worst experience of any at this concert for a variety of reasons mostly health-related. After flying in from Seattle and driving with 2 international friends all the way from where we met up in Boston and waiting in line for many chilly hours, we finally got let in–and I was too slow to get to the front. I was exhausted and could not stand long without something to lean on and there was nothing there. I finally found a chair nearly as far from the stage as it was possible to be. I rested through the 2 opening acts and then stood up to see David. But I couldn’t. Not a bit of him. He sounded great of course and I did enjoy the concert.

    The place cleared out a bit after what the crowd thought was D’s last song and this allowed me to actually be able to SEE David when he performed this carol and OH MY! Oh, how his voice soared and was delicate at the same time. Oh, it was marvelous! The best of the best to that point. I’m so happy you put up this video today!

    I am missing David’s live Christmas concerts badly BADLY lately. Live is so unbelievably better than any recording. Sigh.

    One last point–I think that it is only us tired faithful who think the length of D’s mission has mattered. For most casual fans when he gets back it will be “Wow, has it been two years already?” because they’ve been busy doing other stuff.

  14. Right now I am watching the Pandora skating show with Mannheim Steamroller playing Pat-A-Pan while Kimmie Meisner was skating. Sure do miss David.

  15. You brought up a good point Missbianca because we faithful are hanging around (but believe you me I have a life and I’m sure that others that hang around have the same, because we enjoy commenting doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy and do other things) it does seem like a long time. Again only time will tell if the casual fan will come back and support him fully. I want that to happen for David’s career and even get millions more that discover him for the first time in 2014.

  16. Dont think Davids career will be in ashes but I do feel he will have to pick up the pieces, much like a puzzle, and put them back together again. Hopefully with a new team, new management and a new more mature sound. Im with Ali, while I do listen to pop his vocals soar and truly shine when he sings Christmas songs, and ballads where he can really feel the music and interpret the lyrics. He also has this way of breathing new life into an older cover when he adds an R&B soulful vibe.

  17. After thinking about my comment I feel that ashes was a bit harsh, I truly don’t believe that his music career is in ashes and he can’t come back to a music career. My comment was more about the frustration of David not getting the accolade he so deserves compared to others that are, Imo, much lesser talent.

  18. David does have some very devoted fans but he is going to be starting from scratch with his music career when he returns. JMHO. 2 years is a very long time in the competitive music industry. He was not a plumber returning to his job. lol. It is the music/entertaiment industry. I also think it is “who you know not what you know” big time in any job but really true in the music industry. Hope David or his team know the right people.

  19. I would really like to know what Kari meant when she stated that David would be back bigger and better. Does she know something or was that just a figure of speech?

    • When I read that statement I really thought that there was a plan in place and at that point I was still so optimistic about his career. Now I just have high hopes that he will be able to get his music career going again. I think by his team giving us so much right after he left (he was gone, so he wasn’t here to promote so it really didn’t matter if that would of spread those goodies out a little more) and then, almost nothing, but every once in a while a picture and a video from the vault, (even if the team would of give us a video from the vault everyone month would, imo, been great) it just doesn’t make sense to me. But then again, it’s just me, to most all other fans it makes sense.

  20. You know, if Kari, who has spent much more time with David than any fan, made that statement only because she has faith in him and his talent, then I think that means something. But we don’t know who he has talked to, what he has planned or anything. She without a doubt knows more and the statement may allude to actual plans or it may not. I like that Kari has faith in him and I’m going to continue to do so, regardless. Can’t wait to see what happens.

    • I’m with you, KH. I understand the need to be realistic and accept that David will have much work ahead of him when he returns but I believe he will have a viable career in the music industry. I don’t know yet what shape that career will take but I believe in his talent, in him as a person and I believe in the reaction of the crowds at all his shows I’ve been to. There’s something David has in him. While realism is warranted, I think at times it skews more toward pessimism. At that point, all I have to do is watch one concert video to remind myself why I’m still here.

    • Yes, that’s the way I see that statement now is that she has faith in his talent (a fan), I read to much into it at the time, lol, looking for that magical statement. Yep, I’m sticking around to see what will happens.

      • Speaking of career, hoping that the issue with David’s youtube channel gets fixed soon, dang.

      • I hope so too but the most important one, his Vevo account, is still working. His personal channel with the vlogs is a great resource but honestly the old vlogs are mostly watched by diehard fans at this point. When a new video goes up, it gets watched but the view counts on the older ones change very little after the initial few weeks they’re uploaded. For my sake though, I want the old ones back! lol

  21. I was just thinking about David and his first time back on stage, I know that we fans will be overjoyed and probably kind of weepy, but just can’t imagine what he will be feeling, especially when everyone gives him a huge welcome back to the stage greeting. I’m thinking that smile will be even brighter than usual, sigh!

  22. Off topic but last night at the Soul Train Music Awards, there was a wonderful tribute to Dionne Warwick. I love her music! Candice Glover and Reuben Studdard performed a duet, David Foster played the piano, and Chrisette Michele and Gladys Knight (both have met David) performed solos. Good music!

  23. Jordin Sparks had the role of a “best friend” in a holiday movie on Lifetime. I noticed that many articles now list her as “singer turned actress”.

    “Dear Secret Santa” preview:

    • I taped the movie but haven’t watched it yet. RCA seems to be holding Jordin’s album hostage. She’s had it recorded years ago and has put out a single or two but the album hasn’t been released.

  24. My last spam, lol …. from MJ’s:

    “Joe Jonas on Growing Up a Child Star, Losing His Virginity, Doing Drugs with Miley and Demi”

  25. Read the article on Joe Jonas. All over the news which I am sure is what he wanted. Interesting. I do believe that those Disney stars were not that innocent. Never were. lol.

  26. From a missionary blog:

    “November 25

    Some of you were wondering about the Christmas thingies with Elder A. Well, our first performance is this Sunday. We have been practicing, and have modified Silent Night, meanwhile entirely re-writing Little Drummer Boy and Oh Holy Night. (It took sooooo long to do and was kinda stressful, to be honest. Try writing your own arrangement of Oh Holy Night and Little Drummer Boy for a famous artist 5 times each, hoping that they like it. Ewww.) We have one more practice tomorrow before we have our first show. And then maybe we’ll throw more stuff together- who knows.

    December 2

    Oh… the past 24 hours has been an adventure. It all started yesterday after church. Just to recap last week’s email, I had the first Christmas show in Buin, the northern edge of the mission. Now, I live on the almost southern edge of the mission. We ate lunch as fast as we could after church (at a member’s house, we eat dinner at home when we get back at 10:00) and then ran over to the bus that leaves once every hour from Molina to go to Santiago. We got there 5 minutes early… and it decided to leave 10 minutes early and was gone before we even got there. We were already cutting it close by eating lunch but that was REALLY necessary because we were fasting beforehand.

    So, we decided to take a bus to Curicó (the nearest big city on the way to Santiago) and arrived there at about 3:30 to find a bus about to leave in 5 minutes to go to Santiago. We tried to board, but they weren’t letting anyone else on, and the bus was already full. They then told us ¨ehh you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, this is the last one for today.¨
    So we were practically begging them to just let us stand the whole 3 hours up there. We really needed to go because there was an entire STAKE waiting for me 100 miles away and this was my only way up there. Did I mention the trains were shut down for the day too?
    So they let us get on and then they didn’t actually go to the station in Buin. They left us on the side of the highway outside of the city and we had to ask our way around to the mormon chapel to find out where this devotional thingy was because I had no idea how to find the place, I had never been up there before. But we eventually found our way up there and then I butchered every one of the pieces. Why? They didn’t have any lights on the piano so I couldn’t read the music, and I couldn’t play by ear either because everything we were planning to do involved transposing the (electric) piano. So I was basically playing blind and deaf for 2 hours. (A transposed piano basically makes perfect pitch null and void)… so that was fun. Hopefully the next show will be better…”

    • I just got done reading the blog. Too bad David’s first pianist went home due to health issues. Maybe David should do the Christmas songs acappella like he did at the Jingle Balls. I am hoping that he sings at the outdoor Christmas program in Santiago like he did last year because that one is videotaped.

  27. “Try writing your own arrangement of Oh Holy Night and Little Drummer Boy for a famous artist 5 times each, hoping that they like it. Ewww.” I do think that is funny for some reason. lol.

    • Me too. I have been reading Elder Hoff’s blogs because he does have a sense of humor that comes out in his posts.

  28. I also think he is jealous!

  29. ha well maybe David will be happy to come home and sing again..
    sure hope we get at least one video this Christmas season!

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