The Sing-Off is Back!

I’m so delighted to know this underappreciated gem, as far as reality TV competition goes, is returning to NBC on Dec. 9!


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  1. I love the sing off, in no small part because Ben Folds is fun to watch.

  2. I’m a day late but from the last thread I vote for Pat A Pan or Little Drummer Boy.

    Re. The Sing Off, judge Shawn Stockman has a terrific voice. I still listen to “Visions of a Sunset” from mr Hollands Opus.

  3. Does sound like a different kind of singing competition. I will say that some singing groups are just amazing singing a cappella that seem like they have instruments and the harmony is so good.

    Off topic: so happy for Amber Riley winning DWTS. What an amazing woman and such an inspiration to all women. I feel she is going to be a superstar and she was turned down by AI, lol. Talk about commanding the stage, wow. Derek Hough, two in a row, he seems to bring out the best in each and every single partner he has, really like him lots.

    • Amber was lucky to get Derek as a partner. He covered so well for her knee issues. Interesting that Amber tried out for AI and was not selected. I thought Corbin was the best dancer and Jack had the best story.

      • Yes, she sure was lucky, he’s phenomenal. Corbin was the best dancer and I would of been happy if he had won also. That free style to a MJ song was absolutely fantastic, am also thinking he will be a superstar, lol. Jack was awesome being that he has MS, but he just didn’t have the stuff that Corbin and Amber did, but really admired him so much, a real good bunch of stars. One thing I’m not so sure of is the new format, but maybe it will grow on me, lol. Just hope that some day I will see David perform, dance whatever on DWTS, one can only hope, lol.

      • I think that David going on DWTS is really a good idea but I would guess he would not want to do it.

      • Yes you may be right Marie, but I still can hope.

  4. Yes, I am glad the Sing Off is back too. Ben Folds is funny and really does give constructive criticism. He’s a great judge, and I like Shawn Stockman too. The only disappointment is that Sara Bareilles isn’t a judge this time around. Love her too and as does David. He introduced me to her music which I love. Her new album is great.

  5. I just read at MJ’s that Syesha is going to be in The Book of Mormon on Broadway. She is currently in a touring company doing the Book of Mormon. Congrats to her. Quite a few of the AI season 7 alums have done some acting now besides Syesha – Brooke was in a couple TV movies, Jason Castro had a role in a Christian cable TV movie, and, of course David did the mini-series in the Phillippines.

  6. I’m a day early but I would like to wish everyone here at SD a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful for my wonderful life, fantastic family and friends that give me such joy everyday and of course have to include this SD family, lol. Have never met anyone, but I am so thankful that I have this forum to come to and comment, it has made the wait less painful, lol. I’m especially thankful for HG for keeping this site up and running and always giving us such thought provoking posts.

  7. LOVE THE SING OFF!!!!.So happy to see that it will be returning. Great Show.

  8. I remember accidentally stumbling across the Sing Off a long time ago and it really held my interest. It surprised me, how good it was. Glad to see it’s getting another chance.
    But NOOOO, if David were to go on DWTS I wouldn’t watch it. Couldn’t. I’m too much of a worrier. (well, maybe I’d watch it with a glass of wine or two or three. That would be the only way)
    I WOULD watch it if he were to sing on the show. 🙂

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