Christmas Sunday Favorite Carol

My Sunday Carol Series will be wrapping up Christmas Sunday (Dec. 22), and while I have in mind a favorite David carol to feature for that date, I thought I would open up and see if we’re all on the same page?  Please take my latest poll! 🙂


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  1. HG…I voted for O Holy Night because it is my favorite Christmas song that David sings. It is spellbinding every time. I actually think that your choice will be Joy To the World as I seem to remember that you love the jazzy soulfulness of his version on the Christmas From the Heart album.

    Thank you again for providing this wonderful gathering place. I don’t comment often, but usually check in each day to read your insightful articles and stay caught up on the latest news.

  2. Love hearing David sing all these songs, hard to pick.
    Thank you Hg for providing this wonderful site and allowing us fans to voice our opinion. One think I can say, this site is never dull. Love reading every single comment and of course, absolutely love your posts.

  3. Voted-” Another Carol”. I believe you already posted it and it was not on David’s Christmas album- his soulful version of-“This Christmas”.

  4. “What Child Is This” or “Pat-A-Pan.”

  5. hg, I voted Ave Maria. I just think this hymn is gorgeous and David voice is absolutely stunning.

  6. O Holy Night has the teeniest edge for me, because his vocals are always rich on that. I adore many of his Christmas songs though. Many, many, most. 🙂

  7. What Child Is This… this carol sung by David never fails to bring me to tears and it swells my heart.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating it and thank you HG for keeping the site up and going. I thought when David left that you will stop but you never did.. thank you for that and for all your wonderful and insightful articles!

  8. Some Christmas songs depend on which version–the album, the Motab, or others such as Orla Fallon. I voted for Silent Night, but I may reconsider–the album version is sooo slow. Joy to the World is spectacular during the last half or so. I’d have to listen to the full version of all of them, but we’re remodeling the house right now, and I can’t find my computer, or anything, lol.

  9. I thought this version of “The Christmas Song” from the Santa Rosa VIP was appropriate for Soul David. Enjoy!

  10. voted Silent Night but any of them would do I like them all!

    cq if David does go to college at BYU he can still have a career somewhat. it isn’t like his mission he will be allowed to communicate and have concerts and record. think there is a code of conduct but David does most of it just normally anyway.
    would love for him to devote time to his career but as we all have found out.. David does as he wishes or feels right for him.

    • You got that right about David, lol.
      Kimak, I’m sure it can be done, but again, I was just saying that there are other methods to talking college courses without going to college full time. I’m sure that is where he will go because we all know missionaries usually do…for the most part, get married (I’m sure not all), and go to BYU. Nothing wrong with that, of course, I just would like for him to spread his wings artistically and go to a non religious college. Again, not that he wouldn’t get a great education at BYU, I know it’s a top notch college and yes he would…

  11. The First Noel is my favorite

  12. GrammyJ, Thanks for sharing that magnificent performance of “The Christmas Song”. I’m sure the great Nat King Cole would have loved David’s version of his classic.

  13. I’m curious do you have to pay to have a youtube channel? If so I’m wondering if David feels that expense is not needed.

  14. I voted for Silent Night, Davids vocals are sublime and for me its such a rich tradition. Cant go wrong with anyone of the songs, they’re all great!

  15. Cq, I was talking about the David part. I have no idea about the cost, if any.

  16. WARNING MISH PIC-Im betting he’s rehearsing for the Christmas Special on Dec 13.

    • Thanks Candy, crossing fingers that we are lucky enough to get a video or two like we did last year. It would be so great to hear him sing, sigh…

    • Thanks for posting the pic Candy. I actually think David looks really good-much healthier looking than before he left. I thought he was looking too thin before he left for his mission. Watching The Voice and DWTS tonight.

  17. The amazing Ave Maria!

    My favorite carol on the MoTab CD is Gesu Bambino.

  18. I listened to CFTH today. I’m not one that listens to it all year long, but I LOVE Christmas music right after Thanksgiving and through the month of December. I can’t really pick a favorite, but I really like “Rui Rui Chui” and “Pat-A-Pan”. Maybe because I don’t hear these two songs very much at Christmas. David excels at foreign language songs. I love all the rest of the songs too though. It is just a classic Christmas album that will stand the test of time.

    • I admit I listen to CFTH all year. Enjoy all the songs, some more than others but can’t pick and absolute favorite. I have always been in awe of David’s ability to pick up other languages easily and wondered if singing in a dfferent language makes it easier to master it?

      I just saw the commercial announcing the Holiday Special with Lady GaGa AND the Muppets with special guest, Elton John. Hmmmm. Interesting. I can see David doing a special like this, but I’m having a hard time imagining the Muppets with GaGa. Miss Piggy would be all over David though, but oh what fun he would have!

      The photo of David possibly rehearsing does make him look “healthy” but remember he’s wearing at least three layers which may be why he looks heavier not to mention his short cropped hair makes his face appear fuller. Just an observation.

      Bliss asked if we met in Westbury or Irving Plaza. Yes, briefly in Westbury and will say no more about it. 🙂

  19. Grammyj-I “It is just a classic Christmas album that will stand the test of time.”
    I so agree, the songs and his voice are timeless…would love if they would release again with a new cover.

  20. OMG !!!! Thank you for showing that Christmas Song performance. I hope he does more soulful stuff than pop stuff when he gets back. He is soooooo good !!!

  21. After seeing that mission pic of David I realize how much I miss seeing and hearing from him. Every time I have the chance to see a recent pic of him I sort of hold my breath before clicking on the pic, because, for me, it’s kind of like seeing a special someone that you haven’t seen in awhile. You kind of wonder if the same feelings are still going to be there…of course, I click the pick and a multitude of those feelings come back! How many more months???

    I’m ready for grown up David and hoping for the soul vibe in his music. The Christmas Song performance and This Christmas really have me looking forward to music similar to these from him. I’m hoping he doesn’t resist that soul vibe and just goes with it…

    • I feel the same. I believe David will be back late March or sometime in April. No fan knows the exact date despite all the count down calendars. There was a rumor that he would be back April 22 which would be right after Easter which is late this year.

  22. Senseless, thanks for clearing that up about Westbury

    • blissdavid2014, I should clarify, I didn’t actually “meet” you. The lady I was with was talking with you & a lady named Patty . I was still speechless from the great concert we just witnesssed. And it was the Finale at Westbury for David’s CFTH tour not the MKOC tour. 🙂

      Wishing all a very happy & safe Thanksgiving!

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