Sunday Carol Christmas: Melodies of Christmas

With the holiday just around the corner, here’s a blast from the past:

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  1. Beautiful!!!!!!! all I can say is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  2. Sigh, I sure miss those times of excitement about seeing him on tv, fun times.
    Although the chances of him having mainstream success are slim, I still would love for him to have it, so that we would be enjoying lots of appears like this one. The dream of him being a performer on AMA, Grammy, etc would be so cool. Although I enjoy so many other singers, David is my #1, so I would like success for him like all other singers. I’m hoping this drought doesn’t last another two years after he returns.

  3. That pic of all the Archuleta kids in the Santa caps (at 2:46) is so cute. I don’t recall having seen that before.

  4. My least favorite Christmas song by David. I believe both he AND his dad wrote it together.

  5. I agree-It is my least fav. Christmas song by David too.

  6. Great performance by Imagine Dragons at the AMA. Very talented. They killed it.

  7. Been thinking alot, maybe too much about David the last couple days and what he will be coming home to. I feel bad for him. I really do. He may be happy & sure of his decision to fulfill the commitment in what he felt was his duty to the church he loves & believes in but was he really aware of the risk he was taking? Watching the AMA’s I remembered after AI when I saw him perform live the first time I just knew he was destined to win every music award out there. He had all the right stuff to make it big, charisma, beauty, sensuality he wasn’t aware of, and of course crazy vocals. He said more than once when asked about a “mission” that he felt he was already on a mission reaching & lifting people up through music. He also said “it” could all disappear, here today, gone tomorrow, meaing his popularity & fame. And he was right because fame can be fleeting. So why would he risk it all? Not even LDS President Monson went on a mission and he’s their “living prophet”, the top man in the LDS church!

    Some of his fans think he will come home, take some time to decompress, then it will be business as usual and he will carry on as if he never left. If only that would be the case however delusional that thinking is. I know he can have a career in Asia. But at what cost? Will David outgrow his teen-idol persona he is famous for and which he obviously enjoyed when he appeared there?

    I truly hope I am proven wrong. I truly hope David has a plan in place which put him back on the right track towards the career he wanted so badly then walked away from. I hope his team, whoever they are working on some kind of “comeback” or “welcome back” for David. When would it not be too early to start hinting about possible appearances, the when & where? Maybe as a opssible opener for an established artist. Some hints starting the first part of the year would not be too soon. Lret it be known David Archuleta will be home better than ever real soon!

    Even some of the so called superstars are no longer selling out arenas. We’ve had some big names appear in my city in one of the arenas this past year and not one has sold out but I would love to see David perform in the smaller theater venues or even intimate club venues. I could definately go for that. Not trying to be pessimistic, just being realistic.

    I guess he will be doing some Christmas devotionals in Chile again this year. At least we know he has not stopped singing so that’s a good thing.

    • There are valid points in your post. I have to say though that watching the AMA’s only reinforced to me that the “industry” is way more about spectacle than quality. About popularity than talent. Of course, that’s the superstar part of the industry. There are many artists who are making a living, making good music, making fans happy and are not part of the very select few who “win” these awards. And there are also many great and talented artists who are not able to make a career in music at all. I guess we’ll have to wait to see where David falls in that spectrum.

    • it could be all that.. just hope he wants to keep singing

      @muldur just posted this..

      [audio src="" /]

      • Woo, that’s some performance! Thanks for posting, kimak — loved the This Christmas she posted tonight too 🙂

    • Very good points. I still have a somewhat optimistic feeling at times that he will have big success, but those times are kind of fading. I will be just happy for David if you is able to make a living with a singing career, but as we all know, he really should be a super star, lol.

      The thought that David will be able to just pick up where he left off is unrealistic. At this point I’m even wondering if he will have enough fans to sustain a small career. When Kari/David shot down the idea of fans being at the airport to welcome him home was when I really started lowering my expectations in regards to his music career. I mean really if he had joined the Army and he was returning it would be a cause for celebration and the more the merrier, I think that coming home from a mission is the same thing. Now I don’t think that will be a big factor in regards to his career at all, but it’s just the tone of that statement that really got me thinking that no one is really working/thinking about his career.

    • Hi Senseless-Great points. Senseless is one of my all time fav David songs, hoping he sings it live someday.
      I have no idea what will happen when he returns, its been a crapshoot the past couple of years wondering and speculating as to where he will head. I would think (and hope) David knew he was taking a huge risk going away…there was such buzz about his leaving, it was everywhere, Im hoping his return creates the same kind of buzz and he takes advantage of it and hops right on the excitment bandwagon.

  8. marie, your post reminded me that the ama’s is on. so glad to see tlc perform! And miley is next. 😦

  9. Agree with your concerns still senseless. I think it is best to be realistic about his career- but that is just me. The AMA were not bad-better than last year when the Biebs won everything. Liked TLC , Lady Gaga , Ryan Lewis and Macklemore, and Xtina’s performances. JT was good -thought what Sarah Silverman said when she presented the award to JT was very funny. Was is just me or was there not as much lip syncing going on this year? I thought Pit Bull was a strange choice as host. lol. Grammys are still the best music awards show.

  10. Yes-What was up with the kitten???

  11. Good morning fellow Archies. 🙂 I too would love to see David get the recognition he deserves in the music world. I have to remember David speaking about what is important to him about music, and he always says that he wants his music to encourage the people that like to listen to him.I just think that David’s idea of success is different than worldly success. And in that sense, I believe David will achieve his goals. He is not going to stop singing, and there will always be people who will enjoy his music.( that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t LOVE for him to be HUGE !!!!! )

    • Yes, I too remember that saying from him and frankly I read and listen to other artists expressing that same thing. I do believe that a lot of artists have that thought, but believe me I’m sure that they also want success as I do believe David wants/wanted also. I would think being that his feels that his music would encourage his listener, why would he want to be heard by everyone? It’s always puzzled me why by him saying that was meant that he would be completely ok to just be heard by a very small group and that fame is translated into a bad thing. This is the same guy that was obsessed with knowing the billboard chart toppers.

      • I think sometimes the whole chart toppers thing has been read as meaning too much by fans. Yes, David loves music and spent a good bit of time learning music from looking at the charts but he has also said that he loves lists in general. Lists of many types of things, not just music. I remember one time he was asked what his favorite websites were and he said Box Office Mojo, because he liked to see the lists of movies lol.

        I wonder if David is a list maker himself? Someone should ask him that question. My cousin is a obsessive list maker. She makes lists of the lists she needs to write. Funniest thing ever.

      • Sorry guys that should be why ‘wouldn’t’ he want to be heard by everyone. Time to apologize for my bad writing in general once again, hahahaha!!!
        Ali yes he might be that type, list maker in general, but still I do believe that he would enjoy a successful music career even if it is mainstream big, that’s my point. If he didn’t want that what the heck was he even thinking in regards to going on AI, ok that one might be because he was pushed, although, he himself said he wasn’t and why would he leave music for his fans while he was away, I would think that he would just go and say, I can come back and still sing without having my fans. I know I do see things differently, lol. but I’m happy that I can voice my opinion and am glad to get anyone else’s point of view.

      • Oh, I’m not disagreeing that he would like a successful career. I think that’s a pretty basic human want. Don’t we all want success in some way or another? I’m sure David would love to see his music at the top of the charts. I just don’t think it’s a requirement for him though. Or maybe it’s that he places more emphasis on wanting to do a certain type of music or accomplish other specific goals over being #1. But like I’ve said before, having both would be great 😉

        Of course, I have no special insight that other people here don’t have. Just offering my observations based on what we have seen, not trying to speak for David himself.

        Totally off topic but I wonder if they do a Thanksgiving meal for the missionaries in Chile? Obviously I know it’s not a holiday there but many of the missionaries are from the US. Can’t remember if we heard anything about that last year or not. I’m ready for some sweet potatoes!

  12. David has always seemed to have a very realistic picture of his “fame” and how hard it is to make it in the music industry. Before he left in interviews he indicated that he know he was taking a risk by going on a Mission, and he even said he might have to start his music career over when he returned. He didn’t go on the Mission with blinders on. From everything he has said IMHO he wants a career in the music business. I’m sure he would love to have many, many fans and be able to tour the world with his music. He has never, ever said that he just wanted to be a singer in Utah. If that were true he wouldn’t have done all the stuff in the Philippines and recorded so much music before he left. He could have just hung around at home the months before his mission, and sung at his church.

    I have no idea what his “team” is doing now other than Kari posting every now and then. I think we are just going to have to wait and see what happens. It’s a mystery, and I do like mysteries. I just hope this one has a happy ending with David getting lots of opportunities to sing when he returns.

  13. Painful as it is to accept for some folks, artists and their “team” do not consult with “fans” as to their professional or personal plans. Just because there are no announcements foretelling what David will be doing when he gets back does not mean that no planning is going on. David did not consult with fans before going on a Mission because, unlike some fans, he knew that it was none of their business.

    People who post all these pessimistic and negative comments day in and day out are hurting David. If a “new’ fan seeking info about David found this site and read all this stuff about “David will only have a small career” or “it’s unrealistic to think he can pick it up when he gets back” or “no one is looking after his career”, blah blah blah, that person would be turned off to becoming a fan. I mean, why bother? Even his own fans have no faith in him.

    In the name of voicing an opinion, these people are encouraging the very failure they claim to fear.

    • lol. was wondering when you were going comment, we need you to balance.

    • LOL. That ship has sailed. The loons had a negative impact on David long, long ago and it began during AI when they’d go to sites like EW and make fools of themselves in the comments section. Slezak even admitted in an interview that he would write outrageous things about David to get the Archies going.

      As for negative comments hurting David’s career today, LOL again. One popular fansite took a poll many moons ago and asked how many folks were new to the site and where they came from (Demi tour, etc.) and I don’t think anyone was new, This type of thing (the blog happy business) is old hat.

      As for encouraging failure, I agree with you there but not in the way you mean. It’s apparent to me that he ‘s going to divide his time between the Philippines and BYU Hawaii — and he might as well. After NMHF was released to 5k sales and to cheeky tweets from Skari that DRA had been “serviced to all radio formats,” well….I mean, really.

      I stuck around for a while straining against reality (LOL) because I was thinking that David could rebuild being a Utah artist. As you know, there are a handful of artists from Utah doing really well and getting national recognition and critical acclaim. But, again, they didn’t go on AI, they don’t have the loons, they’re not addicted to nannies, they didn’t hire and fire idiots, they didn’t make decisions strictly for monetary reasons, and so on and so forth.

      • Anon-Whether I agree with you or not…I always enjoy your point of view. No beating around the bush, and if that ship sailed I hope they left some lifepreservers behind for all of us fans that are still here treading water! I too would place a bet on BYU Hawaii and the Philippines. We’ve already heard rumors to both. Not that it makes them a given but rumors have been right more then they have been wrong! BYU and PI would serve him well educationwise and financially.

      • BYU Hawaii?

        folks sure can be quite cranky.. why I like David.
        he isn’t.

      • I’m leaning toward the Phil and BYU, but I wonder why he would choose Hawaii (lol, other the HAWAII) why not BYU closer to home. My opinion is that I think that he would have a more rounded education going to another college, actually to me if he goes to BYU, it’s just a more extended type of mission. Oh well maybe we will still have videos from Phil to look forward to seeing. Still hoping he has a chance to restart his career next year, but if he goes to college, might not have to much time to give attention to his career, so maybe in four years he will have a chance at a music career, wonder if all of us will be here waiting, lol.

      • I believe I have posted this before but forget about David-I want to go to BYU-Hawaii and I am not even Mormon. lol. I think it is more the Hawaii part that I would like to be honest and being young again and in college. I do not see anything wrong with going to college or Kari’s involvement with David . She is not a music manager. Of course you can be a fan of many music artists. Are you kidding me? I am not 12 years old. lol. Got to go. Watching the voice tonight.

  14. CQ, as I suspected, you actually know what you are doing, and WANT to post hurtful comments about David before he returns. Why else would you state that my positive posts “balance” out yours?

    I’m not singling you out because you are not the only one. There are a number of “wolves in sheep clothing” in David’s fan base who post here and elsewhere. Fortunately, the naysayers will be drowned out by the those who love David when he returns. Enjoy your “15 minutes”. Your days are numbered.

    • Sorry bliss, I don’t actually think that my comment are at all hurtful, what I meant by balance was that your have a pollyanna attitude toward David’s career and I with some other fans, are more realistic. I do respect your position.

      • REALISTIC . ha ha ha

      • college could help him some.. especially if he takes music. Dan lead singer from Imagine Dragons went on a mission, attended BYU and he is doing well. they just don’t do light fare pop music like NMHF, etc.
        probably would help him with writing and musicianship skills.

      • College is always a good thing of course. I guess that is the right track for Mormons and it’s his life, wish him nothing but the best.

  15. kimak- I think so too. College could be a good thing, learning more about writing and the business end of things would be a plus.

  16. After singing Heaven during Hollywood week, Simon said to David, ” You are young, good looking, likable, and you have a GREAT voice. That’s a great place to be.” Well, we know that all those things still apply to David. IMO , David has everything he needs to do really well, so lets keep supporting him and encouraging him !!!

  17. Now that we all have completely resolved what David will be doing when he gets back, I’ll still hang around just to hear that first vlog, hahahaha!!!!!!

  18. He is going to Hawaii IMO to be close to the Philippines (nature willing). When Skari wants a vacation, she will fly in, etc., and then send him a bill.

    Those of you who think art departments at colleges and universities are great obviously have no experience with them. They are some of the most cutthroat places, especially to those who have achieved a little fame. I hope David steers way clear of any music departments and that he majors in another discipline.

    • depends on the school.. there are many fabulous music schools. no clue if they offer a good music program but I sure hope so.
      just to go to BYU because you are lds in my opinion is very close minded.

      • I think most Universities have a music department. I looked up BYU and they do. Not sure about BYU Hawaii. David’s sister and brother-in-law go to Salt Lake City Community College. Hey. I’m going to start the rumor that David will be going there. An education is always a good thing. He can go to college and sing on week-ends like Scotty McCreery. Scotty released an album last month too while in college.

  19. E’erbody knows if you heard it on the internet, it must be true…

  20. why all this about the Philippines? a lot of Archies I follow who live there have moved onto other artists.
    David will need to build up his fanbase again.. two years is a long time for anyone to still be into someone musically or otherwise.

  21. Oh, wow, the reason I like Soul David is that the comments are usually not boring. I guess I’m kind of in the middle on my thinking about David’s future career. I hope that Bliss’s predictions are correct . I’m certainly not as negative an Anon. I like Kari aka Skari, and think she has done a good job as a Tour manager/ personal Assistant. She has never been David’s main manager. That person is currently Gina Orr, so you need to make a nickname for her, Anon. I will be sitting on the edge of my seat when David finally returns to see which predictions come true. Oh and any popular artist has some crazy fans, not just David. Nicky Minaj has some of the worst. They make David’s crazy fans look very, very tame in comparison.

  22. Kimak, these so-called “Archies who have moved on to other artists” were never really “Archies”. True fandom includes loyalty. Other qualities of a true fan are faith, trust, appreciation and patience. I see a lot of fans who have moved on, but they are too busy complaining to know it..

    • hoping they come back when David does.

    • I think a person can be a fan of MANY artists. There is no rule that you have to choose one.

      • I like a lot of artists.. still haven’t found one yet as good as David guess why I am here. way I see it we all are on the ride along with him. it is
        fun to watch him grow as a man and an artist.
        I know things are different for others thing is I usually don’t see them post about David that much if at all.
        some even have said they have moved on to more edgy and grown up artists etc.
        the young ones seem to like 1D a lot.
        not all are like that so there is hope for the future for sure.

  23. Count on it, Kimak. The overwhelming majority of David’s fans took the same 2 years off as David did. After the public survives 2 gruesome years, and an earful and an eyeful of the current state of music, David will be welcomed back, here and in Asia, as a conquering hero. If this were an old time Western, David would be the Cavalry, getting into town in 2014.

  24. grammyJ, ITA. One of the sad byproducts of American Idol has been the pitting of one artist against another. The very nature of music is variety and diversity. David, for example, enjoys many different artists, from very different genres.

  25. Kimak, you say at 7:16 that “just to go to BYU because you are LDS is close minded” . Is it “close minded” to go to Notre Dame because you’re Catholic? How about going to Yeshiva just because you’re Jewish?

    • bliss just to go to a college because of a religion and not the courses it offers yes. go to a school because it offers a great curriculum in what you wish to study.

    • People choose a University for all kinds of reasons. I will admit that I went to the University of Iowa because that is where my boyfriend, who later became my husband, went to school. I got a good education there even though I didn’t choose it strictly for a course of study. I also could get in-state tuition.

      BYU is a major University where I’m sure David could get a good education.

      • no clue what BYU offers.. guess David could do a double major if he wishes. maybe religion and music for example. my son is going for both physics and math and still works and has an active personal life. can be done.
        I chose my school because it was close and inexpensive. I had children so made sense.

  26. BYU-Hawaii? The Philippines? Interesting. But I guess he would be able to take a new wife with him to Hawaii right? **wink-wink**. Why not BYU in Utah because seems to me the difference in the tuition alone would be reason enough to stay home, IF in fact he does go to college as I understand most of the returning missionaries do. He & his wife can get jobs, go to school & start a family because isn’t that what is expected of all returning missionaries? OMG, I AM KIDDING!!

    BTW, I have several co-workers (not related to each other) who are filipino & who have family in different areas of the Philippines. They all go “home” a couple times a year and guess what? Neither they or their families back home have ever heard of David. Not even the teens in their families. But they do “know” JT, JB, & Bruno. Not what I would have guessed because I thought David was a big star throughtout the whole of the Asian countries, especially in the Philippines. Just though it was interesting what we here in the USA think we know.

    Bliss, you wrote,

    “There are a number of “wolves in sheep clothing” in David’s fan base who post here and elsewhere. Fortunately, the naysayers will be drowned out by the those who love David when he returns. Enjoy your “15 minutes”. Your days are numbered”.

    Glad you brought the “15 minutes” up, because that is precisely what I always thought YOU loved (besides David of course). You love the “rave reviews” (your words) you get when you post the OTT sugary critiques of David’s videos, etc. You seem to thrive on thinking YOU are David’s champion and the ONLY fan who knows David’s true worth. What will you do if , Heaven forbid, David’s career doesn’t go as we all hope & want for him? And we all do want him to be as big and go as far as he deserves or wants to be. Just because some of us voice our thoughts, whether optimistic or come across negatively, in no way makes our admiration of & for David & his artistry any less than yours.

    Got my armour on, so sock it to me…as usual. Ho-hum.

    • InnerCircleQueen

      Really? Ok.Please. Wonder what the fan reaction would be if David came back and married Miley?! 😉 Go ahead and call me a troll again, I couldn’t care less! lol

  27. *munching popcorn*

  28. Fan sites are for the us, the fans, aka “fanatics.” Not a single non-fan is going to wade through our endless conversations and conclude that they don’t want to follow David because we don’t have enough faith in him, lol. If I didn’t know about David, I’d Google his name and read all about him on his official site. There’s enough there to keep a person busy for a long time.

    • That’s exactly what I was going to say. I would never not like an artist because some fans complained about him. It’s about whether or not I like an artist’s music.

    • senseless, your screan name fits speak for yourself,.bliss 2vs 100.

      • Hi Ray!

        Yes, Senseless does fit me doesn’t it. I’m betting you would not like the song Senseless by David though…probably too edgy for you. And yes, I do speak for myself & never said I didn’t. There are many fans who have had & are still having their “15 minutes” on David’s coattails. It doesn’t matter one iota what I, you or anyone else writes here or on any other site. It’s not going to make or break David’s career. You, Bliss & I are “fans”, nothing less & nothing more. I really don’t think David needs you or anyone to keep his “bad fans” in line. Speaking for myself though, OK?

      • fan2
        noun: fan; plural noun: fans.
        1. a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art form, or famous person.
        “football fans”
        synonyms: enthusiast, devotee, admirer, lover; More
        FANATIC…..19th century

  29. “I wont follow David because these fans don’t have faith…said no fan (or nonfan)…ever!!

  30. Candy, so am I, LOL

    Senseless, no problem. I just finished watching an episode of the Sopranos, so I’ve got my “New Joisy” on. Let me respond point by point from your charming post.

    1) regarding your reference to my 15 mins and “rave reviews”. Obviously, you have an underdeveloped sense of sarcasm and irony, or you would have understood what I was conveying. Actually, my ” sugary critiques” were in- the- moment reactions to seeing and hearing one of David’s moving performances, and I was as surprised as you were to the responses on You Tube I received from people who were kind enough to tell me that I articulated their feelings. No one then thought I was OTT, and neither did you or I would have heard from you at the time.

    2) as for being a “champion of David and the only fan who thinks he knows David’s true worth” you have that half right. You’re damn right I’m a champion of David, and will always be. Fortunately, there are countless other people who know and appreciate David’s true worth, and do not spend every day of their lives posting smack about how David is not sexy enough for them or not successful enough for them, or whatever else is bugging them about him.

    3) When David comes back, he will be and do whatever he chooses and I will still be a champion of him. What I won’t do is come on a fan site devoted to celebrating him and criticize his music, belittle his religion, and think I know what he needs to do to give me what I think I deserve from him.

    4) as for the fans who you say “voice our thoughts, whether optimistic or come across negatively, in no way makes our admiration of…his artistry any less than yours”, I say, if you really admire him, prove it !!!. I look forward to reading your posts of respect and admiration for David, starting tonight.

    • Bliss, unlike you, I don’t feel the need to respond or add to the fire. Actually it’s late & I’m sleepy.

      I’ll be back though & will continue to give my points of view without the expectation that everyone will agree with me. He Would expect nothing less from David’s very diverse & outspoken fanbase. One thing I have never done & will never do is put David on a pedestal with impossibly high expectations. My posts are about MY hopes & wishes for him as well as my disappointments regarding his career choices. I don’t profess to “love” David because I do not “know” him personally. I do however love his voice & his professional self, the man I’ve seen more than 25 times around the country, from the east coast to the west from the AI Tour twice to his MKOC Tour (4 times). Yes I’m one of the crazy ones who travel to see him whenever I can. So do not try to tell me I am less a fan than you are because I don’t agree & spazz about every little thing he does. He is human after all & so am I. Thank You!

      Good night all

  31. Did David really write MOC with #Mic?

  32. Interesting conversation. I agree-I always thought David wrote MOC with #mic. Didn’t David even state that in interviews at the time? Did not know that his name was removed.

  33. Senseless, here’s another example of what i’m talking about:

    The hostess of this site, Hello Gorgeous, posts a video of “Melodies of Christmas”, a song David wrote with his father and performs to wild approval at every Xmas show he gives. HG obviously loves the song and wants to share her love of it with the visitors to her site.

    You come on to HGs site on 11/24 at 5:50 PM and chime in with “My least favorite Christmas song by David”. Not only do you volunteer a negative, uncalled for comment about David’s original music, you also insult the hostess of this site by questioning her taste in David’s music. Your buddy, CQ, predictable, cannot wait to agree with you and also insults David and Hello Gorgeous

    How would you like it if someone came into your house while you were playing music and chirped “Oh, that’s my least favorite song by that artist?

    You are not rendering an opinion. You are being rude and nasty, for its own sake.

  34. See Above. I was being honest. It IS me LEAST FAVORITE Christmas song by David. So what? I didn’t say I hated it. I simply like it less than all his others. Sheesh!!

    Speaking of being nasty & rude. Seems like you enjoy picking on David’s female fans.

    I’m done for tonight 🙂

  35. It always feels so futile to remind folks about Soul David rules about not resorting to personal insults, but I will do so again!

    We can agree to disagree without insults, right? Also, I’m not here to police the fanbase. We’re all adults here, so act like it!

    And just so we’re clear: I personally am not offended if someone expresses the opinion that “Melodies of Christmas” isn’t their favorite carol from David. Whatever floats your boat! 😛

    The good news is: We’ve got a full month of December ahead (when we’ll be in full swing of carol-playing season! Woohoo!) and the Sunday Series will be right on time! With probably many more “Christmas carols from David” to come (and many that I’m quite sure are fan favorites!)

    What? You have not detected the method to the madness in realizing that there’s a reason “Melodies of Christmas” rounds out the last Sunday in November before we get to the real gems ahead? 😛

    Trust: there was no way "Melodies of Christmas" was going to be featured Christmas Sunday! (Can you guess which Christmas carol will get that honor?)

  36. just posting this because of a previous thread

    Kimye Gone WIld lol
    is this bad absolutely

  37. Senseless,you post at 10:42 “Bliss, unlike you, I don’t feel the need to respond or add to the fire.” and then you proceed to do just that, LOL.

    I don’t, as you say, “pick on” any of David’s fans. I respond to what they post, and share my views. The “damsel in distress” card will not be dignified with a response.

    Then you say “One thing I have never done & will never do is put David on a pedestal with impossibly high expectations.” I am not the one who posts daily disappointments and suggestions about what David needs to do to get his career where I think I deserve it to be. For me, I will be more than satisfied with anything David creates and shares. I have no expectations, but I do have faith and trust in David’s ability to create more of the same fantastic music he gave us in the past.

    BTW, were you at Westbury and Irving Plaza, and have we actually met?

  38. I don’t get the desire to censor people’s comments, guys. We’re just having a conversation here, you seem to have mistaken this for David’s official PR site. If I Google David’s name, this site doesn’t even come up.

    • Great comment-cc halo. Need to keep all this in perspective. just saying. Also if you want to be really annoyed just check out the comments section of sites like CNN ect. They are full of trolls as they are not monitored.

  39. Am I the only one who hopes he forgoes college and jumps back 110 percent into rebuilding a career? Nothing against education, but it seems to me, focusing on a solid business plan to cultivate old contacts and rekindle his fan base will be a very full plate.

    • would love for him to focus on his music career.

      • I too would like him to focus on his music career and actually take classes to help improve his craft. In today’s tech industry, a person doesn’t need to attend a college to get college courses, I’m thinking that most all colleges offer online courses. The thing is I read tweets, comments from fans that are just wanting him back and are really thinking that he will be back to his career, so if he says…oh btw, going to focus on college for the next 4 years…look at how short these last two years were, another 4 years will go by fast too, lol, I know that he can do both and of course, Scotty always comes up as the example, but really David is in a totally different place career wise, so that really is not a good comparison. Of course it’s his life and he can do whatever he darn will pleases and that is how it should be. As a fan, however, I would like for him to go this route that’s all.

      • Just wondering here………..Did David ever actually graduate from High School ??

      • I believe it’s a requirement for a mission.

  40. rae- I agree. Just not sure what David is going to do. Just a general comment. I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments ( I really do) but I just think that some posters need to “lighten up” sometimes. You know who you are-use the “lol” more often. JMHO. David’s issues with his having a successful music career are much larger than what anyone ever writes/posts on this blog. Are you kidding

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