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michael jackson off the wall

I’m quite embarrassed, frankly, since what Justin Bieber is saying of himself, I used to say of David!

“Michael Jackson didn’t do Off the Wall until he was about 23,” [the Bieb] says of the King of Pop’s breakout 1979 solo album. “Bad, not until he was, like, 25 [Jackson was 29]. I have all the time in the world,” he declares of his future seminal third album.

Oy veh! You can read the full interview here.

Sometimes, I wish David had 1/10 the size of Justin’s ego! Imagine if he himself aspired to the same level of greatness (since, you know, he’s the one with the real talent).

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  1. ITA-hg. David is the one with the real talent. The Biebs has made the money too-unfortunately. I read the Biebs ticket sales are not what they used to be. JB’s problem is going to be that his core group of fans were 10 yr old girls who’s parents no longer like him and even those fans are probably even bored and tired of him and have moved on. Most folks I know over the age of 20 think that he is a joke and not really talented. At least David’s core group of fans are much older at this point ( middle aged women. lol) but David still needs to capture his peers that are his own age as fans.

  2. Justin Timberlake is a great example of a pop teen idol that was able to transition into a hugely successful and popular adult pop star. The reason -JT really has talent-whether you like him or not -the guy is extremely multi-talented. Something JB is sorely lacking in.

  3. I used to think the Bieb was cute, talentless but cute. But lately I find nothing cute about him. At this point he sure doesnt need the money so Im going to guess it is his rather large ego that drives him. And Scooter. I shudder to think maybe this was the direction WEG wanted David to take, and perhaps Jive too.
    Thanks in part to those older women that have stood by him in his absence, posted on fans sites to keep his name out there and are the ones that have financially kept his career afloat the past few years, David will have the opportunity to do just that..capture fans his age!

  4. Marie-I was just going to say the samething about JT…you dont have to like him or his music to see that he has huge adult appeal and success. He was able to transition his teeny booper appeal and imagine and redefine it to target a more adult market. With a “good team” behind him David can do the same thing!

    • agree wholeheartedly and where David’s ego is concerned .. how about a confidence in his own talent might take him a lot further then where he is now.

      • Kim-Exactly! His lack of confidence in his talent is for some( poor deluded souls) a turnoff. His stage presence when performing is one thing, he exudes talent and charisma, but he does need to own his god given gift. Confidence in his talent doesnt necessairly translate into cockiness, and wont take away from who he is.

      • It is interesting as do not think that his lack of confidence could be blamed on his religion at all. Not that I think it should be anyway or that anyone should do that. Donny and Marie Osmond are two of the most confident performers I have ever seen. They appear to have a fairly big ego too. JMHO. I know David is very shy off stage. I believe the answer might be to have a very strong and well connected and respected team behind him to deal with the music industry so he can have confidence. Agree that David needs to own his talent.

  5. ITA-Candy. You are so right about that. I just hope that David has gained more confidence from his time away. I do believe that his ego does need to be a bit bigger to have success as a music artist. As much as I like JT I am quite sure he has a huge ego and he does seem a bit arrogant-not that I want David to be like that. I appreciate David’s being humble and sincere and down to earth but he needs more confidence. Just saying.

  6. I don’t care for how the author (pal Shirley Halperin) weaves in the element of “race” in the first few paragraphs. First we hear Biebs is influenced by black culture. Then we learn that his current “posse” is “vanilla” as opposed to the “bad-boy troublemakers with whom Bieber often is associated”, i.e., young black male rappers Lil Twist. Scooter has “excised” the negative influences from Biebs social circle. Lil Twist is the same age as Biebs and reportedly has known him for years. Who’s to say that Biebs isn’t the “bad-boy troublemaker” negatively influencing him? Everything he’s ever been accused of doing, Biebs has done himself.

  7. I did not catch that the article was written by Shirley- desertrat. No wonder I did not like it. lol.

  8. No hay razón para comparar a David con Justin. David es único. A su edad no tiene por que probar o justificar nada. Ya lo escucharemos en el futuro.

    No reason to compare David with Justin. David is unique. At his age he doesn’t have to prove or justify anything. We will hear in the future.

  9. MexArchie- nice to hear from you…,unless I missed something I didnt see anyone comparing David to JT, just made a point how JT transitioned to a more mature audience. And how David could capture more fans his age when he returns. Sometimes the meaning behind a comment is lost in translation.

  10. One of the most appealing things about David is his approachability. Becoming too big, could change that, whether he wanted it to or not.

    • JT took a long leave from music to try his hand, successfully I might add, at acting. The movies he made were not “Disney” but were geared to adult audiences. He was a natural & his fan base grew to include those who were not really fans of his music. THAT is how he has transitioned to a more mature fanbase as an actor while still keeping younger fans of his music. It was pure genius the way his music “comback” was promoted weeks before his album The 20/20 Experience was released. The hype was extensive and it paid off as the album was a sure hit.

      David has the opportunity to reinvent himself upon his return since he will be almost 24 years old. IMO, no longer will it be so endearing for David to appear as a young kid even if he “looks” young. My hope is that David sees himself in a different light, as a man who is in charge of his destiny. I would love to see David grow facial hair, a five o’clock shadow if you please, because believe it or not, other’s will also see him in a different light. He also needs to realize that he is human & he does not need to live up to the expectations put on him about being “angelic” & always putting on a “happy face”. He will not be the same person who left. I hope not otherwise he will not have grown emotionally and intellectually. He can go to Asia & be the same David who left & where he is more likely to make some quick money. But eventually he will have to come back here and reinvent himself as a new, mature & yes even improved David Archuleta. He can do it but he has to want it bad enough. I think he does.

      • I think that what really helped JT to make a transition from being in a boyband to having a successful career are all the artists and producers he collaborated with like the black eyed peas and Timbaland and many others. They gave him credibility plus the cool factor and helped him expand his fanbase imo. He did clever artistic choices. I’m one of the few persons who think that he’s overrated and even if I enjoy his music, for me, his voice and his dance moves are not that great.

      • ITA. Love this ccmment Sensless! I love the optimism at the end. “He has to want it bad enough. I think he does.” I think he does too.

        He has the talent, the name, the respect of musicians/singers around the world. He needs to want it and go for it. It may take some time, some building, some determination and even some grinding it out, but he can do it. Better to start sooner rather than later (if you know what I mean), imo.

  11. I enjoyed this review of rapper Drake’s show and his love for his fans–especially the part about serenading the well-dressed 60 something lady. I could see David doing this.,0,2942055.story#axzz2lVjbYxYf

  12. dream on you think David will serenade women 40+ years his age.

    • I so agree! He would sooner seranade a 6 yr old I think. I mean, David is very polite, considerate and appreciative of his older fans, but come on! lol.

      • now if it was a Happy Birthday

        notice his lack of confidence.. then whap he kills it.
        he is a little better though from what I saw at his MKOC tour
        and also in the Philippines he seemed pretty free and confident for the most part.
        hope he goes back there again next year.

  13. That woman was Brett’s (remember him?) wife & a family friend, not just an “older fan”. He has sung HB countless times to countless people, quite different than “seranading”.

    BTW, no one, I mean NO ONE can do a soulful rendition of HB quite like David can. A very good argument for David doing a Soul/R&B album.

    • agree to all of that.. whateven if he did go that way.
      maybe mixed with a little latino flare.

      • speaking of JT.. the AMA’s are tomorrow night and if not mistaken he is performing. also imagine Kari will be there too.
        what a fabulous job she has. I
        hope one day she will be escorting David to perform there as well.

      • I read that Imagine Dragons are performing at the AMA tomorrow night too. They are very successful. Interesting article on them. The comments are kind of interesting too. Here is the link.

      • Listened to some of Imagine Dragons music, but didn’t really care for it, nice that they are successful though. So strange that the interview is regarding their religion, I don’t think that other artists are questioned about that part of their lives, hum…It might be that it’s such a conservative, restrictive religion that it makes it an interesting topic to these interviewer. Wonder if all these members of Imagine Dragons are tbm.
        My wish for David would be that he would never ever be asked about his religion and they only have interested for his music career.

      • Two of the Imagine Dragons are members of David’s church, two are not.

      • The reason I posted the article is that I actually thought he handled the questions about his religion very well. He made it clear that it was all about the music for him and the band not his religion. That is the way it should be-all about the music.

      • If the Imagine Dragons guys in their late 20’s are asked about religion, brace yourself. David giving up his career for two years is a dramatic story and I’m sure every interview after he returns, will heavily feature that. I hope he’ll be able to deal with it in the same way.

  14. Getting back to HG’s post because I haven’t been here yet today, LOL, it is a world different when a person compares himself to the iconically greatest stars like MJ, Elvis, the Beatles, than if a journalist or a lay-person does. JB is nothing but ego and I don’t think I’m the only one who’s eager for that to be taken down a bit.

    The appropriate amount of self-confidence is right in the middle between Bieber’s and David-before-mission’s. I hope that David does a better job of engaging with interviewers when he gets back. If a person is a fun or articulate talk-show guest, more talk show opportunities magically appear.

  15. Loving today’s comments. Very interesting post Hg, thank you.
    JB having a big ego doesn’t surprise me, when you have millions upon millions buying your music and everyone wanting to put you in there movies, tv shows drooling for thought of you being a guest on their show…I’d say even the most level headed person that is humble, might get a bit of an ego, lol.
    Actually I think that artists have to have some sort of ego, but mostly they have to have self-confidence that they are excellent singer, actor, etc. and relate that self-confidence to their fans.

    Some fans have expressed that David lacks ego, so I’m wondering can he have a successful music career without ego, or perhaps a bit of ego but a huge dose of self-confidence is what David needs in order to move forward with his music career.

  16. Demons Imagine Dragons is #6 on itunes right now.. another song from their wildly successful cd.
    I love the whole cd and would not mind at all if David went indie some when he came back.
    at least it would give him some street cred.

  17. ITA-kimak. Imagine Dragons are very popular with their peers too.

    • Marie David said Dan is a friend of his.. never know. think they are signed with Interscope too.

      • kimak- Yes- the band is signed to that label. This manager(Mac Reynolds) is young and hip and seems to be well connected in the music business and understands it. David needs that. I also think that David would be very comfortable with Reynolds and that is important. This is his background :” The star of this clip is Mac Reynolds, the manager of the popular rock band Imagine Dragons. As it turns out, Mac never intended on being in the music business happily working as a lawyer in Los Angeles until his brother’s band, Imagine Dragons, started to take off. Turns out, the Reynolds have a handful of family in the Music Business with one brother managing The Killers, one as the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, and another as a lawyer for Interscope.” I know Imagine Dragons is an indie alt rock band and David is pop music but it is all still music. Also did not know that Scooter Braun was Amber Riley’s manager too. He does have a very diverse group his managing now. My Point: David needs a very good well connected manager that knows what they are doing. No two ways about it. They are out there in the music business.

      • Absolutely Marie he does need a well connected manager, now the question is being that David will be starting from scratch, would he be able to land that kind of manager. Just hope that big, connected people see the talent and think he is marketable.

      • I agree cq-That is an issue but he has to have top level management not family managment. We all know how well that worked out for David. lol.

    • one thing I do know David needs help.. Kari can only do so much and Gina well she seems to be on the down low.
      can’t even keep his YT account up and operational.
      his videos are still down.

      • Totally agree he does need help with his music career. Somehow I thought by this time things would have started picking up for him being that it’s only a few month before he supposed to be back, promotion wise by his team. Oh well, one thing for sure maybe all will be known in a few months, lol, or not , we’ll still be wondering because it still will be invading his personal life if we want to know what’s going on.

  18. One thing I wonder is if David has close friends outside of his religion, really not that it matter, but does seem to be that his friend all share this one thing.

  19. CQ, I don’t know why they’d start promoting David again before David is back to do the promoting! He probably needs time to get his feet under him. I know the wait has been long.

    • I do understand your point. I guess I just want him to hit the ground running, but that’s just a wish, I’m thinking that maybe what we might get from him is a vlog saying he is back home and thanking his fans for the support, but as far as career goes maybe we have to wait another year or so, actually maybe even longer from the rumors about college. Oh well.

    • One thing that I will add as far as his team starting to promote his comeback is only to build excitement in anticipation of his return only, that would be the only thing they could do and really, I feel that could be done, but JMO, lol.

  20. I think it’s still too early to be promoting anything for after David comes back. People have very short memories when it comes to promo so you really get more “bang for your buck” if you wait until closer to time. Four months+ out is a long time. Using an example mentioned in this thread, look at the promo plan for JT’s first album release in 7 years…they didn’t even give a hint of it until a few weeks before the album dropped and it had the biggest opening week of the year. Yes, I know JT is a much more well known name than David but the point is you don’t need long drawn-out promo, you just need good effective promo that’s well placed.

    Of course, first you need something to promote. I have no idea what the plan is when David comes back so we’ll see if promo is even necessary pre-arrival or if they’ll wait until he’s home and has things lined up. I do not anticipate it being a year before there is anything to promote though. I think David will come back ready to jump into things after a bit of time catching up with the family. Everything I’ve read about returning missionaries says that it’s really best for them to get back to work quickly in order to transition back to post-mission life. Usually a couple weeks.

    • Understand your point and you may be right, of course, I really have no clue as to what is best, I guess I was just I just wanted to voice my opinion, lol. Really nothing to do with what is best or even should happen, lol.

    • I agree Ali but it really is not too early to have a top notch managment team in place. I like Kari but I agree with kimak.

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