Wow, This is Incredibly Bad!

Just sharing what passes as “music” these days. And this is from someone who made some music in the past that I could listen to and enjoy.

Soooo, if this is what someone like Kanye West is doing to get talked about today, I don’t think it would be such a bad thing if David is only a “local artist.” SMH.


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  1. OMG I am speechless. The music industry (for the most part) has gone to hell in a handbasket! That was talent??? I dont get the point of the video…and we expect David to survive in the industry??? Afetr two years of singing church music that is what he is going to be facing. Being a local artist may be his salvation so to speak!

  2. Whats sad…is Ellen and her staff tauting what a great video it is…really Ellen? What did it have to do with “MUSIC”??

  3. Well, if she’d said “That was bad, Kanye,” an argument might have broken out, and then that would be the news of the day. I don’t think hosts can be rude to guests (unless that’s their thing.) I suppose she could have said “that was interesting, Kanye.”

  4. Holy moly, absolutely ridiculous, lol. That is very hard to see and yes, it does seem that things are getting out of hand with videos, but I do still like to think that just maybe and that’s a huge maybe, there is still room for David to have mainstream success. Of course, like almost everyone else, yes, probably he will only be a local artist with maybe be able to have also success in Philippines. It’s a shame really. I’m in no way fretting about his career or David himself, I’m just voicing my opinion about his music career.

  5. I have to add another point, so is it that only sexual videos/songs sell and that there is no room for great singers that have fabulous music, but not necessarily sexual in nature? Call me optimist, but I still think that if that one song that is relatable to the masses and catches on, would bring success to an artist that might not have that sexual spin.

  6. cq-I agree that there is room for David in the industry…”IF” he finds the right tools…good management,a label that is a good fit for him, and get good PR, we all know that is not one of Davids strengths. With what the Philippines is dealing with…where does that leave his options there? Plus at this point voicing an opinion is about all we have to do, that and speculating.

    • Yes, Candy, good point about the Philippines. These types of natural tragedies are so horrible that I tend to put them in back of my mind as a way to dealing.

  7. More Pop Porn coming your way. Now we have Bad Pop Porn.

    My own speculation is that David’s talent and charisma will take him far beyond the role of a “local artist,” but did anyone else notice the irony of having Utah scenery (Monument Valley) in the background of this video? 🙂

  8. The video wouldn’t show for m e, but maybe that’s a good thing.

  9. Talk about reinventing yourself…seems Madonna took the top prize on Forbes highest paid artist list in 2013!
    Madonna Tops Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid Musicians 2013 List
    According to Forbes’ latest roundup, Madonna made a whopping $125 million in 2013.

    “The bulk of Madge’s millions this year come from the tail end of her MDNA Tour, which grossed $305 million,” explains Forbes. Add to that heavy “merchandise sales at concerts as well as her Material Girl clothing line and Truth or Dare fragrance,” and you’ve got a clear winner.

  10. Below is a new link to the video; the one above is no longer accessible. This video is one big hot mess. So bad that I didn’t even get half way thru it. I wonder if Kanye meant it as a joke.

    • I like the SNL video of Kimye better than this one. lol. Kim’s big claim to fame is her sex tape so I am not surprised. Interesting about the Biebs. He does need to take some time off.

  11. No One Wants To Go To Justin Bieber Concerts Anymore
    Justin Bieber begins his eight-show Australia tour on Nov. 26, but it doesn’t seem like anyone really wants to go. According to, many tickets are selling for half their original price, and some don’t even have any bids (including seats in the front four rows, priced at $79.00).
    via The Huffington Post

  12. FYI – Here’s the list of the top paid singers:
    1. Madonna – $125 million

    2. Lady Gaga – $80 million

    3. Bon Jovi – $79 million

    4. Toby Keith – $65 million

    5. Coldplay – $64 million

    6. Justin Bieber – $58 million

    7. Taylor Swift – $55 million

    8. Elton John – $54 million

    9. (tie) Beyoncé, Kenny Chesney – $53 million

  13. the views of Utah and the wild horses were beautiful . but that’s about it! In my opinion the two in the video just cluttered up the scenery!

  14. That is very serious money being made by the top singers. One and two…Madonna, the original crazy and really she just kept reinventing herself and was able to sustain a big level career. Gaga, a copy of the original crazy, lol. Now Miley might be in next years top, a copy of the original two crazies, but not a very good one, lol.

  15. IMO, part of David’s problem with the U.S. music biz was that they didn’t know where to put him, and his niche was kind of blurry. This made him difficult to define, which made him a problem to the marketers. They didn’t know where to “sell” him, and, as a result, they tended to shy away from him altogether.

    When David returns, he will be coming back to a more well defined music industry. The video shown here is where mainstream music wants to be in the U.S, and there obviously is a large audience for it. However, there is also a large audience for people who reject this stuff, and they can be marketed to as well. If David can be seen as an alternative (and , I might ad, a cure) to what is seen as mainstream, he can “find his niche” and reach a much larger audience. In today’s topsy turvy world where up is down, and good is bad, David could emerge as the best alternative to the norm.

    American pop music is currently on the critical list, and David Archuleta might just be exactly what the doctor ordered for 2014.

    • Good point Blisskasden, yes, David could emerge as the best alternative to the norm. With the right management and the right label and of course good PR, that certainly could happen.

      • I really hope you are right Bliss but I have a question. Does David have that burning desire/ambition to have a successful music career? The reason I ask is that the music industry is just so competitive that I think that a music artist needs that. idk if he does but I hope he will when he returns. I agree that David is a great alternative to the junk music that is out there in pop music.

      • Marie, at times in the past interviews, I sometimes would get a feeling that somehow he felt he wasn’t deserving of success which of course for some it translated as him being very humble, but for me I sometimes came away as he being unsecure of himself that it could happen. Now it never seemed that whey when he was working on his career because he is such a hard worker and just seemed so happy with success. David has at times been puzzling to me. Perhaps the time away to reflex on what he wants and needs to do personally to go for a successful music career will be clearer to him.

      • True about the interviews-cq. I also have no issue at all with David being a local artist as that might just be what happens. It really is not a slam as that just is the way it might be. Just keeping it real and just honestly do not care. Remain a fan but it is what it is. It is on David.

      • No I also don’t think that David being a local artist is a slam, but it would be a shame, imo, because I believe that his talent is bigger than that.
        Marie, yes absolutely it is on David whether he wants to go for a major music career,(and still if he went for it, doesn’t mean he would have success) or just be happy with being a local artist. From what I read by a lot of fans that seem to know him, he evidently doesn’t care to have a big music career, so maybe local artist is where his comfort level will be. The formula to have big successl in the music industry is pretty tricky, but one thing that an artist needs for sure is the desire to have that kind of career.

  16. Bliss, I agree with you about pop music and I am just wondering how low are they going to go?

  17. I tried to watch some of X-Factor last night. I thought it was not good at all. The judges are just terrible and Demi is really annoying. If the show even comes back it needs new judges.

    • I’m curious, is the contestants also no good. I wonder with now that singers have three major shows to choose where to audition, which one do they choose, or maybe try out for all and see who will take them.

    • I agree, the X-Factor is horrible this year. I usually love singing competitions, but I don’t think I’ll watch any more X-Factor this year. The ratings are really dismal too. I don’t care for any of the contestants that are left. I’m sure there are better ones they could have picked.

      I think people that want a career in music will probably try out for all of them to try to get a leg up in the very competitive music biz. The contestants go on these shows to have a chance to perform to a big audience and to build a fan base. To date, American Idol has the best track record in helping an artist after the show. Neither The Voice or the X-Factor have had any success in launching a post-show careers. Cassady Pope and Danielle Bradbury still have a chance, but we will see how well they do.

      • Sounds like X-Factor is heading for the chopping block, never had the desire to even check it out, but then again don’t watch AI and the only one that I have checked out has been The Voice, just because it seems to be one that most that comment here and elsewhere like, but that didn’t take either, lol, I guess I’m just done with singing competitions. Maybe X-Factor isn’t doing well, but I still think that these type of shows are going to be around for a while.

        The two shows that I watch, SYTYCD and DWTS are both showing some wear. SYTYCD barely made to cut to be renewed for one more season and DWTS changed their format to just one day a week, so I’m seeing a downward trend. Will miss both when they do go off the air. I want DWTS to hold off a couple more seasons because I want David to be a contestant, hahahahahaha!!! Man I’m really dreaming.

    • It goes to show how easily a large amount of money can be mismanaged, and how important it is to pay the taxes on the money. Hope David has a good accountant in charge of his money.

    • Agree with you about XFactor Grammyj. I saw that article about Aaron Carter-desertrat. Too bad and interesting about WEG’s involvement. I just do not think David could have the money that some think he might have. David did not come from a wealthy family. I know that I do not mind sharing that I struggle and I have a job. I think that many are. Yes-I hope David has a good accountant. cq-That is why I kind of wonder about David’s desire for a music career. idk. Time will tell-like I keep stating. lol.

  18. Kind of off topic but still pertaining to David’s career. I guess some fan asked Kari when she was going to send the last bash of cards to David and her reply was maybe May or June. Now I guess maybe this fan was trying to find out when he would be returning and Kari just was messing with her. Pretty harmless, but still it annoyed me, no communication, not even anything to get fans excited for his return and this….sorry for the rant.

    • cq right after that Kari said ‘hahaha’ to that tweeter.. she was trying to get an idea from Kari when David was coming back and when I asked just that question she answered lol next year.
      bet she is not going to divulge when he is returning.. not good if fans show up at the airport. private thing his return I would bet. family and friends would imagine.

    • cq ha and haven’t you figured it out yet.. David is special.

      • I know kimak I did say that she was just messing with her, but it still annoyed me,lol. I just guess that I would like the team to be more proactive about getting us excited about his return instead of heaven forbid that we get an idea as to when he returns. Btw, she made it perfectly clear that NO FAN was to be at the airport when he returns because it was of course a very private affair, I really don’t think she has to worry. Only diehard fans are even interested at this time and all these fans would honor her request. It really is becoming very clear to me that there is no plan in place and that no one in the team is doing anything at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Kari and she has done a good job in David’s behave, but still I guess this whole waiting is just kind of getting to me, lol.

      • cq my guess this is David’s choice

      • I agree Kimak. I do not think it is Kari’s decision to make. I like Kari and to be honest I like her connections to JT. Scandal is such a good show.

      • cq bottom line all up to David what will be.. does he or doesn’t he want a career in music.
        soon we’ll see.

      • Marie would imagine she is just following orders. also love her connection to JT.. hope if needed she can help David some with ‘connections’ if he so chooses.

  19. You guys are right I too don’t think that its Kari’s choice, David is in the driver’s seat. Also agree with you too about the connection with JT, might help in some way.

  20. I have been unable to post using Blisskasden since Weds night. Hopefully, my new word press acct. will solve the problem.

  21. same here, havent been able to post, comments just disappear.

  22. interesting I can post on my phone but not from my computer.

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