Sunday Carol Series: This Christmas

A very “Soul David Christmas”! 😛


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  1. This song was by far my favorite of the night! He owned it. Soul fits him like a glove.

  2. Collegemom, IMO, American Idol had a cash cow in David and made sure that he was never voted off the show. Then, in order to gain some cred with their older audience (the one’s who buy their advertiser’s products), they threw him under the bus and gave the title to a grossly inferior talent (but hell of a nice guy), David Cook.

    I was a never a big fan of the song “Longer” when it was out in the ’70s, but I gotta give kudos to David. He gave it the Archuleta touch, and I enjoyed his performance of it.

    David needs to put out a kick ass CD that shows his enormous talent, versatility and range, and get the American Idol monkey off his back once and for all. I think the reason he is so successful in Asia is because the public there was not force fed the AI view of David week in and week out for 4 months, and they get to see him as he really is in the present.

    • Do you have a lot of close Asian fan-friends, Bliss? I do and they showed me that AI was a HUGE deal in SE Asia while the Davids were on. I asked one friend, a Flilipino living in Hong Kong, why our David was so attractive to Asians. She thought for a bit and said that his humble character fit in well with their culture and that he is really attractive and has perfect ears. Yes, ears. Anyway, this is my example of how maybe I don’t always know what other people, particularly from different cultures, are seeing.

      I think one reason David continued to be so popular in the Philippines was the cooperative PR relationship his record label there developed with his Filipino fan sites. Some of those fans worked their butts off for him! There’s that PR thing again. How do we get new people to open their eyes/minds and see David once more?

  3. Missbianca, I think a lot of his popularity in Asia is based on the kind of person David is, and that young people there relate, in a positive way, to David’s persona. In a lot of ways, countries like the Philippines reflect the way America “used’ to be. If you look at the young male artists of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, they are similar (but not as talented) to David. That kind of young artist is celebrated in Asia, but mocked in the U.S. Look how respectfully he was treated on that SIS show in the Philippines by the women who hosted the show and all the artists who sang his songs.

    David is a victim of the times in which he lives, and the country in which he lives. David would have to “dumb it down” to make it big in his home country today, something he does not have to do in Asia, and pretty soon, in Latin America. I’d love to see David achieve success in the U.S., but not at the expense of his musical or personal integrity.

    • Well, imo, I feel that David can have success in the U.S. and without the expense of personal integrity.
      He just needs to have kick ass songs that will match his kick ass voice, lol.

  4. I believe it’s a little more complicated than that. According to the article I mentioned a little while ago, the colonial history and other factors influence the entertainment tastes of today, particularly in the Philippines. The article stated that they have prejudice against darker skinned people and have a strong
    preference for people with glamorous looks, both which favor David.

  5. If there were one magical formula for success in the music business the music managers and labels would be using it. As far as I have been able to tell there isn’t one. It takes a whole lot of luck together with charisma, money and opportunity. Talent seems to be down the list, unfortunately. One of the big selling Christmas albums this week is the Duck Dynasty Christmas album.

  6. David’s voice is all I need to get by BUT the obvious channeling of his soul includes the music being expressed in dance. Do you remember the show he did with Jordan Sparks? Sam Moore comes on and David gets up on the stage. Probably David being so humble and respectful kept his voice out of it. But he did dance. Soul Man has some moves. I am not asking for a fully choreographed performance just for David to let his inner soul out to play more.

    Lupe is shown out in the audience and she is chair dancing up a storm! I think he has rhythm and it is in his blood to move more. I think he probably is still somewhat shy about dancing in public.

    I can just imagine if David came out singing in Spanish and did some salsa moves. I can only speak for myself when I say I would be KILLDID.

  7. Sorry Lupe is shown chair dancing on the youtube video collegemom posted up above. Collegemom thanks for reminding me about this video. I am watching it again and again along with the other Star Search vids. 🙂

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