Speaking of TMI

I just realized it’s been awhile since my last post, and also I think it’s time for a poll! 🙂

But lest I come off as “David-family-bashing” here, I thought I would just focus on the positives! 😛

What say you, Soul Davidians?


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  1. The mission tweets.

  2. LOL! Well, some of these leaks were from stealthy fans, I think? Anyway, I voted for the wedding photos and I think those came from fans. But I believe my favorite of all leaks forever and ever will be new music leaks. And I could use one of those about now.

  3. I always believed the new music leaks came more from the “team” not from the fam.

  4. Interesting poll, love it. I voted for none, but I would have to say, my favorite if I had to choose would be the white pajamas leak…had to laugh so hard when I read some of the comments, it was almost like it was of him naked. The least would be about him being religiously devout, first of all, I hate that is only because I feel that will effect his music career and not in a good way. Btw, devout is the problem I have and that would be if he was in ANY religion.

  5. My least favorite was the mission leak, it was depressing but I wasn’t sure to believe it, however we all know what happened. I enjoyed the wedding pictures and the ultrasound picture didn’t bother me. I have to agree with KH, my favorite is David’s leaked songs.

  6. My favorite were all the song leaks, I’ve always felt they were a well orchestrated and engenius move by his team (whoever they might be) to generate buzz..and it worked! Although I do have to admit the mission leaks took on a life of their. Little did we know at the time what that the wisdom teeth, and riding a bike for hours in the mountains was leading up to. Any thoughts as to who leaked the whole mission secret?

  7. Candy, I thought someone said it was Daniel. I could be wrong.

  8. potluck8, thats what I heard too, who knows if its true.

  9. Okay, in the interest of accurate journalism and the people’s need to know, I checked the pj photo at Rickey’s, and studied it closely, lol, and they are pajama bottoms with a white t-shirt. Here is the caption on the original post:

    “There’s a new David Archuleta Scandal!

    Claudia Archuleta, David’s older sister, posted this picture of David Archuleta in pajamas — which apparently made a group of people over at IdolForums very upset. Really? David in PJs is upsetting? Anyway, she also wrote a couple details like: David Archuleta’s favorite ice cream flavor is: Strawberry and Banana, and that he doesn’t watch any movies with nudity. The only R-rated movie he has ever seen in his life was “The Matrix”. She also described herself as “corrupted” and David Archuleta always tells her to… repent

    I need to interview her. She’s awesome.

    Repent Claudia! Repent!”

    • David, David, David, you need to loosen up.

      • David just needs to be David and not ever feel that he has to bow to public opinion and follow his own path.

      • Lol, cq. I’m sure it’s just a family joke, but if he were really telling people to repent, I would say, “Yes, you need to bow to public opinion, and knock it off.”

        I voted the mission leak as my favorite, but really, “favorite” isn’t the right word–more like “most interesting” rumor.

  10. David in his own private personal philosophical and theological conversations with others needs to bow to no public opinion. Outside his personal conversations of which we are not actually a party to, I have never heard anyone he has ever worked with say that he was anything other than thoughtful and respectful of others and their beliefs and seemed to enjoy being around all types of people from various belief backgrounds.

    • Got it, but I still would like him to loosen up, and btw, I’m a zillion percent sure that he isn’t going to bow down to what I say or what anyone else says for that matter, other than maybe what his church says.

    • Maybe my levity wasn’t coming through…I’ll add some lol’s and ha ha’s…

      “I’m sure it’s just a family joke, lol, but IF he were really telling people to repent, ha ha, I would say, ‘Yes, you need to bow to public opinion, lol, and knock it off.’ Ha ha.”

  11. What is the real scoop in Conditioner?

    • The “real scoop” per TG aka Toxic Glitter:

      Ok so his one fish is named Conditioner because he loves to swim in the bathtub, and when he first got him, David put him in the bathtub after his sister poured a bottle of hair conditioner in there lol.

      David’s really silly, he actually has a few gold fish and some other pets lol. He loves animals to death and would probably run a zoo if he could manage lol. He also loves to sing to his goldfish lol, and he talks to it. It’s kind of funny but cute”


  12. My least favorite was the mission tweet. I couldn’t believe it then & after seeing his performances in his MKOC tour, meeting & speaking with him at the VIP’s I most certainly did not believe it! He gave no indicaton at all he would be leaving for 2 years, in fact just the opposite. When he announced that he would in fact be going on a mission, I was, to put it mildly, shocked. My first thought was how stupid I was for thinking he was on a mission to turn the music industry upside down. That’s how good he was. Except he was thinking of a totally different mission! haha!

    My favorite “leak” was his recording of “Senseless”. It’s not the best produced recording he’s done and he was probably only 17 when he recorded it but it is different than anything we had heard from David. It’s a pop/soul goove & I love it. Besides a Spanish album, I hope he does more soul & R&B. I realize many of his “older” fans want David to be another Groban or Buble, but he can sing jazzy, soulful rings around those two. They are true-blue crooners. David is above & beyond just a crooner.

    I know I’m senseless….

    • I’m with you – I love soulful David and when he is really into the music and the audience, he soul just flows out of him or just fiddling around when the his guitarist was having a momentary problem with his guitar so David just did whatever he felt like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVVBGcOhXfM

    • Hey, are you calling me older?! I’m not ready to own up to that description yet. Haha! I agree he can sing “soulful rings” around those two as you say. I would like for him to have a career similar to them or better. I agree he could be very sucessful singing jazzy music or R&B soul.

      Senseless is probably my favorite of his originals too, Senseless!

  13. I voted for the mission tweets.

  14. My fav family leak was “another incident” — back in the day when jeff was on twitter, we learned he was building a studio in the garage and that the boys were getting new guitars. For a while, I was waiting for D to make a video of himself playing guitar in that studio. 😉

    My least fav leaks were the mission leak and those where siblings seemed to leak trivial information re. D. The leaks seemed to be a pleas for attention with undertones of resentment.

    Leaks that bothered me the most were the ones by a couple of D’s longtime, music associates. I ain’t calling names, lol.

    My most desired leak right now? Info re. the whereabouts of Daniel. Is he on a mission too?

    • I’m quite certain you have to be a practicing Mormon to be a Mormon missionary, so I doubt Daniel is on a mission. 🙂 Although he’s certainly been quiet, so a mission would explain that–maybe he’s changed since David left? I haven’t heard anything, and I haven’t asked since it’s really not my business. But, I’m kind of curious too. Funny how both he and #mic are now the quietest of them all.

      • Why do people say that Daniel isn’t practicing? I recall that his Facebook “liked” things like “LDS missionaries,” “Gordon B. Hinckley Movie” and something about the temple. Just curious.

      • P.S. I was also wondering why it was said that David’s family wasn’t practicing when he was growing up. Is there inside information, or is it just a judgement people make based on appearances?

      • Yes-Utahmom, I agree. Isn’t it interesting that Daniel and #mic are so quiet. I am curious. Is #mic gainfully employed and has this great job that he is not telling anyone about. Hope So. lol

  15. Oh boy…at a loss for words!

    Autumn ‏@toocute4words
    @kariontour Will you be sending a special box to David’s family where we can send Congratulations & baby gifts to Claudia & her husband? 🙂

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 8h
    @toocute4words Yes I will!

  16. What with David’s YT channel, I know that Kari is aware of the problem, but it’s been a while now and yet no word from the team as if that’s not important to his career, but oh heck, lets all send gifts to a family member of David because that will really help his career. Sorry about the rant, but this is getting a bit weird to me. Imo, what I think his team should be working on is getting his fans excited about his return to his MUSIC CAREER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That really makes no sense to me but if some fans want to send a gift let them. I just do not get it. lol. I agree-It really should just be all about his return to his music career at this point not his family.

    • This is a little off-topic from yours, but it reminded me of a pet peeve of mine. When we were at the MKOC VIP, I saw this large table chock full of Christmas gifts, and I assumed that it was Toys for Tots, or maybe something to do with the ChildFund program. But I was informed that they were all gifts for David. I don’t understand the desire to flood someone with gifts who a) has plenty of money, and b) has said that he doesn’t really want a lot of stuff. Why do people do this, especially if they’ve just shelled out $200 to attend the VIP?

  17. Confession time – right now the leaks I look forward to are not from his family but from his fellow missionaries in Chile. I know this is deemed by some as off limits which I never understood why. The information is mainly from the PUBLIC mission website and some mission blogs that are public. If we didn’t have these pictures and information we wouldn’t have seen a picture of David since last Christmas and words from David since his liner notes of NMHF. I know I’m suppose to only be interested in David’s music but because of his AI appearances, blogs, vlogs, interviews, etc. I am also interested in David the person. I’m glad he seems to be healthy, happy, and getting the opportunity to sing a lot.

    • Actually that to me is more about his career than having the focus on one of his family members. That complete silence to his fans from David is ridiculous, imo, and getting very old.

    • I’m the same way, Grammyj. Here’s a little missionary blurb I never saw before. It’s from a year ago.
      “..my comp is from chile and he is literally the number one piano player that there is in
      chile,he is the most professional that you can get, he can play any
      song you want, i thought i would get him with ” we are the champpions”
      but no.. he is amazing, i want him to teach me. him and elder
      archuleta practice together all the time for devotionals and stuff, so
      you can imagine how great it is to hear elder archuleta twice a week
      for free haha….”

  18. A couple of people have commented in the past, that so-and-so (family member) isn’t a practicing Mormon. The reason I keep asking about those comments is that to me, his family presents themselves as Mormon, with their Facebook likes, attendance at the big conferences, and especially with Jeff’s numerous pro-LDS comments to fans. Is there insider buzz in Utah, that we don’t hear, or are those comments based on an assumption that all practicing Mormons have a certain image?

    • Does it really matter? If someone did have ‘inside info’ why would they share it with fans? The family’s private life is just that. Private.

      • Yep that ultrasound pic was very private.

      • Lol. And now she’s going to also receive gifts from fans for the baby.

      • I agree with Annoyed on this.

        How can Claudia’s ultrasound be judged as too private to share with fans while gossipy info on Daniel and Jeff is not?

      • Well, seems some family members DO share what should be private matters with David’s fans. More so than David would like I suspect.

        It was just a matter of time before the “send gifts for baby” would be posted. I guess if fans want to send gifts for the baby, it’s their prerogative, however knowing David, he would probably prefer that fans send donations to the Philippines for the people who are in dire need of help.

        David used to receive loads & loads of gifts from fans. So many that it became a frustration for him. Does anyone ever wonder what he did with all the gifts he received? I’ll wager he DONATED most of the gifts he received. Otherwise he would have needed to rent a storage unit. lol!

      • Annoyed, that’s exactly my point. If claims are made about people’s apparent lack of faithfulness to their family’s church, why? If the family presents themselves as Mormon, why judge them?

      • I do not think it is gossipy at all to be curious about what someone’s job status is or if they are going to college or working at a job. That to me is not gossip. The ultra sound picture to me is TMI but to each is own. lol. I do agree that David would probably rather have his fans donate to the Philippines where they are in dire need than buy a baby gift. That makes more sense to me.

    • cc halo, actually would like for David not to be a tbm, but really don’t care about the rest of the family. One thing that is so annoying to be is when friends/family that post their personal religious beliefs on facebook with inspirational sayings, pic of etc. not that many however, thank goodness, but it does seem that in the Mormon community that’s done by everyone. Missionaries for life I guess.

      • Does everything always have to be about Mormons for you? (I am not Mormon). Every negative thing that you say always seems to have to throw David’s religion into it in a negative way. Every singer/actor/etc. has religious beliefs that if you follow closely you could find out about. It gets so tedious – over and over and over. David is Mormon. He practices his religion. That includes going away as a missionary for 2 years (which will actually improve his career by making him totally fluent in Spanish as a side benefit). He will come home from his mission. He will still be Mormon. He will still sing at whatever services, etc. he wants to, just like Catholics do and Baptists do and whatever else other religions do or don’t do. All I want is for him to make music that I can buy and have concerts that I can attend. I don’t care about what he does in his own down time – religious or otherwise. I care about his public time and I really wish every discussion didn’t keep going over and over and over it all again. Music. That’s what I want.

      • Older not Old Fan

        Ditto, collegemom. I imagine the standard reply is forthcoming.

        Put my reply in wrong place, so sorry lol

      • Hey, I was just replying to cchalo comment. You see because it is such a huge part of him and seems to actually be intertwined with his career is why I comment about it. You have your point of view and I respect it.

        Thank you for your kind words.

      • Older not Old Fan

        Actually he is trying not to intertwine them. His fans seem to be doing that.

        And also, your welcome. Let to help anyway I can.

      • Whatever happen to skipping the comments you don’t want to read. Btw, I would feel the same way if David was any religion that I felt effected his music career. But, as I’ve said so many times before, it’s only the way I see it, has NOTHING to do with what is true or even what anyone else thinks. By saying that I’m negative is just as trying as me comment about religion.

  19. Older not Old Fan

    Ditto, Collegemom. I imagine the standard reply is forthcoming.

    • I agree with Collegemom. Cq it is getting SO old listening to your whiny crap. Yes we get you have hateful feelings toward the LDS religion. I’m sick of hearing it from you! Cchalo too. Can you both just knock it off? If you have this much of a problem with David’s religion then go be a fan of someone else! I’m just sick of it.

      • Hello! Do you actually think it’s fair to insinuate that David’s family isn’t practicing their own religion? Did I insinuate that? No, I didn’t. I questioned why someone would insinuate it. Can you not even read?

      • Why yes I can read! In fact, I remember reading the comments on another website where you said quite sarcastically that Mormon missionaries never pester anyone during their two years! Hmmm is it just me, or was there a little bitterness in that comment? You all need to get off your high horses. I’m sick of dumb people thinking they know everything about everyone and making judgements. If you all really knew the truth I don’t think you’d be so happy. I’m going to leave you all with that. Say I’m a troll. Don’t care. I know the truth and that’s good enough for me! Bye!

      • Lol, I thought that was a pretty apt response to someone complaining about Gladys “pestering” the missionaries about attending the devotional. I think it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Hey Annoyed if you know the truth why not share.

  20. In case I wasn’t clear, I don’t actually WANT inside info on David’s younger brother, I am just asking why put it out there to begin with?

  21. Here’s a leak, never listed:
    (it was leaked to me)
    A certain longtime music associate, when teased about his large tattoo of a naked woman on his arm, and what, if anything, David had to say about it, said “David has never judged me on this or anything. He doesn’t judge people ever.”

  22. Good question cc halo. But I bet that there will be no answer to it. lol. I honestly do not believe that cq or cc halo or anyone else that posts here (including myself) are being hateful but whatever. To each his own.

  23. Like it or not, everyone has a right to their opinions about anything. It’s called Freedom of Speech. Seems we all also have the freedom to SKIP OVER the comments we don’t like or find offensive instread of putting down the commenter. I happen to agree with CQ’s perspective on what effect David’s religion may have on his future career choices.

    And yes, I agree the “leak” Scout brought up is the kind of person I always imagined David is behind the scenes in his career and in his personal life…except when he would tell his siblings to “Repent”… just kidding!!!

    • Older not Old Fan

      So if you don’t like my response to a comment, skip over it. It’s freedom of speech for me too.

    • It gets very old hearing the same people saying negative things about my religion and, sorry, I’m not going to sit back and be quiet about it anymore! I have tried to ignore them for a year and a half and I am DONE. I WILL defend what I believe in when ignorant people are, yes, BASHING it.

      • You have every right to your opinion absolutely without question. You said you had the truth, please share. I have never said anything that I thought was false.
        Please don’t just come and comment when you are angry, comment to keep what you feel needs to be said that of course, I would assume would be in a big positive only light. That’s what’s wonderful about free speech.

        I have very strong feelings regarding what might effect David’s music career, but let me tell you, I would be overjoyed if I was completely wrong and would absolutely make that statement as to how wrong I was.

        Imo, David needs as many fans as he can get, even me.

      • I think cq makes a good point, and it’s actually a discussion we have had here long ago. If you respond to what you see as a falsehood about your church, or anything, address it before you reach the boiling point and start attacking the person, instead of the idea.

        For example, on the last thread, I posted what I thought was a cute thing the missionaries say at the point of the mission where David now is–“6 months to sexy.” Before the conversation could go too far in the direction of worrying about the pressure to marry young in the LDS church, A Lurker posted that her kids were LDS, mid-20’s and had no problem with that issue. Boom. Problem averted, and an opportunity was taken to break down a stereotype with no one being attacked.

  24. I realise that my little story isn’t a *leak*. Just a small real thing.
    I’m not religious in the least, but I am tired of the bashing, disguised as “just my opinion.”

    • Scout thanks. that is how I see David.

    • So you are saying that I should never have an opinion about religion because it’s not my opinion it’s only bashing.
      I do realize that I have a big group of fans that would just love for me to stop commenting, stop being a fan and generally go away. Hum, whether you think that I’m only bashing and never say anything positive is really your and others opinions, hey you have yours and I have my opinion/bashing.

      • Older not Old Fan

        Lol. I’m raising my hand.

      • Older not old fan, raising your hand that you want me gone, lol. nice. Hey at least your honest and that’s being a very nice supportive fan, unlike me, bad, bad, bad person, lol. Good for you, so glad David has you on his side, I guess with that I will leave with my head hung down in shame, NOT!!!

      • I never said you should never have an opinion about religion. Never.
        I wish I’d never said anything, it is difficult to get a point across here. I apologize if anything I said hurt or offended you. All I wanted to do is tell a sweet David story and boom, I was sucked into the drama.
        It bothers me no end when people are hurt. Clearly not everyone feels this way. And NO, that wasn’t directed at you.
        And now I’ll slide out of here.

  25. Btw, I never said that David was judgmental and I feel he isn’t at all.

  26. Yipeeee, David YT channel is working again, thanks Kari/team!!!!

  27. So anyway, where does Daniel live & with whom? He’s an adult now, old enough to have a job & be out on his own. Just wondering because he seemed to want to have a career in music and he can play guitar so I always thought he would accompany David as part of his band. I have to say he is as good or better by now than David’s last guitar player from his MKOC tour. That guy was not very good. The best guitar player David has EVER had & he’s had many, was Brian Green who was with David for I thhink three gigs, Nashville, Myrtle Beach & SLC 4th of July. He was very very good, as good as Tom Hopkins and of course there was the guy with the naked lady tattoo. lol!

    Or maybe Daniel doesn’t want to work for David. I do still think Dad is still on David’s Team and the one making all the major **cough-cough** decisions while David is gone. Honestly, why not? Who else would David trust to have his best interests at heart? Somebody has to be at the helm and it’s not Kari. That is not her job. Her job is to be the liason between David & the fans such as it is.

    • Steve Fekete was excellent, both on the AOL recordings and the first Christmas Tour. Very professional and highly trained. Would love to see him back again too.

    • Wonder if David took a guitar with him to practice. I can just picture him on stage accompanying himself and singing (actually anything, lol) a Spanish song…don’t know if I could survive though, lol.

    • I guess I’m always so caught up with David that I don’t notice the skills of the guitar players that much. Why do you say the last guitar player wasn’t very good? What should I be looking for that he didn’t have?

  28. I think people are going to respond to the conversation at hand with their own perspective, which may be predicatable. Skip over it if you don’t want to read it again. It would more likely be qualified as bashing if it was brought up out of the blue and out of context.

  29. I wonder about Daniel too, but his life has successfully been private for awhile. When David’s post idol career began we heard quite a bit from Daniel. He had a twitter and did a few appearances with David. David said Daniel was a good songwriter. Daniel had some songs on you-tube. After the massage parlor incident Daniel’s twitter was shut down, and we didn’t hear much about him. It must have been hard for him to be the brother of talented David who also rarely did anything wrong. Daniel must not want a career in music as he doesn’t have any new music online. Maybe David’s experience turned him off from trying to do music too. I’ve heard he lived with Jeff, but have no idea what he is doing now. Hopefully he is going to college somewhere.

    • Who knows though, maybe Daniel will play guitar in David’s band when he returns. He did play for him a few times.

  30. Can’t we all just get along ? haha

  31. Scout if you are none other than scout1971 from Rickey. org I am very happy to “see” you. It has been many years!

  32. I personally don’t mind when people share their opinions here, and this includes CQ and CC. I wouldn’t want them to go away. Just my .02.

  33. I like the various opinions in this site and that there’s not an imposed way of thinking.
    For me, i see religion as a positive thing and I don’t think that being “religious” can impact negatively David’s personnality and career. He seems to only have taken what is good in religion, the good values and he always seemed to know the importance of separating something as private as his faith from his public life. I don’t think that the religion can stop an artist from being creative or doing what they like the most (There are many religious persons who are also great artists). I think that his religiosity (i’m sorry, i don’t know if this word exists in English) is more of an asset for him when he sings even when it’s not religious songs. In other words, I don’t think that it’s his religion that holds him back in certain aspects regarding his career but it’s more his lack of confidence and his self consciousness, in the sense that I think that he put too much pressure on him self, especially due to his “good rôle model” image. Oh, and add to that a really bad management team who didn’t find the way to market someone as talented as David to a large public.
    Finally, regarding his music and his career, I think that it would be great for him to collaborate with a popular (and preferably respected) artist. I think that he could benefit from it in terms of publicity and also it could help him gaining new fans and maybe even some credibility.

  34. roster (aka ray )

    JUST MY OPINON.cq,you loosen up on the releigon, bit. the ultrasound pic was frist on claudis facebook ,and some nosiey fan,odsted it on a site,which i supposed,started a rif of treets to kari,hense it wasposted on david site. marrie,what is your age,do yuo work,what do you do,how manny children do you hace,did you go to college,as a fan of davids which you say you are i want to no all about you,and cq,and all the others..how about thatthen i can post all the info on all the other sites,thanking you in advance ray

    • Roster/Ray, re. questions about Daniel, I think a stronger analogy would be to compare questions regarding Daniel to similar questions asked about some of the fans who used to post regularly but haven’t been heard from for over a year. Daniel had been a part of the fanbase community just like some of the former posters. You wonder about them because you got to know them. As you got to know them, you began to care about them. No one is trying to start gossip about that young man; there are questions re. his whereabouts merely because he matters to some of us. What I will concede is that NO, it isn’t any of my business. But as a human being, I’m still curious.

    • Could you also use spell check?? lol.

  35. roster (aka ray) No one cares about me as I do not really care about your opinions of me. Never have and never will. lol. I really only care about David’s music career not the family but his father ( unfortunately IMO) was and is part of his music career/team. By the way my 80 year old mother ( who is also a fan) feels the same way and she supports that David is on this mission. So I do not think it is out of line to inquire if #mic has a job. lol. Does he?? By the way I notice that you did not mention anyone else in your comments when others here had the same questions. Do you really believe that other fans do not have the same opinions and questions that cq has? lol They just do not post on blogs or are no longer really fans. I end with Whatever. lol.

    • roster (aka ray )

      omg what a terrible thing,people showinging love and respect for david,buy giving hem gifts, marie don,t have spell check,.i care about you .so whats your mother beeing 8o years old have any thing to do with it ,???

  36. Aww. Thanks for caring roster/ray.

  37. roster (aka ray )

    desertart, you got to know daniel,???

    • No you didn’t ‘get to know’ him. Give me a break! If he has no idea who you are then you have NO relationship with him at all! That’s what fans don’t get. They do the same with David. Forming friendships in their minds that do not exist! It’s sad.

      • In response to Ray/Roster, Yes, I did. In this virtual world, I got to know something about the individual he presented himself to be for several years online, in stickam webcams, on YouTube, etc. i saw enough of him to wonder what he’s doing now. I know it’s none of my business but that doesn’t stop me from wondering and caring about his well being.

        And Roster/Ray I also know something about your on-screen persona too. As a matter of fact, after reading your posts on various sites for several years, I can predict which posts on this website you will respond to, what you will most likely say and how you will spell some of your words. If you stopped posting for a year without telling anyone in the virtual community “why”, I’m sure some posters on several fansites would wonder how you’re doing and would that they would miss your onscreen presence. As you read further up in this thread, one can see where even Annoyed has read enough posts to form opinions about certain posters.

      • Typo alert… Omit “would that” in 3rd line from bottom.

      • ITA: desertrat. Some very good points. By the way Roster/Ray. Because you do care so much- I did go to college-have a 4 year degree. I have had a job for the past 31 years. I work 9-5 M-F and some weekends. That to me is not personal information but that is just me. You are correct that my family has nothing to do with this BUT I am not a music artist or celebrity that has a career that depends on the fans. David needs the fans to have a career and yes they can be intrusive but that is just the way it is. Can’t change that unless you do not want a music career. That is why they hire a professional music managment and PR team for their career not family members. So again maybe you or annoyed know this as you appear to know everything- lol.-Does #mic have a job??

      • #mic is David’s Dad -Jeff. Just so you know. lol.

      • Yes he has a job. No Daniel doesn’t.

      • Thanks Annoyed. You just answered my question.

  38. Annoyed, David works on his relationship with fans whenever he posts vlogs, blogs… whenever he speaks to us. Of course we care about him partly because of this. As for the family members, I’m not one who wants them to be a part of David’s career, personally (I think it may be hard on them, for one thing) but I do understand that some fans feel differently. Some may care about their well-being, some may feel less positive. But I do think, because David’s family has always been a big part of David’s world, and a part that he shares with fans to a degree, that it would be natural for some fans to want to know about them.

    • Adding that it’s okay for the family to stay out of the picture, no matter what the fans want. That is entirely up to David/his team and his family.

    • I agree with you, KH. It’s the curse of the Internet. As fans we can know more about David than would have been possible in the past because of his blogs, vlogs, fans taking videos, etc. Through this we got to know a lot about David and his family. Of course we don’t actually KNOW him, but we have come to care about him and his family. That can be a good thing in that David has fans that support him. It can also be a bad thing when fans invade his personal space.

  39. Agree on both points KH. Off topic but going to watch Lady Gaga on SNL tonight. Should be entertaining.

  40. Cchalo, you were wondering why I perceive David’s family as being mostly inactive. It’s just common knowledge around here; no one is judging anyone, and I don’t have insider info, although I live in a community that is unusually well connected. When David left on his mission, a lot of people I know thought it was impressive that he decided to serve, not only because he was leaving behind a promising career, but also because he came from a mostly inactive family.

    • That’s interesting, Utahmom. If it’s true, it is kind of poignant to think of him redeeming the family name. To some Utah Mormons, his family isn’t Mormon, and to some outsiders, they’re too Mormon, and he’s in the middle of it.

      I still wonder if the perception is completely true, what with all of the pictures and reports of the family in church and at the temple (including marriages), and the wearing of garments on both sides and taking potential converts into the home.

      • After pestering Utahmom the whole thread and last, It finally dawned on me what “inactive” means in regards to David’s family and how locals would be able to judge it. If their rear ends aren’t in the pews of their assigned church most every Sunday, and they don’t have jobs to do at church, they’re inactive. I was thinking of it more like some churches where you can drop into services now and then, wear the cross, or whatever, and still be “active.” Just a cultural misunderstanding.

      • No disrespect, but to be in a community that is focused on whether you go to church or not and that if you don’t you have fallen away is kind a lot pressure. It does seem like everyone is involved in each other religious business, but I guess it works for that community, so I guess it’s all good..I wouldn’t survive in that environment that’s for sure, lol

      • …in other words, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with belief, only if they’re showing up or not. Most churches, you can go to any one you want, say if your friends go to the megachurch in the next town, you can go with them and not your local congregation, and no one would know the difference. Mormons are more tight-knit.

    • Wow do they view David as kind of a savor and will help his family get back into the church?

    • It’s probably like any family. There are some family members more devout to the family’s religion than others. I hope David is not viewed as a Savior. He is human like the rest of us, and it is each of our individual decision what we believe. I certainly do not share all the same views as my brother, and he can’t “save” me.

      • You are so right Grammyj about families and maybe some of the non practicing members do respect David choice, but don’t necessarily agree like some of his fans, lol.

    • Thanks for the insightful comment Utahmom.

  41. He sure has been a savor to his family financially. lol. Not judging. Just saying.

    • roster (aka ray )

      there you go again marie, how do you know this

      • ray/roster: Just lol. Whatever. I should clarify that I meant you should use spell check when you are being so critical and judgmental of other posters comments (I am one of them). Same goes for “annoyed”. Just saying. Otherwise I don’t care as I make typos and spelling mistakes all the time myself. JMHO and you and “annoyed” are more than entitled to yours. I am more than done with this. I will not repond anymore to any post/comment that you write even if it is addressed to me. It just encourages it. Just so you know. lol I am not just a David fan. I am a fan of many music artists and this blog-not any other David sites.

      • Absolutely right, Marie. Some people say every thread turns into a religious debate, but I think, more predictably, every thread is a chance for roster/ray and a revolving door of a few others, to personally bash fellow commenters. Just be glad it’s not real life, and you have to walk around on eggshells lest you get attacked. Ideally, this is a conversation which involves ideas, which may be controversial, not a fist fight where you have beat down your opponent along with their ideas. I agree–just ignore it.

      • P.S. I agree that there is a ton of evidence that his family relied on him financially–his dad was his manager, and his mom took care of the four other kids. It’s not that controversial.

      • Marie- Please point out to me where I should have used spell check. Dumb.

      • ITA-cc halo. Agree with every word you wrote. Best to totally ignore it and not respond. I am doing that.

      • Marie, CC, cq, I agree with you all and support you.
        I feel some comments on this trhead have been vicious personal attacks and attempts to bully.

      • I join ALC for the support. I don’t understand the need to attack other posters personally. I thought we were here to share opinions and to debate on them. If you don’t agree with someone, just say why instead of acting like a troll

      • I really appreciate your support!

      • Thanks for your support.

      • I third that, thanks for your support.

  42. david could be angel/prophet! we don’t know!
    lots of crazy stuff will happen before the apocalypse.
    just sayin”

  43. i would also like to know who jeff is dating and where he’s working. just curious, not interested in dating him or anything. not right now anyway. 😉

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