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benchAs a die-hard Arch Angel, I must confess: I used to be really jealous of Justin Bieber, or at least, just jealous of the “Beliebers.”  I mean, here we were – having bought into the “American Idol turns ordinary folks into superstars” memo of the show, as so many people promised us of David when he came to our attention during Season 7.  Folks were salivating to sign him on – from Disney to David Foster – and Jive eventually gave us a hit song with “Crush.”

I think, after David didn’t eventually win the coveted crown, we had to cling to some other hope, some other narrative about David making it anyway! David will be a star no matter what!

And, as things turned out, that didn’t happen.  Not only did it not happen, but other, less than stellar artists got the superstar treatment instead!

How about that time, in 2010, when Justin Bieber got the coveted opening lines of Lionel Richie’s part in the remake of “We Are the World?” And contrast that to David being relegated to a Spanish-language version instead (just as awesome, mind you, and David’s solo part really rings out – that’s just how pure and powerful his vocals are).  Or how about the Bieb getting black/hip-hop endorsement through Usher and a Ludacris feature on his hit song “Baby”? I freely admit it: my head was spinning with envy. I thought Justin was getting the “teen stardom” treatment that our man so deserved.

But lately, when I think of the Bieb’s disgusting behavior (walking off stage, spray-painting questionable graffiti, being filmed by possible prostitutes while in bed, etc.) since touring South America (the same continent where our David is currently carrying out his religious mission), I’m now kind of appreciating the path David is taking.

justin-bieber-650-430_1Maybe a slow-burn to stardom is the way for a truly talented artist like David to go instead of the meteoric rise that a Bieber took. I can only imagine the insane pressure it must be to transition from teen star to adult star (which Biebs is doing so very awkwardly and not very attractively either, I might add).

Now I just think: I’d hate to be a Belieber.  Still proud to be an Archie.  Because, no matter what growing pains David is facing right now, at least only a select few of us who have stuck it out to follow him under the radar, will witness the awkwardness (with no TMZ cameras in tow).  Of course, even outside the public’s glare, I don’t see David taking a wrong step (unless folks consider his religious mission as such).

I guess what I’m saying is this: Pop stardom sure doesn’t seem to be all that it’s cracked up to be. Maybe life under the radar is what David needs.  As long as he’s got a mic and a way for his die-hard fans to hear him, do we really need the rest of the world to listen in?


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  1. CC Halo, how would you like it if a man posted a picture of his penis and said that “this was the organ used to create the fetus you see in this “innocuous ultrasound”?

  2. Im having a mamogram tomorrow but I have no intentions of sharing!!!! So count me among the unnarcissistic. LOL

  3. Bliss- Unless that man wants to be featured on “Perverted Justice” I say keep it to himself!!
    But I do get your point.

  4. Thank you Candy, and, by all means, I hope you get a healthy result from the test.

  5. Let’s face it, we live in a “look at me and everything about me” age. This is another reason I love David. He is the polar opposite of this, despite having more to “brag about” than almost anyone else.

    • Lol and yet we’re talking about an ultrasound that was posted on his accounts? So who are you upset with about this?

    • You think Kari posted this against David’s will? I think not. Oh well, FOD posted it on their main page, so I guess this is the one time SD has posters that are more conservative.

  6. I could care less if it was posted or not-does not offend me- but I honestly do not have any interest. It is the age of facebook and twitter where everyone posts every pic and video in their life online. I do not have facebook. lol

  7. Ali, The ultrasound is a side issue and has nothing really to do with David. I just find it noteworthy that we live in a new age where aspects of our lives that used to be seen as private are now used to garner attention from total strangers. I could see if Claudia wanted her most intimate friends and family to see this “work in progress”, but do her brother’s 1.4 million twitter followers also have to see it? I realize that to some fans of David, anything about anyone in his family is greeted as a news flash of Biblical importance, but IMO, this seemed a little self absorbed.

  8. CC Halo, it is not a baby. It is a fetus, which both legally and biologically are separate entities. An ultrasound is basically an X ray of a woman’s internal organs. How about a picture of her spleen for the world to gush over? As for “Dads” showing pics of their wives ultrasound, men do that to “brag” about how sexually potent they are. A woman’s pregnancy is “proof” of their manhood. I’m a man. I’ve been hearing that my whole life.

  9. How is this our fanbase? We will find ANYTHING to debate over. Lololol omg the ridiculousness. Hey maybe Kari will tweet out a pic of David in the womb for throwbackthursday tomorrow then we’ll really have something to talk about.

    Night all ❤

  10. Ali, lol. Believe me, if there was a “womb shot” of David, I guarantee there would a spazzfest over how “gorgeous” his umbilical chord looked.

  11. Hi there ! Did you know that the word fetus is Latin for BABY. Just sayin’ . 🙂

  12. i belive that davids team posted the pic,just to stop any further intrusion into claudes lif bu ,the over zelause fans who would talk about till hell froze over

  13. I’m going to have to agree with those folks who believe that an ultrasound pic is simply just TMI!!

    Then again, I’m not surprised.

    Really, hasn’t David’s fam (more than David himself) been seriously “thirsty” for all the attention? They were the ones (#mic included) who were always “leaking” stuff to the always-thirsty-for-more fanbase.

    I personally don’t care about their business and don’t need any drip-drip of info. even in this awfully long ArchuDrought!

    • To be honest, and I was and am ecstatic that David continued his twitter account and I think he (and I too) totally trust Kari to have his back. However, when the photo was posted my first thought was “I can not believe that David would ever in a million years have posted that” . I am sure he gave the go-ahead to post it or it or information that turned out to be the “photo” because Kari would never post anything without his permission but if he were here doing his twitter in person, I bet we would not have seen it because he would be having direct conversations with his sister, etc. and we would have had a funny, happy comment about her having a baby. I think this is one time where David’s being far away and in somewhat limited contact allowed something to go out that he probably just said “ok” but would not have done if he were here.

    • Although I wasn’t offended by the picture, but was very puzzled as to why that was ok, but other things were not because it would be infringing in their private lives. As far as the David family goes, I agree with you about them, A lot of fans eat that up and put his family in a pedestal right next to David, ok, maybe with the exception of Jeff, lol.

    • I agree with you hg. Well Stated.

    • The good thing about posting an ultrasound of David’s sister’s baby, is that most of us really enjoy seeing it, while those that don’t, don’t have to pay any attention. Plus, those that like to raise a stink about it can knock themselves out, lol.

      • I agree with that-Don’t really care about the picture one way or the other. I just hope that his family is not part of his professional music management “team” when David returns. JMHO.

  14. It is rather ironic that Claudia gives permission for her ultrasound to be shared on David’s twitter and Facebook, but he hasn’t posted a picture of himself since last Christmas. David and his top secret mission.

    • Yep that top secret mission… doesn’t make sense and will never make sense to me, actually going on that type of a mission doesn’t make sense to me, but makes sense to a lot of other people, I’m just a speck in the galaxy, even smaller than a speck, lol..oh well..it’s almost over, it’s almost over, it’s almost over….then we all can go back to spazzing, speculating etc about a career that is actually happening, lol.

    • I think if you read the blogs of David’s fellow missionaries, you will see why he keeps it top secret. It’s pretty hair-raising what they think of us non-Mormons.

  15. I love Miranda Sings:

  16. When Colleen is not Miranda, she’s a real singer:

  17. IMHO, it would be completely out of character for David to post an intimate, personal X ray of his sister’s reproductive organ on his Twitter account. David does not “go there”. As for Claudia herself “approving ” the pic, I seem to remember seeing a video where she asked David to chew a cookie, spit the chewed cookie into her hand so she could sell it on Ebay. David is visibly mortified at her bizarre request and, of course, does not comply. I would be very surprised if David gave the go ahead to posting this pic on his twitter acct, but who knows, he may have “evolved” on the subject.

    • I doubt you’ve seen the pic of her interlocking tongues with her husband for a young couple’s Facebook group, haha. I’m seeing a huge cognitive dissonance between your elevated image of David and his embarrassingly normal family.

      • CC-I saw that on my first trip to SLC , Daniels antics at then 14, made me laugh. He was ducking out the back door of a club with his GF while Jeff was coming in the front door trying to find him. Like I said earlier it was very clear then that David was very different from other members of his family. Cognitive dissonance is a perfect discription.

      • CCHalo, Damn it, I missed the pic of Claudia and her husband tongue-locking. I always miss the good stuff, LOL. As for my “elevated image” of David, I don’t think it’s an image at all. After observing David for these last 5 years, what I see is an exceptional person who embodies countless positive behaviors and characteristics that manifest in “real “life. It’s not my view of David that’s elevated, it’s David himself that lives his life in an elevated manner, and I, fortunately, am able to see the truth in that behavior. I assume that all of his fans can see it. I mean, what’s not to see?

        As for the rest of his family, they are who they are. They seem like nice enough folks, but I have a suspicion that David is the genius of the Jeff and Lupe brood.

      • Maybe there still hope for David becoming more edgy after reading about his family, hahahaha!!!!

  18. InnerCircleQueen

    Maybe David will marry an “older woman” when he
    “returns”(hehe), and maybe I will be there, and maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll take photos! 😉

  19. That is one of my favorite videos from the AI tour. It was just a very candid and relaxed moment of David with a fan that was captured on video. lol.

  20. the ultrasound pic was too much info for me too. however, i’d love to know (in general) what jeff and daniel are up to.

    re. biebs, miley, gaga, etc., i’m old enough to have seen their antics before. i wander if it’s very stressful for miley and gaga to have to find ways to do something more shocking each time they appear on an awards show. re. biebs, he seriously needs to take a break; he’s been working non-stop since the age of 15.

  21. Yes- I Agree with you desertrat. I would really like to know what David’s Dad is up to. Strange that there have been no reports from fans as to what exactly Jeff is doing these past 2 years. I mean he was part of the team for David’s professional music career. Still think he is. I will not even comment on what I think about that. LOL. I agree that the Biebs needs to take a long break but he is still making money for everyone on those tours so it will not happen now.

  22. roster (aka ray )

    thank god we still have 5 month.s to snoop into davids life, and find a family menber to slander,

    • Yes. What an outrageous invasion of privacy. It’s not that they post ultrasounds or anything.

    • Ray, no one is slandering any of David’s family. Hopefully David’s siblings have David’s quirky sense of humor. If you’re referring to my reference to the infamous “cookie incident”, it was a public video posted on YouTube. BTW, I wonder what a half chewed cookie from David would have fetched on EBay. Claudia might have made a killing.

      Being the brother of a celebrity with 1.4 million followers got Claudia her 15 minutes of fame on Twitter. I wonder how her daughter will feel years from now when she realizes that all these fans of her famous uncle got to see her developing in the womb, and without any clothes on to boot.

    • slan·der
      the action or crime of making a FALSE SPOKEN statement damaging to a person’s reputation.
      “he is suing the TV network for slander”
      “I’ve had just about all I can stomach of your slanders”
      synonyms: defamation (of character), character assassination, calumny, libel; More
      verb: slander; 3rd person present: slanders; past tense: slandered; past participle: slandered; gerund or present participle: slandering
      make FALSE and damaging statements about (someone)

      Writing true things are not slander, or libel, either.

  23. I do not feel for the Bev at all . he has more than enough money and doesn’t have to work!

  24. My comment posted before I was finished,. I feel for the young people who emulate Bieber, as far as not having to work maybe he is under a contract and if he did quit he would be sued, but I think the public needs a break from him.

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