Sunday Carol Series: Feliz Navidad

While I will always have Verona, this was one carol I wish the Voice had performed:


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  1. Such a fun song, can’t wait for more of that kind of light and fun songs from him, if that’s ever going to happen…crossing fingers.

    • Don’t see why that won’t happen. David has always been great at choosing a mixture of song styles, not just all ballads.

  2. Agree about this song being a good song for Davd to sing. Really like it.

  3. This was one of my fav performances during the Christmas tour. There’s one clip of him walking into the audience to sing it and you can see everyone just scream, lol. Also, glad to see the Snarkies back; I hope they stick around.

  4. On my xfinity homepage I came across this, One-hit wonder where are they now. It went up to 2007. Of course I thought of David and even though I did see all the way to the end and of course hoping that David wasn’t also included amongst this group. Not to say that these artists are losers they are not, but I just think that David is so talented that he deserves to be recognized as such…he needs more hits, dang it, lol.

  5. 5 year anniversary for the little red cd. 5 years later really didn’t think he would been in this place with his career. Hoping that good things will come his way regarding his career. Of course I also want good things to happen to him personally, but I’m a fan of his voice/singing, so that’s where I’m interested to see what happens.
    Going through his videos, I come across a lot of comments about how they love him because he is so angelic and so good along with a heavenly voice. Got me thinking, I wonder if he would still have these fans if say he fill off the perch (for lack of a better word). JMO, but lumping him in that perfect package is kind hard to live up to.

  6. CQ, that “little red CD” was a mega success, both musically and financially. His follow up CD, the Xmas CD, was also a chart topper, beating out a similar CD by the legendary Bob Dylan that year. The ensuing CDs did not sell as well, but were artistically the equal, if not better, of the first two. Hey, that’s Show Biz. I’m sure not every Sinatra album did well either. In Musicland, you’re really only as popular as your last CD, so David can easily recoup his standing in the Music business with a well received, well promoted “product”. Anyone who thinks that David cannot do that needs to be stripped of their David Archuleta fan club membership, LOL

    Also, David might have had only one big hit, but he can hardly be seen as a “one hit wonder”. His career has been so much more than a song on the radio, and he has laid a very strong foundation to becoming a genuine international superstar. His live shows are legendary. I have met people who have traveled across the ocean to see him perform live, not to mention the countless fans who go to multiple shows when he is on tour in the US.

    • Yes, you have a good point on both counts. That one hit wonder has always bugged me, most of the singers that I saw on that list really had good careers and yet that were put in that, what seems to evoke kind of a loser category, just not fair, but then again we are talking about an industry that is just not fair.

      I do have high hopes for David’s career and with the right team it will happen.

  7. Back in the day, there were many singers who were literally “one hit wonders” They had 1 big hit on the radio, and then disappeared from public view. A few that I can remember from my heyday were “In the Year 2525” by Zager and Evans (1969), “Sea of Love” by Phil Phillips (not the AI guy lol), (1959), “More More More” by Andrea True” (1976), “Whenever a Teenager Cries” by Reparata and the Delron (1964), etc etc etc. The list is endless.

    David has no place on that list. The radio and hit parade may not have been kind to David since “Crush”, but his standing as a respected vocalist by fans on 3 continents (and counting) bode quite well for him as we await his return in 2014 with our collective ,international, bated breath

    • David is a one hit wonder. We can await his return in 2014 with our collective, international, bated breath but he’s still a one hit wonder. That doesn’t mean that he’s not a great singer, just that Crush is his only hit ( and not even an international hit)

  8. Zara-That is true. Of course hope that changes but who knows if it actually will.

  9. I think that sometimes we diehard fans spend too much time worrying about #1s and popular perception of our favorite artists and forget to just enjoy the music. Actually, being a diehard fan takes away some of that fun — at least, that’s what I’ve discovered in my case. I enjoy music from many artists in many genres and who have achieved varying levels of mainstream success. I can honestly say that I’ve never cared if the album I loved listening to sold a million copies and, in most cases, I had no idea.

    Then I became a fan of this guy named David Archuleta and as I became more and more invested in him I became more and more concerned with all the minutia that goes along with the industry, like watching first week sales numbers and airplay bullets and poll voting and youtube hits and the list goes on and on. And with each thing I watched go up or down, I felt myself become more tense. Even when numbers were up, I immediately started thinking of scenarios where they would go down and omg what would we do then??? And eventually I realized I wasn’t even having fun anymore. Here was an artists whose music I enjoyed above all others and I had made it into a worrisome job.

    Yes, I know that a musician has to be successful to have a career. Yes, I know that all these things (lol well MOST of the things) I was worrying about have an impact on a career. The truth is though that my worrying about them wasn’t really going to change anything. Except that it was changing one thing: the degree that I enjoyed David’s music. It was diminished; every time I heard SBL I thought why oh why wasn’t that a radio hit. Every time I heard Zero Gravity I thought why oh why didn’t that have better production and get released as a single. Every time pulled out my TOSOD CD I wondered why oh why Jive or WEG couldn’t be bothered to arrange even a half-assed marketing plan for it instead of the giant void that occurred.

    This music that I loved was becoming nothing but a reminder of every wrong thing. At a certain point, I either had to let go my preoccupation with “hits” or let go of being a fan. I don’t worry about smash hits with any other artist I follow, why should I with David? Does that mean I don’t want David to be a commercial success? Absolutely not. But I don’t think about it constantly anymore. What happens, happens. To me, the most important thing is that he’s able to continue with music and put out quality product. I’d rather have a good song than a #1 hit. That doesn’t mean I won’t take both though 😉

    • Me too, i’d rather have a good song than a number 1 hit. I hope for great songwriters and producers who can do justice to D’s voice.

    • Amen Ali! I accept that we’re all different and have different opinions re D. What works best for me is to just let some things be so I can enjoy his music. I’ve mentioned before that I literally used to feel ill worrying over D and his career. Now I’m in a Good Place. 😉

    • I so agree with you, Ali. Just about the same thing happened to me. I came to the same conclusion – what difference did it really make to me if David wasn’t played on the radio and his albums did not sell a gazillion copies. As long as he keeps putting out music, all is well. I finally came to the conclusion that I should look at all the opportunities he did have instead of wringing my hands about the ones he wasn’t offered. Having one radio hit and all the opportunities that lead to is far more than the majority of artists.

      • Look at the glass half full, great way to look at David’s career. The only thing that I wouldn’t want to see happen is David struggling to make a living at what he loves to do. I know there is a zillion artist out there trying to make a living, but doesn’t mean that all that struggle wouldn’t love to make it big. David will be ok with whatever comes his way, I guess even if he has to get another job and just make music a hobby. Now I’m not saying that will happen. I will be happy for him if he continues to sing in any capacity, but as a fan, I got to say, I want him to be a big star.

    • Ali, thanks for all that. It has happened to me, too, but I haven’t made it to the acceptance phase like you have. I will work on letting go. Does that even make sense?

      • Total sense… (little secret: some days I still have to work on it too lol but I guess we’re always a work in progress)

    • Bravo Ali- loved and agree with each and every thought! I too have had to let go of the OMG is he going to make it mantra, and like you it makes being a fan more enjoyable. I no longer stress over his career, his hair…now thats a different story 😉 I too hope he continues with music but it is no longer my lifes dream nor it is # 1 on my bucketlist. That way no matter what happens I will be ok with it.

  10. Many of my fav artists who have been performing for years are considered “one hit wonders” in the U.S. An ex. is Simply Red/Mick Hucknall. If D’s one, he’s in great company. Better a one hit wonder than a no hit wonder.

  11. That is true-desertrat. I do not have an issue with someone being a one hit wonder and that includes David. Watching the news about the devastation in the Philippines. Just awful.

  12. Watching The Voice tonight. Should be good as it is live with the top 12.

  13. Horrible devastation like the one in the Philippines really bring to mind how really unstable this wonderful world we live in is…Hoping that the people get the help they need quickly.

    The real world as wonderful as it is, can also be a very sad place…therefore being here writing about something that I have no control over, but still is a fun distraction to speculate is good for me.

    • There is a difference between stressing over something and speculation. I stress over my job and bills and family. I speculate about David. lol. I feel a bit like Dana and Amy from their recent post at Snarkie Archies- to be honest I also have fallen off the fanbase bandwagon a few years ago but I was really never an OTT or ODD fan to begin with. I am waiting to see what David does when he returns and remain a fan. I do really enjoy the SD blog and the different topics.

      • It is the music industry and music artists that just interest me.

      • Real life is what I too stress about, all though I try to filter it so that it doesn’t take over my life. Enjoying speculating, comments about likes and dislikes regarding David’s career and being a diehard fan is just a fun distraction for me, a stress reliever of sorts, a hobby. I do love David’s voice or else I wouldn’t make his music career journey as a hobby, I would of moved on and found a different hobby to enjoy.

  14. Zara, you sound a tad snippy in your post from 5:15 PM today. You sarcastically quote me from my post to CQ, and conclude the text of my post was “wrong”. If you are more comfortable dismissing David as merely a “one hit wonder”, that’s your business. I would rather point out the countless ways that the fact that he has had only 1 major hit is, essentially, irrelevant to his overall success

    David has had success as a performer in scores of concerts, on TV, and on CDs. He has starred in a TV mini series and has modeled for a mainstream clothing company. He also had the stature to be chosen as the featured performer for the prestigious MoTab Xmas show. All this, years after being a so-called “one hit wonder”.I’m sure you know all this, yet you still feel the need to minimize the accomplishments of this talented humanitarian.

    To be honest, I am amazed at how many people who call themselves fans repeatedly post the many ways in which they think David has not accomplished all that he “should” have.

    BTW, “Crush” was an international hit, although I’m sure you are disappointed with the sales numbers. His international sales put it over the 2,000,000 mark.

    • From personal experience, I know that few grown people in my area (Southern California) know who David is, unless they have a vague memory of him as “that kid on American Idol”. Few have ever heard “Crush”. I only heard it twice on the popular radio station I usually listen to, and never on the most popular one in our area. I think that a few kids in my daughter’s age group (18-20) may remember him, but just barely. Just being real.

      However, I am cautiously optimistic that with his talent and good looks, he will do well once he can focus wholeheartedly on his career, even in my neck of the woods. Hope so, anyway.

    • Dismissing David ? He had one hit with Crush, it’s a fact. Is it important or does it diminish his talent ? I don’t think so and I never said so in my comment. Also, you don’t need to list all the things he accomplished during his career to me because i call myself a fan since AI lol

    • Oh I forgot to say, I wanted to “sarcastically” quote you when you used the word “legendary” but I refrained myself. Maybe i feared to have to give back my fan card forever …

  15. Watching the movie “jaws”; I hadn’t seen it in years. It’s still scary, lol.

  16. I just realized that I forgot to include David’s book “Chords of Strength”, a NY Times Best Seller, to his laundry list of successful ventures during the past 5 years. The diversity and sheer volume of this young man’s accomplishments is nothing short of remarkable. David deserves to be congratulated and thanked for all he has done, especially on fan sites which were created and are being maintained for the purpose of celebrating him.

  17. Speaking of international status, are there any fans in New Zealand out there?? Would love to find some local fans.

    • Freofan, I believe a former poster on TDC and The Voice ( Vee?) was from New Zealand. Good luck finding Archies among the locals.

      Great post on Archuleta Ave Malaysia:
      “You know … That David Archuleta …”. It ties in with the conversation here re. non ODD fans’ perceptions of D.

  18. Let me take you back to the video!

    David’s performance is phenomenal. When I was watching it I thought about some of the well known singers male and female singing the same song and no one would ever come close or even be in the same ballpark as David. Watch it again. Who singing today has his rhythm, his finesse, his natural talent? When Michael Jackson sang, his body moved to every note and it was as rhythmical as his voice. Now think about it, who else moves like that, dances like that? The big names either don’t have interesting stage presence or it is choreographed. David is all that they aren’t and much more.

    He has had the music, the songs, the voice, the dancing. The entertainment industry is just not with it. They haven’t seen him yet. The best part is that we have. What a gift.


  19. My 3 favorites from the Voice last night did really well on iTunes-Matthew, Jacquie, and surprisingly Cole. Still like James but did not do as well last night. I think Matthew or Jacquie have the best chance to win at this point but still too soon to tell. Very entertaining show.

  20. Just my way of thinking, but does the music industry really want talent or just sex? Miley. Gaga. and Bieber sell like crazy. I have heard that even Beyoncé is going to be posing nude and look at Rihana or how ever you spell her name, Gaga is talented but she wasn’t noticed until she became sexualized, This is just my opinion but it seems as though sex nudity, and vulgar is the new talent.

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