Catching Up

It’s amazing how many trends, events, happenings, styles, fashions, etc. can change just in the course of two years. Imagine all the catching up David has to do when he returns!

So, I was curious, dear readers: What do you think David most needs catching up on when he returns? Please take my latest poll!


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  1. Totally disagree with the “None of the Above” votes. Pop music is David’s business, and his passion. It’s important to know your own profession, especially when it’s such a volatile one. I’d never go back into my original profession without getting up to date on newer trends, etc.

  2. I totally agree with you cc halo ! But even more than that, David has always shown lots of interest and curiousity about what’s new . (for example, his interest in the billboard charts, visiting different countries, exploring new places, even loving wikapedia. ) I think he will be very interested in whats been happening these past two years. Keep the good, throw away the bad , and keep moving forward !!

  3. This was very easy-“All THe Above”-of course. How in the world can David grown and learn as a music artist if he does not review what has been going on in the music/entertainment industry (which to me includes all that was listed) for the past 2 years? Social media is a huge part of it all now. He should actually be doing that right now in planning for his return. By the way my thoughts are with David’s fans and actually all the people in the Philippines right now. That typhoon that landed there was terrible. Sounds like so much damage.

  4. I’m one of the None of the above votes. I didn’t vote based on what I think David will do, I voted based on what I would like for him to do.

    I would like for him to focus on the music inside of him, not on what everyone else is doing. I’m sure there are lots of savvy industry reasons to disagree with me (some of which I even agree with lol) but I just voted what I really would like to happen, in a perfect world, in my own personal preference. What actually will happen is a whole ‘nother story 😉

  5. I also hope David focuses on the music inside of him. I just think he will be curious about whats been going on since he’s been gone. 🙂

  6. I voted for all the above not because I want him to copy, but to get up to speed. If he wants a career in music whether you like it or not he has to have his own sound for sure, but it has to be relative to the times. I do what him to want him to hit the ground running with his career and rebuild what his has lost for the last two years.

  7. Good music is timeless and has no need to be relative to any other sound that’s out now. When Adele put out 21 it didn’t sound like ANYTHING that mainstream radio was playing at the time. I can listen to a great music from any era and it’s still great. And most “hit artists” of today know that, sample it, put a crap electronica bass beat slithering all over the top of it and call it fresh.

    Anyway I was really just answering based on my own personal preferences. I’m sure David will be listening to new music and the music from the past two years, that’s just who he is.

    • As I said he needs to have his own sound, but what I should of said want relevant not relative. I truly don’t belief that David would success if he copied any current artist. Maybe being inspired by past great artist is not a bad idea though.

    • David is still young and evolving. It’s kind of a romantic notion that music would come solely from within, but I think the reality is that outside influences are crucial. Adele didn’t create her music in a vacuum. In Wikipedia it says, “Adele has named Pink as one of her biggest musical influences and considers Pink’s performance at Brixton Academy in London as one of “the most defining moments” in her life.” There’s been some wonderful music put out in the last two years and there’s certainly no reason that he should be isolated from those two years out of all of musical history when he has been immersed in it his whole life.

      • Meh, I just don’t see 2 specific years of music as changing the landscape of the musical world forever. No, I don’t think it will be the end of the world for David to listen to what’s come out since April 2012. It’s fine if he does. But I also don’t believe that him doing so will have some great influence on his ability to make new music and further his career. I’m not saying that David should create in a vacuum. However, I think many of his musical tastes have already been formed and I feel like he’s ready and has already shown an ability to express himself musically. And he also has the influences of what he has been hearing in Chile the past two years, the Latin influence, to draw from.

      • True, but it would still be pretty arbitrary for him to not listen to the music of 2012-14, for some reason.

      • Yes, Ali he might hear the music of Chile in passing, but really can they just go to a club and listen or hang around places where a bunch of artists are singing, I just don’t see that happen either. From what I understand religious music is his only inspiration for these past two years. Now I’m not saying that he can’t put that inspiration into mainstream music, I’m just saying that he just getting the full spectrum of music of Chile to be fully inspire by the culture.

      • cq and cc halo-That is my concern and question. Has David being living in kind of a bit of a bubble or a vacuum these past 2 years and been surrounded by just religious music and others that think the same way he does? It looks that way to me. That just seems so boring to me for a young person. I mean he was not even allowed or he decided ( do not know how that works) not to have communication with fans or the outside world. It might make him a good and obedient church member BUT how can he keep relevant and like I mentioned grow as an music artist by doing that? Now at a music college he would have been exposed to all different kinds of music and peers that have different life styles and different religions or no religion. Does he end having just a local music career? Time will tell what happens with his music career. cc halo= I agree with you about the need for outside influence being crucial.

      • Marie, yes I really feel that musically he was perhaps only able to explore religious music for the past two years, so don’t know how that will play out in his general growth in his artistry.

  8. Here’s an interesting letter from someone who was asked for their music for a TV show

    They’ll pay the folks who sweep the floors but not the musicians. Depressing. There’s also an interesting comment on that page from someone named John whose group was invited to perform at the White House. Again, for free.

    I know, I know, I’m very old and out of date for wanting everyone to be compensated for his or her work even if it can be shared digitally. But why pay the musicians last?

    • Not meant to disparage anyone who has done office cleaning…it’s just part of the example in that letter of those who are paid when there’s “no budget for music.” It’s hard to make a living no matter what your skill set is.

  9. Kari was interested in gathering names of new music/artists that David missed while he was away.. she also suggested itunes cards as a gift for him.
    have a feeling he will enjoy many types of music not just pop.
    Lorde, Jake Bugg, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, JT, Black Keys, Passenger, Pentatonix, Sarah B, Civil Wars, etc.. one new one song that I really like and heard on The Voice that is #3 on itunes right now is from
    A Great New World
    Say Something featuring Xtina
    would love for David to cover this one day.

    beautiful and also love that their voices are so dominant in the song.

    • Love that song and I bet David would too. I watched it performed on The Voice this week. Nice to see it charted high on iTunes. I think that Christina is a totally different person this year and that is a good thing. lol. Kari has the right idea for David. I like that Kari.

  10. I doubt that David himself would ignore the music world as it happened in his absence — I think he’s pretty savvy that way — but I absolutely get what Ali is saying. One of my pet peeves is the way that, in popular publicly marketed arts areas, a smash hit creates tons of followers. I watched the CMAs the other night and also read a lot of criticism of the followers in that genre — Bro Country is the thing right now and women/anyone not doing Bro country are struggling. In the romance novel world? Vampires and werewolves became a thing with Twilight and other areas suffered. I’m pretty sure that Fifty Shades of Grey has already created many new writers of that particular vein of romance writing. The problem with all of that following is that the followers don’t do nearly as well as the original. I wonder if Miley didn’t develop her new persona after watching Gaga, Ke$ha and Bieber.

    I do think David hears his voice. I hope he hones that ability while also continuing to be the student of music that he has been since he started studying Billboard charts.

    • KH as I recall Miley was struggling with her music before We Can’t Stop.. and now she isn’t.
      good point.

      • Ah, well, in her case, the following is working, as you pointed out. I should have said, “the problem with all of that following is that MOST followers don’t do nearly as well as the original.” And I suppose I should have added that, “But these followers probably find the success they’ve been lacking before.” My criticism isn’t of the followers, I suppose, but of us, as people. We want what’s hot.

        Superstars create that heat, though. Stephanie Meyer took something that existed on a much lesser level and made it work in a big way. Does David have that ability in him, for music? That’s what we debate on the blogs, constantly. I believe he has something that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the music world. I don’t know his (or even my own) future, but following his career has been a joy and I have no intention to stop doing so.

  11. KH, May I ask what is Bro country?

    • This is a quote from EW: “According to iTunes’ top 40 country songs (as of 10:00 p.m. on Oct. 17), country music is woefully one-note at the moment. It’s basically a bunch of guys singing about trucks, headlights, rolled-down windows, jeans, alcohol, moonlit makeouts, and sex on river beds beside old dirt roads. There’s also a weirdly pervasive trend of calling female subjects “girl” over and over — and not in the same way The Temptations sang “My Girl” or Gavin Degraw crooned “I’m In Love With A Girl.” Current country has big dudes yelling out “girl!” as a term of address (to women who presumably have names) the way Tarzan might if he knuckled his way into a honky tonk.”

  12. This is an interesting but long article on the whole controversy. Glad I checked it out as now I know why Zac Brown and Luke Bryan were in a “feud” and hugged each other on the CMA’s. I had no idea. I like Zac and Luke’s music. I am a big fan of country pop music but not so much older country music so there is room for it all IMO. Interesting that my nephew is in his 20’s (David’s age) likes all kinds of music and loves Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson and blue grass music.

    • That may have been the same article, Marie. LOL.

      There is room for it all. I think that’s why I hate when so many follow the hottest trends. I’d rather the innovators keep working to create and develop their own sounds. I suppose they do, but a person has to put some level of energy into finding those innovators, since we (the public) mostly hear (through radio, TV) about what’s hot right now. But you know who has consistently put his energy into exploring what’s out there in the music world? David. I have zero doubt that this won’t have changed in the past two years.

  13. Kind of interesting that on the CMA’s they did not mention Blake’s comments at all in that opening bit. My guess is Blake wants to downplay it. I did not know that Willie Nelson named his tour that. That is funny. LOL. Love Willie.

  14. Oh, Marie. I’m not following country that closely, so you’ve lost me there. Blake did thank his publicist in a big way, so maybe that thank you for the cleanups had something to do with his comments. He’s also rumored to be in marriage trouble, so ….

    One of my favorite country artists is Vince Gill. I also like Allison Krauss. (I’m definitely a person who is attracted to beautiful voices.) That being said, I like Willie well enough too. Haha.

  15. I only know now because it was in that EW article that I posted the link to. I had not heard about it either prior to seeing in that article.

    • Yes, and I realized that after I posted and went back to read the article. Sorry. Haha. Interesting article and very pertinent to this convos. (And my quote was not from that article after all.) Now I’m off to work and won’t be spamming the comments any more today. 😉

  16. Thanks KH for explaining, I don’t follow country music anymore. I used to follow Bryan White who opened for Vince Gill. I thought Bryan was sweet and humble and seemed to be on the top like David was for awhile, but I guess he had a breakdown or something so I stopped following Country . I don’t think I would like country now.

  17. What Ali Said.:)

  18. I agree with Ali, and also for selfish reasons. After being gone for two years I want David to hit the ground running with his music career. He hasn’t been living in a vacuum in Chile. He has been out among people every day, in their homes. I’m sure he’s heard plenty of music while in people’s homes, out in the street, in stores, etc. He himself is a living jukebox, so he probably hears music in his head. After two years he won’t forget all that music. And really what new style of music has emerged in the past two years? I’m sure he will love listening to the new music from the past two years, but I don’t see that it is really needed for him to create his own new music.

    • Also from reading missionary blogs it sounds like American music is popular in Chile. A sister missionary had a picture of a young Chilean girl with her Justin Bieber doll. David may have heard some of the new U.S. pop songs in Chile.

      • Because it’s really important to know the newest song from Justin Bieber lol.

        Those who think he needs to be up on all the current pop songs – which ones and why? Does he really need to know all the new pop songs to create his own? What new sound from the last two years has emerged that he needs to know about? I’d really like to know because I can’t think of any. There are new songs that I like but none of them represent a new sound that I want Davis to emulate.

      • For me to have him catch up the what he might of missed in the last two years really doesn’t have anything to do with him copying song/singers to create his own song and really the sound hasn’t really changed a huge amount these last two years (at least to me anyway), What I really meant was that it would help him get his bearings and yes, I do want him to hit the ground running, so I guess I vote for all the above and then hit the ground running, lol. I said it before and I’ll say it again, he needs his own sound, not copy of anyone elses…but inspiration from other artist is ok, imo.

    • Yes, I think that’s the real question that people are answering: Do we want him to take time to “catch up”, or do we want him to get back to his career the minute he returns? As Ali said, no one actually thinks he’s NOT going to immerse himself in the types of music that he’s been unable to in the last two years–of course he will–it’s his passion. It sounds like perhaps we’re worried that he will somehow be tainted by the last two years of music, but I so agree with oliveoil, he’ll take the good and throw away the bad. Trust him.

      • I don’t think he will be tainted by the last two years of music. There’s been a lot of good music in the last two years that I enjoy. I even like Miley’s Wrecking Ball song. I stayed away from her video for the song though. I’m sure that listening to new music will be top priority for David when he returns because music is what he loves.

  19. Bieber and Miley are one extreme with wanting constant publicity and attention and David is the other extreme with being totally away from fans for 2 years. Has got to be a happy medium. Honestly- I am not going to comment on David’s mission and it’s possible effect on his music career anymore as I feel like I am beating a dead horse with my opinions on it. lol. It is what it is. Time will tell what happens with David’s music career. It is very important what the music industry thinks of David if he wants a music career not really me as one fan. lol. I am going to the watch THe Heat tonight. Watching the videos and images of the destruction in the Philippines. It is heartbreaking.

  20. I do think David should take the time to catch up, get a first place team in place, and work on his music sound and a label as opposed to trying to hit the ground running with his music career. Of course he can make appearances when he returns. I know others do not agree but it is JMHO.

  21. As I did my errands today I looked around at the awesome California weather and the glorious trees, sky and I have to stop and reflex. Mother nature is magical and yet it is also OH so cruel and so unpredictable. My sympathy goes out to all the families that lost love ones in the horrible, cruel natural disaster in the Philippines. No matter where natural disaster strikes, I always feel deep sympathy for all involved, but because of David I somehow feel a more closeness to the wonderful people in the Philippines.

  22. What a beautiful thing to say, Cq, and said well. I so agree.

  23. Ok. I do not know if Snarky Archies is really back for good but these 2 recent posts there made me laugh. I miss Snarkies. Love the Snark. I appreciate it. lol.

    • I’m with you Marie that was the first site I came to after the end of AI season 7, all the snark was fun to read. I just hope that when he returns that things will be very active for his sites, twitter, facebook, you name it…
      In another topic, I guess Claudia is pregnant, congrats to her and her hubby. Well, David is coming home to new great things in his private life. New step dad, maybe to a niece (I think that’s what I read she is having a girl) or maybe he will be home before the birth. No matter what, fun things for him when he returns personally. Now I wonder if Jeff is also going to give David a step mom soon, lol.

  24. Good question about Still laughing at those 2 recent snarkies posts. Hope they and other fans and sites ect. do return when he returns. I agree with you cq.

    • Reading the Snarkies’ recent review of the “Red” album, reinforces my feeling that David really needs to take account of the changes in pop music in the last 2 years. I know that two years is not the same as 5 years since David’s first album, but these former “super fans” looked back and found most of his old songs sooo boring. Expectations have changed.

      • Yep, found that kind of interesting. Although I love both the first album and TOSOD, it’s really not so much about the songs, it’s the voice that I soooooooooooooo enjoy. From the first album I still love Barriers though and I do feel that Crush is real good too. TOSOD is good, but not great. IMO, if you are going to give one message song about another, they better be darn specular. Not only does he need to bring new fresh sound to his music, it does need to be exciting stuff, jmo. I’ll probably get a lot of heat for this comment, but remember it’s JMO.

      • Music is subjective so no matter what he sings, some will like it and some won’t. I am just anxious for him to get back to his singing career. His first album was done in a hurry. My favorite album of his was TOSOD. I love the message songs and some of them are really appropriate today for the people of the Philippines. Oh I also like songs that don’t have messages too. I just love music.

  25. “I LEGIT HAVE NOT LISTENED TO ANY OF HIS MUSIC SINCE 2011. WHY ME. WHAT IS HAPPENING. I didn’t even know he made a cover cd (that about makes * cry. Why the depressing songs, bro? Like, did we really need another reason for “Angel” to make us weep? Are abused puppies not enough?!) or that he made a Filipino album. (Josh Bradley ftw.)”

    “It’s no big surprise that me and Dana fell off the fanbase bandwagon a few years ago.”

    Those are a few quotes from the recent posts at Snarkies. Love them. lol. That is to me expresses what is going on for so many fans that David had in 2008 coming off of AI. I am one of those fans. The question to me is how is he going to get those fans back and does he even want to? What is his plan? He needs to take some time off to have one and come back producing relevant and current music with a great music producer despite what style of music he chooses to sing.

    • I know that is just snarky comment, but now it kind has taken a different tone. It’s very telling. Sometimes I think that David wants to save everyone from themselves through his music. From what I have been reading regarding the Mormon philosophy is to save the world and to have all think like them. To be fair, I actually think that of all religions. Being that David appears to be a tbm, I’m thinking that is where his direction haves been for at least the last 31/2 years. Now the question is will he continue that route, or even dig deeper and actually put out music that reflexes that philosophy even more.

  26. Honestly- I did not know either so I googled it. Think it is in this link- #3 True Blue Mormon

  27. That’s my take on it…they believe that everything that the church says it true and perfect.
    I’ll be honest, I do hope that he isn’t one. From what I read in order to be Temple worthy you have to be a tbm.

  28. David left a promising career to proselytize for the Mormon church. So of course we have to assume David is a TBM. And we also have to assume he will continue to follow the doctrines of his faith in his personal life. The question many fans fear, whether they admit it or not, is whether it will spill over into his career choices. I hope he will he choose people to be on his team based on their expertise and not on how they live their personal lives? David has always been very non-judgemental when it came to working with others in the business so I hope he hasn’t changed in that sense. Some of David’s fans have said they think the experiences David has in his mission will translate into a deeper, truer, more mature insightful look at life which will then translate into his music. David Made BEGIN in order to explain where his head was as he made the commitment to go on a mission. Will his “head” be in the same place or be even deeper into that same mindset or will he want to sing songs which convey that every story has a silver lining and a happy ending? Not that that kind of thinking is bad, but it is unrealistic. David has the ability to reach people with his voice so of course he will probably choose to sing songs which will resonate with those who are dealing with real human issues like the songs he chose for BEGIN. I have a feeling he learned a hard lesson that not everyone has that happy-go-lucky all is well in the world feeling he wanted to convey with his TOSOD. As much as I WANTED to LOVE that album, there were only a couple of songs on it I really liked. His first album had some songs which were pretty good like Barriers, My hands, Desperate, Running, and especially the bonus songs like SOT, Let Me Go, & WFY. Listening to these songs now I’m amazed at David’s vocals considering he recorded the album during the AI Tour. Some albums take several months even years to make which are not a vocally superior to David’s debut album.

    So the question is, what should David be reviewing? Of course David will check out Billboard and take a critical listen to what’s popular. He may cringe at some of the music in the top 100, but may base his decision of what route will be best for him when he listens to the “hit makers” like Miley, JB, JT, Robin Thicke and others like Josh, Buble, Adele. He may even like some of the songs we think may be lyrically offensive which he himself would never sing but he knows if he is to be accepted and respected as a relevant artist, he should be open to other artists right to be who they are. After all, he may at some point share a venue and a stage with the those artists…recalling Madison Sq Garden, when I thought he was well on his way to the top, but I digress.

    After he reviews what’s out there musicallly and he decides what path he wants to follow, THEN he needs to get the team who will help get him started on that path. It won’t be overnight. It will take tiime if he does it right. After his initial welcome home live performances where he will sing the songs from BEGIN, Forevermore, and also TOSOD & his debut album. Then he should take all the time he needs to get the best people possible working with him to create the kind of album which may change and turn the music world upside down.

    Forever a fan of David.

  29. ITA-4everAfan. There were only a few songs I really liked on TOSOD (SBL was one of them) too . I also wanted to love it all. His fist album was good when you consider the short amount of time he had to make it. You are right. I hope David listens to: Bruno Mars , JT , Adele ,Kelly, and Buble as those are some of my favorite artists.

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