Believe it or not, hearing an elevator music rendition of “Angels” while I was shopping yesterday made me quite nostalgic for the real thing! 🙂


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  1. Amazing!!! Beautiful!!!!! This was the BEST “Angels” Can’t wait for his return. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a Christmas Concert from David. Bless his heart.

  2. I love going through all the videos from the AI tour of David. Angels is just beautiful and that entrance was just divine, I’m sure it was trilling to watch in person.
    Thank Hg for the post, these videos just keep reminding me why I’m here waiting for his return.
    Oh btw, I love all the screams of support he got though out this whole tour, hoping that he will get that kind of support again in the US.

  3. Hi HG!!!
    Great nostalgic choice! If you or anyone would click on the option to view it on youtube, then click on the “show more” section under the video itself, then scroll down, you will see a comment I made about this last tour stop performance on Noting David at the time. Ronald SF, remember him? combined two videos together to get the best of both sound and audio then graciously used my observation of the performance.

    Watching it after so many years on this David journey brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons. The hope and excitement of him and his future at that time when ODD was at an all time high, and the compelling aspect of this delivery. Wow! simply Wow!

    I’m still here quietly loving and supporting David in my own way. I ache from his absence but am keeping hopeful to his promise that he will be back. Really that is all we can do. Two day ago on my itunes collection, I accidently clicked on Joy to the World – David with Motab, and I smiled with delight from ear to ear, Of course I fell into the vortex and played a couple more selections.

    I’ve been through a TON of personal issues this year so it has been a sober one for me. I do not comment as before but I check this site several times a day to check on HG and all the regulars – you know who you are 😀
    Thank You again so much HG for keeping this site open despite the drought with continuing relevant content and thanks to everyone for adding your thoughts to keep discussions open.

    Last night I attended a Josh Groban Concert with Judith Hill from The Voice fame – she really has an outstanding voice btw. It was a fabulous show and of course going to the venue brought back memories of David – both for Idol, Demi Lovato and the VIP experience. I loved the stage set-up. It was round so JG could access the audience from any angle. No backup dancers, no craziness. Just 2 hrs of pure music experience.

    My biggest hope is that David too WILL get his just desserts, and I WILL see him again in an arena setting, with Archies screaming out his name.

    • that would be fabulous.. if not mistaken during a Christmas show David performed in a round theater?
      Josh Groban.. not sure he is as mild as David though? use to follow him on twitter until the other day when he posted a pic of Miley and her tongue and he called me out as I announced it. his reply to me was that she is all over etc. boy was my twitter busy that day!
      come to think about it I remember him a couple years back going on Jimmie Kimmel and singing a Kanye song with its interesting lyrics. I can’t see David ever doing these kinds of things even when he matures some.

    • Joymus seeing your comment is music to my eyes. So very sorry to read you have had many trials and tribulations over the past year. I wish you peace and hope in time things settle for you. How did JH sound live; was she impressive? Hugs from Iowa.

  4. joymus, I enjoyed reading your post. I think that David has as much or even more talent than Josh, and if Josh can succeed without any shenanigans going on in the background I am sure David can too. Both Josh and David have pure, beautiful talent!

  5. Bet you hear me screaming, somewhere in there. I went to Tulsa after finally confessing to my family about my ODD — KC wasn’t enough. Met a few good friends in Tulsa, too. This was one of those performances where you sort of pinch yourself, in any lucid moments, to make sure you’re hearing what you’re hearing. David can pour it on when he is feeling it. Can’t imagine that would change, or that he’d want to change that.

  6. The closer it gets to his return the stronger the feelings of excitement and longing to hearing that voice live. Praying he comes to a town within 900 miles of me (dangit why is Texas so friggin humongous!)

    Thanks HG for bringing that video here. It has brought back so many memories of those times. 🙂

  7. David was born to be in front of large, screaming crowds. He is empowered by them and puts everything he’s got into it and Tulsa is a prime example – last Idol concert, him thinking possibly his last large-venue performance and he just threw it all out there.

  8. (not to say I don’t love his quiet songs but sometimes the emotion of the crowd and certain nights he just goes above and beyond! )

    • I agree with you Collegemom. The quiet songs are great and he absolutely can shine in a small venues, but somehow the screaming crowds seems to give him power to just let go. The AI tour and the Asian tour are good examples.

  9. Thanks for the post HG – just what I needed when I turned to SD after losing a two page document.

  10. Last night I attended a charitable function. The kids involved with the charity performed a beautiful rendition of “Imagine”. Talk about being nostalgic….

  11. FOD had this quote from David that was in his book. It just reminded me that he really had his head together at such a young age:

    “The future can be a scary thing. Because it’s something that’s always left open for anything to happen. It’s a total mystery. But at the same time, it’s so exciting. Each decision we make can alter how our future will turn out, so how we end up in the future is really our decision. We never know what will be thrown at us, but it’s up to each of us as to how we deal with whatever does come. No one else can decide that for us. While I might be wondering about what will happen down the road for me, and get nervous about it now and then, I am also really hopeful for it because I know there will be so many windows of opportunity that can really change my life if I choose to take hold of them and not be afraid to go for it.”~ David Archuleta, Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance

  12. Off Topic but interests me. lol. I worked very late last night and just watched The Voice. I agree with the choices for top 12. I think they got it right. My favorites are Jacquie Lee, James, and Matthew but that could change.

    • I watched The Voice too and like the singers you listed and others too. They find good talent for The Voice, but the talent is lacking IMHO for X-Factor U.S. I quit watching it because the talent they picked isn’t good this year except maybe a couple of the over 25s. The ratings have been really, really low for X-Factor this year so I’m not the only one that quit watching. It might be a good-bye to Simon because I would bet that it won’t get renewed for next year.

      • I agree with you about X-Factor- Grammy J. Also the Judges on that show this year just have no chemistry together at all.

  13. Interesting that the ratings for The Voice were lower last night then they have ever been. That surprises me but that Big Bang Theory show is just so popular and that was on last night. Not surprised at all that Glee and X-Factor did not do well in the ratings last night. It is a tough business as it seems that the ratings mean everything for these shows. Still think The Voice will be OK but X-Factor and Glee seem like they might be history.

  14. OH what a feeling it was to be sitting in the Atlantic City Convention Hall during the AI7 Tour and see David and the piano appear from beneth the floor amid the fog and the screams!! Oh the excitement! The remix of Angels posted above is beyond amazing! Then again so is David!

  15. The screams…he was defintely on his way to super stardom….

    • Yep, I wasn’t lucky enough to see him during the AI tour, actually never seen him live, but just from the videos I had that same feeling that he was definitely on his way to super stardom. Maybe it’s still a possibility, who knows, anyway that’s where I feel he should be. Let’s just hope that all the stars line up and with some luck, he will have another big hit and then things will start happening for him.

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