Sunday Carol Series: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

How touching was this? 🙂


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  1. ALC-I hear ya, I can snark with the best of the but choose to refrain, especially on fansites where its hard to tell the tone of what was said.

  2. ex·pect /ikˈspekt/


    verb: expect; 3rd person present: expects; past tense: expected; past participle: expected; gerund or present participle: expecting

    1. regard (something) as likely to happen.
    “we expect the best”

    synonyms: anticipate, await, look for, hope for, look forward to; contemplate, bargain for/on, bank on;

    predict, forecast, envisage, envision “a 10 percent rise was expected”


    I don’t think saying you “expect” or “expected” something to happen implies a sense of “entitlement.”

    • Merriam-Webster

      transitive verb
      archaic : await
      : to anticipate or look forward to the coming or occurrence of
      : suppose, think
      a : to consider probable or certain
      b : to consider reasonable, due, or necessary
      c : to consider bound in duty or obligated

      4 b. and 4 c.

      Communication is hard.

  3. kimak-if you mean the pin we can hear drop from the silence coming from Chile, then yep it speaks volumes. I dont expect weekly conversations, but a yearly hey guys would have been nice. In a few months it will be moot point and frankly Scarlet…

  4. Wel, dang Webster…how about them apples!!

  5. I think I understand the silence from Chile, though. He wanted to devote this time to his mission, and that’s what he’s doing. That’s what I expected, I guess. Shrugs. I’ve managed to stay enthralled even without updates. Guess I”m easy. 😉

  6. KH-I think many of us feel the same, I guess I got caught off guard when he said he would find a way to stay in touch. I was so excited and took that as we would hear…didnt realize at first that would be through Kari. I completely understand wanting to devote this time to his mission. My being enthralled is like being on a roller coaster…has its ups and downs.

  7. Richard Parkinson (papa FOD) tweeted about his ‘friends’ and their new music on itunes just out today.. #2 overall.

    Daft Punk

    they’re pretty popular on YT.. creative and do cool current covers.
    hope for David going forward if he chooses to try that route

  8. Candy, if you really “don’t give a damn” (we all saw “Gone With the Wind”), then why are you expressing obvious angst that David has chosen to remain silent while on his Mission? If it ‘walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck” then……….

  9. Webster, welcome aboard. Regarding your fact check, one can also use the word “expect” like this. “I expect you to do your homework tonight”. The implication is that the person who is doing the expecting is entitled to the stated result. (whether they are actually entitled or not).

  10. Ya know Bliss- you always seem to take my posts and twist them for YOUR benefit! FYI-What I wont give a damn about and what I was referring to is all of this juvenile drama you seem to take such pleasure in keeping going! It had NOTHING to do with the not hearing directly from David. Oh and if I ever “express angst” you will know it!! #Factstraightjack

    And yes Rooster–I know you back him!

  11. Oh and FYI Bliss-the person I directed my comment to (kimak) knew exactly what I was talking about. There was no reason for me to be any more direct then I was.

  12. Candy, I just re-read your post from 6:37. Here is it.

    kimak-if you mean the pin we can hear drop from the silence coming from Chile, then yep it speaks volumes. I dont expect weekly conversations, but a yearly hey guys would have been nice. In a few months it will be moot point and frankly Scarlet…

    It makes no reference to any “juvenile drama” and refers only to David’s lack of contact while on his Mission. I mean, it’s in black and white. You can’t change your intent after the fact just because it exposes a contradiction.

  13. e·nor·mi·ty
    the great or extreme scale, seriousness, or extent of something perceived as bad or morally wrong.
    “a thorough search disclosed the full enormity of the crime”
    a grave crime or sin.
    “the enormities of the regime”
    synonyms: wickedness, evil, vileness, baseness, depravity;
    outrage, horror, evil, atrocity, barbarity, abomination, monstrosity, obscenity, iniquity;
    crime, sin, violation, wrong, offense, disgrace, injustice, abuse

    While we’re nitpicking, misuse of this is one of my pet peeves. I hope the words enormity and David have nothing in common.

  14. Oxford, good one!



    adjective: self-righteous

    1. having or characterized by a certainty, esp. an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior.

    “self-righteous indignation and complacency”

    synonyms: sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, self-satisfied, smug, priggish, complacent, pious, moralizing, preachy, superior, hypocritical;

    informal goody-goody

    “we listened to Mom because she wasn’t as self-righteous as you”


    LOL Well at least we’re learning some grammar while David’s away.

    Leaving now, but feel free to check me any time. 😉

  15. Oxford (or Candy, or whatever name you’re using) Here is my post and my use of the word enormity. “Given the enormity of David’s generosity to his fans,…..”

    Here is the dictionary definition of enormity that applies to my post; ” a quality of momentous importance and impact”

    There is no, as you falsely claim, “misuse” of the word. There are a number of uses of the word, and, my use of it is both literate and appropriate. Therefore the word enormity and David have everything in common.

    Nice try Candy. I think you should stick to your strengths, like spazzing over David’s hair.

  16. Sorry to disappoint you Bliss but thats not me. I only post using my screen name CANDY! But whoever webster and Oxford are, they are spot on.

    .becoming a rel Bakin & Robbin

  17. opps sorry kitten stepped on keyboard that should read “real Baskin & Robbins”

  18. anyone watching the Voice let me know who sang Crazy and if it was good. Dont expect to even come close to Davids off the chart rendition.

    • I am watching The Voice. Josh Logan from Team Xtina sang Crazy. I thought it was OK but honestly nowhere near as good as David’s performance of it. Bad song choices for the contestants so far tonight. Especially Team CeeLo’s choices. Who picked these songs? Team Adam has the strongest team so far but Xtina does have some good music artists on her team that have not sang yet .

  19. Candy, how can Webster be “spot on” when I clearly documented how I used the word correctly. She’s obviously “spot-off”.

  20. e·nor·mi·ty (-nôrm-t)
    n. pl. e·nor·mi·ties
    1. The quality of passing all moral bounds; excessive wickedness or outrageousness.
    2. A monstrous offense or evil; an outrage.
    3. Usage Problem Great size; immensity: “Beyond that, [Russia’s] sheer enormity offered a defense against invaders that no European nation enjoyed” (W. Bruce Lincoln).
    [French énormité, from Old French, from Latin normits, from normis, unusual, enormous; see enormous.]
    Usage Note: Enormity is frequently used to refer simply to the property of being great in size or extent, but many would prefer that enormousness (or a synonym such as immensity) be used for this general sense and that enormity be limited to situations that demand a negative moral judgment, as in Not until the war ended and journalists were able to enter Cambodia did the world really become aware of the enormity of Pol Pot’s oppression. Fifty-nine percent of the Usage Panel rejects the use of enormity as a synonym for immensity in the sentence At that point the engineers sat down to design an entirely new viaduct, apparently undaunted by the enormity of their task. This distinction between enormity and enormousness has not always existed historically, but nowadays many observe it.

    ***Writers who ignore the distinction, as in the enormity of the President’s election victory or the enormity of her inheritance, may find that their words have cast unintended aspersions or evoked unexpected laughter.***

  21. Wow, I’m getting some English lessons tonight. It’s nice that all the dictionaries joined us tonight.

  22. LOL. Free Line Dictionary, what’s your point? Anyone with a working brain knows what “enormity of generosity” means. The word has more meanings than you have screen names. Here are some synonyms I found online :

    Related Words bigness, extensiveness, greatness, largeness, sizableness, voluminousness, weightiness; awesomeness

    Personally, I like “awesomeness” as it relates to David.

  23. *Sitting back- munching popcorn*

  24. I’m listening to the guy sing Crazy on The Voice. He is singing it with a guitar and has a raspy, gravelly voice so his version doesn’t sound like David’s. His version was good but I thought he put in too many runs and Adam agreed with me. I sure miss David singing it.

  25. Marie & Grammyj-thanks, I caught a little of his song, its hard not to compare it to Davids version which was spectacular!

  26. THe Voice saved the best for last. Matthew and Jacquie Lee gave very good performances. Jacquie was amazing. The one to beat so far. Wow and she is only 16.

  27. I like Caroline too.

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