Happy Halloween!

Just sharing one of David’s favorite music videos for this spooky occasion! 😛

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  1. Happy Halloween Everyone. Love this video.

  2. Happy Halloween! The first time I saw this video I was in awe and still think it’s the best video ever produced. I have always loved dance, but this video put dancing in another league for me.

  3. Good morning all !!! So glad you are showing this MJ video. It really is sooooo good! Once it starts I can not stop watching. MJ s videos are always tasteful, classy, and creative. Never sleezy. GEE, I wonder how he was so successful. Oh, I know….its spelled T-A-L-E-N-T .

  4. Interesting point you make, oliveoil. Makes you wonder if MJ could have made it in today’s music industry.

    • I think he would have been a standout even in today’s scene. There’s no male artist who quite fills his niche.

      But it’s really hard for me to imagine a music industry that had not had MJ’s influence, particularly in dance. He invented so many moves that are endemic today.

  5. Interesting question. I do think that MJ would have made it in today’s music industry BUT you never really do know for sure. It takes more than just talent today and then there are those with very little talent doing extremely well.

  6. One of the most creative videos ever made, it was pure genius! I Never gets old watching.

  7. HG, I believe he would be very popular in today’s market, but its also timing. People connected to MJ because of the Jackson 5, but then he came into his own. A lot of people originally connected with JT because of his Mickey Mouse club background. They grew up with him. But he uses a lot of Michael Jackson in his singing and dancing. I guess what I’m trying to say is …. Talent, Timing, and connecting to your audience. Lets pray that everything comes together for David after he gets back.

  8. Another month crossed off.
    Wonder how long after he gets back will we get somewhat of an idea as to what direction his career will go..I think that him being home or even in another country is ok as long as he will be able to communicate with his fans…this non communication is what is very hard for me and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. It’s especially hard when I think it’s silly in the first place.

  9. Once again things have really slowed down and again understandable.
    Was surfing the web looking for interesting stuff and came across a video by Tom Hopkins. Wonder what David would think of him now.
    Got me thinking about what people David might want to surround himself with when he returns to the music scene. I know that he has hired non Mormons for his team and band, so I’m hoping that he still will continue to venture out when he returns.

  10. Honestly I don’t care what religion or non-religion anyone he works with is. I just want them to be good at their job. Actually, I want them to be great at their job.

    I haven’t been commenting much. Not a lot going on, as cq mentioned, but really it was more because I saw myself getting too caught up in drama. Completely my fault and I’m working on getting to a point where I can just move past it. Still enjoying listening to David though. As it’s finally November, I busted out a few Christmas songs yesterday. Both David and non-David (gasp! lol). Have to say I’m pretty excited for this holiday season. Hope everyone here, commenters and lurkers alike, are doing well! 🙂

  11. There is not much going on with David so there is just not much to comment about him. Just speculation and hopes on what he should do if he wants a music career. But who knows what he will actually do. I think it is up to him. I am looking forward to Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album and her televised Christmas show . To be honest I am not even a big fan of Christmas music(even David’s) but I do like Kelly and Michael Buble for Christmas songs. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/5778126/kelly-clarkson-duck-dynasty-christmas-albums-set-for-top-10

    • liked Kellys too.. cool and kind of retro!

    • Actually I’m not a big fan of Christmas music too, but I do like David’s Christmas album. The traditional songs are to me kind of sad, but I’m only speaking for myself. I feel that David brings such power to those traditional songs, so even if I do think that they make me sad, I still love listening to him sing….BECAUSE I LOVE HIS VOICE, lol.
      I actually like some of the goofy, silly Christmas songs…puts me in a fun mood, but by the time Christmas comes around, I’m pretty done with them too, lol.

  12. I really like when David sings contemporary Christmas songs like This Christmas, and the the way he does the second half of Joy to the World on his CFTH cd. I just love his soulful vibe, I guess. I also listen to other singers , and a lot of them are people who David recommended. Following David has rekindled my interest in all kinds of music, and for that I am really thankful !!!

  13. I do love David’s soulful version of “This Christmas” that he performed during his last Christmas tour. He just killed it. That song should have been on his Christmas album. THat is my kind of Christmas song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoHok6go4X4

  14. If you are interested in the views of the very talented guitarist who accompanied David at the ALMA awards this is an interesting video. DO NOT watch if you don’t want to hear about David’s church!!!!

    • Very thought provoking and insightful and honest video. Whether you agree with him or not. He asked many questions and did not like the answers that he received from his church. To me everyone should ask questions.

    • Thanks for posting this. He seems genuinely happy and relieved.

    • That video was odd, self-serving to say the least. I didn’t find it to be particularly anti-Mormon, only found it to be very strange. There was nothing specific about church theology, just a lot about Tom Hopkins. If you don’t want to be a Mormon, dude, don’t be a Mormon. I really don’t get the big production. Is this some kind of sponsored agenda?

      • The “I am an Ex-Mormon” series was inspired by the “I am a Mormon” series. For example this one by Brandon Flowera of the Killers: http://mormon.org/me/5233

        It’s no more self-serving than the original series, and has the purpose of encouraging people to be true to themselves despite strong pressure from those around them.

        I posted it because it WAS about Tom Hopkins and his connection to David.

      • Hmmm. If the “I am an Ex-Mormon” series is done in response to the “I am a Mormon” videos, then it IS an anti-Mormon effort. I hope we don’t go back to those discussions again.

      • Labeling something “anti” apparently means “bad”‘ to Mormons, which he references in the video. He says he risked everything, and that’s not a normal thing to have to worry about when you simply change your church beliefs, but is way too often a problem in this one.

        You can debate the value of this whole series here, but that would be your choice–my intent was to introduce the interesting man behind David at the Alma’s.

      • I understand why you posted it, cc. Same reason I watched it. The “coming out” sort of thing in regard to leaving a religion just struck me personally as very weird I guess. He is a fantastic guitarist, and he seemed to be as pleased as we all were with David’s ALMA performance–not that I have watched the videos a zillion times to notice every detail. 🙂

  15. I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. All other books are the ideas of human beings , and subject to error. That’s my opinion. But I respect and appreciate people who don’t agree with me. I like how David lives out his faith while respecting other people who may not agree with his beliefs.

  16. whats the purpose of posting that hopkins vid,is this site now an anti,david,and mormon site ?????

  17. I didnt find the video anti-mormon at all, I found it to be what worked for him personally. Which is what we should all live our lives by. David is doing what works for him, if what you are doing isnt working then make a change. Thats what I took from the video.

  18. I can’t even look at that guy without thinking of this awesome song and video! I have to admit, the handsome blonde guitar player backing up David always intrigued me. He added to the romantic and ethereal feeling of the song.

    CChalo, Thank you for posting this video of Tom sharing a little more about himself. He seems to think highly of Mormon people. As he said, they are beautiful, amazing people.
    Hope you’re doing well btw. 🙂

  19. I felt David’s guitar player at the ALMA’s looked like a Nordic God.. not on this vid.
    I don’t see the point for the video.. even if there are others or for that matter the other kind of videos.
    like big deal you are or are not a mormon?
    I don’t care what religion David is.. only what the repercussions of it all is.
    like him being away for two years no contact etc sucks.
    but then again I loved my experience being able to attend motab.
    good and bad I guess.. but that can be said for most things.

    • That’s my point about it, the repercussions of it all that effects David’s career..being away without communication is a big one. You did bring up a good point, you got to go see him sing with the motab, that’s fantastic and if he wasn’t Mormon that wouldn’t of happened, very good point. Somehow I thought that only Mormons were invited, but it seems that anyone could attend which is wonderful.

    • The video is out of context here, it’s true. From what I’ve read, the missionaries are super enthused about reaching out, even after their missions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if David were to do one like Brandon Flowers, though I fervently hope–and believe–that he’ll keep things neutral once he returns. The context of the “ex” videos is helping people not to feel so alone in sitations where nearly everyone they know would disapprove of their questioning or their conclusions. It doesn’t apply to all situations.

  20. I do agree that the concern is the repercussions of it all on David’s career. The music/entertainment industry is largely very liberal and open minded. Not really that pro conservative or religious orientated business.

    • Maybe David isn’t as conservative or even as religious as he is appearing to be. I think this whole mission thing has everyone thinking that way, but maybe, just maybe he’s more liberal than perceived.

      • Or maybe more conservative than perceived, lol. When he sang “Imagine”, I made assumptions about him that were not correct.

      • yes, cchalo that is my fear and it’s only because I feel it will hurt his career, nothing to do with his personal life. Curious what assumptions did you make, if you don’t mind sharing?

      • Jeff said that people were converted to their faith because David sang that song, and I assumed that David sang it more in line with John Lennon’s original non-religious meaning.

      • Thanks cchalo..converted to their church, don’t think so. Hum have always thought that maybe Jeff was not a tbm, after what you said, I’m probably very wrong, although, he just doesn’t fit the mold.

      • I think he is much more conservative and religious than he is appearing to be (but that is just my impression). This is something that I have realized only fairly recently.

      • lol, ok peter now you got me curious as to what you have you came to that conclusion recently.

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