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Because it’s just that time of the day to be, you know… random with my trip down memory lane! 😛

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  1. Love the walk down memory lane. He looked so young and so adorable. Hoping that when he gets back he is handsome, mature with still that boyish charm that we all love.

    All the choices he made regarding the videos he likes were great. Hoping that he will be able to push his boundaries with future music videos. Imo, to be cool and original doesn’t have to be raunchy and full of naked girls. Hoping he bring a cool and original vibe to future videos.

    Senseless…..just wanted to make one more point regarding David’s gay fans. Absolutely would love for all that were fans and have stepped back to come back in 2014. I had a big problem when I heard that his was going on a mission because of what that meant about what he believes, so I can understand how some of his gay friends might feel. What I have decided was that it doesn’t matter what he feels personally as long as he doesn’t bring that prejudice into his music.

    • O-MAN when you going to let it go

    • cq, you and others have posted over and over again that David needs to be edgier in his videos and music and that it doesn’t have to be raunchy to be edgy. Can you give an example of what you would like to see him do that would satisfy your desire for edginess in videos or music? I admit I haven’t liked any of his videos much. I am more a fan of clever and creative rather than edgy just for it’s own sake and I haven’t seen much from him that’s WOW-y. For videos I think you can have a creative wow video with even a mundane song. It’s the people he works with that are making it blah. And because of the videos he chose, we can only imagine David wants cool stuff to.

      Also, just a caution, I would be very careful stating that you know what David believes or feels about gay people just because he is mormon. It’s just common sense. Do you know any mormons personally? They are very diverse and opposing same-sex marriage is not the same as hating gay people. There are even gay people who oppose same-sex marriage.

      • Don’t understand where you got hate out of my comment, but whatever, you are in title to your opinion. To clarify, I guess, not hating any group at all as a completely believing person, but I do believe that being gay and practicing your sexuality does mean that they are not equal and are not eligible for the higher kingdom of heaven like other totally practice Mormons, that’s what I meant not in anyway hating, I totally don’t believe that hate is involved, as I understand it, so if I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to apologize.

        As far as giving you an example as edgy that I feel that David should be, don’t know if I can, sorry. But really all I want for David in the long run is success in the music industry. Don’t know what it take and wouldn’t venture to guess what needs to be done, but I do enjoy speculating.

      • Missionaries are expected to have 100% obedience to the church and David himself has stated as much in his write-up on the mission website. I’m sure that applies to the church’s stance on gay marriage. What he believed prior to the mission is anyone’s guess.

        Anyone can oppose gay marriage for themselves, but opposing gay marriage for others would be like me opposing Mormon temple marriage–not my business at all. Children of gay people have the same right to be protected by marriage, as all other children.

      • I just thought it was a presumption that we know how David really feels about the issue, missionary blog or not and that is why cq is upset about the whole mission, That’s the way it appeared to me whether you intended that or not. Whatever. It’s a much more complicated issue than it’s made out to be, but really I just wanted to know what cq has in mind for him since she seems passionate about it. No offense or inuendo intended I also like to speculate. I get that you want him to have success and be a big star.

      • Drive-by, you are more of a lurker than a commenter so I do understand how passionate you are regarding maybe me, or regarding my feelings to feel the need to reply to my comment. I really like to see others point of view, so thank you.
        I really never assume to know what David thinks or is thinking, I am only going buy what is needed in order to serve a mission. You said it’s more complicated than what is posted in the mission blog so it leads me to believe you know something that is not written, so again if I’m wrong please explain what I misunderstood.

  2. Davids one attempt to “embrace the gay community” went to hell in a hand basket. The poor guy was cruicified for being in a gay club in NYC to the point where he came on twitter on a Sunday to clear things up. Which only added more fuel to the already smoldering fire. I dont have a problem with him embracing anyone, just dont think you will find him embracing any one community. His fanbase is made up of many diverse groups, races, religions, ages.

    • with Candy here.. the poor kid got back to Utah and all heck broke loose.
      all he did was to go and support his friend Charice
      along with the drummer or base player of his band as I recall and his father.
      I felt so sorry for him.
      way I feel about things is that his fans will come back when he does.

      as for his MV.. think Wait was an attempt at something different.

    • That situation was a mess because it was not handled right by his management team- which I believe at the time was- #mic. That is why celebrities have paid PR advisors on their team. David should not be ashamed to have gay fans. I think he is very non judgmental so I do not believe he is. If others think that he is gay – his attiude should be who cares if I am gay or not. Best way to handle it. JMHO. Many male celebrities get labeled as being gay. Yes he should embrace the gay community. I am an over 50 female straight fan and I stand by that statement. lol.

  3. I would love to see David do something like this video (sorry about the advertising before it):

  4. cc halo, I agree also something like that song and video would be a perfect fit for David, he has the vocals and it certainly has a human message, I love Broken, great song too.

  5. I agree. Great video.

  6. Nothing like babies in videos…love them both!

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