Sunday Carol Series: Pat-a-Pan

Remember this Christmas performance with Orla Fallon for Celtic Christmas? 🙂

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  1. I love that performance of Pat-a-Pan. David is just in his element doing Christmas songs. As I’ve said before, David could probably support himself being a Christmas artist – doing Christmas albums and having a Christmas tour every year. There’s definitely money in all things Christmas in the U.S.

    On another note I just came upon an article with a video about David Cook who is on a club tour. He is putting new music in his tour that hasn’t been released yet that he is trying out. I would love for “our” David to do that. The article also indicated how loyal Cook’s fans were and also how interactive Cook was with his fans. The article mentioned the fans doing ustreams of the concert. It all just made me hope that our David can get back on the road touring in a similar way when he gets back. I just can’t wait for new videos of David performing, ustreams, pictures, new fan interactions, etc.

  2. Love the Pat-a-Pan performance too. Love seeing David on tv..miss that.
    Grammyj, yes can’t wait to get videos of David on tour and the fun it was to have him working on his music. I have always thought that David was a much bigger talent than DC, but I’m happy that DC has found his niche and is doing ok. As for David, I do feel he has the potential to be a bigger star, but again would be happy for him with any success.

  3. Grammyj- that is a great idea to have videos and ustreams while on tour. David Cook might not have a record label anymore but he does have a professional music management team. Just thought I would mention that. lol. I have Sirius/XM satellite radio in my car now ( was free for a year) and it bothers me a bit that a station called “The Blend” that I listen to plays David Cook music quite frequently but not David A.’s music at all. It is considered a pop station not a rock station but obviously not top 40.

    • I believe that David does have professional music management in Gina Orr. He had the MKOC tour with that management which I would say was successful. There is no reason why he can’t do it again. Who knows, he might sign with someone else when he returns. Cook fans complain about his management too. Actually Scooter Braun, Justin Beiber’s manager was very young and not considered a big time manager when he started managing Justin. David just needs someone that is out there pushing for David to get some opportunities.

      CQ, I hope for big things for David too, but he will have to start with his current fan-base and build from there. It probably means he starts smaller and works up to bigger venues.

      • “David just needs someone that is out there pushing for David to get some opportunities”.—ITA-Could not agree with you more on that one Grammyj. I would just have to add that has the needed “connections” in the music industry. I hope that is Gina- if not he needs to get someone else. He should always keep Kari on his team. I like her.

  4. I thought I read that Cook is trying to be more of a soulfut pop/rock artist but I just do not see it. I like him better as a rock/alt rock artist but it is his choice. Just do not think he has the voice for it and it is too bad he no longer has his band. I am a fan of Gavin DeGraw and I believe that is the direction Cook wants to go towards. Good luck with that. lol.

    • Actually Cook is going for a more eclectic mix on his next album per the interview I saw. He said he is much freer now that he is not with RCA. As we know from David, band members come and go so I’m sure his new band has good musicians too. Obviously as a vocalist, David is much more talented than Cook. I hope the beat for both of them as they both want earn their living as vocalists.

  5. Wow, what happen to DC’s band, wonder why they aren’t touring with him now.
    As far a David having success with a small venue tour, yes, without a doubt..enough diehard fans will be there for him. Would I want bigger success for him….always.

  6. Just checked out Gina Orr’s management site. She just has Crystal B. and David listed. Wasn’t she managing others at one point? Maybe not. Talk about a competitive business-has to be difficult to keep the business going in music management. Maybe Gina does other things too. I noticed that Gina is hardly ever on her twitter which surprises me given the business that she is in.

    • Heck that doesn’t give me much confidence about Gina Orr, but than again maybe when David returns she has a plan for David?!?!

    • Gina Orr and Scooter Braun are as different as day and night.. I follow Scooter and he is always out there supporting.
      he has Tori Kelly on his team and as far as I can tell she has never had to do anything crazy promoting her music.

      I do love Kari.. even though she is as busy as can be she is always there for David.

      • Maybe Braun learned his lessons with JB, or maybe most of the crazy stemmed from JB, himself. LOL

        I think Crystal went through some bad times recently? Divorce and a baby or am I remembering wrong? Maybe that slowed her down, and Gina along with her.

      • Good Point Kimak. They are very different. Scooter is doing a great job for Tori-whether you like him or not. Who knows if Gina will even have a music management business by the time David returns. I think at one time Gina was a publicist for Britney Spears ect. before she went to AI. Who knows what is going on.

  7. No idea cq. Good question.

  8. Oops. Not that a baby would be bad news, but timing could make a pregnancy hard.

  9. David is very humble and doesn’t feel comfortable promoting himself in a way that would bring lots of attention to himself. For that reason he really needs a team that will do that for him. He has so much talent and can connect to so many different musical tastes. David plus great management equals success .

    • You know, I sure would like to see David promoted like Tori. I never thought I could see him with Scooter Braun, but he seems to be letting Tori be honest and true to herself. If only…………….

  10. Again, we will just have to see what happens when David comes back. It might not be a bad thing to have a manager that does not have a lot of clients because then the manager can focus on David and not a whole roster of others. Just a thought. I have been following Tori and like how she is being promoted as a new artist. David has obviously had far more success than Tori, but Tori is just starting out. Tori does do a fair amount of promoting herself on twitter and retweeting compliments etc. that I can’t see David ever doing. It gets to be a little too much IMHO. There needs to be more promotion than what David does but not too much that it becomes annoying. There’s that fine line. I hope David finds great management. I think we all want that for him. The jury is out on how well Gina can do.

  11. Just went to see Gravity. Really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend seeing it in 3-D. Sandra Bullock gives an amazing performance. Hard to believe she was not the first choice. Read that Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman turned it down first. Their loss.

    • I thought Sandra was great too. It’s hard to believe she wasn’t the first choice … maybe they were giving Sandra the middle-aged actress treatment.

  12. Betsy curious from comment made from previous post…your son isn’t into David’s music even though he thinks he has one of the best voices he ever heard, I get it…but have you ever asked what it was about him that would make him not ever be into his music? You also said that all his friends don’t care for him also…I’m only curious because with David moving forward with a music career, he has to get a lot more fans, so it would be nice to know what the non fans are thinking.

    • my son has seen David twice live.. escorted me he is 21. good kid physics student
      into indie and rock.. not into him either. feels Davids sound doesn’t have the edginess kids like.

      • Thanks Kimak, I have a hunch that’s what David’s music is lacking in order to attract young males as well as females. It really is kind of funny because I do believe that David’s taste in music does include edgy music. Again, just feel like he is holding back for whatever the reason. I do have my guess on what that is, but will keep it to myself, lol.

    • I asked. He thinks: Music is too pop, the music all sounds the same (also, every time I play something, he always says _”didn’t we just listen to this?”), too much singing about crushes, heaven, angels. It’s not that he’s “not into him” he’s not into his music, which is a distinction I think we should make. If he likes an artist, it’s because of their music. He doesn’t get into fan stuff.

      • seems about right.. more about the music style.
        my son compares him to Justin Bieber and lol my husband compares him to Robert Goulet.

      • Thanks Betsy, that’s what I figured…love David’s voice, but, imo, so far the music he has put out doesn’t match his voice, except with his live performance. , I really believe that he is going to bring his voice and his music together to create magic.

  13. Davids vocals are a given but his interpretation of a song is what really makes it magical. Pat-A-Pan by anyone else would be just a song. But when David lays his vocals on it and then infuses his interpretation it takes on a whole new meaning. This performance on Orlas Christmas Show was wonderful, I hope there are more events like this in his future. Another great example of his ability to interpret a song is the Cat & Mouse Carol…a very simple song yet David was able to turn it into a classic. It was one of my favs from his MOTAB Show.

  14. I think David’s music is more appealing to American females than American men because it touches the emotions and can make men feel vulnerable. Most young guys like to rock out and are more into bands than individual singers. It seems like Asian and Latin men connect a lot more with music that pulls at the emotions. Just my opinion.

  15. ITA-oliveoil. My nephews in their 20’s would not ever listen to David’s music. But my nieces that are the same ages still like David. David is not the only one that struggles with this. I believe that winners and contestants of AI and other reality talent shows are not seen as edgy enough by their peers-especially young males. David does has the advantage of having Asian and Latin fans. This will be a great help in his career.

  16. As a pop artist, David needs a cool song to get people’s attention. Few people listening to pop actually care how good the voices are–it’s all about the song. If he went the Josh Groban/Celine Dion route, there would be no question in people’s minds–it’s all about the voice there. But that’s a whole different group of listeners.

  17. You guys have a point actually the only male coming out of AI that might meet that edgy vibe would be Adam Lambert I’m thinking, but then again don’t know if that is the kind of edge that males are looking for.

    What I would love to see for David’s music career is that he bring a sound that puts him on the map and that everyone would recognize. An individual sound that everyone knows a likes. Love when he covers songs, but I would love genius songs to match his genius voice.

  18. It seems like Phillip Phillips is doing OK with getting male fans his own age but could be wrong. P2 opened for John Mayer on tour which was a good move for him. He is the only one I can think of but will it last.

    • Yeah forgot about Phillip Phillips, I would say he has that his song that way a huge hit might have something to do with it…he does has the look and the attitude that males would feel ok with. He is good in a folksy kind of way.

  19. Yes, it can be very frustrating. Even my 27 yr old daughter is into the indie music and is baffled by my ODD. My husband loves Bob Segar and can’t relate to David’s voice. But I KNOW there are lots of people out there that love him now and many more who will become fans once they have an opportunity to see and hear him.

    • David’s music is not going to be liked by everyone, heck even the most popular singers are not liked by everyone, but I would like for him to be respected as being a great singer by everyone.

  20. Passenger Let Her Go
    high view count and high on the itunes chart. . now #11 all around.
    would love a David cover one day.

  21. David may not have to get the young male audience to do well. I know Elvis has been mentioned as popular with both, but I actually think Elvis had a more female fan base most of the time. Just my .02.

  22. Most of the guys I knew were insanely jealous of Elvis and all the attention he got from girls, women of all ages, all around the world. That changed a bit when he went in the Army, more male fans jumped on th Elvis fan bandwagon. Maybe it was cool since he was in the military. I saw him perform, (and yes I really did) when he came to the convention hall in Atlantic City, it was an insane mob scene, couldnt even hear him sing from the non-stop screaming and wailing! I saw him again briefly when he did train whistle stops through Hollywood Florida, well that was until the young guys egged him, that was the end of the waving from the train. UGH Boys! LOL

  23. I often wonder how much, if at all, Crush appealed to young male fans, it was a great song that was appropriate for his age, and we can all relate to having that one special “Crush.” But did young male fans like the song?

  24. My guess is -no but I do agree that maybe David does not need the young male fans. It would be good for him but I guess it is what it is.

  25. The only thing that David needs is a lot more fans that will buy his music and go to his concerts, young, old, male, female, it really doesn’t matter.

  26. I love Pat-a-Pan! LOL, at 3:03, I suppose those are Archies giving the standing ovation.

  27. Either new ones or old ones, desertrat. LOL. And after listening to this again this morning, I think I’m going to pull out my CFTH and GCT CDs and begin the season early. Good heavens, that man can sing. (And I’m also READY to hear him again in concert. As much as I liked any and all DA concerts, that CFTH concert was unforgettable. We had an ice storm in Kansas City on our tour date, and it took me hours to drive home on the interstate, at about 10 mph much of the way, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.) Only for David, though.

  28. lol.. think we all need a laugh!

    @snowangelzz ‏@snowangelzz 53m
    NEW on SAz: Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes

      • My favorite: Word is you’re getting married, having kids, going to college and entering the space program instead of music…HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • I am so with you on that one, cq! Sometimes I take a small step back and try to look at things from an outside perspective and have to laugh at the things we (including myself!) spend so much time worrying about. It’s hard to have perspective though when you’re so focused on one dude. I know firsthand and am pretty much ok with that lol 😉

    • Very funny. Watching the voice tonight.

  29. KH-I hear ya about driving through just about Armageddon to get to a David concert, did that a few times myself. I was at a concert in Stroudsburg when a blizzard was predicted for the shore where I live, decided to head home after the concert rather then stay as I had planned. I beat the snow by about an hour. Driving on mountain roads in the dark wasnt fun but like you, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  30. LOL cq-Although I wouldnt laugh too hard at that, more times then not rumors have come true. *announcement* 🙂

    • wouldn’t doubt he will be doing all of that.. ok I don’t know about the space program but if I am not mistaken he did want to sky dive one day.

    • So true, I know that he will be doing all that maybe except the space program, lol. Just as a selfish fan would like him to concentrate on his music career when he returns…would love for him to have a girlfriend and enjoy that experience for a while before marriage, baby carriage, but I know how early marriage is a big part of his religion and in LDS terms, he’s already at the older side of marriage.

      • Interesting that you would mention the early marriage thing for Mormons, cq. I thought the same, but just read a report over the weekend stating that the national average age for marrying is 27, and the average age for LDS members is now at 24.5 years and rising. Of course that “average” statistic still includes the young ones who marry. Just thought the change was interesting.

      • Interesting indeed Whatever. I want David to be happy with his personal life of course, I just don’t want him to feel pressured to jump into something he might not be ready.

      • Another statistic is the high divorce rate. 50%. David’s parents who are LDS are divorced as are I believe his maternal grandparents. Just saying.

  31. cq I got married at 18.. still am a gazillion years later. he is not that young.

    • Yes, I also have some family and friends that got married young and are still married, but I also have many more friends and some family that got married young and things didn’t turn out that great for them. I got married when I was 22, so I know that things can work out ok. And I really wasn’t talking about age, it was more about being ready. Congrats btw, you are one of the lucky ones.

      • not worried about all that.. way I see it he will have more experience with interpersonal relationships and will understand what love is all about.
        in other words we might just get more mature music going forward.

      • You’re so right. I can’t wait for him to experience that side of human emotion than maybe it will relate to his music, but still he can fall in love and really not get married right away, that’s what I was saying. I won’t lie I’m a bit of a selfish fan and want him to concentrate on his music after he returns. Would love for him to date and just have fun with that part of being young. Even though I had a very happy marriage, at times I do wish I had dated more.

      • cq he is just going to do as he must his life.. he is conservative and won’t be able to experience a real closeness until he is married. no clue what he will do just saying whatever I am here.
        just as long as he sings.

      • yes, I’m here too to see what happens next.

  32. hum btw, to have fun and date doesn’t have to involve sex, just saying.

  33. So I decided to go see the youtube of Wrecking Ball…the video I just don’t get why the licking, the nudity, just doesn’t make sense, but I really like the song. Strong powerful and catchy. I can understand why people like the song, especially the teens total pop, with over 272,000,000 hits.
    Now if David put out a strong, powerful and catchy song, of course, his classy way, wonder if it would be a hit…hum me thinks he would still need big major powerful industry people behind him in order to have even a chance of being a hit.

    • cq Wrecking Ball is not a bad song.. and that video got folks to listen to it.
      her tactics worked.
      my guess David would have to do something extremely creative or crazy like that to get the buzz.
      creative works for me.
      lol look at that What The Fox Say vid.. worked there.

      • Lol, funny you brought up What The Fox Say, that song was used for one of the group dance numbers on DWTS last night. So good, they got a perfect score, of course it was Derek’s team, hehehe…love him.

  34. Saw the video of that DWTS dance routine today. It was really good. Interesting that tonight XFactor is on against the Voice. Bet The Voice wins the ratings tonight. lol.

  35. Going back to why young males don’t “get” David. This isn’t true of all young males because we know David had & probably still has a pretty fair sized group of male fans in the gay community, not only young gay males, but all ages. I would guess though that there aren’t as many since he left on his mission. They saw/see in David what “we” see in him if we are honest, great looks & vocal talent and a sensuality David isn’t even aware of which makes him irresistable. Then add the OLDER fans, both males & females and how we think he is the best thing to happen to music in 50 years! They (young males AND young girls) may think he has a nice, maybe even great voice, but they don’t see him as a versatile vocalist who really can “sing the phonebook” and make it sound great. As I see it, David’s generation, his peers don’t “get” him because he was/is loved by OLDER fans male & female who, if we are honest, makes up the majority of his current fanbase. At least in the USA. This phenomena is nothing new. Whatever “parents” hate, the kids love and vice versa. That’s the way it’s always been especially when it comes to music. Don’t think David will ever do anything quite so rebellious as to shock his older fans the older fans are here to stay for the long haul.

    David thinks he doesn’t have the “edge” to his voice to sing certain songs and do them justice. But he CAN sing with a edgy vibe. We all know he can because he can sing anything he puts his mind to in any genre. David a new song written just for him similar to “Apologize” or “Crazy”. Those are great songs made famous by the original artists, but David made them even better. Artists not only need a great management team, they need great material.

    Just my usual senseless opinions. No offense intended.

  36. ITA-Senseless. Glad that you made the point about David’s having yong male fans in the gay community. I was thinking the same thing. I hope if some of those fans did leave him that they do return. David needs all kinds of fans for his music career. He should openly embrace all of his gay fans when he returns as they are a great support for him and all music artists. JMHO.

  37. Ready for the live shows next week on The Voice. Some great performances tonight. Is Christina a totally different person this year? Besides the weight loss she is just so likeable this year. What happened. lol. Matthew and Will’s round was good. Both very talented.

  38. I would be just shocked if anyone from Team Blake won. I am sure that The Voice wants another coach to win this year as Blake has won it so much.

  39. ITA-kimak. It is up to David now.

    • Actually it’s not just up to David. There are a lot of other factors that come into play for a big career in music. I guess if you mean it’s up to David if he wants a career in music at all that statement is true. He’s the one that will be performing.

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