That’s how I feel (still) after having witnessed this breathtaking and intense, stark film, 12 Years a Slave:

When I gather my thoughts, I will give a much more well thought out review. But right now, I will say: when it comes to your city or town, definitely go see it!

I saw this at a special screening since we’re in upstate New York where Solomon Northup (whose story this film tells) is from: Saratoga Springs to be exact. At the reception afterwards, I even met some of his descendants, who got choked up talking about their ancestor.

So glad I saw it (but it will be a while before I go see it again).

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  1. I’m definitely planning to go.

  2. The movie has gotten amazing reviews but the reviews did state that it was very difficult to watch. One review stated the movie was “a harrowing, unforgettable drama.”

  3. I can’t wait for it to hit my area. I wonder why it was released in so few theaters.

    • It is not in my area yet either. I am going to see Gravity 3D this weekend. Saw your comments on that movie desertrat. I will go see 12 Years a Slave when it is in my area.

  4. I think this was a limited release, with widespread release planned close to Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks. Last weekend I watched the movie “Solomon Northup’s Odyssey” on tv. It was produced in 1984 by Gordon Parks. I look forward to comparing it to 12 Years.

  5. The one movie that I have seen that describes what you must be feeling to me was when I say Schindler’s List. Even though the subject was not part of my heritage it had a enormous impact. I would venture to say that 12 Years a Slave would have the same impact on me.

    • Yes-Schindler’s List was a very difficult movie to watch even though it is not a part of my heritage either.

  6. I imagine that’s the case, CQ.

  7. I’ve been listening, on repeat, the new video from the vault of Heaven and it does have over 15,000 hits, but I was wondering if it would even be more popular if it wasn’t a song that we have heard him sing numerous times. Before I have tomatoes thrown at me, I love the video and am grateful that we got something from Kari/team. I was just imaging if it was a new song or a cover that we haven’t heard him sing before…I think that maybe he would get a bit of buzz…just a thought…not that it really matters though.

  8. I notice that Ruben Studdard is getting some buzz about his Biggest Loser gig. Time will tell if this will help revive his singing career. My thoughts is that if he doesn’t but out a song that the masses really like and is current, no. From what I see, it comes down to the song that catches on and becomes a hit that will revive or help any singer that is not having much success in the business.
    So, of course, I believe that only a hit song will help with the (big) success of David’s career. Now I’m not saying that he can’t make a living and even have minor success without a hit song, yes, I believe he can and of course, will, if that is what he wants. My thoughts are only for a mainstream singing career success.

  9. CQ, may I say, with the greatest respect, that I have to disagree with your characterization of David’s career. David will not have to settle for”minor success” when he returns. David has already been extremely successful. He is a 22 year old multi- millionaire in a business that chews people up and spits them out like Chicklets every day of the week. He has toured, to packed houses and rave reviews, on 3 continents. He has released 6 CDs and has starred in a 25 episode mini-Series. He has been a model for a major clothing co. and has a billboard of his handsome mug gracing the highways of Manila.

    You are right, however, that all David will need is one hit song to propel him to stratospheric heights when he gets back. David has it all going on. 2014 will be the year of The Archuleta. Count on it.

    • I see what you’re saying and yes I do agree that he has had major success. I was referring to him going forward after he returns. I believe in him and will always think that he should and of course, as a diehard fan, think he WILL regain that level of success. I was in no way down playing the success he had before he left, sorry if it came across that way.

  10. bliss – so wish that you were david’s manager because then YES! i could believe that david would be a major superstar in 2014! 🙂

  11. I truly believe that David will become a superstar whether he wants to or not. As long as he remains “in the game”, his enormous talent and appeal will resonate with an ever expanding fan base, and, voila, he’s the next Michael Jackson (minus the baggage). It may not happen in the U.S. immediately due to the sorry state of the U.S. music industry, but it will happen. I may be a cynical New Yorker, but when it comes to David Archuleta, I’m a cockeyed optimist. I’ve seen and heard too much from David not to be.

  12. CQ, the fact that David has endured the ruthlessness of the music business and still flourished tells me that he is a much tougher cookie than people think he is. I read where Kelly Clarkson said she almost ended her career after a few years because she couldn’t take the viciousness of the Business. David said in “Who I Am”, “I don’t care if the Fenster is calling”. I believe Mr. Fenster was an Executive at Jive.

    • Kelly may have said that BUT she never did leave her music career. She has always been signed to a major music label and had professional music managment. I just picked up People magazine and there Kelly was on the cover with her new husband. Kelly has major” Promo” going on and has for a long time. I strongly believe that you need the right “connections” to succeed in the music business. It is “who you know not what you know”. David could learn from what Kelly has accomplished with her career. I do not believe she ever compromised her self But has had success. I am a big Kelly fan. Bliss- Here is my concern- Does David had that strong burning desire to have success with his music career? You have to have that now as it is so competitive. We all know he has the talent. I hope so but just not sure right now. It is on him now not the fans. Time will tell.

      • I mean “have” that strong desire.

      • You said it Marie, a burning desire and belief that it will happen. With two years to really step out of that arena and completely be away from any type of work relating to his career, hmmm. The way I see it, either he will come back with a bigger desire for success with a music career or be happy covering other artists songs and continue to promote everyone else except himself. Now I’m not saying that that will happen, actually I’m hoping that he will come back and want to take the industry by storm…it won’t be long and we’ll see where his career will go.

  13. bliss – omg, i also made the same comment some time ago, about david being the next michael jackson! 🙂 on certain parts of Broken he sounds exactly like michael.

    • Ok so now after your comment I had to check it out, sigh, love the song. Hope that we get to hear him sing Broken live. I can just imagine the passion he would bring to this song live.

  14. Cotton Candy, I sent his team my resume, but I never heard anything (just kidding)

  15. bliss – 🙂 lol

  16. Watching The Voice (not David, the talent show on TV) since it began. All or most of the singers on the show are talented with great voices, charismatic stage presence and have been at it for years, some for decades. Some have even had label contracts but for some reason, stardom has eluded them so they go on The Voice in hopes of having doors open for them like David who auditioned for AI with the same dream that doors would open for him. The opportunities & doors did open for him and he did live the dream for a few years. Every contestant on ALL the reality talent shows would give anything to have what David had and gave up.

    Will he have an uphill climb when he returns? Anyone who believes he will return and all will be as if he had never left has blinders on. David is a talented vocalist and for almost five years,in my mind, he was the ONLY VOICE worth listening to but that is true only for David’s fanbase (which has largely diminished since he left). There have been so many uber talented vocalists on The Voice as well as all the other reality singing competition shows, and some I dare say, are just as great as David. The Voice is the only reality show I watch and as I sit & listen I wonder & even imagine how or even IF David could compete with some of these vocalists. Truthfully, I am not so sure. So I Think to myself it’s a good he went on AI when he did. As much as I admire David and his talent, Ihope he will never get to the point where he may consider going on The Voice just to get those doors open again. The competition would be tougher than going door to door with a backpack & a BOM.

    One more thing, I find it amusing that some fans think he is a multi-millionaire. If he was, I doubt he would have felt the need to do a “Soap Opera” series complete with all the usual soapy stuff soap operas are famous for, immediately before leaving on a “holy mission”.

    • wouldn’t doubt he has an uphill climb when he gets back.. good for us fans we may actually get a lot of David going forward.
      if not so be it.. it is ‘his’ career and life.

  17. Great comment Senseless. Some good points.

  18. Senseless, I would appreciate it if you would not refer to me or my posts as “some people”. Please refer to me by name, as I have done with you. If you want to really get personal, my name is Mike.

    As for your baseless claim about David’s net worth, here’s where I got the info. I hope it doesn’t cause you to become less “amused”. The site is Celebritynetworth.com

    David Archuleta Net Worth
    David Archuleta was born in Miami and has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. David Archuleta is a singer and songwriter, who won his first singing competition at age 10, and continued to win competitions throughout his teen years. The Junior Division winner on “Star Search 2”, he became famous as the runner-up on Season 7 of American Idol in 2008. He has released two successful s…

    “Nandito Ako” was not a soap opera. It was a mini-series, like “Roots” or “Lonesome Dove” in the U.S. It was his first attempt at real acting, he was outstanding in it., and it showed great promise for his future as an actor.

  19. You made some very good points. I don’t believe David has made all his decisions and carved them in stone. At this stage in his life, he is still very young and probably wants to see what will fulfill him and allow him to make a good living. Sounds like he wants to have a family someday so he will need to be realistic about how to make a living. At this point he is not done with music but as he has sung on occasion- nothing lasts forever. He might decide to do more acting, Broadway maybe, soaps, or who knows maybe drama or comedy as some have mentioned.

    He may have some concrete plans for his imminent future but depending on how profitable those turn out to be will dictate his next move. With David you just don’t know. Well at least that is how I see it.

  20. I would love to see David do a Broadway musical. I really would. Watching Scandal. That is really good show.

  21. Bliss I see you have made the distinction between a soap opera and a series. I also believe David has it in him to do some serious acting. Now as to the appropriate vehicle, that would be the clincher. Maybe family dramas on television or the big screen. I think the majority of mainstream tele or theatre movie roles might not be to his liking.

    Hey, if I am wrong about that I will eat raw oysters. : €

  22. Nice conversation. I do agree with Senseless that most singers would love to have the opportunities that David had and possibly (yeah, I’ll have tomatoes thrown at me) be more flexible than David was.
    It will be interesting to see how David is after being in the environment he has been for the last almost two years. There is the possibility that when he returns to his music career and sees that it’s to corrupted and run back to Chile, lol. I of course, am joking.

  23. Senseless, you also claim that David’s fan base has “largely diminished since he left”. May I ask how you drew that conclusion? His Twitter followers have grown by hundreds of thousands since he left, and a review of his Twitter timeline will show countless daily tweets of fans “missing” him, wondering when he’s getting back, and listening to his music.

    Despite virtually no contact with his fan base, David has fan sites such as this one up and running daily, and many fans, such as you and I, posting about him regularly. His song “Don’t Run Away” has been in the top 3 on Musiqtone for the past 40 weeks, and he’s competing against some of the biggest names in music. Of course, there is no way of knowing the exact level of fans that David currently has, but it seems to be holding up nicely. I was just wondering how you reached your conclusion that it wasn’t.

  24. Also needed to say that Senseless is right there is a lot of talent to are equal and some better than David, but they really doesn’t make a person successful in the industry.
    Imo, there is something about David that is different and all he needs is another hit song to get his career in the right path…can he get the team that he will need to get that accomplished, that remains to be seen.

  25. Ahh yes NA, the series about, drugs, prostitution, violence and abuse. So glad no one judged David by his taking on an acting role in a show that had such a questionable storyline. It would be a shame to have an artist or actor judged by songs they sing or roles they play.

    • LOL, Candy. I hope that dig wasn’t directed at me, since I’ve expressed a lack of love for Bruno Mars. I never said no one should appreciate him or his sound. I said only that I didn’t, and even offered to send the CD at my cost. I’m really not very conservative, and conservative values are not what is missing for me in Bruno’s work. To each his own, right?

      The miniseries included many aspects of life, and at its core, it had heart. What’s not to love?

  26. lol Candy you are correct about the subjects that were a part of the storyline but David was not all that violent; angry, sad and jealous yes. He did defend Anya from the boatman but David was not a villain, doing the drugs, abusing or participating in the prostitution in any way. I think for American audiences, the feeling might be the subjects were handled with a much lighter touch than they would be here in the US.

    I do wonder if the role had called for David to play an un-David like persona, even if there was a good message at the end, if he would have taken it.

  27. Ram-What I do know is that the cast, crew and writers had no knowledge of who David was other then he was some guy who was on American Idol. They were unaware of his modest demeanor and his shy, humble nature. Minor adjusting in a place or two but nothing that caused a major issue. They wre also unaware he was Mormon and his strict policies, not that it was a problem. It was a learning process for all involved.

  28. Thanks for the info. I enjoyed the series and looked forward to watching it everyday when I could. Getting up much earlier than I regularly do because I didn’t want to miss any episodes. Sigh- miss those days.

  29. Loved NA, so glad he went for it and I sure hope he continues to push himself to go outside his comfort zone. To me a true artist does just that.

  30. CQ, I thought NA was a breakthrough for David. Although he was not directly involved in any of the “adult” plot lines and themes, they were all around him in every episode. It helped dispel the myth that David is a uber conservative, pious Mormon boy who would never involve himself in such “naughty” ventures.

    • Well, and David may be a Mormon but his life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. I’m sure he’s seen plenty in his short life.

  31. Candy, You say, “What I do know is that the cast, crew, and writers had no knowledge of who David was,…. and was unaware of his modest demeanor, and shy, humble nature”? How do you know that they were “unaware that he was Mormon”? Are you just making this stuff up? How on earth would YOU know what the cast and crew of a project in the Philippines knew or didn’t know about David?

  32. I loved all about Nandito Ako, Bench and his time there.. felt he came out of his shell some there and hope he goes back there again for future projects.
    also would love for him to take on Broadway or acting here in the states.

  33. I’m look forward to David being done with his mission and back to doing music and whatever else he decides to do. I’m hoping he has a great come back, but I will be happy if he continues on with his music career in some form.

    • Me too, GrammyJ. I hope I have access to more music, vlogs, concerts and the like. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t. I’d be pleased though if he found the level of success he wants. I think I’m afraid to wish for superstardom because superstardom tends to overtake normal life, and David seems like he values normal life. But that’s out of my control. And, hey, maybe if he found superstardom, he’d show everyone else how it should be done. LOL.

  34. Superstardom is not for the faint at heart, but just think about what David could do with that status…

    I’m at the point that I’ll be happy for David to have any type of career singing…he was born to sing, but as a fan, I would love for him to reach superstardom. My expectation have dramatically lowered, but still in back of my mind, hey, I still want that big career for David…actually because it would be more fun for me, I know, very selfish, lol.

  35. Bliss- because that is what they told me, it came direct from the horses mouth, And if you know me you would also know I NEVER post anything that I dont know to be fact!

    rooster-no crystal ball just have friends in high places.

    • good morning candy. someone told me you also had the “inside scoop” on david’s girlfriend! is that true? 🙂

  36. Cotton Candy- its hard for me to share anything as it is always taken the wrong way, as if Im gloating about it, (which is far from the truth) so Im very cautious, even guarded about what I share. The comment above by Bliss is a perfect example, I can see where he would assume that I couldn’t possibly know the things I shared. But people that have taken the time to get to know me, know differently. Oh and about that scoop 😉

  37. rooster (aka ray )

    candy,bliss is right,you alweys hint that you know something but never reveal what it is ,and never show proff.under the guies that you will br misunderstood,pleas stop with the games,what has happenrd to you ,you used to be fun to chat with

  38. Rooster- its more fun to share the fun stuff in a DM.

  39. candy- thanks, i understand. would you be willing to tell us what country she’s from?

  40. I was just now able to check out SD today & I know there is a new article & thread but I felt I should respond to Bliss…oops I mean Mike. Not that you or anyone else will see my response to some of your questions.

    When I said “some fans” think David is a “multi-millionaire”, it was because you aren’t the only fan who thinks so. David would probably roll his eyes if he were to be asked about that “fact”. Of course if he were to sell off his assets which in his case includes the ownership rights & future royalties of his recordings for example, maybe it would total a few million. Unlike other celebrities, as far as we know, David has not invested in or purchased property unless the family home is in his name, or purchased autos so no property assets as far as I know. David has always given the impression of being frugal but he also hinted that like any business, it takes money to keep it going. I don’t recall his MKOC having a sponsor so it seemed to be funded soley by David and he probably broke even financially so I stand by my comment that he agreed to do the “Soap Opera”, modeling, and the love song album, because of a financial necessity. Unlike the soaps on American television which can run for decades with the same characters & with no end in sight, a Filipino soap storyline can run for a few months with an ending & resolution. Then a new soap begins with a whole new story & new actors. We can call them “mini-series” but in reality they are “soap operas” like the Latino “novelas”. This is not to say I don’t think David should have agreed to do NA, but I found it odd he would agree to do it just prior to going on a mission. As much as I enjoyed NA and his pretty good acting ability, I still think he agreed to do it for financial reasons.

    His fanbase has diminished since he left. However, he obviously gained LDS fans after his “announcement” which was to be expected. The fan sites still operating have obviously much fewer posters/commenters then before he left and many “regular” or well known recognizable posters are no longer visible on the sites. The sites who have 50, 100 or more comments daily is due largely not to 50, 100 or more different fans posting, but due to conversations & multiple comments by a few fans on any given day. For example, here on SD, there are maybe 10 regular commenters now with lurkers coming in periodically. But before David left, that number was so much higher. The same with the other few sites. It’s pretty sad. I have my own view about Twitter and facebook and how misleading those numbers are.

    I would like to add that I am looking forward to seeing David perform live again. I don’t think he will “tour” again for the first year or two after he returns unless he “opens” for another artist. He will have more success in Asia but where does that leave the fans who are still here in America & Canada too, waiting. How interesting it will be to see if David re-invents himself like growing his hair again and going back to casual clothes or will he keep his current look as his new persona. He looks so happy and comfortable in the photos I’ve seen of him as a missionary that I wonder if he will even want to change back to the way he was before he left. I guess we shall see soon enough,

    There is much speculation and disagreements regarding David and the choices he’s made, past, present & future. I think it’s a good thing because it keeps him on our minds so it’s good to agree that it may be a good thing to disagree sometimes. It makes for lively conversations instead of boring unicorns & rainbows discussions about David’s career all the time. David is a complex and interesting personality as well as an enigma who is totally unpredictable. This time next year I hope we will all be saying after seeing him perform live, “What Just Happened?” in a very good way! 🙂

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