Sunday Carol Series: Riu Riu Chiu

Another carol the Voice introduced me to:

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  1. Love, love, love David singing in Spanish. I may not survive him sounding better, but I can’t wait until he returns and we get to try, 😉

  2. That smooth voice singing in Spanish…divine. His voice and romantic languages are a match made in heaven.

  3. If you think the recording of David singing this Spanish carol is divine, you should have heard his LIVE version. His live version is incredibly fantastic. Hard to believe he was so young when he recorded CFTH because his vocals were that of a more mature & seasoned vocalist making one wonder if the production & mixing had something to do with that phenomenom. Then we hear David’s live versions and lo & behold, his vocalization & delivery of the carols was quite simply…unbelievably so much better than the recorded versions! Riu Riu Chiu is one of my all time favorite songs by David.

    As I wrote in a previous thread, David can make a decent living singing in and around his home state if he so chooses or if his career success is slow in coming to David when he returns. However, I also think he would be remiss if he doesn’t make at least one album celebrating his latino heritage & culture. Considering the large Hispanic population in America now, I think a Spanish album would open doors for David and for a whole new group of fans who have forgotten him or have never heard him. Remember his Alma Awards, Somos El Mundo, and the Tejano Music Awards performances, when Hispanics/Latinos as well as non-Hispanics & non-Latinos were blown away? His team would be crazy not to advise David to reach out to his own people musically.

    Of course some would say he will always be embraced & be successful in Asia, which may be true, but he is a Latino born in America so I would wish for him to have the same or higher level of success here. I believe he can be huge as a bi-lingual singer if he makes the effort.

    No, I am not Latino/Hispanic, but I am fluent in Spanish which is a requirement in my job. 🙂

    • Absolutely agree with you Senseful, I too believe he could have a successful bi-lingual singing career. Really when you think of it, all stars are world wide stars, with all the new technology has made that possible. David already has fans all over the world, maybe the numbers are low, but he still is known, so with that in mind, all he needs is a really big hit and that would make his career skyrocket, imo.

      As far as in the US, I agree the Hispanic population is large and David and his team would be crazy not to produce Spanish music. I truly believe David will record Spanish music when he returns, I just hope that with any music that he put out that it will be a huge success for him.

  4. I’m on board with Senseless that, as awesome as the album version of RRC is, the live version blows it right out of the water. One of my faves:

    David fully inhabits a song when he sings it live. I don’t know if that even makes sense lol but it was as close as I could come to explaining how I feel about what he does. Riu Riu Chiu is actually one of my favorite Christmas songs that he performs live. I enjoy the faster tempo compared to alot of the more reverent songs and I also love how he just prowls his way across the stage and digs into the vocals.

    I don’t speak Spanish but that doesn’t impact my enjoyment of this or any of the other Spanish songs David has sung one bit. I know it’s a cliche but music really is the universal language.

  5. senseless, i agree with your comments too. re. “Somos El Mundo”, i still remember all the youtube questions asking who is the green-eyed boy. also, i had never heard RRC prior to D’s ablum; this is one of his carols that i currently play year-round.

  6. off topic — i saw the movie “gravity” today … in 3-D. it’s very good but also very intense. i still feel a little uneasy about it.

    • It sounds intriguing. I’m curious if it doesn’t give the whole movie away for those who haven’t seen it, could you tell me what you mean about still being uneasy?

      • The movie is a thriller and literally kept me on the edge of my seat. During parts of the movie, the astronauts are trying to avoid debris. Watching in 3D, the debris appears to be flying right up in your face. I was actually shifting in my seat to avoid the debris. When I left the theater, I felt tired — sort of like how you feel when you exit a rollercoaster ride.

      • Wow, very intense. Haven’t been to too many 3D movies, but the ones I have seen, the 3D kind scare me, I can just imagine how that felt for you. Don’t think I could handle that move, lol. Then again, romantic comedies are my speed, although I have seen some very wonderful serious and intense movies before.

  7. We saw that a few weeks ago, Desertrat, and my oldest daughter said she was tense all the way through and still tense afterward. I know it has that effect on people.

  8. OH MY Ali- That live version of RRC is just stunning, the vocals from 2:26 – 3:00 are sublime! I remember being in Stroudsburg and WoodBury and being so captivated. His vocals and style never get old. And Viva the burgundy pants!

  9. Ali, thank you for the live version of RRC..yes that was I do agree with you, better than the recording.

    I just hope that he can come back and continue to elevate his performance. I really felt that he was starting to do just that before left. Going for the acting gig, recording romantic songs, the performance he had seemed to me like a new freer David and he was heading in such a good direction. I just hope that being away from the business for such a long time, doesn’t put him in a backwards motion and we get a shyer, more withdrawn David. This has nothing to do with what he is doing( his choice and I ‘m not saying anything against it) pure and simple just from a career standpoint. Actually as I said before I am hoping that he comes back a more mature man that is ready to take the music industry by storm, as I said before. Just had this thought after watching the last gem from the vault.

  10. David has shown himself to be equally effective as a singer in many langusges (English, French, Spanish, Tagalog, Latin, i.e). This bodes well for his return. His Xmas concerts showcase his multi-lingual talents beautifully, and one hardly notices that he is, in fact, singing in a “foreign” language The song highlighted on this thread,” Riu Riu Chiu” has became an instant David classic, and his performances of “Ave Maria” and “O Holy Night (In English or Spanish) are so magnificent and moving, they defy description.

    David may not be what young American culture finds “cool”, but at only 5 % of the world’s population, it won’t matter when David sings to the other 95% in a language that they understand.

  11. Imo, all David needs to do is produce fabulous music that everyone likes and be himself and he will be known as a cool singer.
    David has the potential to become a big international singing star.

  12. CQ, as far as I’m concerned, David is the coolest thing on 2 feet. He needs, however, to connect with young American males for him to become the mega star his talent deserves. American culture, in its present state, reveres the coarseness we have recently witnessed from stars like Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars. David will never, ever, stoop to that level to gain any “cred” in the music business. The good news is that the international music scene is much more conducive to David’s persona and style of music, and, with his talent, he can’t miss.

  13. I do agree that the international music scene is conducive to David’s persona, but I do believe that there is a place for David in the US. That side of music has always been present, but with all crazy stuff and for me anyway, I don’t mind some of the crazy stuff, there always has been plenty of just plan good singers that let there musical talent speak. One thing that I do believe is that more and more singers are doing when they tour is present a rounded exciting show.
    I love David’s voice and would love to hear him sing and wouldn’t mind just having him sing, but I’m a ODD fan, but for most people if you pay a big amount of cash to go see a concert, you want to be fully entertained. For example, Pink puts on a fantastic show, with more than just singing one song after another. I gave Pink as an example because I feel she has real vocal talent.

  14. OT, but since Miley Cyrus was mentioned, I though I would share a personal story about her. She employs some friends of my daughter’s as backup musicians/dancers, who have a kind of disability. They have traveled with her on international gigs as well as in this country. Though people have tried to dissuade her from using them, she has always stood up for them, and says that they should be judged on their talent, and not on their “different” looks.

    • I agree, that is cool of Miley. On social/human rights issues, she’s been outspoken since a very early age.

      • Not a fan of Miley at all. She comes across as an entitled, self absorbed,very rich spoiled brat to me. Just like the Biebs. Liam made a very smart move to run away as fast he could from her. lol. cc halo what about the back up dancer that complained about feeling degraded as being part of act? I am glad you posted your comment as I was curious to know how you felt about that. The comments on this girls blog where she (Hollis Jane) very appropriately expressed her feelings are from many Miley fans. Very disappointing as everyone is entitled to their opinions. On a positive note- am watching the voice and really enjoying it. Some good performances.

      • I’m not a fan of Miley either, but I wouldn’t go as to say that she feels entitled. To me entitled mean you just expect everything to be handed to you in a silver platter and even though some of the things she is doing is questionable, she has to work hard in order to maintain her career, imo.
        What I got from what cchalo said was from a close perspective and just giving a different take on the subject. I just don’t think that someone is all bad or all good.

      • Marie, interesting to read that blog from Hollis. I see that she’s trying to become a serious actor, so she’s probably especially sensitive and alert to how she’s perceived. A lot of struggling actors have terrible gigs before they possibly become successful.

        But other Little People aren’t interested in Serious Acting and just want to have an enjoyable way of making a living. They don’t feel being cast as an elf, for example, is any different from a shapely woman being used as a bikini model, or a fat man being cast as Santa. (I have friends that were Ewoks in the Star Wars movies–I think it would be kind of cool, actually).

        It’s true that some jobs would be degrading, and a person has to decide if it’s suitable for them or not, whether they are a Little Person, or average-sized. I did warn my daughter that given Miley’s past performances, she probably wouldn’t want to be involved in this one–and I was right. But if dressing up in an animal suit was necessarily degrading, David shouldn’t have done it in Nandito Ako, lol.

        Here’s a defense of Miley–including the one comment:

      • P.S. I’m glad you warned me that the negative comments on Hollis’ blog were from a Miley fan–how awful. (Makes me feel glad that our David “defenders” are actually pretty mild). And contrary to the comments, the photo of Miley braiding hair, weren’t of Hollis, but of a friend who appears in this Colbie Caillat video (some would say that this is degrading, but I disagree):

      • Thanks for you comments cc halo. Interesting situation. Everybody has all kinds of opinions. Not right or wrong except when people get nasty in their comments. Not surprised to see Katy Perry’s album selling well today. I did purchase “Roar”. Good song and she did have members of her band dressed in animal custumes when she performed it on SNL. I thought that was entertaining. Also great marketing to have a contest on GMA for schools to submit the best video for “Roar”. I thought that was very clever and smart move by Katy Perry’s team.

  15. I love Pink and the show she puts on fits her persona. I have seen David 7 times and from giant venue to small, he had that crowd in the palm of his hand. I am happy to see him running back and forth singing zero gravity and immersing himself in the music. I don’t need to see him with a bunch of back up dancers because it is David I want to see and hear and I don’t care about who is around him except for the musicians. When I saw Eric Clapton a year ago, I thought “oh, I probably won’t go to see him again because I have seen him a couple times now” but I was sucked in by Clapton’s amazing musical skills on the guitar and his voice and he did not need to have back-up dancers or anything fancy and afterward I thought “guess I’ll be back again”. Just Clapton controlling the audience. Charisma is what David has along with his voice and just like with Clapton, I don’t need that hidden by other things.

  16. Collegemom, David has had and continues to have a “perception problem” about who he is and what kind of live performance he gives. Like you, I have had the pleasure of seeing David perform live a number of times. As he matured in age, he also matured as a performer. David is always who he is. There is no “acting” going on, no choreography, no stage gimmicks. It’s as if you showed up at his house, and he spontaneously decided to perform 18 songs for you.

    I am old enough to have seen The Rolling Stones and some of the other legendary acts of the past 50 years perform live. David is already their equal in terms of stage charisma and sheer talent, and he does it without one backup singer, and nary a bell or whistle. The looks on the faces of the audience as they file out of one of his concerts is one of “I can’t believe what I just heard and saw”. The notion that David is just a cute, shy, kid from Utah who has a sweet voice and the “grannies” love him is so far from the truth, it’s not even funny.

  17. You guys are probably right, what am I saying, I’m only going by what I hear from friends and family, I don’t really go to concerts.
    I guess there is room for all type of acts, some want/need back up dancers, lights etc and others just can sing and will have the same appeal.

  18. Btw, waiting for David to change that no going to concert thing, lol.

  19. CQ, I hereby offer you a double your money back guarantee on any David concert you go to. There are few guarantees in life, but having a great experience at a David concert is definitely one of them

  20. Last night I watched the TLC movie. After the scene where Carson Daly appeared as host of TRL, he became a twitter trending topic because everyone was asking whatever happened to him. I guess they don’t know he’s hosting “The Voice”.

    In relation to David, for a while D was affiliated with the Lisa Lopez Foundation in the Honduras.

  21. I was in Toys-R-US the other day shopping for my grandkids, a cd of lullabyes was playing in the baby section and I thought wow David would kill these songs. Funny how David related thoughts popup at the most unexpected times.

    • I can see David doing a lullabye album when he has kids. I wonder if his first album once he gets back is the Spanish one that he has promised.

      • Yeah Spanish song/album either that would give him success. Yes, I also think that David will down the line do a lullaby album like some other artist do when they become parents. I guess really you don’t need to become a parent to do that type of album, lol, but it just seems that it does inspire artists to do that when they become parents.

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