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Seeing this week that Ruben Studdard, American Idol winner season 2 – and the main reason why I started watching the show religiously! – is now a reality TV contestant again (and for a different reason!) as he participates in this season’s The Biggest Loser, I must say this:

I’m feeling a certain kind of way.

It was a pity the show’s music affiliates had no concept of how to launch someone like Ruben in today’s market: He was very much a Luther-Vandross-throwback and, yes, in the world of R&B (which has been suffering a decades-long hostile takeover from Hip-Hop), that absence is very much felt.

But American Idol is what it is: an entertaining spectacle of amateur talent, and if some of the winners (and runners-up) make good, then so be it: there goes their credibility among other reality contestant shows.

Still, I can’t help but wish things had been different: for David Archuleta, for Ruben, for Clay Aiken, all these great talents from Idol who seem to not have a fit in today’s music scene.

So, as folks have been saying in the comment threads, if all the Idol alumni are struggling, what does that tell us? And, will they have to turn to different TV shows (like Ruben) to keep their names out there?

Obviously, David has a hard row to hoe when he returns (especially after his two-year disappearance from public life in these United States), so will he (and should he) consider TV appearances in the world of reality TV?

For the sake of another poll, I’m curious to know, Soul Davidians, where you think David could plausibly show up in reality TV and make an impact with his singing career. What say you? Please take my latest poll! 😛


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  1. None! David needs to stay away from reality TV.

  2. Interesting Poll hg. I like it. Honestly at this point I think that David could really benefit from an appearance on a reality TV show. He realistically needs the “Promo”. I picked DWTS as that would give him the most TV time and I think he could win. If he was coming off of AI in 2008 I would have said “no” to DWTS but things have really changed for him. I think he should make an appearance on any show he is asked to appear on ( except The Kardashians lol ) and that includes AI as that might be his best chance for a TV appearance. Not so sure it will help his music career but it gets his name out there which will help him in the long- term. Plus selfishly I would really like to see David on TV again as would many fans and I watch these shows. By the way Clay did do a reality show recently-Celebrity Apprentice. It does not say much about AI alums careers but that is a whole other story.

    • I should add that there is no way that I think David would ever agree to do DWTS. I wish he would consider it but it just does not seem to be his type of thing to do.

  3. Very interesting poll, I really don’t think that appearing on a show once would do much to help his career, but with that being said if he was to appear on a show I would want DWTS because he would have the chance to attract more fans. That show has helped stars that were kind of struggling with their career bounce back.

    Imo, the one thing that will help David would be to connect himself with the right people in the industry that will help him put out the quality of music that fixes the talent that he is.

    I wish Ruben lots of luck with his weight loss journey…who knows maybe that will help people reconnect with him.

  4. Not even sure what I think. But if he were to do a show, I’d choose DWTS because he can dance (but isn’t a well-trained dancer, like some contestants on the show) and because I happen to like the show. 🙂 I don’t think it’s just ex reality show contestants who get a boost from reality show appearances. I think the Voice judges, in particular, got a boost in their careers from their judging gigs.

  5. GG-If you’re lurking, left you a msg on the previous thread. 🙂

  6. Totally agree with Peter…a resounding “no” to all reality shows at this point in time.

  7. Sorry, holding out for David to have his own show on Food Network. 😉

  8. at this point would take anything on TV!
    DWTS would be nice..
    maybe Julianne Hough can come back and be his partner!

    • That would be awesome, but I do believe that Julianne has moved on, but I’m sure that they would partner him with someone that would be just as cute, hahahahaha, as if that would ever happen.

  9. IMHO, David does not need to manufacture new fans by appearing on one of these mindless reality shows. David is a world class singer. His goal is not popularity, it’s quality. I have always respected his commitment to producing and singing quality music. His problem is that he is an exceptional person in an ordinary world. By appearing on a pop culture show like AI, he entered into the realm of the ordinary, and he hasn’t yet shed the baggage associated with that show.

    Fortunately, David is so talented and versatile that I feel that he will eventually find his niche in the music world, and flourish. David is maturing at warp speed. I, for one, welcome all the changes that I fully expect to take place, starting promptly in 2014.

  10. I say no to reality shows, especially singing shows. He has been there, done that, and I want him to move away from that and become his own entity which he has actually already done by now (and being on that Forbes List of top earning idols is proof of that). Also, even though I love DWTS, I think an appearance by him as a performer(singer) on the show is a great idea, but not as a dance contestant at this time. He has a ton of songs that would work for that type of show and he is well known for bringing 1st class singing to his live performances. I say put him on Saturday Night Live or random places as a guest and he will shine. The funny thing about David, is when you throw him somewhere where you think he would not fit (or open for a group that one would think might not be a good fit), he is great and a gracious, good sport and wins people over right and left as people do actually enjoy all types of singers and most especially, singers who are charismatic, control-of-the-audience performers.

    • collegemom SNL?? have you seen it lately.. not very David rated.
      are you talking about being a musical guest?
      if so that would be cool but if not mistaken
      to be on the show you need to be popular or someone unique like Lorde or even Lana Del Rey.

      for me I just miss seeing him on TV.. not talking about his career.
      way I figure it the music he chooses to do going forward will drive his popularity.

  11. Collegemom, ITA. David is full of surprises and will continue to be. He also is the most disarming and charming guy on 2 feet. How many times have we seen and heard him completely neutralize radio shock jocks and TV interviewers with his irresistible charm and charismatic persona.David’s public image that he is this super conservative, uptight “boy from Utah” is untrue and needs to be debunked. A guest host gig on SNL would be a perfect vehicle to show the world that David can mix it up with the best of them, and he’ll do it with his clothes on. All he has to do is flash that mega watt smile and sing a song, and it’s all over.

  12. TV exposure is very powerful and most of us caught our ODD by seeing David (on AI or YouTube) as well as hearing his amazing voice. So I would like to see him get some guest appearances. I think SNL is a good idea. Too bad there aren’t any variety shows any more, reality shows have become their cheap replacement. I think Ed Sullivan would have been crazy about David.

    One bit of exposure Crush had was it was used in a new TV show’s commercial. That would be a great thing to happen again. Or if he could get a song included on a movie soundtrack. Dream on!

  13. CQ, not at all. David was a sensation on AI, and it launched his career. Although AI has been very popular, it is also see as “not cool” in the music business, and has caused many very talented people to have short careers. David would not allow himself to be marketed as a teen idol, which would have made him a mega star, given his good looks, charm and enormous talent. AI was a blessing, but the longer he is identified with the show, it becomes somewhat of a curse. He’ll overcome it, because he’s a smart cookie who knows who he is and what he wants to do. It also doesn’t hurt that he is the greatest singer of his generation, and highly respected by other artists. David is in it for the long haul, and will be kicking some serious tushy when he puts into gear next year.

    • Thank you for you answer, I too agree that AI did help somewhat launch his music career. I also agree that he needs to move away from being only identified as a reality show product.
      It’s exciting to think of where things will go for David when he returns, whatever direction he will take, it will be a fun ride.

  14. Im for whatever helps get his career back on track. And he will need help to do that…especially here in the states. The Philippines can help financially and make for some great videos for us here in the states, but he needs a vehicle of some sort to do the same here.

    • Well, we could pitch a show. He could search the US for the perfect guacamole, perhaps. Or Thai food? Mango recipes? Or … hm. Young single cooks could compete to make him the best guacamole or Thai food or recipes containing mangoes? Ooh, I know. He could traverse the globe, singing to diners in restaurants while viewers get to see on-camera reactions.

      I dunno. I’d watch anything with David and Food, as I’ve both a Foodie and an ODD fan.

  15. Heres hoping he signs the necessary contracts, deadline is approaching!

  16. You’re so right Candy, whatever helps get his career back on track. Really thinking about it, without that gig in the Philippines (acting, tour, appearance, album) that brought us fans so much viewing pleasure, it really would of even been harder to hang around.
    I’m optimist (right now anyway, hehe) that he will be ready to take the world by storm.

  17. ITA Candy. There is also the financial consideration for David. He might need to do shows and appearances for the money. You do need to make some money to pay the bills. David is not that wealthy if you compare him to some other music artists who are worth multi millions. He had to take a huge financial hit by not working for what will be over 2 years. The Archuleta’s are not a wealthy family. Are they??

    • Don’t know, but it does seem like they are not wealthy. Wasn’t it rumored that he was helping his family financially. Actually I really was hoping that while he was away that one new song might take off so that maybe get more people to buy his music, more money for him to have a successful comeback. I know that’s water under the bridge now, but still remember thinking that’s what he needed, lol. silly me. Maybe another way of looking at his finances is that he had been thinking about a mission all his life and all the money he has ever made was put away, of course, minus expenses. This is silly speculation in my part and nothing to do with whatever is really going with David financial situation.

  18. Marie, I don’t know how reliable this is, but there is a site that claims to know the net worth of celebrities, etc. When I checked David out, it had him listed as having a net worth of $5 Million. That may be chump change compared to JB or MC, but, as we all know, David does not measure success in dollars and cents. It is true, however, that David gave up mucho dinero in potential earnings these past 2 years, especially in the Philippines, where he can’t walk through an airport without body guards.

    I am sure that no one , in the history of the Mormon religion, has ever sacrificed more to go on a Mission than David Archuleta. He put his entire career in jeopardy to do what he had to do. David talks the talk, and walks the walk.

  19. I would agree with you on that Bliss-David did sacrifice to leave his music career for so long.

  20. From what I read, David is the ONLY Mormon celebrity to ever go on a mission. Considering he left behind a somewhat lucrative career, I hope the music Gods smile on him and he is able to pick up where he left off.

    • Candy, do you feel that maybe he had a plan of some kind put into place before he left? It really would make sense if he really was serious about coming back to a music career. For him to think about his career as if whatever will be will be, just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Shanny in Australia

      There are a number of Mormon sports stars who have postponed multi-million dollar contracts to go on missions. Maybe not quite as famous as David given that he is a celebrity in Asia as well as the US, and I think leaving the music business is more risky than leaving sports for 2 years but they have still postponed fame and fortune.
      Plus there are probably a whole host more who have very promising careers of one sort or another but since most 19yo are not yet at the pinnacle of their success just yet, we don’t hear about them and the risks they take. For instance, I personally know a wonderful young man who is leaving for his mission this month. He is an up and coming sports name here and it could be argued that because he is only just on the cusp of making a name (and serious money) for himself, that he is risking much by leaving at a time when he could be cementing his reputation as a top tier athelete.
      Of course David is my guy and give me half a chance to praise him and I’ll gladly take it…..but I feel it is only right to acknowledge others who have willingly made tbe ‘hard decision’. And of course, fame and fortune aside, there are probably many many more who make great sacrifices in their lives to serve missions. And then there are even MORE good people in this world who sacrifice much for the good of another person….lol…..this comment is taking on a life of it’s own…..but it does remind me that there are many good people who sacrifice greatly for very worthy causes and it is good to honour them too.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Hope that didn’t come across as a lecture. Just wanted to acknowledge others also. There are all different kinds of sacrifices made by all sorts of people. I want to honour goodness wherever I see it. And i’m not saying others don’t feel the same….I’m just saying….

  21. well he still has us.

  22. kimk-Yep, still surprised that we have all held on till his return, when he made the big announcement, I had visions of his career tanking. A big part of the staying power for me is the fansites that have keep the home fires burining and the many friendships Ive made because of David. Plus the man himself is what got it all going in the first place.

  23. Ali- your comment made me think about the commercial in did in the PI for the Phone(?) that involved him eating, he got to combine to loves…food and eating.

  24. Hi Shanny, I have no doubt that there are other mormon sports figures that have gone on a mission, I wish I could remember where I read that about David. I was thinking more along the lines of music artists or at least that was what I took away from the article.

    • I do remember the going ons about Jimmer and that he decided not to go on one and then he got married. what ever happened to him? I don’t hear too much about him.

      Candy think all in all pretty good considering.. even if the group that gets together for him is smaller it will be folks we know and that does not seem too bad at all!
      sure hope he has something on the eastcoast we can meet up at.

  25. I really wasnt trying to take away from anyone who has made a career sacrifice to go on a mission regardless of what that career may be. All I have to say about it, dont want the conversation to drift into a religious discussion.

    • Shanny in Australia

      And I know you weren’t trying to take away from anyone either Candy.
      Everything’s good. 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      Just think it’s difficulty chatting over the internet Candy. No hard feelings here. I tried to make that clear. I feel like sighing myself over always being misunderstood. Must be my writing style, i’ve being trying to change it, doesn’t seem to be working though, seems a whole lot easier to just say nothing. I’m certain you and I would get on perfectly fine in real life. Take care Candy, you’re a good lady. 🙂

  26. if David comes back in time.. end of May will be the American Idol Finale and yes would love for David to perform something in Spanish there like Crush.
    he could sing a duet perhaps with one of the contestants like Adam Lambert did with Angie.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Kim, I had a david dream the other night. It made me think of you. David was doing a livestream chat with the fans but he had this REALLY strong and kind of funny accent. It felt weird, like it wasn’t david because of the accent. lol

  27. Nobody said the obvious -David should be on “The Bachelor” when he gets back. Ok, of course I’m joking. I would love for him to be on Dancing With the Stars but that’s because I want to see him dance.

    • Grammyj-The Bachelor-LOL. Love it. David should keep all options open-Reality Shows-TV Shows-Broadway Musicals(Book of Mormon would be perfect. lol)-Voice on an animated movie-or just movies. All Options- while he works on music for his new album with his new “soulful pop music sound” with top notch well known producers and writers. I just do not see a tour next year unless it is a very small Christmas tour.

      • THe one thing David should not do is more ice skating shows. He did enough. lol.

      • I agree with you Marie, he should keep all options open while working on his music. Two for one, working on fabulous music while getting more fans via his fabulous charismatic personally.

  28. Speaking about reality shows, I love Master Chef Junior Edition, it is so amazing. These little kids are so awesome so much fun watching them doing some amazing cooking. They are absolutely adorable.

  29. I’m liking that too, CQ. And it’s fun to see Gordon Ramsey be more sweet than loud.

    I’m also watching Cupcake Wars, for some reason, and saw Jennette McCurdy on there previously, and see that Hanson will be on the newest show.

    • Yes, it’s so refreshing to see Gordon Ramsey acting that sweet. I loved when the chefs had their sons on the previous Master Chef show…that might of been the idea for this show…whatever gave them the idea I’m glad, I’m really enjoying. The only time that’s tough is elimination, but it is part of the show.

  30. I know. Eliminations are tough. I’m amazed that kids are as accomplished as they are in the kitchen!

  31. i picked “no” for david on a reality show that involves some sort of competition. i don’t think i could handle the stress again, lol. however, i could definitely see david hosting something on the food, travel, or nat’l geographic channel.

  32. David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 2h
    While in Singapore in 2012 David & his guitariest there @YusGuitarMan had some downtime between shows. (KS)

    this is gorgeous!!

    • *Ali is dead* lol

      THAT VOICE. That’s worth the price of admission.
      P.S. I’m with kimak, I strongly approve of that jacket 😉

  33. Amazing singer. Great vocals. Thanks for posting the link, kimak.

  34. Down time and the man just wants to sing, I agree Kimak…GORGEOUS!!!
    Dang, he was born to sing.

    • he has such a gift.
      who today can sing or sound like that live.. not many!!

      oh and love what he is wearing.. looking sharp!

      • Yes, love what he is wearing too, looks so mature.
        Get your gorgeous self back here pronto David, we are so ready for you to blow us away with you new found confidence and freer spirit and new FABULOUS music, lol. I’m sure he is reading this and is booking a flight right now, hahahahahaha!!!!

  35. CQ, I couldn’t agree with you MORE. David’s voice is so emotionally powerful, and when he sings a song like “Heaven”, I can literally feel my soul healing. David is remarkable in so many ways, and as a singer of songs, he is completely in a class of his own. Today’s video is just more proof of what we have known for the past 5 1/2 years. Expect great things from David when he gets back.

    • I agree that video did strengthen my feeling that we will get great things from our man when he gets back.
      The video made me a little weepy in a good way because his voice is so beautiful…his voice front and center, well it’s just HEAVEN, lol.

  36. CQ, David’s voice feels like a “surgical instrument” to me, and “Heaven” is the perfect song to showcase that quality. This acoustic performance should be taught in Med School.

  37. Senseless 😉

  38. Sorry, dont know why ut the oad screenname pops up every so often!

    Senseless=post of the day!

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