Daily Archives: October 18, 2013

Reality Check


Seeing this week that Ruben Studdard, American Idol winner season 2 – and the main reason why I started watching the show religiously! – is now a reality TV contestant again (and for a different reason!) as he participates in this season’s The Biggest Loser, I must say this:

I’m feeling a certain kind of way.

It was a pity the show’s music affiliates had no concept of how to launch someone like Ruben in today’s market: He was very much a Luther-Vandross-throwback and, yes, in the world of R&B (which has been suffering a decades-long hostile takeover from Hip-Hop), that absence is very much felt.

But American Idol is what it is: an entertaining spectacle of amateur talent, and if some of the winners (and runners-up) make good, then so be it: there goes their credibility among other reality contestant shows.

Still, I can’t help but wish things had been different: for David Archuleta, for Ruben, for Clay Aiken, all these great talents from Idol who seem to not have a fit in today’s music scene.

So, as folks have been saying in the comment threads, if all the Idol alumni are struggling, what does that tell us? And, will they have to turn to different TV shows (like Ruben) to keep their names out there?

Obviously, David has a hard row to hoe when he returns (especially after his two-year disappearance from public life in these United States), so will he (and should he) consider TV appearances in the world of reality TV?

For the sake of another poll, I’m curious to know, Soul Davidians, where you think David could plausibly show up in reality TV and make an impact with his singing career. What say you? Please take my latest poll! 😛