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It’s that kind of Tuesday!


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  1. cq Scotty had to take off from school this week to go to NYC to do promo for the launch of his new CD if not mistaken.
    my son is in school right now and know even one class is hard to miss.
    ha but my son is taking physics not sure what Scotty is taking.
    wonder if Scotty takes his career all that seriously though?
    his performance on Fox seemed like guys getting together in a garage band. didn’t seem all that polished.
    not bad at all but he is no Hunter Hayes I suppose.. have seen his live performances and they rock!

  2. In case I haven’t said it lately…Hg love this fan site and love your posts, you rock!!

  3. This is my third consecutive comment, lol, but I just need to say something to Candy. I just hope you are lurking and will read this. First all I want to thank you for speaking what I feel was the truth. Regardless how others think, in end, it’s how the person that is being attacked personally (their character) feel that makes it like she/he is being bullied. Second I just hope that you decide at some point to come back to commenting. I love your sense of humor and honest and thought provoking commenting regarding David’s career, always love reading your comments as I do love everyone else’s. David is almost home and I would dearly love for all the wonderful fans that have stuck it out for the long haul to be celebrating together. I do understand if you don’t feel you want to comment, but I just needed to let you know how I felt and I think this site was the best place to post this comment.

  4. Yes they are Peter but it just is not happening so much for him anymore as far as album sales and radio play. But he sure had the promo to try and make it happen. I do think what has helped Adam is he had those needed “connections” in the music industry even before he was on AI. He was from LA. and knew people in the business. It is “who you know not what you know”. His team really works hard for him too but he still has not IMO acheived that higher level of success.

  5. Yes, that whole thing about Cook and Glambert and there record labels, parted ways, between record labels. I just don’t understand why David was thrown under the bus about being dropped and everyone else parts ways.

  6. “I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved.”

    “Bang clang Maxwell’s silver hammer came down upon her head/Bang clang Maxwell’s silver hammer made sure that she was dead.”

    “I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man.”

    “I need a fix, ‘cuz I’m going down / Down to the bits I left uptown,”

    “Got to Get You Into My Life,”
    ** Beatles songs lyrics**

    Misogyny… Drug references… sex… themes that have dominated “rock and roll” and pop music forever. Bruno Mars and others in the current scene seem to have picked up the baton from some of the greats and legends who preceded them. I LOVE THE BEATLES. They were not choirboys, were not perfect and I don’t worship them or spend time defending them because they need no defending. I love their music – point.blank.period because they weren’t afraid to be “real”, as well as crafters of some of the most innovative, melodic and timeless music our world will ever hear. There is good, no GREAT music out there – even from legends who were wife beaters, pot smokers, heroin junkies, cocaine sniffers and LSD trippers. I don’t want perfection – just what I consider good music… all in the eye and ear of the beholder…

  7. GG hi so glad to see you and couldn’t agree more.

  8. Hi Kimk – ((hugs)) – Was getting my morning cup of tea, thought it was time to poke my head back into the fandom for a sec… as usual, HG’s is the place for the most spirited discussions – waves to her and all you good people.

  9. Totally agree with GG,

  10. Amen GG, so good to see you! You so eloquently stated what has been on my mind. Im neither judge nor jury nor public defender! And I dont question others love of what appeals to them. You are 100% right; sex, drugs and provocative lyrics have been selling music and creating legends for decades. People shouldnt be judged by the music they enjoy…”all in the eye of the beholder”

  11. Prime example…James Morrison and the Doors..legendary stuff still enioyed today by fans all around the world. And they sure weren’t choir boys! 🙂

  12. and how could I ever forget that David revived one of the most controversial songs ever written. IMAGINE…written by John Lennon and given new life by none other then David James Archuleta!!

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