Sunday Carol Series: What Child is This?

If ever a Voice could bring tears, hope you have time for a good weep:

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  1. Straight from the heart, yep tears.

  2. Beautiful vocals. This WCIT reminds me that the last time I saw D in person he was wearing that outfit.

    I’ve been reading Jordin Sparks and Jesse McCartney fan forums. Seems to be a lot of angst in both of their camps. Jordin’s fans think she’s done in the music industry and that she needed to stand up to RCA to get them to release her new music. McCartney was dropped by his label and now he’s with Eight0Eight Records. His fans say he’d be further in his career if he had focused on music and not acting. They also say he often looks bad. Oh well ….

  3. Wow. That is very interesting, desertrat. Boy the music industry is so tough.

  4. Cq, David does not need a miracle. What David needs is supportive fans who believe in him and his talent. Feel free to hop on board and join the majority of fans who do just that.

    • At this point, anyone’s guess is a good as anyone else’s, unless you are a personal friend of David’s, and maybe even then you won’t know how things will go. BTW, from my experience, no one is more supportive than cq. It’s nice when people on fan forums understand that others may want to express their worry and concern without being policed.

  5. David has a lot going for him.. beautiful voice, a feel for what is current in music, a fabulous personality and he looks great too.
    plus he is young still.
    also him being so immersed in the Spanish culture the last two years might help him. think/hope it will
    give him that edge that folks are looking for.
    excited to see what will be no matter what that will be.

  6. CC Halo, any person who posts on a public site that David “needs a miracle” or “should be grateful he has any fans left” is not a “huge fan”. I am amazed at what passes for support of David with this fan base. The lack of faith and trust in David that I read daily by people who claim to be “huge fans” is mind boggling. Even more mind boggling is that I seem to be the only one publicly challenging these posts. I get numerous DMs on Twitter expressing support for my defense of David, but most people don’t want to speak up publicly. That’s OK. I’ll take the heat for David. He’s earned it.

    • What a sweet person you are to be taking on the hard job of defending David from me, it’s a tough job but, thank goodness David has you, btw, when did he personally tell you he needed to be defended?

  7. I think CQ is a fan as well as Blisskasden. Anyone that is still following David’s fansites after he has been gone for 1.5 years is an ODD fan of David’s. I think we all agree that David is uber-talented and charismatic. What we speculate on is how David’s career will play out when he returns. No one knows that, not even David. We have the “trust the Archuleta” fans which implies to me that David never makes a mistake which even David won’t agree with. Then we have the fans that worry about his career when he gets back because the music industry is just really tough. David is talented but will he get the opportunities and have enough fans to sustain a full time music career? I think he does but, again, it’s not a sure thing. Expressing concern and doubts does not mean someone is a “bad” fan.

  8. it’s not just you, CQ. There is a fringe, but vocal, element in David’s fan base that posts, almost daily, their fantasized worry and pessimism about the state of David’s career, and what he “needs to do” to prevent the catastrophe that they see as looming. You post your contempt for David’s religion and decision to go on his Mission on a regular basis. David deserves better, even if it is “just your opinion”.

    David does not need my support, nor did he “ask” for it. It is, however, my pleasure to do so, as it offsets some of the toxic negativity that I see posted on fan sites that are designed to celebrate David.

    • This just because I said that he would need a miracle to have a big comeback, you decided to rehash what you tore me apart in another sight. I can’t change what you think of me, but I can disagree about your evaluation of me.

  9. I am a fan of david’s music but I am also a fan of this site-SD. I find hg’s posts are very thought provoking and like that everyone is free to respectfully and at times with humor express their opinions. I just do not go to other David fansites anymore including his OS or have twitter. Let’s be honest David needs all the fans he can get at this point including ones that do question his choices at times. My frustration is all the missed opportunities and mismanagement that David had coming off of AI in 2008. But that ship has long sailed and time to move on. I just have no idea what his plans are for his music career. Time will tell. Blisskasden continue to post as I enjoy different points of view.

  10. Grammyj, “Trust the Archuleta” does not mean that he can do no wrong. It simply means that David is very capable of identifying mistakes that he may have made and making the changes necessary to correct them. David is very much “a person”, but an exceptional one, to be sure. For the most part, he has wonderful fans who support and admire him. Most of them have taken the same 2 yr. hiatus David has from his career, and will reappear in droves when he comes back. Personally, I will welcome them back with open arms, lol.

    • Oh my goodness, I sure hope you are so right about all the fans that will reappear in droves when he comes back, that would be just AWESOME!!!!

  11. Marie, thank you. I sure will. Like you, I look forward to David’s return with a great sense of anticipation and excitement. David will not have to do much “job hunting” when he gets back. He already is a superstar in Asia, and will be welcomed like a conquering hero when he returns to those countries. Also, wait till he hits the Latin American market. As Al Jolson said “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

    • Blisskasden, you really can disagree without going all ad hominem on us. One of the main rules of this, and most sites, it not to attack other posters. That’s what creates the “toxic negativity.” I’m glad to have all of the different personalities feeling free to express their ideas, not just the Pollyanna ideas. In my book, an avid, regular poster is a fan, and one who has been widowed and yet never expresses self-pity is an awesome person.

      There are a few hard-core fans who were “live-and-let-live” when it came to David’s religion, but I know that they were offended at the proselytizing aspect of what he is doing now, and have dropped away. Maybe they’ll be back when he’s back–who knows?

  12. Blisskasden, if I may, i think that people are in fact participating and/or lurking because they are fans. Some of us lurk, saying little publically, yet it is a measure of our caring that we are here. And one could measure a fan’ s depth of concern by the depth of angst they feel free to share here. At the same time, one could measure a fans depth by one’s strong loyal defense of David here. So in either reaction it seems that both responses can be seen as legitimately coming from true fans.

    The void of music and news from David is bound to stir all kinds of emotions . All of us care but we express it differently from , our unique personal points of reference and world views….and in spite of our differences we are united by our love of David. Our expressions of love as fans may not be perfect, but our devotion is clear and strong!!

  13. CQ, that’s the problem with putting things in writing. They can haunt you forever, lol. I didn’t “tear you apart” on FOD I just challenged what you wrote, as I found it disrespectful to David, who I love. We’re all adults here. A little lively, even heated, discussion, is invigorating. When David comes back, my focus will be on David and his fantastic talent and wonderful persona. I promise I’ll leave you alone then. You only have to put up with me for another 6 months.

    • So we’re all good. Yeah continue to challenge my comments, but attacking me personally just doesn’t
      seem right, but oh well, I’ll continue with my opinion and please, continue to post regularly with your take on David’s career.

  14. Carol, beautifully stated. People have all kinds of feelings and positions about David and his career, and have every right to post them. I also feel that everyone, including me, should be ready to defend those feelings and positions. This is what creates a lively and interesting dialogue. I welcome all comments, pro or con, about anything I write about David, and I welcome all others to do the same.

  15. Bliss- I am going to be honest with you…in the past I have enjoyed your deep support of and for David…but lately I feel like you are on a mission to accomplish exactly what you seem to dislike in other fans. Comments are becoming very judgemental at best. CQ seems to be the target of the month, so what if she thinks his career might not go anywhere when David returns, why take it so personal? She is still here and while to you it might not seem she is a fan, why else would she still be posting? Lke you, she is entitled to her opinions even if you or others dont find them all rosy.

  16. and personally I think just might need that miracle…yes he has undeniable talent, and puts on a great live show…but miracle or not he will need something to jump start his career again.

  17. Candy, of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have noticed that you have strong opinions too. That’s fine. I don’t personally know any of the posters here or elsewhere, nor do they know me. I am simply reacting to what I read.

  18. CQ, I am not attacking you personally. I don’t know you to do that. I am simply reacting to your posts. You obviously have a strong interest in David’s career. I just wish you weren’t so dang pessimistic about it. This is David we’re talking about. He was able to finish 2nd on American Idol, and he didn’t even play the guitar, LOL.

  19. Candy, JMHO, I think all David has to do to jump start his career is to get off the plane. He probably has all sorts of gigs lined up in the Philippines already. Those Asian countries have huge populations, and, from all indications, they love David and he loves them. The kind of person and artist David is may not fly in today’s mutated U.S. music business, but it fits like a glove in the Philippines, Singapore, etc., whose combined populations exceeds that of the good old USA.

  20. Back on topic, “What Child is This” is my favorite carol of all time, but it’s the only one I that don’t listen to David’s version most often, because it’s so slow. “Haste…………….Haste…………to bring…….him laude….” Too slow. JMO. Josh Groban’s version is more like it. However David’s Dapo version of “Little Drummer Boy” has become my #1.

  21. Bliss- You are 100 % right, I do have strong opinions and when I first became a fan of David’s and joined the fandom (which was a whole new world to me) I didn’t hesitate to voice them openly and often with little or no regard (or knowledge) of how they affected others. That was until I saw firsthand just how hurtful comments could be when I watched a fan who was the first person I ever talked to on a site, and later became dear friends with, be driven from posting by those who felt it was there duty or obligation to set her straight, tell her just how they felt. It was ugly to say the least. That was 2 ½ years ago and she left the fandom and hasn’t returned, not even once. Before anyone says “well they weren’t much of a fan if they just walked away” How wrong you would be, she was a huge fan but the hurt outweighed being subjected to it again. Her leaving was a hard but valuable lesson for me! One that I now try to apply when commenting here or on other sites.

  22. BLISSKASDEN .you are not the only one publicly challeliging these posts.just ask cq. LOL now you have hurt my feelings are not alone

    • That would be fine if you two only challenged the posts, instead of insulting the posters. Fan police at work……

    • Believe it or not there actually are kind ways to disagree. For example: “…[I am certain that] David does not need a miracle. What David needs is supportive fans who believe in him and his talent. [I think that the majority of fans keeping a positive attitude is the best path to a successful return]. *Delete personal advice——–> Feel free to hop on board and join the majority of fans who do just that.”

      • Yeah that miracle remark was after reading about how hard it is for artist that are at this time working on their careers and still have trouble, that’s all. I referring to the challenge he will be facing, but I agree that he needs a lot of fans that’s for sure. Hey, as soon as he puts out any music, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

  23. Candy, I know exactly what it feels like to vilified by this fan base. Back in the TDC days when Rascal ran the site like his own private fiefdom, I was the “Golden Boy” until I called Rascal out for writing an article about David’s father being a horse’s ass. I found out quickly that TPTB are just that, and if you go against the party line, you are an immediate pariah. I also found that out last week when, at your urging, my posts defending David were deleted on FOD.

    If you read my Twitter timeline, I am all about celebrating the talent, joy, and kindness of David Archuleta. When I read posts that undermine David, and disrespect him in ways that that poster would never say to his face, I am moved to challenge that poster. Believe me, I have shown great restraint
    in some of my comments. As I’ve learned, the Internet can be harsh, but “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • I’m not always up to date on FOD, but I’d bet that no posts “defending David” have been deleted, only posts attacking other fans and posters. (Personally, I’m kind of scrappy and don’t mind a good fight, but it doesn’t seem David-like, and is much more destructive to his fan base than just letting the usual fan chatter happen).

      • P.S. What’s the fun of chatting on David fan sites, if you know that “Big Brothers” are ready to pounce all of the time? That’s the way to chase off droves of fans.

    • With all do respect blisskasden, I would totally say everything that I have posted to David’s face, I’m not at all ashamed of any of my comments.

  24. First line should read “be vilified”

  25. Rooster, welcome aboard. I need all the help I cam get LOL

  26. Blisskasden, I truly hope that you are correct that David’s fans will come back in droves when he returns, and that he will have lots of opportunities. That’s my wish, however I am trying not to get my hopes up too high. The music/entertainment industry is very fickle (here today and gone tomorrow) and there is no sure way to success. I’m sure David will work hard and is extremely talented and charismatic. Hopefully the opportunities will come his way, but it is not a certainty.

    • ITA-Grammyj. As much as I and all his fans want David to do well- it is not a certainty. I think I kind of get the issues some fans/posters here have now. Apparently it goes back to conflicts in other David sites and in some David sites that are no longer. Hmmm. Interesting and I have no opinion. lol. I am a fan of David but I also am a fan of other music artists. It is on David what he does with his music career but everyone has their valid opinions on what it takes to have success in the music industry-if David even wants it.

  27. HG thank you for posting What Child Is This.. I haven’t seen that one in a long while.
    absolutely beautiful!

    really missing David right now and

    lol apparently his fans are not the only ones

  28. Anywho thanks HG for the WCIT post, its a beautiful song and coupled with Davids voice makes it exceptional.

  29. blisskasden, this is a david site,it,s ok to disrespect david,his freinds,father,misic,his descions,but him down for what he is doeing,his religion ,BUT FOR HEAVEN SACKES DON<T SAY ANY THING ABOUT THE POSTERS

    • Hum, of course, I will jump in and say that I feel that no one here (other that trolls that just come in to do just that) has disrespected David, of course that’s my opinion and yours and a few other think otherwise.

  30. This is getting to be a bit jr high for me. I’ll be back when the name calling fades a little.

  31. CQ, would you really look David in the eye and say what you said on FOD, “You should be grateful that you have any fans left?” Would that be a nice thing to say to David in light of all the hard work he did to provide his fans no less than 3 fantastic CDs before he left?

    • Yes, I would, but I would also tell him that I think he has the most phenomenal voice I have ever heard and that although I don’t agree with a lot of decisions he has made, I am a huge fan of his voice and believe that he should have a huge music career. BTW, only if I was asked by him regarding that very statement, I would be honest with him. Anything that he would ask me regarding any comment I make, I would be honest with him. Now that I made myself clear, I would love for him to want to talk to me, lol. Oh and he wouldn’t need to ask me about how I love his voice, that would be the first think that would come out of my mouth. If he does read every comment I have ever made, he would see what a fan I am, this is sounding really ridiculous because the likelihood of me meeting and having a long time to just talk to David would probably never happen, lol.

  32. CC halo, what is destructive to David is if a casual fan came on his fan sites and saw that his regular fans are doubting that he will have a career when he gets back, and seeing countless posts dissing his religion and David’s decision to follow his heart.

    • I’m sorry, you are imagining things if you think anyone on this site has dissed David’s decision to follow his heart. I think casual fans will note that they are likely to be bullied if they run afoul of the fan police, and be afraid to join any discussion.

      Trying to stifle honest discussion of people’s thoughts and concerns about David’s career, is completely destructive. I really had hoped that the “bad fan” discussion had been put to rest. That’s not defending David in the least.

  33. Rooster, you “get it”. Thanks.

  34. CQ, same to you. Hopefully, we can meet at a concert one day. Being at a live show must be seen, heard and felt, to be believed, and all of David’s fans deserve that experience.

  35. Oh my. I think I picked the wrong day to catch up with Soul David World…

  36. As fans we definately don’t always agree, but I think we can all agree that David has a great smile in this latest missionary picture that has surfaced.

    • Got that right Grammyj, can’t wait for that gorgeous man to get back to his music career and WOW all us fans with new music and keep us entertained until he gets lined up with his quirky, fun always awesome vlogs.

    • I would love to just mess up his hair a bit, lol. get it a little spiky, lol can’t help it, I was a hairdresser.

  37. Watching David sing WCIT live never fails to bring me to tears everytime… anytime of the year. Yes, i watch D’s christmas videos even off season 🙂 just to hear that glorious voice. His voice seems amazingly different with Christmas songs…(or is it just me bec I love the spirit of Christmas)

  38. Watching The Voice tonight. Really like that show.

  39. I also like DWTS so I will be flipping the channel over to that at times.

    • I watch DWTS first and then The Voice that I record on my DVR. My favorite night of TV. You can tell that I watch high class stuff lol. Well, I discovered David through my love of AI.

  40. Watching the Voice and really bummed Tamyra Joi wasn’t chosen by Xtina!

  41. Yes. I do not get that either.

  42. Thanks for posting my favorite song from CFTH HG. I love the spanish influence of the arrangement coupled with the sensitivity of Davids delivery.

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