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The recent “Throwback” pic featured on David’s Twitter (see above) makes me wonder what changes we’ll be seeing David when he returns.

So, what say you, Soul Davidians? What changes in David do you expect the most in 2014? Please take my latest poll! 😛


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  1. Great idea for a poll hg but I did not vote as I just do not know what changes to expect when David returns. That to me is the million dollar question. I am sure that has to be some changes but I have no idea.

  2. Another goodie Hg. I’m sure that being emerged 24/7 in only religion has to change a person.
    Before he left he did say he couldn’t wait to bring back the person he becomes, now the question, will the person he becomes be the person I as fan, I like. I’m hoping that he brings back a mature outlook in life and will being willing to know that with life, sometimes compromise is needed especially when it comes to his career. I know that without a doubt (that is if his voice has completing been destroyed , but from a few videos I’m see these last years, that is not the cases) that I will still absolutely love his voice. Now it really remains to be seen is if he digs in and comes back as a MORE devout religious person and carrying that part of himself fully into his music career, really remains to be seen.

  3. One question that I am wondering about is -Where will David live when he returns? Utah, LA, Nashville or maybe Hawaii if the rumors are true about BYU. Or will he live with his mom or his dad for while. Does his dad even still live in Utah? I believe his mom does with her new husband. Just wondering.

    • Actually him taking college courses or even going to a college is (as a fan) not a bad idea to me, but going to BYU is the one college I really wish he would not attend, actually it would be something like he was on a mission because of the way BYU is..omo. I feel that he would get more out of going that doesn’t have a religious agenda, again, omo.

  4. A radical change in the type of music he wants to make.

    • Hi peter, interesting care to elaborate and I’m not being sarcastic,lol. I really like to know because I’m thinking in the same lines.

      • I think he will mainly/only perform music with a religious message, and his music career will be related to his church.

      • Peter’s prediction is as good as anyone’s. Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons came back from a mission and is having a successful career unrelated to his church. Peter, why do you think David will be different?

      • hum interesting, I sure hope you are wrong peter because it would be very limiting for David’s talent.
        The question is can David stay true to his church and still have a non religious base music career.
        If he goes the Christian route or just specifically Mormon, he could still have a music career, I guess there is a market for that type of music. I have lowered my expectations of David’s music career and as I said before, I’m just glad that he will be singing.

  5. You could be right. Time will tell.

  6. I have to admit that I hope Peter is wrong too. You just do not know at this point what David will do. Good point about that guy in Imagine Dragons, cc halo.

  7. If David were planning to come back after his mission and focus on a career solely in religious music, I really don’t think he would have gone to such lengths to keep his mission and his religion itself so separate from his career.

    Honestly I see David as someone who wants to have a wider focus in his music and to bring the messages that he feels are important to those who may not otherwise listen. His focus on positivity in TOSOD is one example of that. Really, a career in religious music is like preaching to the choir. Making meaningful music in the mainstream seems much more like something David would want to focus on. Of course, that’s just my interpretation.

  8. Peter, could you kindly share what evidence David has given that led to your conclusion that he will “mainly/only perform music with a religious message”? Do you think that being on this Mission has made David “more religious”, and he will abandon his multifaceted, lucrative career as a pop singer, actor, and model?

  9. I think the biggest change will be his outlook on life. To me, given his age, it’s inevitable.

  10. Just a feeling. I think obeying rules will be even more important to him after the mission. For some reason, he failed to fully capitalize on the opportunities he had after AI, and the opportunities that remain are in Utah and related to his church (and perhaps in the Philippines).

    In what way was his career “lucrative” before he left for his mission?

  11. i want him to assume his talent and to show more of his star power. being humble is a thing that i love about him but sometimes it seemed like he really downplayed his talent. i don’t want him to change who he is because his personality was a major draw for many fans but I’d love him to present himself at his advantage. He has it but he needs to stop being afraid to show the real Archuleta. I just think that he keeps too much to himself artistically (I’m not talking about his personal Life that should remain private imo) and I hope that he’ll take more risks with his music in general (his pop music’s just too safe imo, i just expect more from him because he’s way too talented compared to what he offered. he’s musically above the disposable pop stars but he needs to show to the non loyal fans what he’s capable of and that he’s not the lil’David they discovered in AI.

    • Also, i don’t want his music career to be a sort of extension of his mission.

    • Totally agree Zara, even though I have lowered my expectation for his music career, I still feel that he has it to become a big star.

    • Zara some good points there.. hope he goes for all that he can be too.
      he is so talented and feel like he has only scratched the surface of what he can share with the world.

  12. You are right, Peter.

  13. And Zara.

  14. Peter, David has never been about “fully capitalizing”. He’s about sharing his soul and thoughts through music. It continues to baffle me as to why so many fans are so invested in his commercial success, and seem disappointed that he isn’t “bigger”. In fact, David is a 22 yeat old millionaire already, not too shabby for a kid from Utah. I call that very lucrative, especially for a person like David who has not been seduced by the mythology of greed and materialism.

  15. Zara, your post at 5:48 is overflowing with judgments and dissatisfaction. I’m sorry that David has been such a disappointment to you so far. Maybe he’ll “apply himself” to your expectations and be all the things you want him to be when he gets back.

    • I’m sorry for you that i don’t share the same opinions as you regarding D’s career and music. But to me your comment was very predictable. You’re one of the fans who put David on a pedestal, no négative critics are allowed ( not even expectations that differs from yours). I recognized your name from some of your comments on youtube and as much as i respect your devotion to all things David, i can’t say that I’m surprised by your comment. You’re as predictable as David’s music and you can’t take an opinion that is not an hyperbolic ode to David’s talent. Something that i really learned to dislike in this fandom is the archuleta police and the fans who think they are above the others.

      So, maybe we can talk music ? Do you really think that David’s music ( his pop music especially) showcases his real talent ? Do you think that the way his albums are produced does any favor to his voice ? Do you think his music has lasting power ? Do you think that what he offered is the best he can do as an artist ? Or do you just have no expectations and you just take what’s given to you ? I’ll say good for you but you should accept that not all the fans are like you.

  16. Peter, if you really think that “David will be coming home to nothing” why are you posting on a fan site devoted to a career that you say is over?

    • Because I have been following his career since AI and am still interested in seeing what happens when he comes back.

  17. this video is waay off topic but very funny …. just watched it and thought i’d share: mean tweets – music edition

  18. I don’t really care about his commercial success (anymore), i just want him to get the recognition he deserves for his great talent. And imo, most of the attempts he (and his team) made to share his music with a larger audience were too timid and inadapted and he surely missed some oportunities.
    Also, i think that great music can be commercially successful too but the artist needs to make the effort to make it known. The artistic aspect should be predominant in his music career imo but the marketing part is almost as important if he wants to make a living of it.

  19. I see. I think all the worrywarts and hand wringers will be very surprised when David comes back. From all indication, David already has gigs lined up in the U.S. and Asia. Your characterization of him as “coming home to nothing” may be your opinion, but is , in fact, untrue.

  20. Zara, why are so concerned with David “making a living”? Is he your son or a personal friend? David is as smart as he is talented, and has made a wonderful “living” so far. It’s just not as much as some fans, who seem to be more personally invested in David’s” success” than they are in his music, seem to be comfortable with.

    • Lol maybe you should step back a little and read your own comments. You’re the one who seem to take the smallest remarks so personally. Is David your son or a personal friend ? Also i’m sorry to break it to you but you seem as invested as any other fan. Oh, and I said “if” he wants to make a living of it, it won’t matter to me if he doesn’t.

  21. Peter, may I ask if you have you ever seen David perform live?

  22. I do not think that it is so much being hand wringers but for me being realistic. Does anyone really know what is going to happen to David’s music career at this point? I think the answer is no. But there is nothing wrong with being hopeful about what happens either. I hope he does great and has success in whatever he decides to do. I just prefer David to do souful pop music but that sure does not mean he will do it. Thanks for posting that video, desertrat. Hysterical. lol.

  23. Marie, you’re right. No one knows what will happen when David comes back. Personally, I trust David and am not worried about his future. David is a remarkable young man with great values and endless talent. I read so much anticipatory angst on this and other sites about what will happen. How about we, as fans, trusting in David and waiting to see what happens. If the future is anything like the past, we will be very pleasantly surprised.

    • In my comments, i never talked about what will happen. I can’t predict the future. I just shared my wishes for his music career, i thought it was allowed to do so here and that it was the topic of this thread. Also, you can’t dictate to the fans how to react or how to think or just how to be a fan. What about different opinions ? How about we, as fans, understanding that we’re not all the same persons with the same views and respecting them even if we disagree. If the future in this fandom is like the past, I will not be holding my breath for such a thing to happen and if it does i will be very pleasantly surprised.

  24. I really don’t think that any fan would want to have there star have a mediocre career, imo, a fan would want success so there star would have a long career and be able to continue to be able to produce wonderful music. It’s true that an artist doesn’t need to be a mega star to have success, but, imo, it would be nice.

  25. Peter, I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to see David perform a number of times and have “met” him a few times and had him shake my hand and look me in the eye and say hello. I truly hope you have that experience too. When you do, all your doubts about David will disappear. David is a force of nature, and to be in his presence is an experience like no other. His live performances are not at all lackluster. David puts on one helluva great show. He rocks out with the best of them , and when he sings “O Holy Night”, your entire being is cleansed.

  26. Bliss-Keep in mind David is also an unpredictable human being subject to making the same mistakes the rest of us “fans” experience. Yes meeting him and seeing him perform is a wonderful experience but it isnt the end all of our being, atleast it isnt for me. Also I dont isten to David to have my being cleansed, I listen because I like what Im hearing!! Different strokes…

  27. as far as guessing Davids future…how many predicted he would ever walk away and leave his career for two years. Please step forward if you did…especially when he stated more then once that “music” was his mission…so like I said he is an unpredicatable human, prone to changing his mind and flailing along like this rest of us mortals!

  28. just what opertunetis did david miss,or not take advantage of,,david is smarter then most teans,are when he was in his teans ,he did not want to go the route of jb,jobro,etc ,fast rise to so called succese, the don,t last and david knew this ,he will be aroub=nd a long time after thouse type are gone, of course you all know i agree with bliskin LOL .should change the name of this site ,,lol

  29. Candy, David is definitely unpredictable, which belies his reputation as “conservative” or timid ( lampa, for all you Nandito Ako fans), as I have been reading on fan sites for years. David has shown himself to be quite the risk taker. He’s a young guy, learning and growing every day. That’s part of the fun of being a fan. His Mission announcement was the shocker of all shockers, but, he did it, and risked losing his career. As a non Mormon, I was none too thrilled about it, especially after seeing back to back great shows at Westbury and Irving Plaza earlier that month.

    He’ll be back in a few months. He did what he had to do. Once David takes the stage and blows away audience after audience with his once in a generation talent and light up the sky charisma, all this angst and drama with be relegated to the history books.

  30. Candy, I agree.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing David perform live and also met him several times at the VIPs. I found David to be shy & humble. A few time as I waited on line for my turn to meet him, I observed him as he interacted with fans, he seemed a little ill at ease at times with some fans. I guess everyone has their own “experience” when coming face to face with David, but I never thought of David as some celestial being who had the power to “cleanse my being”. His power was in his ability to transform on stage & put on a thoroughly enjoyable performace. I wonder if David felt overwhelmed by all the adoration placed on him as if he was someone sent from Heaven who some fans claimed changed their lives? The expectations put on him to be “perfect” in every way, to always put on a happy face, never show any negativity must have been draining. Or maybe not. Who really knows the “real” David.

    One thing I do know is that David has a “gift”. He can sing any genre as well or better than a singer who is adept in any given genre. He has a genuine intuitive ear for melody & almost always perfect pitch vocally. He knows how to bring out the best rythmic ebb & flow of a song making it artistically his own. He does this over & over in the covers he’s done which most can agree he can & has made many good songs sound great. He’s been regarded by many fans as a “musical genius”, the true “Voice”, unfortunately that opinion would mean so much more if someone with years & years of experience mentoring great vocalists would express the same opinion about David. I don’t mean like the judges on the reality shows, but mentors who have worked with the greats of music or who are great themselves like Quincy Jones or Stevie Wonder for example. I read an article about Fantasia starring in a broadway musical & being coached in jazz by Wynton Marsalis. He made a comment about how singers in that period of the great jazz music by the Duke Ellington’s, the Ella Fitzgerald’s of that time and how Fantasia sounded good but needed to learn to “scat” a jazz singing art form which “took years to perfect”. Hah! I remembered hearing David “scat” off the top of his head in Reno and being completely floored at how easy he made it seem. It just flowed out of him as if he had been scatting his whole life. Did he even know he was doing it as he waited to start his song? It was truly incredible. He’s 18 years old.

  31. I guess my point was & always will be that I hope when David comes home he will resume his dream of having a career in secular music whether it be pop, adult contemprary, R&B Soul or any genre inbetween as long as it’s not mainly or only Christian Inpirational because IMO the majority of the fans who have disappeared after he left will never return if he goes strictly that route and he will never have the recognition he deserves and was headed for here in the USA before he left. David can always make a living singing & recording for the LDS label & making appearances here & there in Utah if he so chooses but what a loss it would be for the rest of us.

    As for there being a US tour in the planning stages, I will believe it when I see the tour itinerary listed on his official website.

    • Wow Senseless, loved your comments and totally agree.
      I also question this whole tour plans. If there was a tour being planned why in the world aren’t some things coming from the Archuleta team to get interest build. I do however, think that there is some sort of appearance in the future, which will be good for diehard fans. Without promotion however, how in the world are fans that don’t visit the fan sites going to know about it..I guess facebook and twitter would do, but still it needs to start before he gets back, imo, to create excitement.
      The tweet from Kari did seem like there was appearance in the plans, but know in the world know anything…again just glad that David is singing, but I do feel just like you Senseless, if he chooses to only have a career in Utah, it would be a loss for the rest of us.

      • It’s way too early to start publicizing appearances to any but us diehard faithful, IMO. It would be impossible to sustain buzz for almost 6 months!

      • Yeah you maybe right Missbianca. How about a song from the valt to tie us diehard over, lol.

  32. Senseless-Great Points! Im with you, when its on his OS then its word. I think Kari pretty much squashed any tour thoughts in her tweet when asked if David had an tour dates in the works. Her reply “tour dates???? some performances/appearances maybe ?

  33. Realistically, I hope no fans were actually expecting David to come back from a 2 year hiatus and jump right into a full fledged tour. No way that could happen. I think some people got a bit carried away with excitement but I can’t blame them after waiting this long and with the idea of David being back. I do think we can expect some appearances and possibly one-off shows (maybe acoustic since it’s lots of work to get a band together for full shows?) while things are put in order. Work on new music? Sign with a label? I have no idea what the second half of 2014 and beyond might bring.

  34. I am even wondering if there is going to be any performances\appearances after Kari answered with maybe? I am still wondering why his team released everything when they did and didn’t spread it out a little more? I am still hoping the best is yet to come.

    • For the most exposure, I do think it was best to release most things closer to when he left. Each thing that is released is successively further and further away from when it was created and from when David was here in person to connect fans with it and this has an impact, as we’ve seen with the diminishing returns on album and video releases. I don’t think we’ll see an increase in numbers on anything he puts out again until after he gets back. Immediacy is important.

      I, as a diehard fan, would selfishly have liked things spaced out a little more because I was gonna be hanging around and fully invested for the whole 2 years but for things to get the maximum exposure to the casual fan I believe they timed it about as well as they could.

      And I could be wrong but I believe the “maybe” in Kari’s tweet was in direct response to the question of whether we would get dates before the end of the year. Here was the exchange:

      Tweet to Kari – “hi kari i was wondering will david have tour dates released before the new year? just REALLY curious!”
      Reply from Kari – “tour dates???? some performance/appearance dates maybe?”

  35. I do love to speculate on what David will do when he returns from his mission. The truth is that none of us knows. Kari has indicated in tweets that he will tour, but not sure how quickly he will do that. He probably will start with some one off appearances, and I would think the first one will be in Utah. I don’t know where he will live. It could be like before he left when he was working in LA and visiting Utah when he could. I think it would be great if he moved to Nashville. He seemed to really like writing with the songwriters there.

    I don’t think he will strictly do religious songs. Even the album he did before he left, BEGIN which he said expressed why he went on his mission only had one hymn. Mormons say that when a missionary gets back from their mission they go back to what they were doing before they left, so I think David will do the same. I believe he will try to get his music career going again. We will see what that entails.

  36. ITA-grammyj regarding where David might live. I just do not see a tour for next year unless it is in the Phillipines. Maybe a very small Christmas tour in the US. Maybe. He needs to work on new music and what his sound will be. I do not think that a tour makes sense to me. I think an appearance on AI or the Voice would make some sense if he can get on it. I can’t believe I am thinking this but even DWTS. He might go to BYU so all this would have to be scheduled with college.

  37. Speculation is really the only conversation we have right regarding David’s music career and do enjoy reading everyone point of view.
    I’m just wondering one thing, why does everyone think that the only college that David would attend would be BYU. To me that college would be so wrong for David’s music career, but again, that’s jmo.
    If he does go to BYU, to me anyway, it’s almost like an extinction of the mission. Of course, his choice, his life…but we are just voicing and speculating.

    • Good question about BYU. Those were just the rumors I read about online/twitter. For some reason ‘Anon’ stated that it might happen but do not know if I would believe him/her. lol. Hard to know if there is any truth but if he did go would not be surprised at BYU. I would think a music school like Berklee in Boston or even UC- Berkeley in CA would be a better choice but maybe the rumors are not even true. We will find out soon enough what the plan is if he even has one. Which is a whole other issue. lol.

  38. As a resident of Southern California, I vote for David to move to L.A.! And I hope he will have had his fill of hymns after two years.

  39. Well then cc halo UC Berkeley is the best choice. That decides it. lol.

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