Shining David’s Light

David+Archuleta+Chords+of+Strength+A+Memoir+ofWhen I think of the debates over whether to “share” David’s performances as Elder Archuleta – and some Archies accommodate our desire!  – I always think back to the story David shared in Chords of Strength, the one about how his parents had to sit him down and convince him that the world deserved to hear his Voice!

My parents, who I believe saw the local talent show as a great opportunity for me to grow personally, sat me down and gave me an honest, motivating speech that I still hold close today.  It was one of those talks that I remember vividly, the kind that shape you as a kid, and in my case, as a singer.  They were by no means trying to push or pressure me into doing anything that I didn’t want to do, and instead were trying to help me see that just maybe I would share some joy with others through this opportunity if I would be willing to share my talent with them.  They gently told me that this show would be a perfect chance for me to make other people feel good, which, as they explained, is what talent is meant for.  They reminded me that my gift was not something to keep to myself, and that in fact, “even the Bible teaches us that we are not supposed to hide our light under a bushel; that we are instead supposed to let our light shine bright”… They basically stripped it down for me by telling me that I was blessed with a gift from God and that it could be a really nice thing to share this gift with the world… The day of the show, I was a total wreck. (Chords of Strength, page 39)

Whatever their flaws and issues, I’m still grateful that his mom and dad ensured that the rest of us would bask in their son’s talent. David of course had a wholesale panic attack, but prayer calmed him down.  I have to respect that prayer is still calming him down, though I hope he still remembers his parents’ (and biblical) lesson about “hiding under a bushel.”


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  1. Since we’re referencing the Bible, let me just add, Proverbs 18:16, which says, “a man’s gift makes room for itself and will bring him before great men”. I, too, believe David’s voice is a gift from God, and that God has plans for him that we can only imagine or hope for. I don’t think David’s main motivation is fame or wealth, but to honor God with his voice and to bless others with inspiration and to be uplifting. We hear stories from his fans all the time of how they have been blessed by listening to him. I just wish, like the rest of his fans, that more people would hear him and be touched by his “gift”.

  2. Aww, that book, what I liked most was that it was so real and it was like David speaking to me and telling me his story.

    Funny you should say hiding under a bushel, that’s what I feel he has been doing for the past almost two years, of course, his choice and I do respectfully acknowledge that.

    I do believe in God or some sort of higher spirit that guide us through life, but that doesn’t mean that people that don’t believe in such things can’t have special gifts also. In David’s case he believes in God and so therefore, the only logical conclusion for him to come to is that his voice was a gift from God.

    Any recording of him singing from Chile, imo, would do no harm for us fans to hear, in fact, I really think it would do much more good than harm. It’s a shame that it is bad if we fans hear it, to me it is really as far from God like as you can get.

  3. Many thanks to whoever recorded this! Just listened and I’m feeling inspired.

  4. yes please.. lets hope he decides to stop hiding under that bushel when he returns!
    as for him singing at church and not posting it..
    felt it wasn’t the thing to post and I did not but if anybody asked I dm’d them the link.
    now if it was like when he sang at BYU and they don’t film it I feel differently
    this was directly him at church and felt for me anyway not the thing to do.
    ha true I don’t always post all I see.

  5. I agree with Candy’s comments on the previous thread-“If he gets much more private, when he returns he will be invisible.” So true and that does not work for music artists in the music industry to be so private and have any kind of success. just saying. David needs to have a plan at this point and should be communicating with fans somehow. He returns in 6 months but it is on him.

    • agree about all that.. but maybe that is what he wants?
      maybe David cannot handle all that came along with being famous.

      thing is if he produced music like say Adele has
      absolutely incredible there wouldn’t be an issue.
      her recorded music has been sufficient to rise her to superstardom.

      where David is concerned as he has an amazing voice and outstanding live
      his recorded music has yet to catch all that yet..

    • Invisibility is what he wanted for these last two years and maybe that is what he will get when he returns, especially now that Kari shot down having fans welcome him home at the airport, again, his, hers, family choice. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that a handful of fans going to greet him at the airport would do a lot of good for his career, maybe even wouldn’t create any interest from the media, but I sure thought that was a feel good story and inspiring to boot.
      I can’t think of names right off the top of my head, but I know that a lot of artist are very shy, but they put that aside when they perform, I believe that David did and will do in the future when he performs.

      It seems that David is always wanting to please, his church would be no different.

      • cq he is on a lds mission not going to perform in a concert etc like when he went to the Philippines.. it is different. has nothing to do with his music career.
        besides folks don’t go to the airport to meet him here in the US like they do over there.
        as I recall someone (a nice guy too) went to greet him I think in Nashville and was vilified.
        for whatever reason folks freak out if David is bothered here.

      • I do understand that he is on a mission, I’m reminded everyday. The thing is that I have seen a lot of videos on the internet about missionaries returning home at the airport and believe me they are not low key homecoming, fanfare allover the place. what I think will happen with David is no one will know when he is returning until he decides to post a vlog saying he is home.
        Besides, I think that when he steps out of that plan his mission is officially over, lol.

      • cq yeah friends and family go all out for them.. not fans. there is a difference.

      • I get your point we are not part of David’s life and should stay where we belong….but if it’s a very private thing why even go to a public place to celebrate, why not wait until they get home, just a thought.

      • I don’t think Kari actually shot down fans going to the airport to welcome him back. She said that if David decides to make the date of his arrival known to all, then she’ll pass it along but otherwise a welcome home from fans might be better at the first public appearance. Knowing how David has acted in the past though I do not expect he’ll be advertising it out but I guess you never know.

        However, just because he may not feel it the right time to have a big welcome from fans at the airport in that instance doesn’t mean that I think he shouldn’t have family and friends there. He’s not seen them in two years. I hope that they do greet him at the airport — how sad it would be to me if they couldn’t just because fans were upset that his family/friends come first.

      • Really Ali, I really don’t think that any fan is upset that family and friends come first with David, that is a no brainer in my book, absolutely family and friends come first for anyone. After all we are fans and are only part of his professional life. It is a tricky balance for stars, however.

    • David’s shyness is all the more reason that he needs to have a stellar team in place with top notch connections in the music business. That would help him greatly. I just do not think that is his family/friends.

  6. you know it might be that David never drops his shyness.

    • Could be. He usually seems a little stand-offish in the group missionary pictures, with everyone else having their arms around one another, and they’re STILL describing him as “a shy kid.”

      • did see that but who knows.. I am shy in many ways but fierce in others so maybe along the lines he will grow and find a way that works for him to spread his wings.
        looking forward to it.

        David reminds me of Tom Hanks a little
        when he broke out of his sitcom and became famous.. he had a ton of boyish charm mixed with amazing abilities.
        not sure if he was ever shy but right from the start you could tell he had that ‘it’ factor.
        David has it.. guess it is what will he do with it.

  7. It seems , to me, that David is the type of personality that needs to focus on one thing at a time. I realize it seemed, at times, that he was doing all sort of things, at once, but all of those things were related to only one of his passions – singing. His other passion is his faith and I believe he knew himself well enough to know he had to completely give his all to this two year commitment to his faith and not allow his other passion to co-mingle in his head. He sings, during this time, to profess his love for his faith and his beliefs.I wasn’t for his leaving nor his silence to his fans but I think I am beginning to understand it. To me, it’s the only thing that makes sense for him and helps me to deal with his absence. I do love any glimpses of him while in Chili and did enjoy seeing the snippet of him singing and the pictures we get to see. I realize it might be something that shouldn’t have been done, as far as his church is concerned, but it has helped the time go faster (for those of us that are not part of his faith). I’m trusting he will be ready to come back and ” fight the good fight” to get his career back on track.

  8. Being that he has a little less than six months to go you would think that he and his team would have something more to release to get his fans excited and to and to gain new fans. I sure hope they have a few goodie left between now and March, who knows maybe the best is yet to come!

    • Agree with you potluck8. Being that he is planning to tour (from Kari’s tweets) next year, it would be wise to start rebuilding his fan base. I know he has a few of us diehards that will be here for him, but he’s going to need a bigger group even to have a small career, jmo.

  9. I kind of think that David’s childlike qualities bring out the mom in a lot of his fans.. hence all the don’t do this and that where he is concerned?
    know I have done it on occasion and as a matter of fact why I came to him in the first place online.
    was when E Entertainment on TV was talking about his father not giving him water and I felt I had to go save the day. I like his voice and all but that is not what brought me here originally.
    guess I still do feel that way some.. but now that he is older I tend to go more about the music among other things.
    I guess now I feel it is up to him with all that.. to let him be the man he wishes to be and speak up if need be.

  10. I agree with Jmarie in that I think David does seem to concentrate on one thing at a time and right now it is his Mission. He said in interviews that he is not good at multi-tasking. I believe once he gets back he will be once again concentrating on his music career – at least that is my hope. And, yes, like kimak said we older fans feel motherly toward thim, but he is a man now and will make his own decisions. He is shy and young looking, but not on stage where he morphs into this confident, handsome man. I have always marveled at the tranformation, and I’m sure we will see it again when he returns.

  11. cq – You can go to The David Chronicles to see the video of David singing Sus Manos.

  12. Just got done watching Glee. Very sad and touching tribute to Finn and Cory. You needed tissues after watching that.

  13. The video is still there.. Just watched it . Here is url.. Scroll to bottom to Oct. 9:

    • Adam Lambert will be on Glee in a couple of weeks too.. sure more will come.

    • I was having such a wonderfully, peaceful Friday evening until seeing mention of Shirley H. 😉

      Re. Glee, I don’t follow the show but from the clips I saw of the tribute I was touched.

    • Well that was typical Shirley being OTT about her favorite Adam. I really just can’t see Glee being as popular as it was when it first started. They just had the right chemistry with everyone on the show at first and the story lines were great. I don’t see it anymore. Of course the tribute to Finn/Cory had big ratings but I doubt they can sustain it as the ratings were not that great the last year or so. That tribute show was very well done and I cried through most of it. I know I will not be watching the show much any longer.

  14. Sometimes I wonder where David would be with his career if he hadn’t gone on this mission. My guess is that he would be in a pretty good position if he was comfortable with his decision and would put all his energy towards his career. I just wanted to post my thoughts especially after reading about all of AL success.

  15. I do think Adam has a nice voice but I am not a fan of his or glee. I liked Glee at first but then it got to be a bit much..

    • I’m also not a fan of either, but I do agree with you about Adam, he does have a great voice and never got into Glee. I know that some fans thought that they would like David on Glee, at the time, I was aboard because I thought the exposure would be good for his career. At this time when he returns, I would like for him to be part of any show for exposure, especially any primetime show. Man, it would be so much fun to see him on TV again, maybe, who knows.

  16. I like Glee and watch it.. true it is not the same but I love when they sing.
    as for AL I liked it when he sang the duet with Angie at the American Idol Finale and hoping since David most likely will be back he might do something like that as well?
    you never know can happen.

  17. Glee started out with good rating and critical success, but the ratings now are a fraction of what it was when it began. Of course the tribute to Cory/Finn got better ratings. Not sure if having Adam and Demi Lovato as characters on the show will do anything to boost the ratings. Being on Glee and singing on Dancing With the Stars did nothing to boost the sales of Jessica Sanchez’s album. She had dismal sales. Not sure how much longer she will have a label deal. She never got to tour aside from the idol tour and one solo concert in the Philippines.

    • Jessica Sanchez interesting topic.. she has a great voice but wasn’t drawn to her and her music.
      think to be successful you need more then a great voice.
      take Charice for example.. outstanding voice but has never really made it.
      yes I do know things have gotten side tracked with all happening in her life but even before all that she wasn’t really all that popular.

  18. Glee did not do anything for Charice either and she was supposed to have a recurring role. I always thought that when Glee first started in 2009 that was the perfect show for David to show case his talents. David had just fininshed AI in 2008 and was very popular and both shows were on FOX. I have to be honest if David even had a chance I think being a very devout Mormon hurt him in this situation. The shows creater Ryan Murphy is gay and at the time David’s church was very unpopular with gays due to their stance on gays and Prop 8. I do think the Mormon church has softened it’s stance and progressed a little but have a huge way to go just like many other religions. This is a great new video about just this issue Sometimes keeping your beliefs to yourself is the better way to go for your career espcially in the entertainment industry. Having a team behind you that has connections helps too. JMHO. Well that is all just in the past now and time to move on. Do hope David can make an appearance on AI when he returns and would still love to see him on Glee on any show on TV for that matter. lol.

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