Sometimes I Miss David

… and start digging through the archives.

Like, remember this very first David vlog? 😛


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  1. Yes, me too. Those vlogs were epic…always loved listening to them, his random stuff and always hoping for some big announcement regarding his music career, lol. I miss most of all him working on his music career, that to me was what being a fan was all about, that excitement of him being on tv, tours, special events, hoping for even more of that stuff in the future.
    I’m glad that his hiatus is almost over and that he will be back working on his music career.

  2. He is sooo sweet, Love the new mission pics!

  3. It’s so funny to me to watch the first vlogs and then watch the later ones. While he still looks really young now, I think his vlogging and interviewing abilities have definitely grown over the years lol.

    The vlog he did with his little sisters before he left is one of my favorites. It was nice to see him so relaxed and just having fun with family — not a side we get to see very often.

  4. OH MY HECK, LOL went on the search for all things David on the internet because I think it was said that maybe he was going to be filmed for this last weekend at big church stuff conference, so I was just curious to see if anything came up (as if the fan ninjas wouldn’t of pick it up already, lol. but still was curious) nothing came up, but I ran across some action figures on Deseret website of missionaries…action figure, in the full missionary garb, hilarious….

  5. The first vlog makes me think ….awwww, the good ole days. 🙂

    Cq, if you find an action figurine of D, please give us the link! 😉

    Watching The Voice. I like the guy who just flirted with Adam.

    • Yeah, action figure of David would be a big seller, lol. they were just what a missionary looks like two with black pants, white shirt, tie, short hair cuts and back packs and two on bikes…it seemed a little weird that the church allowed them because of the seriousness of the mission, but then again come to think of it, that is a way to start the very young thinking about going on a mission, so I guess really it’s kind of genius now that I think about it.

  6. enjoy: Elder Archuleta / Sus Manos from recent conference: you need FB to view the video:

    • it says unavailable – darn!

    • Can’t view either, says it’s unavailable. Maybe Candy, you can just let us know how he sounds, as if he could should bad, lol. What I meant does he sound even better, if that’s possible or the same fantastic voice.

  7. lol. Why am I not surprised it is no longer available. Took that down quick.

    • Sigh, I was too late to see it too. I guess all we can hope for is that David sings at the Christmas concert in Santigo again this year. That one is video taped. Not sure why everything else is off limits. It’s like he’s in the witness protection program.

  8. ha well he is if you really think about it!

  9. Sorry guys, whoever took the video probably did so on a cellphone and more then likely wasnt supposed to and opted to take it down. I tried to copy to my YT channel but wasnt able to grab the URL.

    • Thanks for trying, Candy. Still don’t understand the secrecy. Part of my husband’s job is to video-tape our church services and stream them on the web for all to see. Wouldn’t a video of David singing a hymn serve to minister to people throughout the world? Wouldn’t that be a good thing for his church? That is what he is doing in Chile – to be proclaim his faith. I guess that is only to be for the few people in his little area in Chile. Seems limiting to me.

      • I stopped trying to make senses of it and now I just hope that when David returns to his music career that this part of his life will be kept as his private life. Can’t wait until I can just enjoy David the singing star.

      • I think there’s some kind of rule against videoing in LDS churches? Like, during a service. I didn’t see this new video so I’m not sure if it was during a church service or not. But I remember reading all the comments on YT from people who were upset at that video of David singing Be Still My Soul at a fireside a few years ago because they thought it was at a chapel but ends up it was just at a community center or something.

    • Thanks Candy for thinking of us, desperately wanting to hear David sing, fans.

  10. This is interesting. So the Jonas Brothers are saying that they are cancelling their tour over creative differences. I do not buy that. I bet it was poor ticket sales. Spin. Spin. lol.

  11. cq.he,s trying like heck to kept it private,but some ” FAN,S wont,t let him,and complain

    • I’d say he’s doing an excellent job keeping it private. I just don’t see the point of keeping the music private. Why does David singing a hymn need to be private?

    • HI ROOSTER, So glad to hear from you. Btw I think David is doing a hell of a good job keeping things private. I really don’t think I’m the only one that would like to hear that video, but I guess I shouldn’t of posted that comment. I just don’t see why listening to him sing a song in a recording is infringing in his private mission, but heck, whatever, jmo.

  12. Archies never disappoint. Someone made a media file of David singing in Chile before the video was made private. Here is the link:

  13. I agree Grammyj. Archie never do disappoint.

  14. If he gets much more private, when he returns he will be invisible except to a few diehards!! Total communication blackout sucks, bless the fan who copied and made the MP 4, I will be forever grateful.

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