Sunday Carol Series: Joy to the World

My favorite “Soul David” carol:

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  1. Awww, CFTH. One of my favorites too.

  2. I play a few songs from CFTH year-round — Pat A Pan and Rui Rui Chiu. I like this arrangement of JTTW.

    Re. the previous thread, I found an idolforum post re. D, Tedder, #mic, snarky dj’s, etc. It’s sort of funny how 5 yrs ago, we could hear a partial, half-true story and then talk about it on end, lol. I guess sometimes we still do. For anyone interested in reliving that past:

    • Hi desertrat, thanks for the link. It’s not that I want to relive the past garbage, but at this time, nothing new to talk about. What I get from past stuff is how David was perceived.
      It somewhat ties in with the whole Miley behavior. A lot of people are trashing her behavior, but it really isn’t affecting her career (sales) in a negative way or radio play, but it seemed like all the controversy surrounding David affected him negatively when it came to radio play, sales etc. I just wonder if people feel better about themselves if their stars have a lot of imperfections, bad behavior etc, vises stars that are perceived as being flawless as far as behavior goes. I just don’t understand it.

      • Thanks desertrat for the link. Very interesing and that is what I thought I remembered. Yes lots of rumours going on back then. Some good points cq. Miley is benefiting from the controversy surrounding her with great sales. David did not long- term but he did right after AI five years ago. His first album sold well but that is in part because he was coming off a very popular season of AI and had a big fan base. I think Phillip Phillps continues to do well after AI. He did not have to compromise himself or his music at all. Hear him on the radio all the time and isn’t he touring with John Mayer.

      • Yes Marie, you’re right coming off of AI David’s career was going very well. Phillip Phillip’s song was huge and his story was something that people got aboard with, so I don’t know what the thing was with David. Crush was also very big, but maybe not in the same caliber of Phillip’s, just a thought.
        Don’t know what the future holds for David, but whatever happens as far as his music career goes, as you said many times, it really is up to him as to the type of career he will go for.

    • I play some of them all year too. Mostly Ave Maria and Oh Holy Night (so I can hear his voice soar!)

  3. Btw, did anyone see SNL with Miley, I didn’t but from what I read on the internet, she did a real good job.

  4. I watched some of it. She was just OK but no where near as good as others that have been hosts and musical guests. Like JT and Bruno. I thought the funniest skit was the one SNL taped on John Boehner and the Republicans. Hysterical but it was really the guy that played Boehner that was good in it. Honestly Miley’s voice just annoys me but obviously I am not in her younger teenage demographic of fans. lol. She does not need me as a fan.

  5. I missed SNL but I’ve only heard good reviews about her. I keep forgetting, she was a comedic actress for years so SNL was probably a good fit. I don’t know if anyone remembers but just over a yr ago, Miley had 2 movies that were huge flops. She was so low on the radar that the they weren’t even promoted. I’ve got to hand it to her, she worked hard on her comeback. See the article below from May 2012. I don’t even want to think about D’s obstacles when he makes his comeback.

    What does this mean for her career?

    It’s not good. “That Lionsgate gave this star vehicle such a half-hearted theatrical dump… speaks volumes about the dimmed wattage of toplined Miley Cyrus,” says Leydon at Variety. She’ll have to switch directions if she’s hopes to stay relevant, says Phil Contrino of “Ditch the family-friendly stuff and go for something a little more edgy.”

    • Wow, ditch the family-friendly stuff she did, lol.
      Even though she went way to far to the skanky side, I’m with you desertrat, she did work hard on her comeback, and dang, it really worked, bad or good, she made a huge comeback.

      Yey, David has a lot of obstacles to overcome for a comeback if he wants to go for a big career, but he will be ok no matter what size of career. One thing that David has going for him is without a doubt, he is a super hard worker and will put all his energy into something that he really believe in…right team and songs that equal to his phenomenal voice and are relevant, imo, is all that David needs to have a successful comeback.

    • well she did didn’t she and it worked.
      as for David guess perhaps going along the lines of what Adele does?
      high quality mature music, power vocals and writing.. of course that would mean for him a great support team to assist him with all that.

  6. I had forgotten about Miley’s movie flops. There is always hope for David. But Miley is worth millions( actually 150 million acording to celebrity net from her days as Hannah Montana on Disney and other investments . I am sure the money has helped her to hire top notch managment and PR and having those needed connections. She did do better than the Beibs on SNL. I will give her that but still do not like her. I hope David can make a successful comeback but he needs the right people behind him and money. Just seems like you have to know the right people to help advance your career in the entertainment business.

    • Maybe David’s career would need some big time name that believes in him that would want to mentor him, that and a killer team would be great.

      • You going to win the lottery and pay for those things?

      • ha true.. where will all the cash come from for all that.
        but hey you never know have a feeling there are folks he knows that might support him going forward.
        but at what price.. with money usually comes a payback.

      • Yeah, money is the driving force, after all where we like or not, it is a business. Whoever invests their talents on David is because they believe that they will make money in the long run. So I guess without money up front, any artist that don’t come with a boat load of case, such as Miley did, it’s even 100 times harder to make it in the industry and a comeback might even be harder.
        lol, before I get accused of negative thinking, I’m not saying that David won’t have a music career, he will.

      • cq, you are not being negative, just realistic. The reality is that David will need to start with the fans he has left and try to build his career from there. Top management, marketing, etc. all costs money. He will have to start with the opportunites that come his way and work from there. I’m quite sure he won’t come home and suddenly be a big star. It will take a lot of work, but I’m hoping he will be able to forge a music career. We shall see.

      • Grammyj, don’t tell anybody, but I secretly wish for him to already have a team lined up to finance his comeback, hahahahahahaha!!!!

      • Me too!!

  7. Returning from a late lunch, I heard “Crush” on the radio in my car. Kinda made me feel lonely. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I actually knew him.

  8. Maybe everyone here has already seen it but I was offline all weekend and just caught up this afternoon to see a new pic of David in Chile had been posted on tumblr

    I do hope he’s having a fulfilling experience. He looks happy there 🙂 I’m ready for him to be back but am glad he has been able to do this.

    (And how does he look so young in some pictures and so mature in others?? If I didn’t know him and saw that pic, I’d guess he was 16. He’d love that *sarcasm* lol.)

    • I did see that picture and you are so right, he can look so mature in some pictures (mish pictures that I’ve seen) and this one, he looks like a teenager, lol. He is such a chameleon, looking in some pictures like a 16 year old to some picture very hunky mature man. I really think it’s a huge advantage to be a chameleon.

    • Not that it would make a difference in how old he looks, but I think that’s a slightly older picture. I read that they don’t allow backpacks anymore–the missionaries have to have those shoulder strap bags now, plus it’s not his current companion.

      • It’s only a few months difference as I think this was the companion he had before his current one. He has his mother’s genes as she looks way younger than she is too. It will be great for David when he gets older. If he got more into acting he could easily play a teen for a long time. He’s like Michael J. Fox was – he played teen roles all through his twenties.

      • Not that it really matter, but why don’t that allow backpacks?

      • Lol. Wild guess, they don’t look as professional?

      • New rule. See rules can be changed. Why isn’t the length of service for the guys changed to 18 months to match the length for young women? Wishful thinking from me, a selfish non-Mormon fan.

      • They can now wear Khaki colored pants too. I know way too much about Mormon missionary rules. Also read that David is working with a Sister missionary on Amazing Grace. Always like to read about him singing.

      • lol, grammyj, glad I’m not alone.

  9. David has a billion dollar organization who I’m sure will back him if necessary because his success will benefit said organization in the long run. Do I have to say which organization that is???

  10. Why ugh? I think this billion dollar organization owes David big time. JMHO.

    • That is true. They do owe him. lol. Watching The Voice.

    • I’m watching The Voice too. It’s so entertaining this season. I noticed that Ryan Tedder is going to be one of the mentors this season. Just goes with the discussion from the last thread. Not sure why Ryan Tedder didn’t write with David since he wrote with a slew of other idol contestants. Guess we will never know. I do recall that he co-wrote David Cook’s first single from his second album which fell flat. Of course he has had some big hits too. I will always love “Apologize”.

      • Didn’t Tedder produce Blake Lewis’s (runner up from AI S6) first album that did not do well at all. I think he did. But he has had some huge major successes with other music artists including himself. He produced or co-wrote” Rumour has it” and some other songs with Adele. He has major hits with many other artists including many AI alum. I can’t help but wish that Ryan had worked with David on one of his albums. Who knows what would have happened. Love to know the real back story on why he did not but we did discuss the possible reasons/rumors. Of course AI was trying so hard to push Cook at the time.

      • from what I recall Tedder was not a fan of David.. or maybe it was what was going on no clue but don’t think it will happen. there are plenty of other great producers and writers out there to help David and sure if David goes at it all professionally he will find someone that fits him well.

    • Yes, comment was senseless. There are plenty of Mormon celebs, and David is certainly not among the most famous. No indication his church would do this for any of them.

      • You’re right, Whatever, his church does not involve themselves in the professional lives and careers of its members.

      • There’s probably a grain of truth there, in that BEGIN was put out by Shadow Mountain records, which is owned by Deseret Book which is owned by David’s church. Just saying–don’t want to add to any drama regarding “owing” him.

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