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Seriously, it hadn’t dawned on me to write to David during his missionary exile.  Who knew fans were still sending mail (via tweeted photo on David’s Twitter)? Do you?



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  1. I knew people were still writing but I sent only one postcard, ages ago. I figure he’s focusing on his commitments there. I have no problem with anyone who has kept writing, however. 🙂

  2. CQ, re the last thread: I would love to meet you at a concert. My chances are slim since I’m from the middle of the country, though.

  3. There are a group of fans that I think send cards at a regular bases. I’m thinking that for the most part (always exceptions) it’s fans that embrace and understand what he is doing. It’s all good we are all David’s fans in different ways.

  4. No,I have not but it is nice that some fans do send him mail.

  5. I also do not have twitter. lol.

  6. Off Topic: I agree with Sinead O’Conner’s open letter to Miley. I know some have issues with Sinead after she tore up the picture of the Pope some yrs ago but she is right about Miley. Miley’s response was typical. She did not “get it” and attacked Sinead.

  7. I haven’t been as disappointed in Miley as I am now, after she attacked two women for mental health issues. Not cool.

  8. I think Sinead made some good points. After reading her comments, I’m even happier that David took some time for himself.

    Speaking of D, I haven’t written him yet nor have I signed the e-birthday card going around. Guess I need to get my act together, lol. Does anyone know why the e-card must be signed by this Fri, almost 3 mos prior to his B-day?

    • The reason for the early deadline to sign the card is it gets printed and made into a book. The birthday book is then mailed to Chile. It simply takes that much time to get it printed and then the time it take to get through the mail to Chile. I did sign the card. I have never written to David but there are fans who do.

  9. Even though I don’t agree with anything that Miley is doing, criticizing her only gives her more power.
    I do agree with some thing that Sinead said, but really was she expecting for Miley to have an epiphany and would change her ways…she did what I thought she would do, come back with gun blazing. I’m really thinking that maybe Miley is heading for some sort of rehab in her future. I’m not a fan, but I hope that she gets her act together.

    Desertrat, Don’t know why such an early deadline for the e-card, might be something to do with Kari’s schedule.

  10. The last and only time I have hand written a letter to David was during the American Idol tour in Fort Wayne, IN. I can honestly say I struggled with every word! I just wanted to let him know how much I loved his singing and that I appreciate his humbleness. I re-wrote it numerous times. Finally I put it in an envelope and added a few trinkets to the gift bag. Sugarless gum, chapstick, etc.
    I would be a nervous wreck trying to write to him while he is on his mission! I so appreciate those who can and do!

  11. Now I remember why the early deadline, makes senses. Hum wonder if we will get a picture of David holding his book like we got last year. That would be fun.

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