Energized by Youth

Because I never could move like this six-year-old girl, B-Girl Terra, when I was her age!!



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  1. Oh my gosh how fun was that, thanks Hg. They both were so good, but that little girl, WOW!! A little dance genius.

  2. Things are kind of slow around here, very understandable. Just popping in to let you know I check in regularly to see if any comments are made. Love everyone’s thoughts.

    • I check in here regularly too. It is really quiet now, but then there really isn’t much to discuss in Davidland. I did read that the winner of AI this year, Candice’s album is being pushed back until February. It was originally scheduled to be released in July which would have really been pushing it, then moved to October and now not until February. This does not bode well for her per commentors at MJs. She is a talented singer, but AI was a mess this year. The AI tour had very poor attendance. I’m really glad that David was on season 7. If he had waited it looks like he might not have fared as well.

      • Totally agree with you, from what I have read AI was a mess this last year, really a shame for Candice, but being that she is very talented, she might still have a good singing career.

        Season 7 was (of course I would think that being a diehard fan of DA, lol) the most fun of all the other ones that I did see. To be fair I did stop watching AI after the end of season 7, so I can only go by the ones I saw.

        I agree that David did really well coming in second and again because of my feelings about his talent, I always thought that he should be a superstar by now, lol.
        Have changed my expectation totally and will just enjoy whatever singing I will get to hear in videos..Have completely lost faith that I will ever hear him sing live. Somehow, I do feel ok with it, just knowing he will be singing is what matters.

  3. cq unless you live on a far off island i am shure you will get to see david live,just think postive

    • Hi rooster, what I feel is that I won’t be welcomed amongst some very devoted fans and won’t feel comfortable and I have a feeling they would be in all his concerts. Not you rooster, even though you have come down on me for my opinion, I truly believe you would not care. Right now I kind of feel bullied and only if he had a big career that it would be hard for me to be spotted (I know that no one knows me but right I have very strong feelings that somehow I would be identified) then I would love to go hear that wonderful voice live. That’s the way I feel right now, maybe if he happens to come to my neck of the woods, I’ll chance it anyway.

      I know that you don’t think I’m a positive person, hey, it’s your right to think anyway you want, I know what kind of person I am and believe you me, yes, I’m normal, but for the most part I feel that I am a good positive person no matter what a few people might think.

  4. cq no matter what you think,you still support david,and i am shure davids fans at a concert would welcome you with open arms,i would

  5. I was just about to post a confession on Snowangelz until I read cq’s post; now I’ll post it here.

    Several years ago I went to the concert in S. Dakota alone. As I was roaming the streets looking for a place to dine, I spot a large group of FODers in a restaurant. I was tempted to introduce myself and joined them but instead, I ate somewhere else. I was so concerned that they would reject me for things I had posted in the past.

    Thinking back on it, I wish I had introduced my self and joined the dinner crowd. Fans may disagree online but no one would reject another fan attending a concert. Also, the only reason I was going to confess this on Snowangelz was because several people posted that they now have 2nd thoughts about things they’ve said in the past. At times we all feel like we may have enemies but Rooster is right, you would most definitely be welcomed with open arms.

    • It was so nice to read your story desertrat, that’s the way I feel, not that I feel one bit ashamed of what I said, but being that others have been offended by my views. What am feeling is that it’s been a long wait for David and now it’s almost time for him to be entertaining us with that fabulous voice, charm and yes, I’m going to say it, drop dead good looks, lol. All this silly thinking I’m having right now will disappear when I first listen to his first vlog. I will probably do everything in my power to go to his concert, just saying it makes me so happy, lol.

    • Thanks for sharing that story desertrat. To be honest I feel David needs all the fans he can get at this point if he wants a music career so really no fans should be so critical of other fans expressing their opinions. But of course they still will be. lol. I just do not care but that it just me. Also I only post on this blog. cq- if you do not care so much what others think then others comments will not get to you. I mean “Anon” states his/her opinion and does not seem to care what others think. lol. Off topic but regarding this whole MJ trial verdict the only ones I feel so bad for are his 3 children. Those kids need closure and to heal.

      • Marie, I see what you mean and yes for the most part I don’t care, but it was something that was very brutally said about my character that really got me down (on another site), but I’m really getting over all that but still…One thing I really haven’t seen anyone of you here attack another’s fan’s character only their opinion, if that makes sense.

        I’m with you Marie, feel so sad for those kids.

      • I think about MJs kids too. I knew MJs mom would lose this trial. I’m sorry his kids had to go thru this and hear the truth about their dad’s problems at such young ages.

  6. CQ you can go to David’s concerts because no one online knows what you look like. You don’t have to tell anyone you post as CQ. Even if you do tell I’m sure you would be welcomed. I’d love to meet you. Just because people don’t always agree with what you say doesn’t mean they won’t like you.

    • I understand grammyj, it really was only two fans that got to me, so two out of thousands, I shouldn’t worry…like I said I’m getting over it and yes, would love to meet you too.
      Even after that little hiccup, I’m so over the moon excited for David and his future music career. Not going to affect my ODD, lol.

  7. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but David has fans who are not as nice or as friendly as he is. Not even close. There are groups of fans who have formed “cliques” which remind me of high school cliques. He does have some super fans who really are excited & happy to meet other fans, but unfortunately, there’s those who try to out-do each other trying to be considered as number one fan who will do anything in hopes of getting his attention. I learned early on to just enjoy his concerts, support him and not be concerned with all the drama & fan-site politics as in “if you don’t agree with us, you are not welcome here”. Sad but true. 😦

    • You make sense senseless, lol. Yes, go to David’s concert to enjoy David and forget all the fan drama.

    • LOL, im so introverted I probably wouldn’t know or care that I’m being passed over by a “clique”. I’ve seen D six times. The one time I joined a group activity I enjoyed meeting everyone. Other times I primarily mingled with those I traveled with and took pleasure in quietly observing the celebs attending the shows ( Jeannette M, #mic, Ray the manager, Sunny, Jared Paul, D’s family, etc.)

  8. Don’t worry what anyone thinks about what you have written. These two years have been rather difficult with so much uncertainty for the future such as the where and when for another concert and hopefully it will happen. We are rather starting off in a whole new place as David’s fans. Starting over like him, so let there be no worries. We are merely waiting like we have been to see what happens. We don’t know who are left as fans.

    Starting over, have no other thoughts.


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