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Heart Falls Out

Thanks, Ali, for mentioning this (Kari posted on David’s Twitter yesterday):

David and Social Media

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No matter how popular Twitter would have become, I know I can honestly say that, had it not been for my desire to follow David Archuleta ANYWHERE, I probably wouldn’t have signed on to it.  In many ways, that’s true about Facebook too, and I’ve been regularly using those two social media sites, following and commenting on so many other aspects of culture and my various social networks.

Still,  I realize I’ve been very resistant to try on some newer social media networks, like Instagram (what’s the point of that?), Tumblr (for the life of me, I can’t figure it out or its purpose!), and Pinterest (don’t get me started on all that clutter!).

Until I realized what the real problem is: David is away and he hasn’t started an account with these.  Which got me thinking: Would I join Tumblr (the most frustrating site of them all IMHO!) if David started an account?

And I already know the answer to that question: HECK YES!!

I tell ya: David keeps me young! 😛  For that reason, he needs to hurry back home (and for God’s sake, don’t extend your Mission! GAH!!).

So, I was wondering what the rest of you Soul Davidians thought. Which of the other social media would you totally join and – therefore – immerse yourself completely in it, if David started an account when he returns? Which of the social media networks would you want him to join?

Aging Gracefully

bench-photo-shootThat’s my greatest wish for David Archuleta and his public image, believe it or not. In fact, if I were part of his management, I’d be working feverishly on plotting his “classy grown-up comeback,” because after the public has to suffer THIS


and now THIS


… I think David could make a killing going in the complete opposite direction of “Keep it Classy!”

Question is, how can that be done? What strategy should David use to indicate he’s all grown up, without going to the extremes of sexy vulgarity?

The Singer vs. the Songwriter

According to my most recent poll on “Nurturing David’s Talent,” the majority of you believed David needed help in all areas of music – songwriting, music production, choreography, marketing etc. – while another number of folks thought he just needed help with marketing.

It’s clearly evident how dang talented David is and how many gifts he has to contribute to the music world, but when I recently came across an old version of David performing his song, “Elevator,” that he helped to pen (see above video), and then compared it to the last two Christmas carols featured in my Sunday Carol Series – “Silent Night” and “Los Pastores a Belen” – I couldn’t help but think: FORGET THE SONGWRITING THING, DAVID, SINGING IS YOUR FORTE!

Now, I know that songwriting is where the real $$ comes from, and David could seriously clean up with a hit. But here’s the thing: A song can only become a “hit” if it’s got a serious vocalist and production team behind it.  I admire David for wanting to immerse himself in the whole music production process, but can he be both an amazing singer and songwriter? And since when is the “singing alone” not considered worthy musicianship?

I once read somewhere (probably in the comments section of Fans of David back in the day) that David’s team had learned that David would never be taking seriously if he didn’t branch out into songwriting. I’m beyond annoyed that he was given this advice, to be honest.  What David needs is one heck of a songwriter who can show off his amazing Voice on a truly great song! Not for him to write his own song!

Think about it: You know why so many of you weep saltwater tears when you hear David sing “O Holy Night” or “Silent Night” or “Everybody Hurts”? It’s because his beautiful vocals are wrapped around beautiful, deep-felt songs. You know why David didn’t really sell as well with his sophomore album, The Other Side of Down? Because, as respectable and catchy as some of the pop songs were, they’re not that great.  Is it cool that David wrote on songs like “Elevator”? Sure, he’s trying!

But his vocal talent is wasted.  It’s the magic of aligning the Voice with Song and Music.  I just want David to lay his smooth vocals on a great song.  And I don’t think David is there yet in terms of songwriting. In the mean time, where’s the great song not yet penned that would fit David like a glove?

Songwriters used to kill to get certain singers covering their songs.  I’ve been disillusioned with the way David has been handled since it’s shocking to me that certain songwriters didn’t want his vocals taking their little song to the next level.

Perhaps it’s all part of the lack of “nurturing artistic talent” that currently plagues the music industry.  But I also think artists need to know their strengths (and weaknesses). Someone needs to let David know SINGING is his money note.

Dear David: Add what you must later to a song to get your copyright royalties, but let the professionals showcase you the way you ought to be showcased!

Sunday Carol Series: Los Pastores a Belen

Another exquisite performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: