Sunday Carol Series: Angels from the Realm of Glory

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  1. Saw this live…It was AMAZING!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. Glorious! Loving the sound of David with a full choir behind him. What a great way to start a Sunday morning.

    Saw this on FOD; D may be included in an upcoming documentary: 😀 😀

    Heads up for possible news on the “documentary” type video that we heard about last week

  3. From the previous thread ~~

    Re. Nick & Aaron Carter, both have acknowledged that they’re still struggling with addictions and ongoing family issues. To me, they both look a little unkempt in the photo; Nick’s eyes give me the impression he was high. I’m a Backstreet fan and I used to follow one of their fan forums. Sometimes fans would discuss and post pictures of possibly embarrassing things they saw Nick and AJ (who also had drug issues) doing in public and on their cruises. Of course, another set of fans would admonish those fans for putting the stories out in the public. Talk about fan drama … I got so tired of the back and forth that I stopped visiting the site. 😉

    • One more thing, it was recently revealed that Brian Littrel, the lead singer of Backstreet, had to serve as Nick’s legal guardian at one time. It sort of reveals what Nick’s relationship may have been with his family — even from an early age.

  4. So many of this celebrities/music artists/disney stars that start out their careers in the industry at a very young age have issues dealing with their celebrity as they get older and have addiction issues. MJ and Lindsey Lohen are just a few examples. David started his career at a very young age( wasn’t he 10 yrs old when he won his first talent contest) and you have to wonder if it is always a good thing to start your career at such a young age. Especially if the child is supporting their family- like the Carter kids did. The Carters are a well documented public disfunctional family. It does work out sometimes so I guess it depends. It is a very interesting topic.

  5. I realize that Anon is opinionated and that is certainly her or his privilege, what I don’t understand is why the post of the Carter boys? Anon if you are here , do think David is headed in the same direction?

  6. It sure does to me.

  7. T
    I’ll take your advice hg.

  8. Loving the Sunday serious Hg thank you. What can I say, he is beyond amazing.
    Got back from my out of this world fantastic trip with my sister and her daughters to the Napa Valley. There is nothing like being with loved ones to set thing right.
    I had forgotten how beautiful that whole region is and to top it all off, we experience the most gorgeous weather EVER, lol. Can you tell that I’m rejuvenated and really to get back to enjoying the wait until David gets back on stage. Just excited to hear his first vlog.

    My expectations have always been very high for David’s career, but somehow I’m ok with any level of career for David because he was made to sing. That tweet from Kari did it, lol. Still doing a happy dance.

  9. Just got done watching the finale of “Breaking Bad”. Great ending. I am going to miss that show.

  10. Welcome back cq; glad you had a fantastic trip!

    There were Breaking Bad hashtags all over the place yesterday, lol. It made me wish I had followed the series.

    Re. David and MOTAB, they did a great job of getting him to keep his eyes open and smile while singing. I think it really helped him to connect the audience (incl. the tv audience) with the carols.

    • Thank you desertrat, this is my commenting home (Hg please don’t ever stop, lol) Love that David has active fan sites because I believe it is good for his singing career and all of them great, but all different. When I read some of the comments in this site regarding opinions that don’t fix with what you have, it was so nice to see the respect toward that fan, no matter how much you feel their wrong.

      Now back to happy place regarding David’s return to his music career.
      Being that he is such a smart cookie, he know timing, so I’m guessing along with a tour in 2014, he might be recording Spanish, song/album…that golden voice singing Spanish…to die for,lol.

  11. I only starting watching Breaking Bad this season-It’s last. I heard all the positive comments and was curious. It had great acting and great writing. That is what made the show good.

  12. OMG, check out Snow Angelz, so funny, especially the last photo. ————————————->

  13. That was really good. Thanks for posting it cc halo. Watching The Voice tonight.

    • I caught part of The Voice last night. I think some contestants choose Blake because of his smile and dimples, lol. It’s like, they can’t turn him down.

      Re. Snowangelz, it is very funny. I like Sunny and know she’s very talented in her own right but I agree with the confessions that aren’t too favorable with regard to her collaborations w/D.

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