A Chance to Hear David Live!

Yes, that was my big takeaway from Kari’s tweets: that we should be saving dates for upcoming tours when David returns!

😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

Yes, that’s me doing a happy dance!

I don’t care who got offended by her tone (it must be tiring to hold back the insistent fans who want to know every and anything possible about David).

That said, please remember my blog rules about not resorting to personal insults! OK? OK – Let’s think happy thoughts, people!

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  1. Hg amen to that, so excited about David coming back to his music career and TOUR. At this point don’t care if it’s small, medium or large. Just to have that wonderful man up on stage giving us breathtaking moments with that divine voice has me doing a HAPPY DANCE!!!

  2. That is good news about the plans of David to tour when he returns.


  4. I’m sorry, I can’t pretend that Skari didn’t tweet about a tour — and even a stupid cruise — eons ago.

    I would never go to an airport to chant “Welcome Home”…it seems hokey and silly to me. However, I can’t imagine why David would strenuously object if fans did that. Some of his family and friends spent years trying to get attention from his fans themselves.

    Why would the folks who are supposed to be promoting him try to quell any fan interest in his return (to the U.S.)? I think we all know.

    I’ve always wondered what advice “they’re” going to give David re: his mission. The first signs are that he’s s’pozed to creep back into the U.S. and pretend he was never gone.

    Again, a big mistake. But c’est la vie.

  5. Hoping that maybe he will come to North California…I would love to hear him live, but after last night, I have a feeling that if I was identified, I would be thrown out…I’m beyond sad right now.

  6. Sad for me, not for David, I’m over the moon happy for him and all you wonderful fans that will get to hear him live…

    • Aww cq, I think you take fandom drama too seriously. No joke, walk away from the computer for a bit, take a deep breath, remember why you love David and know it’s all good. We’ve all had our moments. The people that matter don’t mind and the people that mind don’t matter. ❤

      • Your right Ali, I have to shake it off and say it’s their problem not mine…I just feel so bad that it affected the fan site.
        It so funny, before that glimmer of confirmation that there are plans for him to return to music, all I wanted was a big career for him, but somehow with that tweet, I felt such joy that his was coming back to music I really don’t care how big his career is as long as he gets to sing.

      • I’m going to take your advice and step away from the computer for a bit, partly because of resent drama and really because I’m going on a loving trip to Napa with by wonderful sister and her two daughters to celebrate her birthday…it’s such a beautiful area, it’s going to be grand. There is nothing like nature’s beauty to make everything ok.

      • I’ve always wanted to see Napa! I watched a docu on a hot air balloon place there and the views from those things are amaaaaazing. Of course, I’d only see my shoes because I’d be upchucking the whole time we were in the air. /tmi lol. Have a great trip, enjoy the family time!!

      • Nature really is healing. Have a nice trip, cq!

      • Ali, I’m the world’s biggest chicken re: flying and roller coasters and stuff. I’ve been up in a hot air balloon and I’d do it again in a minute! So stable and smooth. And that view! It was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done.

      • cq- You just need to keep it in perspective. Not everyone agrees with me all the time either. I am quite sure. lol. It just no longer bothers me. Also David’s music career is on David not the fans. It is his life and his music career and his choices. Does that mean I agree with many of them? No and I do state those concerns. “But” it is what it is.

      • missbianca – Maybe I’ll be able to give it a try one day then! …with some heavy drugs 😉

  7. Thank you for the video, HG. Such a great example of what David does so well. I never feel like David simply entertains with his voice. I feel like my spirit is being taken on a journey with his voice and when he stops singing its like BOOM !! Back to reality.

  8. David was really into that “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”. Thinking of D’s return reminds me of how I felt when David appeared from behind the curtain (during the Demi tour). I tried my best not to act like a tween but I squealed when the curtain dropped. 🙂 Remember this …

  9. Anon, what has that article about Nick Carter have to do with David?

    • If you don’t know, you’ll find out. I was so disturbed by the eyes in the photo, and — as they say — one picture is worth a thousand words.

  10. Sorta wishing we could ignore all people who commont as Anon. 😉

  11. i think aaron was also managed by WEG(melinda). not sure.
    seems like anon knows stuff! ???

    • WEG has been involved with the careers of numerous acts, including Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spears and JT as a solo artist. Anyone with a grasp of how Google works can find that information, no “insider” knowledge required. Trolls are just as powerful as you make them.

  12. This reminded me of #MIC.

  13. that is some seriously funny sh*t! is jeff on twitter? does he do hashtags?

  14. Late but I just watched the Jimmy Fallon lip sync competition posted on the last thread – that was “hashtag” hilarious.

    Re. Fallon and Timberlake, I used to love the skit they’d do called “The Barry Gibb Show”.

  15. Love that skit, desertrat. It is so good.

  16. jeff did alot of hashtags when he was on twitter? what? i don’t understand.

  17. Off topic — I’m fascinated by this song that I keep hearing on a tv commercial. All my life I thought it was called “I Think It’s So Groovy Now”. The real title is “Reach Out of the Darkness”. I’m surprised hip-hop artists never remixed the 1st 30 seconds of it into one of their songs.

  18. The commenters on this blog seem to be stuck in 2009. It’s 2013. David can have a certain kind of indie career or he can let Skari make him into a joke. I will continue to post my opinions and to be grateful that the drip, drip, drip strategy has been discontinued. I will continue to advocate for GCT-like projects, BEGIN., original music like “Broken,” and fresh starts.

    The others of you can continue to bash family members, revisit 2008-09 management to your heart’s content, demand that more and more slapdash music be released (a la NMHF), and to prop up current managers with extremely bad track records. You can squee over bad acting gigs in the Philippines, and you can tweet compliments to a variety of folks who have not done David any favors. No one is stopping you.

    It probably doesn’t occur to you that I post here for a specific reason, and it’s not to have “witty repartee.” In fact, that’s never crossed my mind.

    • Anon, music is subjective and we all have music that we like better than others that David performs. I happen to like the pop stuff better than GCT. That doesn’t make me right and you wrong. We just enjoy different styles of music. The music industry is brutal and there is no sure method to success. We can all point fingers and say David needs to do this or that and he will have a successful career. The truth is that no one really knows what he should do to ensure success. There is no magical formula. I happen to think he wasn’t mismanaged early in his career. He had a lot of opportunities, a hit song and a gold record. It is just hard it sustain when radio wouldn’t play his second single. I think Kari is doing a good job while David is away, and we will see what David does when he returns.

      • See Anon Grammyj ‘s comment is a good example of how you can post a comment without attacking other commenters on a site. We all do not agree with each other on everything here on SD. And that is more than OK. You might want to work on that or not. Up to you. I do not care. lol.

  19. #angry. lol. I will continue to support Kari and Gina for that matter. I like Kari and her “connections” in the music industry. I am impressed with the fact that she still works with JT but Kari is not a manager. I do hope David has the best music management thant money can buy when he returns. And I will continue to revisit my unhappiness with David’s 2008-09 “Mis” management by #mic and company as that is when he had the most opportunities for his career. So far. Just saying.

  20. i loved nandito ako!!! at least those philippine TV people had the intelligence to cast him in something! i think david showed the world what a great actor he has the potential to be!

  21. Good Point cotton candy. The fans in the Philippines have really been there for David and should not be knocked. I am afraid to admit that I am watching my guilty pleasure- Real Housewives of NJ on Bravo. I know they are badly scripted reality shows. lol. Here is the interesting part: Johnny Wright and Melinda from WEG ( she did not talk) were on the show as Melissa Gorga was signed by WEG and thinks she can sing. They showed Johnny’s compound in Orlando-the one David was at I am sure. OMG. Alll I can say is that Melissa can not sing at all. No talent reality stars that can not sing are just a joke.

  22. marie- O M G are you kidding?! that sounds crazy! can’t believe i missed that!!! i know, those housewifes shows are very addicting! they’re so bad but still wildly entertaining! i should go tweet something to her about it LOL!

  23. Gessh its not bad enough we have the “Real Housewives of NJ” giving my poor state a bad name along with “Snooki & The Situation”. We also have to get saddled with no talent Mel WEG who is a bigger joke then all of them put together!! UGH *Time to sell*

    • lol Candy. I think that Bravo will probably replay the show again tomorrow. You have to see and hear how bad Melissa G. is as a singer to believe it. lol.

  24. Anon- You certainly do add a certain flare to the site, what kind of flare is yet to be seen or perhaps it lies in the eye of the beholder!

  25. i agree. everything anon says is extremely interesting. just wish we could figure out what his/her “specific reason” is!

    • Well, Anon gives us something to talk about. I did happen to see an article on USA today website about how music cruises are gaining in popularity. The article named some of the big name artists that are doing cruises which include one of David’s favorites, John Mayer. It certainly didn’t ruin John’s career like Anon insinuated it would ruin David’s. I really can’t see David agreeing to do a cruise, but what do I know. He surprised me by doing Nandito Ako. Of course Anon thinks he shouldn’t set foot in the Philippines. Not sure why. Especially if David remains an Indie artist he will need money to record and mount tours. He will need to go where he has promoters and where he can make some money which in the past has been in SE Asia.

  26. anon- whose eyes? nick’s or aaron’s?

  27. cotton candy, I was wondering whose eyes too., and I still don’t understand what she, he is getting at. , I am not even sure anon is a fan.

    • Anon is a fan of some of David’s music – GCT and BEGIN. Anon has some strong opinions about how David should proceed with his career when he returns. Anon doesn’t think Kari should be on David’s team. It’s all okay, we each have our opinions and it will be David who decides what he will do. I like Kari as David’s tour manager and holding down the social media while David is away. She’s done a good job with these roles IMHO.

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