Our Biggest Fears for David

What I found most intriguing about Kari’s tweet to a concerned David fan (who wanted to know if David was leaving music to pursue college) is how she seems so out of the loop about David’s non-music plans. *note my sarcasm.*

Seriously, folks! What is it about speculating about David that has some fans so … how do I say this gently? … so paranoid?

In David’s last vlog in March 2012, he promised that he would return to us and return to music.  I would like to believe this is both a promise and a plan.

I’m curious about why some fans thrive on fear, so I thought I would do a poll on this subject.

What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. Thank you for the poll. Yes, a lot of angst going on…present company included, lol. Actually the only thing that would not be completely disappointed would be if he gave up all together. I don’t see that happening, but because of such a big drought minds do wonder.

    • oops read my comment again and of course made a mistake, lol. What I meant was the one thing that I would be completely disappointed about would be if he gave up music all together. Again just speaking from a fan that absolutely loves his voice and want to keep on getting music from him, I’ve always said that I’m a selfish fan. In my heart I do believe that singing for David is just a part of him and that he will never not sing. I will say one thing more, I do want him to have a big singing career, so with that being said, I guess all the above would also apply, but I wouldn’t be completely disappointed because he would still be singing which is his passion.

  2. All of the above?

    • I would have picked all of the above. It is not a fear. I would say it is a concern or issue. It is just being realistic as a fan to me. I really don’t honestly care as it is David’s life and his career not mine. But not everyone has his talent or “had” his opportunities. I thought David should have gone to college or specifically a music school to learn his craft and had a music career just like Scotty is doing. He needed to be around others that don ‘t have the same beliefs and to learn about other lifestyles. I still think that. JMHO. Fans are entitled to their opinions. lol. I follow many other music artists and buy their music so it is up to David.

  3. Shanny in Australia

    ” I’m curious about why some fans thrive on fear….”
    Thats one of the things I have learnt about people since being a fan of david’s. I find it fascinating from a sociological/psychological point of view. Wish I was super rich so I could fund a study into such phenomena. lol
    Actually….there probably already is some literature out there about such things….might have to do some investigating…..

    I chose ….I don’t fear for david….but actually that’s not true. I fear him getting hurt. Well….fear would be too strong a word……getting hurt is inevitable and a part of life, I guess I just want that to be minimized as much as possible.
    But I’m rambling……

    • Shanny in Australia

      Sometimes I think it appears as though people are fearful or believe particular things about david and his career when in actuality they’re not….just because when a lot of people add their two cents to the discussion….it adds up to an over all false impression. Kinda like….one person makes a fearful comment and then lots of other people add their thoughts, which they know are just speculation. But then others come along and see all this chatter about fearful things and then get the impression that everyone is fearful. When in reality they might not be? I guess the poll results might shed some light on that?

  4. I also find it interesting how gullible some people seem to be. Someone posts something about David with not one shred of evidence and some fans believe it. I find it fascinating and crazy. We will just have to wait and see what David does upon his return. I really think he will do music but it may be in combination with schooling, marriage at some point, even an additional job. But, he will always sing. I guess my fear would be that he would lose his voice and would not be able to sing.

    • People believe what feeds most into their fear or “paranoia”. It’s really kind of basic human nature. I’ve done it myself many times. Whatever it is that frightens you, you tend to believe it. Related to David, if your biggest fear is that he’ll get married then every marriage rumor that comes along sends you into hyper-anxiety mode and you are convinced it’s true. I think that’s kind of the definition of paranoia.

  5. it seems to me that David always tries to give 100% to whatever he is doing, be it music, his mission, his family, fans, ect. I believe he will be even more energized after these two years because he won’t feel torn between his music career and the need to go on a mission. If he doesn’t make it in music it won’t be for lack of trying. He absolutely has the talent and charisma to have a very successful career. Happy Tuesday y’all !!!

    • This is an awesome comment 🙂

      The opposite of fear: optimism. I think we can all use a healthy dose each day.

    • LOVE your comment Oliveoil! Happy Tuesday to you also! I guess it just goes back to trusting “The Archulator”!
      I have more excitement going on than I do fear. From what David has shown us so far he has NO plans to leave music. Not knowing what that really means for us could cause apprehension and possibly some fear. I find myself in preparation mode…weird some would say! On a mission of my own. Losing some unnecessary weight, changing my hairstyle, cleaning the nooks and crannies of the closets, etc. Its as if someone very special in my life is coming home from a very long trip and needs to “see” me at my best!
      Can’t wait! #DA2014

  6. i love to speculate about david’s future because it’s fun, not out of fear.

    • Speculation is really all we have and I agree with you it is fun, not out of fear. In the end probably nothing that we have speculated will be what will happen, lol.. Regarding David that is…
      Hoping for that fun uphill climb with David’s music career gets going shortly after he returns…no more speculation just fun career commenting.

  7. I don’t have any fears for David. I was seeing a potentially bleak future for him where he tweeted the AI unfaithful until he turned 50 but then he went on his mission. LOL.

  8. Now that I’ve skimmed around twitter, etc., I do have a fear. I have a fear that David will go to BYU Hawaii because it’s on the way to the Philippines. He will spend the next few years flying back and forth from college to the Philippines doing Krapatid stuff, and Kari will be attached like a barnacle to his butt.

    Anyone who thinks Kari is going to do anything for him except make sure his career is deader than roadkill in the U.S. is delusional. She is going to encourage him to make a fool of himself (see Exhibit A, the Rainbow video) while quietly sabotaging him (along with Melinda Bell and WEG) in the U.S.

    What is her record? Did you see the sales for NMHF? Did you see the Rainbow video? If she and her BFFs were going to do anything for him, they would’ve done it when TOSOD was released. He was on a major label then. It was his second pop album. They did nothing but fan chats. And then they invited themselves to the taping of GCT when they weren’t needed and only in the way.

    Poor David. He really gets dumber with age. If you’re going to go to college, then go. Don’t choose a college because it’s on the way to the Philippines. Don’t keep aligning yourselves with middle-aged, white, clueless and malicious LGBT nannies.

  9. I would not blame David for going to BYU-Hawaii. I wish I could go. lol. But too old and already have my degree. Sounds like a good plan to me to go to Hawaii and the Phillipines with Kari for his career. Who knows what he is doing. Pure speculation. I prefer Kari and even Melinda on David’s team over #mic and other family/friends. At least they have some needed connections in the music industry. But again JMHO. lol. Watching The Voice tonight. I like that show.

    • It’s not pure speculation. My Dead Writer tweeted that David had 14 (?) projects lined up in the Philippines many moons ago. I don’t think it’s hard to connect the dots.

      • Well I still think I would love to go to BYU-Hawaii if I was David’s age. lol. As far as going to the Phillipines- Why not? Anon- Who do you think should manage David and be on his team. Just curious. I would hope you would prefer professionals with connections in the industry.

      • Marie if David is college bound, and I hope that he will just do the inline route, I sure hope that would choose a less conservative college than BYU, better for his growth in the industry that he says he want to be a part of with a singing career.
        Don’t mind a few projects in the Philippines, that was a fun ride the last time he was there. The fans supplied us with wonderful video goodies, but I really want him to concentrate on getting his career back up and going in the US.

      • Honestly, I think that Hawaii would be the attraction for me- probably not so much BYU.

  10. Hey Anon……I thought Kari is David’s road manager, not his promoter. Just curious. What do you think would help David’s career?

    • A brain transplant.

      • I may not agree with what is going on in his career right now but one thing I do know he has an incredible voice and soul all of which comes out of that brain you’re trashing.
        who really is the trash here.

  11. I challenge anyone to list one contact in the music industry of Kari or Melinda’s that have given David any meaningful opportunities anywhere in the U.S. at any time.

  12. So you want a brain transplant ? haha

  13. I guess I can thank Anon for a good laugh. I don’t know what David will do when he returns, but he won’t be getting a brain transplant. He may be going to the Philippines though which is fine with me. He will go where people appreciate him and give him paying work in the entertainment industry wherever that may be.

  14. Re. Melinda, you won’t see me defending her, lol. Re. David, I doubt there’s anyone in the music industry who hasn’t always made the best decisions. The key is to learn and move on from them.

  15. “We see the world not as it is but as we are.” –Stephen R. Covey.

    I’ve already faced my worst fear for David, that he would go away on a mission for his church. I was really “wigged out” over it. About 6 months before he announced I really sat myself down and said, “Why are you so afraid of this?” I threw out all my answers that started with “David” and kept the ones that started with “I.” I realized it pretty much boiled down to, “I could lose all these wonderful fan people I interact with every day.” I asked myself if I could survive that. I could. And to a great extent I have–many of my buddies have drifted away, plus I have gotten lazy about posting, and I’ve let my temper get the best of me a few times causing me to retreat to my girl-cave.

    Meanwhile, his music career? I have so little input and control concerning that; it’s not worth my emotional energy to be afraid about it. I’m interested, yes, in sort of an intellectual “explore the possibilities” way. But I’m just not terribly vested because I believe his words that he’ll return to music and I believe my circumstances will allow me to see him perform again when he does.

    I’m going to compare David with one of the best science fiction writers out there, Orson Scott Card, author of “Ender’s Game” and many other engrossing novels. Card uses his talent primarily in the service of his church (surprise! he’s LDS!) but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying every crumb of his writing for his larger audience.

    • OSC is a horrible, nasty, bigot who has said that homosexual relationships should be a crime.

      • And a really good writer who hasn’t shown that side in his non-religious writings at all.

      • FWIW, there are a lot of people who want to boycott “Ender’s Game” movie because he is so hateful, but who knows if that kind of thing will work.

      • Pretty sure that boycott won’t change OSC’s opinions, if that’s what you mean.

      • I should have chosen a less controversial example. Clearly it took away from my point. I regret bringing that topic here.

      • I believe that the outcry over his statements has at least caused him to tone down his rhetoric and state that the battle over gay marriage is over, so no harm, no foul, which is not really an apology, but better than nothing.

  16. Gina Orr is David’s manager not Kari. Kari is David’s tour manager which means she arranges lodging etc for the tours. She currently seems to also be an administrative assistant to David. She is not the one to blame for what Anon perceives as David’s lack of opportunities. Melinda is gone and didn’t seem to be a good fit for David. Sure, we all want David to have the very best management and get fabulous opportunities. Will that happen? Who knows?

  17. perhaps there are others like me who had not seen the new D pics. looks like he’s been doing some weight lifting.

  18. You’re a hoot missb. So it’s not paranoia we are experiencing, it’s collective PMS! What a relief!!!

  19. lol ‘hormonal synchrony’.. guess he brings out the woman in you even if you have no woman left to give.

  20. Hm. I didn’t read either Bianca’s or CCHalo’s comments as too much. Bianca was comparing the experiences of a writer she likes with David’s experiences. CCHalo was pointing out that said writer has career problems based on life choices, which some might believe would apply to David. I liked reading all of that information and think no less or either Bianca or CChalo (or David) after reading them. I only flinched after reading the comments about their sharing of opinions as symptoms of PMS. (LOL. My daughter the feminist would’ve flinched at that too, only because men are allowed to express their thoughts with some degree of aggression. Women who do so to the smallest degree are called out. Not necessarily here, maybe the full moon and PMS comments were meant to warn that we were heading toward rough waters, but do you know what I mean?)

    Bianca, you’ve been around for as long as I have and I’m glad to see you post. I liked what you said about missing fan friends. I alternate between posting a bunch and posting very seldom, but I’m always glad to reconnect with online friends and acquaintances.

    CCHalo, in 5 years when my oldest is out there in the working world (she’s in college) I might wish to arrange a sit down between the two of you. She is outspoken and honest and holds a few unpopular opinions. She might like talking to a like mind who is a little further down the road than she is. (She’d be mortified if I suggested it, but you make me smile, often, because you remind me of her.)

    • Lol welllll actually my full moon comment was in reference to werewolves and general full moon insanity i.e. the contentious postings here and at FOD the past few days. But clearly full moons can signal different things and obviously it got taken down a bit of a different road after that…. ha!

    • Thanks, KH, I guess 🙂 . Your daughter would probably be disappointed at how utterly conventional I am–former Sunday School teacher, stay-home mom for 17 years, lol.

      • LOL. I meant it as a compliment. She’s fun to watch, although I know she gets tired of feeling out there alone on some of her ideas.

    • I am sorry about the hormonal synchrony thing. 😦

  21. If David were to accidently see these comments he might say………”I’m so confuuuuused.” lol

  22. Lol ali. Point taken.

    Sometimes fan site comments are tough to take in, but I’m a lot more bugged by outright trolling than by even the most angsty of fan opinions.

  23. Interesting convo between Kari and some fans on twitter this morning. Fans were discussing whether we would know the exact date of his arrival home, some saying he might want to keep a low profile, some wondering if he might like a public celebration. Kari’s reply was:

    “I will put it this way. If a date is released by him, (KS) OR (Team Archie) then fine. If not that means he would like it to be private thing with his family and close friends only. We all know how private he is. Think of his feelings at that time not yours as a fan. Save it for the first date of his first show back! Trust me there will be dates!”

    • Something about Kari’s response offends me. I guess I don’t like being told how to think or behave. Maybe I would feel differently if I saw her comment in the full context of questions that fans sent to her.

      • Hum, I was/am so excited about concert dates that didn’t enter my mind, yes, she is kind of telling fans how to behave. Gosh no one is going home with him and his friends and family…oh well still in a happy place at the possibility of seeing and hearing him on stage again…WHERE HE BELONGS!!!

      • I guess I’m like cq in that I was enthused about the idea of concert dates. My perspective on it is fans asked a question and she answered. I guess maybe if you didn’t like the answer that might offend lol. Seems like she was trying to strike a middle ground by saying D might want to release the date of his return but also preparing them for him possibly he would not and why that would be.

        I promise I wasn’t trying to bring up anything else for us to be upset about. We manage to do just fine with that 😉

    • I think Kari was just being very honest in her responses. David is very private and it is hard to know what he will want to do when he returns as far as giving fans an exact date when he returns. I think that it is David not Kari. I find David hard to figure out. As an example he went on a mission for 2 yrs with no communication with fans. I would not have guessed that.

      • “I find David hard to figure out”. I just realized about my feelings about the mission. It has to do with my own experience in a difficult situation where I never knew where I stood and where if I didn’t phrase a question just so, I found myself totally off base. TMI but that is it in a nutshell. The problem for me is not the mission per se but how I was so wrong about his going.

        yeah, probably not gonna get a positive award from rooster. ha ha

      • ram: That is the way I feel too. I was so wrong.

  24. desertrat, ofended ,REALY

    • LOL, let’s put it this way — suppose Kari were to ask the fans: “Upon David’s return, how should I approach management of David’s tours?” And I politely responded: “David’s a quiet guy, but in no uncertain terms should you put less effort into managing his tours than you did Justin T’s.”

      I bet her initial reaction would be similar to mine.

      Don’t worry, I’m not fretting over her comment nor am I angry with her — just keeping it real. 🙂

  25. I just read Kari’s comment and found nothing to be offended about. Made complete sense to me.

  26. Only speaking for myself, I have never really cared for proxy messages or go-betweens.

  27. i know what you mean. it almost feels like she’s annoyed with us. kind of like a teacher talking to her students.

  28. I dont think us knowing when David will be coming back home will be an issue, Im sure more then a few of the mish blogs will let us know. Same way we found out when he was leaving and was in the airport in Atlanta and what time he would be landing in Chile

  29. If you take out the one sentence about thinking about his feelings, rather than our own, I’d give Kari a “B+” for diplomacy.

  30. must be a lot of blonds here, dum de dum dum ram comming for you hhehehe

  31. Ok, now that I have come back to earth, lol. what does this whole thing about privacy at the airport, I thought it was a big celebration when missionaries came home, so why in the heck wouldn’t he want his fans to be part of the celebration that he has professed are so important to him. I’m still very excited that plans are made or are being made for career related stuff (tour), but this thing about privacy…don’t get it!!!

  32. next thing you guys will be mad you don,t know what he does in the bathroom,you know he does have a life outside his carear

  33. if it was philippines, fans would be there screaming no doubt. some people say david thinks they appreciate him more there, maybe that’s why? here we ask permission before we scream for him and then still feel bad like we’re doing something wrong. why is that? let’s be crazy like them. lol

  34. rooster- how did you know i’m blonde?

  35. I guess I figure that after being gone for two years David would want his family and close friends to meet him at the airport, not a bunch of fans who are really people he doesn’t know. If I were in his shoes that’s how I would feel. Maybe that’s the difference between a shy person and an outgoing person. He’s shy like I am so I get why he wouldn’t want fans to know when he arrives at the SLC air port.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking of saying. He’ll be exhausted, and like most of us introverts, I’m sure he doesn’t want to deal with a crowd of people when he comes home. Some real extroverts I know would be like, “Yay, more people!” Not him, though.

  36. Kari’s comment about David’s return boiled down to, “Let David make that choice.” I hope we can all agree, however reluctantly, that he should have that choice.

  37. I saw this one earlier, Peter. Hilarious.

  38. Thanks for posting Peter. So funny and well done. I love Jimmy Fallon and can never stay up late enough to watch him as I have to get up too early in the morning for work. lol.

  39. sorry cq but your nose is going to grow

  40. Candy, I hope you weren’t referring to me, I really was trying to defend myself. Yes, at first I really was messing with those two a bit because I felt that what they were saying was ridiculous, but than it really got so ugly toward me, that I needed to do that. I’m so sad that the mods had to close comments, I should of never responded to them and all would of be well.

  41. don’t worry cq 🙂 there’s always going to be some kind of drama which in reality is good for david’s career, keeps people engaged and interested. without everyone’s comments on various sites david’s fanbase would be considered very boring and there would be little interest in him or his return.

  42. you’re welcome! have a nice day and talk to you later. 🙂

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