The Voice Wins an Emmy

Congrats to The Voice for winning last night’s Emmy Award for Best Reality Competition program.  That American Idol never won (and wasn’t even perfunctorily nominated this year) only proves it’s on its last legs (been for a while now, to be honest).

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  1. Great news The Voice won an Emmy and AI never has. lol. Watching The Voice tonight. I agree that AI is on it’s last legs. Don’t think that the US X-Factor is doing that great in the ratings so far this year although I did watch some of the auditions last week. The Voice has taken over.

  2. Congrats to the Voice. I wonder what it is about the show that is interesting and set it apart from AI and the it the talent is better or is it the judges and their interaction that make the show, hum.

  3. The Voice has artists/judges that are current, cool and edgy for one.. also they get along and do current music as well. fun show!

  4. cq would love that!!

  5. show is what it needs to be.. all the artists are not edgy but they try and develop them to their best ability with what they do best. lol that is if they choose you!

    • lol, yes development..David already is a phenomenal singer, but that really doesn’t seem to matter to a huge number of people, so that is why I say current and edgy of course, David’s style of edgy, lol.

  6. Here is a twitter conversation that Kari had regarding David going to college:

    @Meganloves2lol @kariontour I read that david is going to do college instead of music when he gets back. can u please say that that information is false?!

    ‏@kariontour Meganloves2lol where did you read this? Even if college is in his future I believe David will always do music.

    Also from the last thread, as a response to cq, I never said that I wanted David to have a small career. I’m like most ODD David fans that want to see him as a major music star, however, I will still be his fan if that doesn’t happen. It’s really hard to reach that level.

  7. wonder if any of the entertainment magazines or websites will do a story on david’s return from his mission? hope so!!!

  8. I’m very meh about The Voice winning an Emmy. I do watch that show and it definitely feels fresher than AI does now but The Voice has done nothing that Idol didn’t bring to US audiences first. As a matter of fact, I think it was the success of the success of the celebrity judge format on the The Voice that caused Idol to move further in that direction which is a direction that I am not a fan of in the least. The idea behind these shows was supposed to be to find undiscovered talent, not to vamp the careers of the celeb judges but that’s exactly what The Voice has done. Name me any big success of a contestant coming off that show. And then let me list to you all the benefits that the celeb judges have gotten from all that tv face time. So I don’t know that I’m celebrating this as a win.

    I think it’s an entertaining show to watch but if AI was never worthy of an Emmy then I have to roll my eyes at The Voice being worthy of it. (Lol sorry about my The Voice rant but I guess I feel pretty passionate about it)

  9. ali i so agree with you

  10. Ali, ITA.

    Re: college after the mission. I’m sure he could do the same as Scotty McCreery, but if it was any BYU campus, we’d probably have to get used to four more years of an extremely conservative hairstyle and overall look, because their rules are pretty strict that way. 😦

  11. The Voice is entertaining to watch, but haven’t seen any of their contestants do that well afterward. I enjoy watching because of the Judge interaction as much as the contestants. There was a time Idol deserved the award just as much if not more but the Adventure show won every year.
    Liked Shakira and Usher more than Christina and the heavy set guy (my mind just went blank)
    Fun to watch but haven’t gotten that invested in any of their contestants.

    Hoping Idol will be better this year. Like the undiscovered talent concept best!!

  12. Watching The Voice right now. Love this show! 🙂

    That is all.

    • LOL I’m watching too HG. I didn’t mean to I didn’t imply from my post that I didn’t like The Voice as a show. I was commenting solely on the Emmy-worthiness of it. I don’t know that it’s the best vehicle for introducing new artists to the music scene but it’s definitely fun to watch. I guess therein lies the fork in the road — is it better to focus on making entertaining tv (which, I mean, let’s face it these are tv shows so that is the end goal) or is it better to focus more on the contestants and building the base for a career for them? Obviously AI hasn’t been great at that the past few years either so there ya go.

      • I watched The Voice tonight too. I also watched some of DWTS. The Voice is on tomorrow night too. Yes. lol.

      • I felt bad for the 15 year old who sang well and didn’t get through. It was nice that CeeLo went to talk to him afterward.

  13. Actually it really doesn’t matter what the show is about, if you get joy and are entertained, it’s all good. Right now my guilty pleasure is DWTS and Project Runway.

  14. I love The Voice and Dancing With the Stars. I watched them both tonight through the magic of my DVR. It’s too bad they put them on at the same time for those that don’t have a DVR. Yes, it ends up that The Voice is more about the coaches, but I really enjoy the singers that are on the show. They are all good. So far none of the Voice winning contestants have had the success that AI winners and runner ups have had.

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