Sunday Carol Series: The Cat and the Mouse

A lesser-known Christmas carol that only the Voice could deliver with such solemnity:

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  1. Thank you Hg for this great serious. Cat and the Mouse is not my favorite from that concert, but I still listen because of that VOICE!!!

  2. gosh I love this.. there is nothing like David live. come to think about it all of the motab experience was just incredible. they love him there and good reason too they know a good thing when they see it like we do!

  3. Great Christmas Carol introduced to us by David… Simply amazing talent!

  4. This carol/recording so beautifully capture how well David interprets the lyrics he sings. It could have been a bit of fluff but it was stunning and lovely even from the third from the back row in that giant hall (where I first heard it). Just to show not everyone has the same tastes, I actually liked this better than “Silent Night” because it was so much fresher to me.

  5. I wonder if David is thinking about going to college when he returns next year. Maybe that is David’s plan. Maybe he would do something with his music career while he attends college like Scotty McCreery does. Who knows. Just a random thought. I really have no idea. lol.

    • That talk is being said on FOD. My thought is yes he can take college courses online and still have plenty of time to have a full time music career. If he decided to take another 4 yrs to go to college of course his choice and education is important, but I do believe in todays tech driven world one doesn’t have to go to a college to get college courses, plenty of online college popping up.

  6. It would not surprise me at all if David does go to college when he returns. It would make some sense if that is his plan. Not sure what it will mean for his music career. Time will tell.

  7. Re. D’s decision(s) upon his return, I hope he can make them without having to give too much consideration to the financial impact of them on his family. If he goes to school, I’ll remain a huge fan but I doubt I’ll be regularly visiting websites for another 4-5 yrs waiting upon his return.

    • David can still have a music career while going to college. Scotty McCreery is doing that now. He goes to college during the week and has concerts on the week-end. He even has an album coming out this fall.

  8. I agree desertrat, The reason I believe it may be true is that I am not so sure if David has the motivation for his music career. To be honest I am a fan of this blog not other David sites (except checking mjs). I will remain a fan of David but not so sure where he is headed with his career. No one knows except David and he is not talking so of course fans are speculating. Watching The Voice and flipping over to DWTS tonight too. Great news The Voice won an emmy and AI never has. lol.

  9. David can also have a music career if he gets married. He can even still do music if he has another job. Music is something a person can so on the side. Of course we ODD fans want him to be a big star and have music as his career, but if that doesn’t happen it doesn’t mean that we can’t hear music form him. With technology now he can put out music in some form as long as he wants and has a voice.

    • You are so right, yes he will have you and a few of fans that feel the way you do. He can always sings and have a career like thousands of other do. And really no one says that he can’t have a career and get married too, that’s just stupid. Mostly if not all successful artists are married or are in a relationship.
      I would like for him to get his career going (if that’s even going to happen) before he settles down to a wife and family, but really doesn’t matter what I think, it’s his life.
      I think that for most the waiting for him to return to music is getting a little old and now the possibility of another four yrs for him to get his career off the ground is a little much, that’s all.

  10. This happens, occasionally, in the David fan world. For some reason, something is mentioned on a fan site and people get upset. In this case, the discussion (on FOD) turned to his going to college. He didn’t make any recent announcement (that he’d start college immediately upon his return) and neither did Kari. He said in interviews, here and there in the past, that he wants to go to college, without specifying how. But before David left, he also assured his fans that he’d continue to do music when he returned, and before he left, he made sure to leave music for us. I’m going to be patient. We’re in the home stretch now, right?

    • Hoping if he does do the traditional college route he will keep communicate with the fans that what to stick around, no black out like it’s been for two years, I think that has been the worst for fans.
      As it is its going to take all of 2014 to re activate his career (if that’s what he wants) and I’m saying activate to the point that most want him to have…small career. Not me man, I want him to be a big success and no amount of comments from fans about how he will sing no matter how big his career is or that he doesn’t want to be a big star and want me to agree with them…not going to happen, just like them agreeing with me, not going to happen, lol. It’s great that we all love David’s voice and want different things for his singing career.

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