Heart Falls Out

Thanks, Ali, for mentioning this (Kari posted on David’s Twitter yesterday):


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  1. What an awesome job. This song is good and with the right production and promotion, it might of had legs.

  2. Just watched the video — 000bluedots000 is very talented!

    Re. the social media topic on the prior thread, I joined Twitter as a way to follow David news via my smartphone while I was at work. At the same time, I was reducing the amount of time I spent on fan sites (while I was supposed to be working). It didn’t really help because I’d glance at my phone all day as the people I followed tweeted David news, lol.

  3. Yes, I get that desertrat as David news is more interesting than work tasks any day. lol. Kind of off topic but very sad news about death of Jennette McCurdy’s mom. I know Jennette was a friend of David’s. http://www.eonline.com/news/461479/jennette-mccurdy-s-mother-passes-away-after-battling-cancer

  4. wonder if david was allowed to call or e-mail jennette? hope so.

  5. I’m very sorry to hear about Jeannette’s mom. I remember Jeanette and her mom attended the Hollywood Tree Lighting w/David in 2008. J said that D’s voice made her mom cry.

  6. It’s always sad to lose a parent, but having a parent go before his/her time is beyond grief. My deepest sympathy go to Jeannette and her family.

  7. I have a thought regarding the wonderful HFO video by this very talented fan…This is not to say that this isn’t great and that Kari shouldn’t of posted on David’s twitter account, but dang, the team is kind of just stepping back and letting fans do a lot of work. I may be all wrong here, but if David wants a music career, he and his team need to show fans that and not rely on fans to do all the work. What will happen after a while, smaller and smaller fan base, jmo. I really don’t think that you see this happen with other artists all that much. A bit frustrated with waiting, the end of this dang mission can’t come soon enough. I love David’s closeness to a higher being, but I really wish that he didn’t belong to any organize religion which most of them require so much obedience to the church.

    • I’m feeling glum today, myself, and it would be nice to have a little lift from David like we were used to.

      He made a tough choice, no doubt in my mind. But if it is a fan’s choice to “fill in,” well, I can get behind that.

  8. cq and where should the money needed to promote etc come from if he is not around to make it? last I checked.. Teams cost money.

    • Understood, just frustration setting in big time. Yeah, I think that maybe the team might of thought that they would of made more money from the albums that were released before he left, but don’t know if they made any money. If he doesn’t have a plan or even anyone to back him financially, don’t know how in the world he’s going to get his career going again. He did say he had some things lined up for when he returns…who knows.

      • Honestly? I could be wrong but I don’t see anything happening career-wise until after he gets back. There’s really no point if he’s not here to back it himself. Even if they do release a song or some little thing in the next 6 months it will just be for the fans sitting around waiting. It would be something almost 2 years old at that point and probably not representative of where he’ll be musically or mindset-wise when he comes back.

        I suspect that has been David’s plan all along — to see where things are after the mission and pursue the opportunities he mentioned were possibilities when he left. He knows he’ll have to rebuild. No one can read 2 years into the future to know what might happen so that really would be the best plan.

        I get your frustration, cq. I’m ready for him to be back but I’m trying to be zen about it. Some days are better than others 😉

      • well put Ali. Me wanting music before he comes back is me be selfish way more than it actually helping his career, lol.

  9. I get your frustrations cq. There really should be a plan in place at this point. I just do not know if David will get back the fans he has lost in these 2 years being gone to be honest. I just hope he cares about it enough to have a plan. Saw some of the videos of performances at the iheart music festival in vegas. I thought that Elton John and Bruno Mars gave the best performances by far. JT and Maroon 5 were good too. The rest were just OK and some like Miley were pretty bad. Wish David would go the Bruno soulful route with his music and performances. David should watch some videos of Bruno’s performances.

    • I agree David has a hell of a lot to catch up with..being that he is living a totally out of touch with the outside world, from what I understand. What I mean he lives, breath and have 24/7 nothing but religion in his brain. And by saying this by any mean I’m saying he needs to be like anyone else, he is unique and needs to pave his own path in the music industry, but still needs to catch up to what the world is about today.

  10. Yes, he should be studying music and performances by other music artists to improve his craft as a music artist. That would make more sense for David as a music artist and it is just MHO.

    • My opinion too, but it really doesn’t matter one little bit what we think, still, it’s nice that we are able to voice are opinion here for the must part without being chastised like I have been regarding a comment I made on another site. It won’t stop me from commenting, but I still find it so interesting that we talk about his previous stuff over and over again and a number of other subject over and over again, but when the subject about his choices, the mission etc, all the sudden some fans come to only comment about how we are beating a dead horse, but every other subject is not at all beating a dead horse.
      I just needed to get that off my chest, sorry about the rant, lol.

  11. Good Point on the issue of beating a dead horse. LOL.

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