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No matter how popular Twitter would have become, I know I can honestly say that, had it not been for my desire to follow David Archuleta ANYWHERE, I probably wouldn’t have signed on to it.  In many ways, that’s true about Facebook too, and I’ve been regularly using those two social media sites, following and commenting on so many other aspects of culture and my various social networks.

Still,  I realize I’ve been very resistant to try on some newer social media networks, like Instagram (what’s the point of that?), Tumblr (for the life of me, I can’t figure it out or its purpose!), and Pinterest (don’t get me started on all that clutter!).

Until I realized what the real problem is: David is away and he hasn’t started an account with these.  Which got me thinking: Would I join Tumblr (the most frustrating site of them all IMHO!) if David started an account?

And I already know the answer to that question: HECK YES!!

I tell ya: David keeps me young! 😛  For that reason, he needs to hurry back home (and for God’s sake, don’t extend your Mission! GAH!!).

So, I was wondering what the rest of you Soul Davidians thought. Which of the other social media would you totally join and – therefore – immerse yourself completely in it, if David started an account when he returns? Which of the social media networks would you want him to join?


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  1. Another great poll Hg, thank you. With me it depends on what will happen with his music career to be honest namely direction. One thing though, I feel that David needs to embrace all those social medias and use them to the fullest…He’s got a long hard road ahead as far as his career goes, he’ll need all the help he can get.

  2. Of the social media that you listed that he doesn’t currently have, I think Instagram is probably the best option. Essentially it’s like Twitpic (which David did use) but with photo filters and the ability for users to “like” your pics. It’s a fun, visual way to share with fans and keep them involved. Lots of artists use it and lots of fans are there.

    I will profess a huge love for Tumblr. It seems to be more of a fan domain then an artist domain though. I mean, there are definitely celebs on Tumblr but most of what gets reblogged a ton are pictures as a photoset or gifs made by fans. Gifs are very popular on Tumblr. Quotes are too. I do think the premise of Tumblr would appeal to David though because you can make a text post or a picture post or a video post and there are no character limits like on Twitter. I really like the fact that it offers so many different ways to share.

    In reality, though, he needs to be part of whatever is hot 6 months from now. Things change pretty quickly in social media so we’ll see. I don’t think he should join every new medium that comes along (what a nightmare to keep them all updated) but he and his team should be monitoring what is consistently showing growth and works well with what he wants to accomplish.

    • Come to think about it, you are right, maybe embracing all of them might not be the right way to go, choosing one that shows growth and works well for him is the way to go.

  3. Probably most of you have seen this since Kari posted it on David’s twitter & FB yesterday but this is an AMAZING fan-made video to Heart Falls Out:

    I am so impressed how she took all of his past videos and made it look like he was singing HFO. I mean, this could actually be an official video for the song — it’s that good imo. David does indeed have some very talented fans.

    • Thank you for sharing. What an incredible video. I can’t imagine how someone was able to combine snippets from multiple sources so tastefully!! AMAZING.

  4. Before he left David did a pretty good job with social media. He amassed a lot of twitter followers and Facebook likes. I think what I miss most since he’s been gone is his vlogs, and I loved his blogs that he wrote early in his career. Like Ali I think he should join Instagram and whatever new social media that comes along that is hot. Social media can be a real boost for a musician, and he will especially need it if he remains an indie artist. It’s an inexpensive way to stay in contact with your fans, and let them know about your shows, appearances and music that is being released. It will be really vital for David when he comes back to really connect with us, his fans by using his social media. Kari can give up the reins to his Facebook, twitter, you tube channel, etc.

  5. Great video. Honestly I will not join any. I do not have twitter but I can still check it on the internet so that is OK for me. I just got a smart phone 6 months ago. lol. I am on a computer all day at work at so that is enough for me. Now David on the other hand should join all social media for his career and have someone on his team that knows how to navigate the social media. Very important for him in this tech savy world.

  6. Twitter has been a great medium when David let himself post random thoughts. He was wonderful and I hope he returns to that. To say something wise and worth repeating in just 140 characters is a special gift.

    I think David (and his team) need to ensure any social media sites he picks up have a unique audience and a different spin on what he can use it for. Not sure why folks turn to Instagram when it’s so easy now to share a photo through Twitter or Facebook. But then i that’s just me–I particularly hate it when I get a tweet that links to Facebook that sends me to YouTube…you get the idea.

    Oh yeah, YouTube. Awesome social media site and one with a clear purpose!

    Oh and the SPAM on social media sites. There are always comments on FB and YT that I hope David doesn’t read. And don’t get me started with what MySpace became. Ugh!!! I think we need to remember that any site where David has a presence ought to be at least minimally moderated if he wants to keep a particular image.

    And I’ll end with a rant. I hate the loss of ownership of intellectual property that seems inherent to the tumblr way of life. I never see artists or writers credited there. Just try to find who created something you’ve seen on tumblr. I know this comes from my own desire to get credit for work I’ve done. But you know, when I’ve spent 4-8 hours in Photoshop working on, say, a card with David’s image as captured by one of my photographer friends, I just don’t love going on tumblr and seeing 20 people claiming they did it. Okay, rant over.

    Great post, HG. You really got me going 😀

    • You have a very good point with the ownership issue and tumblr, missbianca, and I think there you see the evolution (for good or for bad) of the idea of content ownership. You also see this same premise replicated in illegal downloading of music. For good or for bad, artistic endeavors seem to be moving more toward open sharing no matter how much copyright holders try to claw and grasp as it continues to slip away with ease of digital replication.

      Not to stereotype but the younger generation was born digital and I think you’ll find many among that set who find the idea of buying music as pretty old school. The same with feelings on “official” photography that is watermarked, tagged, etc. and sharing it out to their followers. I am not advocating for this, merely stating how I see it evolving before our eyes. You do see a predominately younger crowd on tumblr, thus the culture to share freely what is not necessarily the property of the person sharing it. It’s important to recognize that is where huge groups of younger fans are though and in order to grow any career across decades you need to tap into a fanbase that can grow with you.

      I’m not saying that David has to be on Tumblr to have a career. As I mentioned earlier, you actually see much more fan activity there than actual artist activity. I was just offering my thoughts on the direction that I see things moving.

      • Oh, I know, I know. I feel sad that when these free-sharing young folks go to get jobs, there will be none available in creative or programming endeavors. All that will be left will be jobs in advertising “brick and mortar” products because anything that can be distributed digitally will have no value.

        I once had a young friend tell me he didn’t have to pay for something he had pirated because he COULD have made it (he did have the skills, not doubting that). I’m sure many young folks would agree that he was more than entitled. Funny, he’s not using those creative skills any more; he’s working for *name of major discount chain deleted to maintain privacy*.

  7. David does need fans that can grow with him…I know that he does has older fans (me included) that are here for him, but we (I’m thinking small group) are not enough to sustain a music career. That is why I always am wanting David to step out of that conservative box and be a bit more relatable to fans his own age…I know that he does have young Mormon girl fans of course, they do understand him because they are brought up just like him, but I don’t think the number is enough to sustain his career also. Now I’m not saying he should be something that he’s not, but in my gut, I feel that David is more liberal then he seems to convey, just a feeling or wishful thinking..we’ll see.

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